Recruiting Simplified

Recruiting is full of ups and downs, full of emotional highs and lows, full of stress… but ultimately the prize at the end of the process will be well worth it…. IF you handle the process correctly.

Here is a guide for Kickers & Punters , in its simplest for, to live by.

Freshman Year:
– Focus on getting better (Lessons, Camps, Vegas, Underclassmen Invitational).

Sophomore Year:
– Focus on getting better (Lessons, Camps, Vegas, Underclassmen Invitational).
– Attend 1 or max 2 college camps simply for experience.

Junior Year:
– Focus on getting better (Lessons).
– Dominate competition (Camps, Vegas, TOP 12 Camp, FBU Top Gun, College Camps).

Senior Year:
– Focus on getting better (Lessons).
– Dominate competition (Camps, Vegas).
– Be patient.  Recruiting does not end on signing date (NLOI) in February. Recruiting ends in August once Fall Camps begin.
– Realize that lessons and camps do not end once you commit, in fact they are just as important or even more important.  Those who continue to stay focused will be ready for college.  Those who don’t, will sit on the bench in college. Attend regional camps, attend Vegas, attend the CSK College Camp that summer.

If you are not committed by signing day (NLOI) here are some tools to use to find the right college fit:
– You are part of the majority, not the minority.  Take a look: 2017 Rankings as of 3/1/17
– Every college will take 1 Kicker and 1 Punter per year on average.  There are hundreds of colleges, do the math.  There are opportunity out there.
– Be proactive.  Sitting on your couch and waiting for a call is not going to work.  Sending emails without any action is not going to work.  Waiting on your high school coach or Chris Sailer is not going to work.
– Visit colleges, get on campus! This will show a coach genuine interest.  Get face time and tell that coach that you want a roster spot and a chance to compete.  Don’t just ask for a scholarship.
– Be open to MANY colleges, not just a short list.  Dedicate the months of March, April, May & beyond to this task.
– Use NCSA, they will hook you up with many options.
– In the end, I believe everything happens for a reason.  You will end up where you belong as long as you are open minded.  Choose the school that is right for you.  Transferring should not be an option.