7 Reasons Why Chris Sailer Kicking

1. Chris Sailer Kicking means Chris Sailer.  There is a reason why college coaches trust Chris Sailer.  He is the only one who evaluates kickers and punters at his camps.  Since 1999 it has been the same.  Rubio….ditto!

2. Chris Sailer is the best instructor in the world.  There is no such thing as a ranking camp.  Every camp is based on instruction.  Rankings are a byproduct of the instruction and evaluation.

3. Chris Sailer Kicking was the 1st to ever rank kickers and punters.  And still is the only one trusted by every coach in the U.S. Rubio….ditto!

4. Best partner in the world.  Rubio Long Snapping is the only real long snapping camp in the country. He sees, and actually trains, more long snappers than anyone else in the world. No one else even compares.

5.  Vegas, “TOP 12”, “Underclassmen” = Exposure.  It was created at ChrisSailerKicking.com  1st National Camp / International Camp & 1st and still the only REAL Invite Camps in the world. Vegas, “TOP 12”, Yellow Shirt = Kicking/Punting/Long Snapping/Scholarship.  READ MORE

6. Hired by Major BCS Universities year in and out.  National Champions hire Chris Sailer Kicking.  National Champions sign #1 ranked Chris Sailer Kicking prospects.  Rubio….ditto!

7. Youth, to High School, to College, to NFL.  Chris Sailer Kicking is proven.  100’s of youth players, 1000’s of high school players, 1000 college players, 30+ NFL players.  Training, Exposure, Connections.



Started it all, continues it all, will finish it all……