Setting & Chasing Your Goals: Obtaining All Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt Colors

The question that I get asked all the time is: “When should my son/daughter begin attending your kicking/punting camps?”

This is a complicated question with not one, but many possible answers.

Mostly, my answer is:  “When your son/daughter is ready mentally to handle a camp, not just physically”.

The purpose is to reach your personal goals, not compete with everyone else’s.  Take a look at the objectives that I would set for my son/daughter if kicking/punting was what they had hoped to focus on.  Now, Kicking/Punting is a path to the future.  In this future, a college education is 100% while a place in the NFL is only achieved by less than 1%.

Really, it is all about chasing and obtaining all of those Chris Sailer Kicking colored shirts…

1.) So how do you obtain all colored shirts?  Of course, through hard work and dedication.

This means you must start early.  You are able to attend Chris Sailer Kicking lessons and camps as young as 6th Grade.  You can progress by continuing your training in 7th , 8th , 9th grade . . . all the way through high school, college, etc.  At this level you can collect black, white, navy, green, gray, orange, purple, maroon, and so on though attending Chris Sailer Kicking regional, national and international camps at various locations.  Each shirt is a sign of your hard work and dedication.  What do these color mean? Nothing, just that you have put in the time and the effort toward your craft. The more colors you have, the more camps you have attended.

Other colors are much more meaningful. What do they mean you ask?  Let’s have a look.

2.) The Light Blue Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt (Underclassmen Invitational Logo) = You have been invited to attend the Underclassmen Invitational.

Who is invited? Dedicated sophomores, freshman and youth football players & THEIR PARENTS.  The future for a college education begins here.  This camp was created at the request of college coaches.  You receive instruction and meet your national/international peers.  They will be your friends for life.  You must compete with the best to prepare yourself for your future.  This is the best camp in your younger years that you will ever attend.

3.) The Teal Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt (Camp Champion Logo) = You have attended a Chris Sailer Kicking Regional Camp AND were the overall kicking/punting champion.

These camps take place all over the United States (CA, GA, IL, TX, NC, WA, NJ, AZ, HI, FL currently).  This goal is not an easy one.  Only the best of the best get to stick this feather in their cap.  This is a time to step up against many of the top specialist in the world and make your mark on the national scene.

4.) The Yellow Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt (TOP 12 & Event Elite Logo) = You attended one of the prestigious Las Vegas National Events and were named as a member of the “TOP 12” or “Event Elite”.

Twelve kickers/punters are selected every January in Las Vegas from over the  three hundred kickers/punters in attendance.  An additional fifteen to thirty kickers/punters are selected every May in Las Vegas from over two hundred kickers/punters in attendance.  The odds are against you and being chosen is a huge accomplishment.  This is the best of the best, period.  You must show D1 scholarship ability to earn this color of shirt.

5.) The FBU Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt (FBU Logo) = You have competed not only on a specialist stage, but an all-position football camp stage.

At FBU camps you get instruction at the highest level through the Chris Sailer Kicking staff.  We include Field Goal, Kickoff and Punt film analysis.  FBU is a great venue for exposure through multiple resources even above and beyond what Chris Sailer Kicking provides.  Perhaps, even most importantly, you can get invited to the “TOP GUN” Camp.

6.) The FBU Chris Sailer Kicking TOP GUN Shirt (FBU Top Gun Logo) = You have qualified to participate in the TOP GUN camp through an FBU regional camp.

The exposure that goes along with this opportunity is through the roof!  From this camp, Chris Sailer Kicking will select 7th, 8th and 9th grade FBU All-Americans.  We Also select 2 kickers and 2 punters to participate in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.  If you are selected as a FBU All-American, you will wear the most honorable Chris Sailer Kicking colored shirt in the nation:

The U.S. Army All-American Jersey!

7.) The Red Chris Sailer Kicking Shirt (Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Logo) = This means that you have proved yourself at the high school level both athletically & physically.

It also means that you have the character to represent Chris Sailer Kicking, to coach and to mentor the next generation of specialists.  This may be the most coveted colored shirt of all.  You begin at the student staff level, can move on to college staff, and eventually you can become a Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member.

8.) The College Jersey (regardless of color) = This means that your hard work and dedication (and shirt colors earned) has paid off in the ultimate manner.  Hashtag your college and future endeavors for life.

9.) The NFL Jersey (regardless of color).  Whether you make it or not, this is the icing on the cake.  You get to tell your future children that you did it.  Whether you are an All-Pro, a starter or you get cut, the best part is you still have your college education to fall back on.

The color journey and Chris Sailer Kicking journey is complete!

Youth football will earn you a chance to play high school football. High school football will earn you a chance to play college football.  College football will earn you a college degree that you might have not obtained without the help of football.  College football will earn you a chance to play professional football (NFL, CFL, AFL, etc.).  All of the above will earn you a chance to grow from youth, to a young man, to an adult, to a father.  The opportunity and experience will shape the rest of your life.

The goal here is to end your kicking/punting career with this pile of shirts.  You will look back one day and reflect on one of the best times of your life.

See you soon…

Hard Work