Recap Of Vegas XXVIII

Chris Sailer Kicking traveled to Las Vegas on May 21-22nd, 2016 for VEGAS XXVIII!

Specialists from 40 states & three countries all traveled to Vegas to learn from the best, get the top instruction and the most exposure possible for Kickers & Punters.  All in all the 2 Vegas Events in 2016 brought in well over 1000 Specialists, making it the largest Exposure Camp in World for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers.

The overall camp champions were Christopher Dunn (2018, NC) & Tommy Martin (2017, VA)!  After falling just short at Vegas XXVII in January losing in the final round, Christopher was focused and determined.  This is the first time a sophomore has won Vegas in quite some time.  He did so in flying fashion nailing 8 straight 2 point field goals and not missing all day on Sunday.  Tommy Martin was equally as impressive on the punting side.  He had an eye opening charting session and followed it up by ousting some of the very best in the head to head finals rounds.  He defeated Tucker Day, the #2 Punter in the nation in the semi-finals and took out last years Vegas XXVI champion Aidan Daily in the finals.  Both Christopher & Tommy will be big time college football players.

Martin and Dunn

Other special performances over the course of the weekend included….

Saturday Competition Champions
Group 1 Field Goal Last Man Standing Champion: Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
Group 2 Field Goal Last Man Standing Champion: Liam Jones (2017, OK)
Group 3 (Punters) Champions: Consistency Champion: John Brosnahan (2018, NC), Punt Last Man Standing Champion: Aidan Daily (JC, CA) & Punt Head to Head Champion: Aidan Daily (JC, CA)
Group 4 Field Goal Last Man Standing Champion: Lorran Fonseca (JC, CA)

Sunday Field Goal Finalists (based on high scores during charting session)
15 – Chris Wood (2018, CA)
14 – Trevor Eldean (2017, CA)
13 – Christopher Dunn (2018, NC)
12 – Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
12 – Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
12 – Chris Landgrebe (2017, OH)
12 – Jake Roark (2017, MO)
11 – Alex Usry (2017, GA)
11 – Lorran Fonseca (JC, CA)
11 – Derrik Engel (2017, CA)
11 – Daniel Mojarro (2017, CA)
11 – Noel Ruiz (2017, NC)
10 – Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
10 – Blake Mazza (2017, TX)
10 – Eric Fellenzer (2018, CA)
10 – Derek Ng (2018, NV)
10 – Tucker Day (2017, TN)
10 – Jake Lane (2017, AL)
10 – Jack Pruban (2017, IL)
10 – Zach Saros (2017, CA)

Wood Poster

Sunday Punt Finalists (based on Chris Sailer Kicking Sailer Staff evaluations/qualifying round)
Aidan Daily (JC,CA)
Tucker Day (2017,TN)
Tommy Martin (2017, VA)
John Brosnahan (2018, NC)
Nate Snyder (2017, OH)
Jack Geiger (2017, CA)
Bryan Clements (2017, CA)
Joseph Doyle (2017, TN)
Peyton Henry (2017, CA)
Ryan Gomer (2017, UT)
Ryan Stonehouse (2017, CA)
Brian Papazian (2017, CA)
Skyler DeLong (2018, SC)

Look for compete results/stats, announcements of the “Event Elite” and full Chris Sailer Kicking national rankings to be posted in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

Exposure?  Vegas / Chris Sailer Kicking is always offering the most exposure in the World!

Day Poster

Briggs and Bulovas PosterReichard

Mark your calendars now.  Get ready for the largest kicking, punting & long snapping camp in the world, Vegas XXIX.  Register HERE to be a part of it.

Vegas XXIX





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