Results…How do I determine them?

The definition of Results is:  a favorable or concrete outcome or effect.

One question we are consistently asked is, Does Chris Sailer Kicking provide results?  Results are determined by an individual and what they view a result to be, meaning people have their own idea of what a result can and should be.



The following are all types of “results” Kickers/Punters hope to achieve:

  • Better Technique
  • Better Consistency
  • Increased Exposure
  • College Scholarships
  • NFL Career

All of these “results” listed above have been achieved by many of the CSK alumni. Take this into consideration when choosing a camp, coach and personalized instruction. Ask yourself: Do they provide results?

The answer is clear at CSK, just take a look at our Alumni section on the website to see where all our former alumni are playing college or pro football.

Prior to attending a Kicking or Punting Camp always determine if they provide RESULTS!