I’m a Senior, What Should I Do In November?

5 Easy Tips For The Class of 2019 To Get Ahead In Recruiting – November

1. Stop panicking.  We are still very early in the recruiting process.  Less that 5% of the class of 2019 (K/P) have made college commitments.  Less than 10% of the class of 2019 (K/P) have been offered any sort of college opportunity.  Note, there are many waves of recruiting.  Recruiting will last all the way through August when fall camps officially begin for the upcoming college football season.

2. Take unofficial visits as often as possible.  An unofficial visit simply means that you have to pay for the visit yourself.   Getting on campus is the best way to show a college football program genuine interest.  Sending emails, making phone calls, direct messaging on social media, etc. simply isn’t enough anymore.  A coach will know that you have a real interest once you make the effort to get on campus.

3. Start to narrow down your search to universities and colleges that are realistic options.  This includes level of football (FBS, FCS, D2, D3, NAII, JC, etc.), level of academics, region of the country, etc.  Stop targeting D1 football programs if you are not a D1 recruit.  Stop targeting high academic institutions if you have a 2.0 GPA.  Find schools that will reciprocate interest in you and opportunities will follow.


4. Ask for an opportunity, not a scholarship.  Every college coach in America knows that you would like to be offered a scholarship.  When you ask for a scholarship, this turns them off.  You are basically limiting communication opportunity.  When you ask for an opportunity to be on the team, coaches will be receptive.  You are opening a door for communication.  The goal in recruiting is to create options.  Offers of any kind, create buzz, which create more options.  Scholarship vs. Preferred Walk On offers will take care of itself in the end.

5. Get ready for XXXIII (January 19-20, 2019).  The biggest mistake made these days is thinking that recruiting for seniors is already over by this time.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  90% of Kickers / Punters in this class will be recruited heavily during this time of year.  It will be feeding frenzy.  National Letter of Intent Day (NLI) is in early February.  Vegas takes place this time of year for this reason.  College coaches pay a tremendous amount of attention to the Vegas results and post Vegas rankings.  Scholarships offers and preferred walk on opportunities will be won this weekend in Vegas.



Chris Sailer Kicking – Stats Leaderboard (NFL, College, Junior College & High School, Sailer Award)

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2018 Leaderboard

NFL, College, Junior College, High School & Sailer Award

Chris Sailer Kicking will update the leader boards as the season goes on:
Last Update: 11/14/18

1. Chris Sailer Kicking NFL Leaderboard
*All NFL kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

2. Chris Sailer Kicking College Leaderboard (FBS)
*All 4-year college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

3. Chris Sailer Award Leaderboard
*All high school kickers/punters are eligible for the Chris Sailer Award

4. Chris Sailer Kicking High School & Junior College Leaderboard
*All high school & junior college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

NFL Kicking:
Ka’imi Fairbairn (Texans) 19-22 FG’s (Long 54) 33-34 Extra Points
Dustin Hopkins (Redskins) 17-19 FG’s (Long 56) 17-17 Extra Points
Ryan Succop (Titans) 17-20 FG’s (Long 54) 15-15 Extra Points
Justin Tucker (Ravens) 16-18 FG’s (Long 55) 21-22 Extra Points
Jason Sanders (Dolphins) 15-16 FG’s (Long 50) 20-21 Extra Points
Cody Parkey (Bears) 13-18 FG’s (Long 50) 30-32 Extra Points
Dan Bailey (Vikings) 12-15 FG’s (Long 52) 16-17 Extra Points
Chandler Catanzaro (Bucs) 11-15 FG’s (Long 59) 23-27 Extra Points
Randy Bullock (Bengals) 9-11 FG’s (Long 51) 28-29 Extra Points
Georgio Tavecchio (Falcons) 5-5 FG’s (Long 56) 8-8 Extra Points

NFL Punting:
Drew Kaser (Chargers) 48.4
Ryan Allen (Patriots) 46.3
Corey Borjorquez (Bills) 45.1
JK Scott (Packers) 44.5
Bryan Anger (Buccaneers) 44.5
Tress Way (Redskins) 43.9
Bradley Pinion (49ers) 43.5
Colby Wadman (Broncos) 43.3
Logan Cooke (Jaguars) 42.3
Colton Schmidt (Bills) 40.2

College Kicking (14 FG’s or more):
Cole Tracy (LSU) 22-25 FG’s (Long 54) 27-27 Extra Points
Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia) 17-19 FG’s (Long 53) 43-43 Extra Points
Christopher Dunn (NC State) 17-20 (Long 44) 32-32 Extra Points
Jake Verity (East Carolina) 16-18 FG’s (Long 52) 21-22 Extra Points
Cole Hedlund (North Texas) 16-19 FG’s (Long 51) 42-44 Extra Points
John Barron II (San Diego State) 16-19 FG’s (Long 54) 22-22 Extra Points
Luke Logan (Mississippi) 16-21 FG’s (Long 40) 43-44 Extra Points
Evan McPherson (Florida) 11-12 FG’s (Long 48) 25-25 Extra Points
Freeman Jones (North Carolina) 16-23 FG’s (Long 49) 24-24 Extra Points
Peyton Henry (Washington) 14-18 FG’s (Long 41) 32-32 Extra Points
Cameron Dicker (Texas) 14-19 FG’s (Long 52) 40-40 Extra Points

College Punting (Top 12):
Braden Mann (Texas A&M) 51.0
Brandon Wright (Georgia State) 48.6
Oscar Draguicevich (Washington State) 47.6
Stefan Flintoft (UCLA) 46.4
Blake Maimone (Oregon) 46.1
Corey Fatony (Missouri) 44.9
Tyler Newsome (Notre Dame) 44.9
Tommy Townsend (Florida) 44.9
Michael Farkas (Ohio) 44.5
Tyler Sumpter (Troy) 44.5
Joe Schopper (Purdue) 44.2
Quinton Conaway (Nevada) 43.8

Chris Sailer Award Leaders (12 or more FG’s)
Jack Olsen (2020, IL) 22-32 FG’s (Long 48) 28-29 Extra Points
Brock Travelstead (2020, GA) 18-19 FG’s (Long 46) 39-39 Extra Points
Ben Greenberg (2019, MN) 15-18 FG’s (Long 38) 36-38 Extra Points
Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA) 14-17 FG’s (Long 57, 55, 53, 51) 56-56 Extra Points
Talen Rider (2019, AZ) 14-17 FG’s (Long 49) 45-46 Extra Points
John Grist (2019, TX) 14-19 FG’s (Long 45) 33-34 Extra Points
Bryce Peters (2019, AZ) 13-15 FG’s (long 42) 34-39 Extra Points
Will Ferrin (2019, UT) 13-17 FG’s (Long 45) 16-16 Extra Points
Mark Ramos (2019, TX) 13-20 FG’s (Long 43) 37-28 Extra Points
Nate Gard (2020, IN) 13-20 FG’s (Long 42) 33-34 Extra Points
Collin Smith (2019, NC) 13-18 FG’s (Long 53) 36-38 Extra Points

High School / Junior College Field Goals (10 or more FG’s):
22-32 Jack Olsen (2020, IL)
18-19 Brock Travelstead (2020, GA)
14-17 Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
13-15 Bryce Peters (2019, AZ)
13-17 Will Ferrin (2019, UT)
13-18 Collin Smith (2019, NC)
12-15 Blake Glessner (2020, WA)
12-16 Zaden Weber (2019, TN)
12-16 Jack Westbrook (2019, GA)
12-19 Kyle Thompson (2019, UT)
11-15 Cory Munson (2019, GA)
11-15 Jimmy Lowery (2019, FL)
11-15 Kevin Aranda (2019, CA)
11-16 Jack Tannehill (2021, MS)
11-18 Matthius Dunn (2019, UT)
10-12 Alex Felkins (2019, OK)
10-13 Jude Kelly (2020, GA)
10-13 Cameron Shirkey (2020, OH)
10-14 Caden Davis (2019, TX)
10-14 Drew Chilcoat (2019, TX)
10-14 Lane Gilchrist (2020, AL)
10-15 Colton Theaker (2019, CA)
10-15 Michael Lantz (2019, GA)
10-17 Luke Barresi (2019, IL)
10-17 Peter Delis (2020, CA)
9-9 JT Turner (2019, MI)
9-12 Will Reichard (2019, AL)
9-13 Noah Burnette (2020, NC)

50+ Yard Field Goals:
57 – Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
57 – James Williams (2020, GA)
57 – Caden Davis (2019, TX)
55 – Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
55 – Zaden Weber (2019, TN)
54 – Will Reichard (2019, AL)
54David Kemp (2021, KS)
53 – Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
53 – Everett Hayes (2019, WA)
53 – Bijan Nichols (2019, TX)
53 – Zeke Mata (2020, CA)
53 – Noah Rauschenberg (2019, OK)
53 – Collin Smith (2019, NC)
53 – Cory Munson (2019, GA)
53 – Tommy Christakos (2020, AZ)
52 – Brody Patty (2019, TX)
52 – Brody Patty (2019, TX)
52 – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
52 – Noah Burnette (2020, NC)
52 – Jared Wheatley (2019, NC)
52 – Colton Theaker (2019, CA)
52 – Zach Hoban (2019, NJ)
52 – Holt Cloninger (2020, NC)
52 – Holt Cloninger (2020, NC)
51 – Zach Hoban (2019, NJ)
51 – Holt Cloninger (2020, NC)
51 – Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
51 – Jude Kelley (2020, GA)
51 – Jackson Passey (2019, AZ)
50 – David Kemp (2021, KS)
50 – Jason Stricker (2019, NC)
50 – Jason Stricker (2019, NC)
50 – Bert Auburn (2021, TX)
50 – Michael Lantz (2019, GA)
50 – Conor Hunt (2020, HI)
50 – Drew Chilcoat (2019, TX)
50 – Grant Ross (2019, MO)

** Bold = Kicker with multiple 50+ Yard FG’s

Punting (Top 10):
45.1 – Jay Bramblett (2019, AL)
44.7 – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)
44.0 – Jake Marion (2021, NC)
43.9 – Nolan Parris (2019, NC)
43.7 – Matthew Eich (2021, CO)
43.2 – Sam Hogan (2019, NY)
43.0 – Brock Travelstead (2020, GA)
42.3 – Jude Kelly (2020, GA)
42.2 – John McConnell (2021, WV)
42.1 – Asa Kempton (2019, OH)
42.0 – Carson Olivas (JC, CA)

*Stats are submitted personally by individual players or researched via Maxpreps.com Before any awards are given, stats will be double checked through proper resources.

For more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


2018 GA Spring Camp Recap – Jay Bramblett Goes Back-to-Back!

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour made its most recent stop in what has become the hotbed for high school kicking and punting talent… Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta regional camps produced the most talent in the Class of 2018 last year and the future looks just as bright. Well over 100 specialists were once again in attendance representing nearly 15 states. Becoming the champion of this camp has become one of the tallest tasks on the Chris Sailer Kicking tour. Take a look at the results.

Ryan Fitzgerald, Jay Bramblett, Miled Mourad

Overall Camp ChampionJay Bramblett (2019, AL)
Jay was absolutely on fire once again from start to finish. The #1 ranked Punter in the nation, TOP 12 Camp Invitee and now back to back GA Camp Champion is a big time D1 prospect. He is an incredibly gifted athlete with an explosive leg. He easily averages 45+ yards with 4.6+ hang time. His best balls measure 50+ yards with 5.0+ hang time. Jay is a scholarship pick without a doubt. Look for him to pick up multiple D1 offers very soon. OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal ChampionRyan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
The Chris Sailer Kicking 2017 1st Team All-American Kicker proved once again exactly how he was able to earn that honor. Ryan won BOTH of the major field goal competitions versus stiff competition. Winning one competition would have been difficult, winning two is nearly impossible. Ryan came out on fire in the afternoon during competitions hitting 100% of his kicks including multiple 55+ yarders. Ryan is going to be an outstanding college kicker. OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion – Miled Mourad (Transfer, FL)
Miled enjoyed great success at his first Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He has a live leg and shows great promise on both field goal and kickoff. On this day he won the kickoff competition by averaging 70+ yards with 3.7+ hang time. His best kick sailed through the uprights with room to spare.

Top NewcomerCory Munson (2019, GA)
Cory is an impressive Class of 2019 prospect. He is a great looking athlete with explosive leg. As a junior in high school this past season he connected on 23 field goals with a long of 59 yards. He proved that he can compete with the best. Cory has 55+ yard range on field goal off the ground. He gets D1 height on his ball and does well under pressure. His kickoffs are also strong and he also shows nice punting potential. Look for Cory to challenge for a TOP 12 spot at Vegas XXXII.

Top Class of 2018 Prospect – Michael Owen (2018, GA)
Michael is a very talented Combo (K/P) Specialist. He shows he can hit a college level ball at times on field goal. His “A” ball is fantastic. His kickoffs average 60+ yards with solid hang time. Punting might end up being his best college position. He shows he can hit a big ball and he has the size and athleticism to develop in this area. Michael is is a pleasure to work with and will make a fine addition to a college football program.

Class of 2019 Prospects: Jay Bramblett, Ryan Fitzgerald, Cory Munson, Thor Billstrom, Noah Sheets, Andrew Ilken, Cade Davis, Gregory Blue, Jack Martin, Luis Garcia-Cano, Samuel Contorno, Zaden Webber, Travis Freeman, Hayden Hairston

Class of 2020 Prospects: Sam Massick, Brock Travelstead, Parker Hannon, Nolan McCord, Hayden Olsen, Mitchell Gallucio, Conner Middleton, Graham Gotlieb, Nicholas Bodin, Nick Hill, Ryan Barrick, Ty Sherman, Charlie Pollock, Cooper Neal, Hunter Grepiotis, Jude Kelley, Avery Musick, Parker Pierson, Tabor Miller, Tanner Robbins

Class of 2021 Prospects: Braeden Haynes, Dalton McGowan, Conor Cummins, Drake Tabor, Franklin Rogers, Peyton Engel, Darren Bredeson, Tyson Giles

Youth Future Stars: Will Peltz, Layten Crawford, Landon Brabazon, AJ DuBois, Trey Stephens

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with camps in Dallas, TX (April 29), New Jersey (April 29), Los Angeles, CA (May 6) and concludes with the big finale in Las Vegas on May 12-13, 2018. To more information and to register for future camps, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

Then get ready for the summer of 2018….


The 2017 Chris Sailer Award Top 3 Finalists!

Here are your 3 finalists for The 2017 Chris Sailer Award in alphabetical order…

Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)









*13-13 FG’s (Long 43) 41-44 Extra Points (3 blocked)


Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)









*18-25 FG’s (Long 60, 52) 49-49 Extra Points


Fernando Ramirez (2018, GA)









*15-16 FG’s (Long 44) 52-52 Extra Points

CONGRATULATIONS to these three fine young men! They deserve it. More details to follow.

All information must be sent to Chris@ChrisSailerKicking.com by 10 pm pst on Friday, December 23rd.

The winner will be selected by the Awards Committee and presented with the trophy on Friday, January 12th at 7:00 pm at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV.


The Chris Sailer Award is presented, on an annual basis, to the best national high school placekicker for that given season.
The National Placekicker of the Year is named in honor of Chris Sailer for his outstanding high school career and nearly single handedly changing the world of kicking and punting as we know it.  Chris is now the most prominent private kicking and punting  coach in World.  He has made the positions of kicking and punting  a specialty and is revered around the country through his website, as well as camps.  Through his training and development of young kickers and punter, almost 100 high school and junior college kicking & punting specialists now receive full ride scholarships each year for their skill in that position.

Chris Sailer played for Notre Dame High School (1993-1995).  He was an All-American PK and Punter. In 1994 he set the national record for most field goals in a season with 22.  Of those 22 field goals, 7 came from beyond 50 yards including success from 58, 57, 57, 54, 52, 52 and 50 yards.  Chris Sailer was rewarded with a full ride scholarship to UCLA in 1995.  He went on to earn All-American Honors as both a placekicker and punter during his time at UCLA. He was a Lou Groza Award Finalist in 1997. He set multiple records while at UCLA including longest field goal of 56 yards (still stands).  He was signed by the San Francisco 49ers and went on to enjoy an 7 year professional career.


Vegas 30 Photo Edit Contest… FREE VEGAS

You’ve been asking for it, now you’ve got it.  The contest for FREE admission to Vegas 30 (May 13-14, 2017) is on.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is full of Kicker/Punter photo edits these days.  Seems like every athlete has a friend that can provide outstanding edits.  So I challenge you to come up with the best edit possible.  If you do, free Vegas 30 is yours.  Here are the rules…

1.) The edit must include the Chris Sailer Kicking Logo.  Be creative, but make sure the logo is a focus.
2.) The edit should focus on your kicking & punting ability.
3.) The edit should be a still photo, not a video of any sort.
4.) You may use filters in your edit.
5.) You may use logos in your edit.
6.) You can submit as many different edits as you please.
7.) You must post your edit via social media and tag Chris Sailer Kicking.
8.) You must email (Chris@ChrisSailerKicking.com) or text 818-209-8921 your edit to Chris Sailer by March 15th at midnight.
9.) The winner will be announced on March 16th. Free Vegas = The cost to participate (room and board not included)

Be creative.  Stand out.  Have fun.  Looking forward to seeing the end results.

Here is last years winner (Chris Wood).  Can you do better?


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2016 Preseason All-Americans

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2016 Preseason All-Americans

Preseason High School All-Americans
1st Team Kicker – Brandon Ruiz (2017, AZ)
2nd Team Kicker – Joseph Bulovas (2017, LA)
3rd Team Kicker – Lucas Havrisik (2017, CA)
4th Team Kicker – Christopher Dunn (2018, NC)

1st Team Punter – Tucker Day (2017, TN)
2nd Team Punter – Ryan Rehkow (2017, WA)
3rd Team Punter – Tommy Martin (2017, VA)
4th Team Punter – Adam Stack (2017, HI)

Preseason College All-Americans
1st Team Kicker – Aidan Schneider (Oregon)
2nd Team Kicker – Andrew Gantz (Cincinnati)
3rd Team Kicker – Jonathan Barnes (Louisiana Tech)
4th Team Kicker – Greg Huegel (Clemson)

1st Team Punter – J.K. Scott (Alabama)
2nd Team Punter – Michael Carrizosa (San Jose State)
3rd Team Punter – Hayden Hunt (Colorado State)
4th Team Punter – Logan Cooke (Mississippi State)

2016 Pre-Season High School All-Americans2016 Pre-Season College All-Americans



2016 Chris Sailer Award Preseason Watchlist

The Chris Sailer Award – Presented to the National High School Placekicker of the Year

2016 Preseason Watch List (In Alphabetical Order)

Brandon Ruiz - AZ

Brandon Ruiz – AZ

Joseph Bulovas (2017, LA)
Anders Carlson (2017, CO)
Brent Cimaglia (2017, TN)
Justin Davidovicz (2017, NJ)
Jonathan Doerer (2017, NC)
Christopher Dunn (2018, NC)
Cooper Graham (2017, FL)
Josh Grant (2017, TX)
Blake Haubeil (2017, NY)
Lucas Havrisik (2017, CA)
Liam Jones (2017, OK)
Brenton King (2017, TN)
Chris Landgrebe (2017, OH)
Brandon Ruiz (2017, AZ)
Grant Ryerse (2017, MN)

Chris Sailer played high school football for Notre Dame Sherman Oaks High School in California from 1992-1994. In 1994 he set the then all time national record for field goals made in a season with 22. That record still stood until 2011 (Cole Hedlund 25) 7 of those 22 field goals came from 50+ yards, including a long of 58. He helped his team to a CIF championship along the way. His historical high school career landed him a full ride scholarship to UCLA where he went on to be a two-time All-American.

The National High School Placekicker of the Year is named in honor of Chris Sailer for his outstanding high school career and his continued role in the development of young athletes. Chris is now the most prominent private kicking and punting coach in America. He trains and mentors thousands of high school, college, and professional specialists giving back to the sport and shaping the lives of aspiring athletes.

December: The Three Finalists are announced. The Finalists will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Sailer will break the tie with his vote.

January: The winner will be announced in Las Vegas, NV on Friday January 13, 2017.  The winner will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Sailer will break the tie with his vote.

Previous Winners:
2015 – Samuel Sloman (GA)
2014 – Tyler Bass (SC)
2013 – Cole Hedlund (TX)
2012 – Wyatt Schmidt (MN)
2011 – Alex Ball (CA)

Email your cumulative stats to Chris@ChrisSailerKicking.com each week to be eligible for the award.
Use the following format.
Total Number of Field Goals Made:
All Distances of Field Goals Made (longest to shortest):
Total Number of Field Goals Attempted:
Total Number of Game Winning Field Goals Made:
All Distances of Game Winning Field Goals Made (longest to shortest):
Total Number of Extra Points Made:
Total Number of Extra Points Attempted:

2016 Sailer Award Watch List


2016 CA Summer Camp Recap – Fonseca Pulls Out The Win!

The 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour has officially come to an end.  18 Camps, 13 States and approximately 2,000 camp attendees later, the football season is finally here.  The final camp of the summer took place in Los Angeles, CA at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High School on July 31.  Well over 150 specialists attended this always fun and competitive one day camp.  Take a look at the results.

IMG_1585Lorran Fonseca (JC, CA) – Lorran has been on fire since joining Chris Sailer Kicking in May in Las Vegas.  There he won the field goal last man standing competition as well as the free camp pressure kick in front of hundreds of spectators.  He then went on to dominate the college showcase camp in CA in June.  Now he came out on top once again by defeating the best that the west coast had to offer.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals.  He was the kickoff champion at this camp, kickoffs are D1 ready.  Lorran is a competitor that steps up most under pressure.  He is ready for the next level!

IMG_1183Brandon Gracia (JC, CA) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker/Punter dominated once again.  On this day he was the punting champion by staying consistent and hitting every ball over 40 yards, with 4.4 plus second hang time.  His field goals and kickoffs are elite and D1 ready.  Brandon is clearly one of the very best junior college kickers in the nation.  Look for him to have a huge season and pick up multiple D1 scholarship offers.


IMG_1587Santiago Arango (JC, CA) – Santiago has been to multiple Chris Sailer Kicking camps the summer.  The Florida native has enrolled at El Camino Junior College for this season and is primed to enjoy major success.  He won the field goals competition by nailing 3 consecutive 60 yarders.  He was also one of the top kickoff performers.  Santiago is a competitor that has proven time and time again that he can compete with the best.


IMG_1556Aidan Daily (JC, CA) – The Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Member continues to prove why he is one of the top punting prospects in the nation.  He won several punting competitions and was steady as always throughout the entire day.  He easily averages 40 plus yards with 4.5 plus second hang time.  He also has great control of the ball and does all the small things required to punt at the D1 level.  Look for Aidan to be one of the very best in the junior college ranks this season.


IMG_1070Asa Fuller (2017, CA) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student has as much talent as any senior kicker in America.  He is a great athlete with an explosive leg.  He has 60 plus yard field goal range and gets nice height on his ball.  His kickoffs are very strong.  He has proven recently that he can hit a 70 plus yard ball with 4.1 plus second hang time.  The future is bright!

Other 2017 Standouts: Cooper Garcia, Clay Eggeman, Daniel Whelan, Dario Longhetto, Diego Cacho-Sousa, Jose Elizondo, Liam King, Logan Armstrong, Luke Tovar, Miguel Mendez, Nino Alibegic, Steve Sanchez, Tanner Carcamo, Tiago Paim, Torre Zolferino, Trevor Bowens, Derrik Engel, Eli Kasiano, Kane Bowen, Matt Bazarevitsch, Chris Fields, David Stone, Sean Senn, Andrew Shelly, Alex Calderon, Evan Padilla, Jacob Vose, Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka.

IMG_1458Ajay Culhane – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student had perhaps his best performance yet.  He was extremely accurate and showed nice range on field goals off the ground.  He also stepped up and won the kickoff competition for his age group.  Ajay is well on his way.


IMG_2272Derek Ng – Coming off a strong performance at the Underclassmen Invitational in FL, Derek followed it up with another stellar performance in CA.  He competed well on both field goals and kickoffs.  The highlight of his day was nailing a 60 yard field goal.  The future is bright!


IMG_2255Dylan Williams – Dylan is starting to prove that he can hang with the big guns.  He is a very accurate field goal kicker.  His kickoffs are developing at a steady pace.  And perhaps most importantly, he has a great head on his shoulders.  Look for Dylan to have a great 2016 season.


IMG_1447Eric Fellenzer – Eric had a big 2016 Spring/Summer with Chris Sailer Kicking.  He is physically dominating and shows great potential.  His field goals and kickoffs are among the best in his class.  Eric has the tools to be outstanding with continued hard work.  I love his upside.


Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Corey Bell, Daniel Mora, Holden Remme, Kaeden Roberts, Peter Larson, Ryan Redman, JP Rybus, Brandon Brody, Jake Calver, Jack Morrell, James Lerner, John Lautner, James Salmons, Mark Meader, Matt Blackburn

Class of 2019 Standouts: Cade Fuller, Carson Sten, Chris Vartanian, Jonah Mendelson, Nico Boschetti, Adam Tontz, Brandon Talton, Dylan Orr, Ethan Schroeder, Luke Campo, Matthew Hoffman

Class of 2020 MVP: Sam Stephenson
Runner Up: Ben D’Aquilla

Class of 2021 MVP: Carson Irvin
Runner Up: Elliott Fleck

The 2016 Fall Camp Schedule & Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017) are now available and open for registration.  To be the best, train with the best.  Have a great season and we will see you all soon.

Chicago, IL – September 25th
Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 2nd
Pittsburgh, PA – October 9th
Seattle, WA – October 23rd
Los Angeles, CA – October 30th
Charlotte, NC – November 20th
Dallas, TX – December 4th
Atlanta, GA – December 18th
Los Angeles, CA (Vegas XXIX Prep Camp) January 8th
Las Vegas, NC (Vegas XXIX) – January 13th – 15th

2016 Vegas XXIX

Lindale Football Stadium at Night


2016 Underclassmen Invitational Recap. The World’s Young K/P Stars Shine!

The future kicking, punting & long snapping stars gathered in Bradenton, FL for the 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking Underclassmen Invitation July 21-22, 2016.  Well over 150 participants from over 30 states and other countries in the classes of 2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018 traveled  to Florida to be a part of this prestigious invitation only camp.  This has become one of our most popular camps of the year!  It is the ultimate chance for both athletes and their parents to bond, build friendships and learn about the world of kicking, punting and long snapping.  The future is looking bright with this group! Take a look at the results…

Day 1

Field Goal Champions

Class of 2019 & Younger
Carson Garrett (2019, TX) – Carson is an excellent young kicker.  He is a great athlete with elite leg strength.  He is already hitting a college level ball off the ground on field goals.  He is also very strong on kickoff and also showing punting ability.

Class of 2018
Ashton Garner – (2018, MS) – Ashton is a talented rising junior.  He has a big leg and competes very well under pressure.  He has all the tools to compete with the best in his class.  Ashton is an athlete with great upside.

Day 2

Field Goal Champions

Class of 2019 & Younger
Griffin Crosa (2019, OH) – Griffin is an outstanding young kicker.  He has a strong leg and kicks with great technique and consistency.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student is always a steady performer.  He is stepping up more and more with each camp.  The future is bright for Griffin.

Class of 2018
Wesley Wells (2018, GA) – Wesley is a gifted specialist.  Another great athlete with strong potential.  He shows he can hit an elite ball off the ground and also competes very well.  There is a lot of upside here. I expect Wesley to continue to develop into one of the best.

Kickoff Champion

Brayden Narveson (2018, TX) – Brayden is a big time talent.  He has an explosive leg and tremendous natural ability.  He hits a strong ball off the ground on field goals and competes with the best on kickoffs.  His best ball on the day was 64 yards with 4.07 hang time.  And he has only scratched the surface of what he is capable of.

Punt Champion

Class of 2019 & Younger
Carson Garrett (2019, TX) – Carson proved his all around ability by also stepping up and winning the punting competition for his division.  Carson is a outstanding future prospect.

Class of 2018
Evan McPherson (2018, AL) – Evan won not 1, but both major competitions on this day.  He is a top national combo player (K/P) prospect in this class.  His field goals are outstanding off the ground.  His kickoffs are elite.  And he is a tremendous punter.  Evan has all the tools.  Look for big things in the future from him.

Top 12 Class of 2019 National Prospects (in attendance)
Brian Barber (LA)
Bryce Law (OR)
Camden Lewis (NC)
Carson Garrett (TX)
Carson Sten (CA)
Griffin Crosa (OH)
James Turner (MI)
Josh McCoy (LA)
Josh Plaster (TX)
Kyle Romenick (SC)
Mason Molique (KY)
Patrick Markwalter (GA)
*alphabetical order by first name

Top 12 Class of 2018 National Prospects (in attendance)
Anthony Mosharrafa (AZ)
Brayden Narveson (AZ)
Cameron Dicker (TX)
Campbell Geddes (CA)
Chris Kessler (TX)
Derek Ng (NV)
Evan McPherson (AL)
Grant Gonya (OH)
Jonah Lipel (CA)
Massimo Biscardi (PA)
Matthew Brust (FL)
Nicholas Sciba (SC)
*alphabetical order by first name

Class of 2020 MVP’s: Brock Travelstead, James Griffith, Mitchell Galluccio
Class of 2021 MVP: Carter Davis
Class of 2022 MVP’s: Cael Lundin, Conner Wright

This camp is as much about building friendships/bonds as it is about learning, competing and gaining exposure.  These memories last a lifetime.  Want to be a part of it?  See in Las Vegas January 13-15, 2017 at Vegas XXIX.  To be the best, train with the best! #TeamSailer

D. Ng, A. Moshraffa, C. Dicker, M. Biscardi, J. Lipel, E. McPherson & C. Kessler

D. Ng, A. Moshraffa, C. Dicker, M. Biscardi, J. Lipel, E. McPherson & C. Kessler


2016 TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE RECAP! Day, Ryerse, Havrisik Win It!

TOP 12 Group ShotOver the course of one Chris Sailer Kicking year thousands of specialists attend our camps for top notch instruction and exposure. Through our regional camps and National Vegas Events the best of the best are identified and invited to attend our “TOP 12” & “Event Elite.” This exposure group makes up the very best high school and junior college specialists in America.  Previous attendees include Dan Bailey (Cowboys), Justin Tucker (Ravens), Cody Parkey (Eagles), Blair Walsh (Vikings), Bryan Anger (Buccaneers), Jeff Locke (Vikings), Bradley Pinion (49ers), Ryan Succop (Titans), Kai Forbath (Saints), Bradley Nortman (Panthers), Colton Schmidt (Bills), Travis Coons (Browns), Randy Bullock (Jets), Ka’imi Fairbairn (Texans) and many many more.  This year’s group of Kicker/Punters was as talented as any.  The camp took place in Bradenton, FL July 18-20, 2016.  Take a look at the results….


Field Goal Champion
Havrisik TOP 12Lucas Havrisik (CA) – Lucas has had an impressive summer.  He is one of the most accurate kickers in America without a doubt.  He hits a clean ball and does so with great consistency.   He is a great competitor that does very well under pressure.  His kickoffs are D1 ready.  Lucas is also a talented punter.  He has all the tools to dominate at the next level.  OFFER NOW!!!

Runner Up: Chris Landgrebe (OH)

Kickoff Champion
RyerseGrant Ryerse (MN) – The University of Minnesota commit and long time Chris Sailer Kicking student is a rare talent.  He is a great athlete with tremendous leg strength.  He hits a big time D1 ball off the ground on field goals.  He smashes kickoffs deep in the end zone with 4.2+ hang time.  He also has the size, strength and athleticism to develop into a great punter.  Grant is ready to go.

Runner Up: Josh Grant (2017, TX)

Punt Champion
Day TOP 12Tucker Day (TN) – The #1 ranked punter in the nation proved it once again.  Coming off his recent invitation to the U.S. Army All-America Bowl after dominating TOP GUN in SC, he followed it up with a huge performance against the very best in the U.S. in FL.  Tucker has NFL type leg strength and ability.  He regularly hits 50+ yard punts with 5.2+ second hang time.  He is also an excellent kicker.  He is the real deal.  OFFER NOW!!!

Runner Up: Joe Doyle (TN)

Other Competition Winners
FG – Chris Landgrebe (2017, OH), Chris Dunn (2018, NC), Skyler DeLong (2018, SC), Zach Elder (2017, TX)
Punt – Kane Bowen (2017, CA), Ethan Torres (2017, VA), Bill Rubright (2017, GA)

Committed “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” Members
Brandon Ruiz – Alabama
Joseph Bulovas – Georgia Tech
Brent Cimaglia – Tennessee
Adam Stack – Oregon
Grant Ryerse – Minnesota
Cole Smith – Cincinnati
Chris Dunn – NC State
Briggs Bourgeois – Southern Miss

Next 6 Kickers that should pick up offers and commit
Brandon Gracia (CA)
Josh Grant (TX)
Chris Landgrebe (OH)
Cooper Graham (NC)
Lucas Havrisik (CA)
Justin Davidovicz (NJ)

Next 6 Punters that should pick up offers and commit
Tucker Day (TN)
Ryan Rehkow (WA) *Holds BYU & Idaho offers
Tommy Martin (VA)
Aidan Daly (CA)
Joseph Doyle (TN)
Bill Rubright (GA)

Participants: Chris Dunn (2018, NC), Charles Campbell (2018, TN), Skyler DeLong (2017, SC), John Brosnahan (2018, NC), Cole Talley (2018, TX), Aidan Daily (JC, CA), Alex Usry (2017, GA), Bill Rubright (2017, GA), Blake Mazza (2017, TX), Briggs Bourgeois (2017, LA), Brooks Buce (2017, GA), Bryan Clements (2017, CA), Chris Landgrebe (2017, OH), Cooper Graham (2017, NC), Ethan Torres (2017, VA), Grant Ryerse (2017, MN), Hayden Moehring (2017, AR), Hunter Everett (2017, OK), Jack Geiger (2017, CA), Jake Lane (2017, AL), Jake Roark (2017, MO), Joe Doyle (2017, TN), Johan Zetterberg (2017, CA), Joseph Bulovas (2017, LA), Josh Grant (2017, TX), Justin Davidovicz (2017, NJ), Kane Bowen (2017, CA), Kyle Sentkowski (2017, WA), Liam Bunnell (2017, TX), Brian Papazian (2017, CA), Liam Jones (2017, OK), Lucas Havrisik (2017, CA), Nick Horiates (2017, TX), Peyton Henry (2017, CA), Ryan Rehkow (2017, WA), Tommy Martin (2017, VA), Tucker Day (2017, TN), Zach Elder (2017, TX).

Unable to participate: Brandon Ruiz, Brent Cimaglia, Adam Stack, Jackson Hubbard, Austin Neuheiser, Cole Smith, Will Reichard, Brandon Gracia

This camp is as much about building friendships/bonds as it is about learning, competing and gaining exposure.  These memories last a lifetime.  Want to be a part of it?  See in Las Vegas January 13-15, 2017 at Vegas XXIX.  To be the best, train with the best! #TeamSailer #TOP12 #EventElite

TOP 12 Fun