Official vs. Unofficial Visits Explained

Have question about what official visit means?  What unofficial means?  Here are the answers in their simplest form per the NCAA.

Official vs. Unofficial Visits

Official visits
• Five official visits permitted. Each school may only receive one.
• Visit can’t be taken until opening day of classes in senior year of high school.
• Football program permitted maximum of 56 official visits.
• Official visit can’t exceed 48 hours starting when recruit arrives on campus.
• Transportation, lodging, meals, entertainment expenses for recruit and parent or legal guardian paid for by school.
• Test score, high school transcript and NCAA eligibility center verification required before visit.

Unofficial visits
• Recruits are permitted unlimited visits at their own expense.
• Can be taken at any time of the year except during dead periods.
• No limits to length of visit.
• School may not provide or pay for transportation to and from campus.
• No permissible entertainment except three passes to a home game.
• No test scores, transcript or eligibility center verification required.