2017 TOP 12 Camp Invitees!

Announcing the first 20 Kickers/Punters that have earned an invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 Camp!
*Listed in alphabetical order

Anthony Mosharrafa (2018, AZ)






Ajay Culhane (2018, CA)






Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)






BT Potter (2018, SC)






Camden Lewis (2019, NC)





Camden Wise (2018, VA)







Charles Campbell (2018, TN)






Chris Dunn (2018, NC)






Chris Kessler (2018, TX)






Chris Van Eekeran (2019, IN)






Cole Talley (2018, TX)






Evan McPherson (2018, AL)






Issac Power (2018, CO)






Jake Camarda (2018, GA)






Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)






Massimo Biscardi (2018, PA)






Matthew Brust (2018, FL)






Matthew Jaeger (2018, MN)






Nicholas Sciba (2018, SC)






Quentin Wallace (2018, IL)






Introducing the new TOP 12 Camp format.  This year 40-45 specialists will be invited to attend the TOP 12 Camp that will take place this summer.  20 Kickers/Punters will be selected in January at Vegas XXIX and 20 additional Kickers/Punters will be selected in May at Vegas 30.  Chris Sailer reserves the right to select 5 additional wild card Kickers/Punters at any point throughout the year.  These 40-45 specialists will compete to make the official 2017 TOP 12. The competition, both physically and mentally, will be like no other camp. The entire process will be captured in a web series (TOP 12 Camp Series). The web series will capture everything from the the behind the scenes moments, to the on field competitions, to the mentally challenging interviews, to the ups and downs of the the entire TOP 12 selection process. Get ready for the next greatest thing that will elevate exposure for specialists to a whole new level.