Chris Sailer Kicking – 2014 IL Fall Camp Recap

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2014 Fall/Winter Tour continued this past weekend with a stop in Chicago, IL.  Great weather and incredible talent made for an exceptional camp.  Once again over 100 specialists from all over the country attended the very popular one day camp.  Take a look at the results.  Many of the following participants will be playing on Saturdays for big time programs in the near future.

Overall Camp Champion:
Bryce Webb (Class of 2017, KY)
Bryce is a very talented punter that improved tremendously as the day went on.  He is a great athlete with outstanding potential. He came on the strongest when it counted the most hitting several punts over 50 yards with 4.7+ hang time.  Bryce has a bright future with continued hard work.

Field Goal Champions:
Jet Mendes (Class of 2016, IL)
Jet is a solid kicking prospect.  He has a strong leg and shows great potential.  His field goals and kickoffs both show college level ability.  He nailed 3 consecutive 50 yard field goals to win a major field goal competition.

JT Kolderup (Class of 2016, IL)
JT is a very talented kicker.  Newer to kicking, he was able to compete with the best of the best immediately .  He has a very strong leg and shows the ability to hit a big ball.  He connected from 55 yards out to win a major field goal competition.

Kickoff Champion:
Jacob LaFree (Class of 2015, IN)
Jacob is a top national kicking prospect.  He has all the tools to play at the D1 level.  His field goals are outstanding and his kickoffs are D1 ready.  On this day he hit a 73 yards kickoff with 4.18 hang time to win the kickoff competition.

Class of 2015 Standouts: Josh Bagger, McLane Keenan, Dean Siapkaris, Michael Kurzydlowski, Tyler Davis

Class of 2016 Standouts: Austin Chekaluk, Gabriel Siemieniec, Kyle Van Eekeren, Andrew Little, Henry Tarbox, Jacob Kubin, Jared Smolar, Justin Knauff, Kaden Keon, Nathan Musso, Ryley Guay, Riley Heavey, Vincent Alerding

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Austin Burnham, Kyle Obsuszt, Zachary Ayotte, Brandon Hergenreder, Jackson Wine, Jacob Swartz, Joshua Edwards

Class of 2018/2019 Future Stars: Chris Van Eekeren, Stephen Ruiz, Esteban Flores, Reilly Smidt

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Charlotte, NC (November 22), Atlanta, GA (November 23), Dallas, TX (December 7), and Los Angeles, CA (January 11).  Then get ready for the biggest Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping camp in the world, Vegas XXV (January 17-18, 2015).

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2014 Chris Sailer Kicking – IL Spring Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking made a recent stop in Chicago, IL to work with many of the region’s top specialists.  The weather was outstanding and the results reflected the ideal conditions.  The camp featured a great mixture of new young talent and experienced college prospects.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion:
Jacob LaFree (2015, IN) – Jacob is an extremely talented kicker.  He has one of the strongest legs in the nation and continues to prove that he is a D1 prospect.  On this day he took home the punting championship, but he also competed very well on field goals and kickoffs.  He won the head to head finals round by nailing back to back 52 yard field goals off the ground.  Look for Jacob to catch the eyes of many D1 coaches this spring and summer.

Top Overall Prospect:
Mason Weissenhofer (2015, IL) – Mason dominated all day long.  He is a great athlete with a big time leg.  He kicks with great technique and consistency.  On this day he won both the field goal and kickoff competitions.  Mason is an outstanding D1 kicking prospect.

Field Goal Champion:
Phil Oravecz (2015, IL) – Phil did a great job on field goals.  He stepped up when it counted the most and won the field goal charting competition.  Phil already kicks off the ground and shows excellent college potential.  Keep a close eye on him this coming year.

Class of 2015 Standouts: Blake Hately, Austin Baker, Joe McCollum, Michael Kurzydlowski, Nate Brown, Stephen Dennis, Thomas Tintera.

Class of 2016 Top Prospects:
Nate Needham – Nate is developing into a great prospect.  He is a good looking athlete with a very strong leg.  His field goals and kickoffs are near the top of his class and he continue to improve and a fast rate.  He also shows nice punting potential.  Nate could be a top player in his class.

Kaden Keon – Kaden is a excellent overall prospect.  He has a big leg and kicks with nice consistency.  He shows the tools to be a top prospect in his class.  Field goals, kickoffs and punts all show strong potential.  I expect Kaden to have a bright future.

Other 2016 Standouts: Jared Smolar, Riley Heavey, Ryley Guay, Henry Tarbox, Connor Assallay.

Top Class of 2017 Prospect: Matt Hellen

Top Class of 2018 Prospect: Grant Gonya

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Chris Sailer Kicking will next travel to Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

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