Day 2 – “TOP 12” Camp Recap

Day 2 of the “TOP 12” Camp has come and gone.  To say that I was impressed would be the understatement of the year.  The best of the best in the nation this year just might be the best that we have seen in years.  The talent and potential is similar, but the character, work ethic, and confidence sets this group apart.  There are dozens of future Saturday Stars and more than a handful of future Sunday Stars.

The focus today was kickoffs and punting.  Alabama commit JK Scott (2014 CO) hit the biggest kickoff of the day, measuring 80 yards with 4.35 second hang time. In the end, Kenny Smart proved to be the most consistent and came out as champion.  Kenny averaged 70 plus yards and over 4.0 second hang time.  Also impressive were Freeman Jones (2014 NC), Hunter Morrow (2014 TX), Logan Cooke (2014 MS), Hayden Lekacz (2014 IL), Mike Knoll (2014 OH), James Sherman (2014 AL) and Jameson Vegas (2015 GA) just to name a few.  The future looks bright for college football.

This punting group might just be the most talented that I have ever seen assembled in one location.  Several different punters won competitions.  Alex Boy (2014 JC CA) came out on top during the most pressure filled situation.  JK Scott was once again the overall most impressive hitting some huge punts including a 50 yard, 5.34 hang time punt.  Others that impressed were Corbin Daly (2014 NC), Logan Cooke (2014 MS), Marc Nolan (2014 GA), Brett Beighton (2014 JC CA), Dylan Seibert (2014 OK JC), Manuel Meza (2014 JC CA), and Matt Stewart (2014 CA) just to name a few.

After a film review session, the afternoon was geared towards a light and fun atmosphere for the participants to get to know each other better.  The traditional belly flop contest kicked things off.  For the first time in 10 years the kickers/punters defeated the long snappers thanks to a truly inspiring performance by James Sherman.  We then headed to Universal Studios City walk for dinner and a movie.  The “TOP 12” camp concludes tomorrow with media day and head to head competitions. Stay tuned for updates.

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