Dean Crozier has Committed to Rutgers!

Every February, on a yearly trip to Australia to evaluate Australian Punters, Chris Sailer Kicking discovered Dean.  He had only been punting for a few months when we took him on and trained him just February of this year.

During his training, realizing he was a special kicker, he was encouraged to attend our 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas, which happens in May.  Coming from Aussie football, he really performed at a high level and impressed everyone.  Chris Sailer Kicking then got him publicity by getting him all over the National Radar for schools looking for a punter of his caliber.

Dean may end up being one of the best punters to ever come through Chris Sailer Kicking.  He has the physical size and strength to dominate the D1 level.  Even though he just has recently picked up punting, he has made tremendous strides in a short amount of time. A big time prospect that has NFL written all over him with hard work.  At 6’7″ tall and 242lbs, he is a very big prospect for kicking!

Dean Crozier is the second of CSK’s Australian Punters to commit in this class (we have 3 per year).  Daniel Cadona committed to Lousiana Lafayette early this year also.

Here is a link to Dean’s Chris Sailer Kicking Profile.  Take note that his National Rank is currently 9th!

Watch this video now and see for yourself!


Recruiting Tiebreakers

Recruiting Tiebreakers
Chris Sailer Kicking sees more kicking, punting, and long snapping prospects per year than anyone in the business.  With the National Events in Las Vegas, Regional Nike Camps, College Camps with major programs such as Alabama, Oregon, LSU, Texas, and UCLA, overseas camps in Australia, etc. it is rare that a specialist prospect looking to play college football doesn’t pass through our program.  Having said that, believe me when I say there is a great college home for everyone that shows decent potential and understands the world of recruiting.

Did you know that over 800 colleges nationwide have football programs.  My advice for you is to use football to help you get into a college and graduate with a degree you might have otherwise never received.  It isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Hard work and reaching your full potential on the football field is the obvious first step.  Where most prospects miss the boat is understanding the tiebreakers.  What is a tiebreaker?  When all things are equal on the field, what does a college coach look for to make his choice! Take a look. 

1. Grades and Test Scores

Take school very seriously.  Make it your #1 priority.  Get the best grades that you can possible get and work hard to keep them there.  This starts freshman year and ends the last day of your senior year.  Even if you think your grades are high enough, work harder.  A 4.0 grade point average always beats a 3.90 grade point average.  It is that simple.  Also, take the SAT and ACT tests and take them both twice. Grades and Test Scores are the #1 tiebreaker.  Make is easy on yourself.  Reach your full potential in the classroom.  *Note: The classes you choose to take also play a major role, so don’t take the easy way out.  Honors classes are a major plus.

2. Character

It should go without saying that you better stay out of trouble.  Arrests, school suspensions, etc. are a major red flag.  Nothing will end your college football career faster.  When you are being recruited a college coach can and will talk to every character reference possible (high school coach, principal, teachers, kicking coach, etc).  They are making a major investment in you.  Be a leader and a great example in everything that you do.  If one person doesn’t like you, that could be the end.  *Note: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is your online resume.
3. Qualified Recruit
Understand what it means to be qualified.  The sooner you know this, the better (yes, even you freshman).  Visit Talk to your high school coach.  Talk to your high school academic counselor.  Know what it takes to be cleared at a minimum by the NCAA and know what it takes to be admitted to every single college that you may hope to one day play for.  Class requirements, GPA requirements, test score requirements, etc.  A coach loves to recruit a player that is ready to go, not one that is months behind taking care of business. 
4. Combo Players
If you are a kicker, at a minimum I highly recommend that become an adequate punter.  If you can help the team in more than one position, that makes you valuable.  In most every case you will be expected to be the team’s backup punter.  If you can excel at both kicking and punting positions, you hold the golden ticket.  If you are a punter only, you are already valuable.  But I can tell you that a punter that can also kickoff is a deadly combination. 
5. Extracurricular Activities
The more that you have to offer a college, the better.  Class president, leadership programs, service, Eagle Scouts, other sports, etc.  If your resume is impressive, a college coach has a much better chance of getting you accepted.  
Football is a very powerful tool that can and will help you get into college if you take the necessary steps.  It is up to you!  Set your goals as a freshman and refuse to be outworked by anyone.  The above tiebreakers will come into play at some point.  Print this out and hang it up in your room or on your refrigerator.  Make sure all the tiebreakers play out to your advantage.