Chris Sailer Kicking WA Fall Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking made a stop in Seattle, WA on October 4th on a beautiful northwest day.  This was the first major Chris Sailer Kicking camp in Seattle.  The decision has been made, based on the major success, that Seattle will now become a permanent stop in the Fall, Spring and Summer in the future. Take a look at the results:

Overall Camp Champion:
Dylan Baluyut (2016) – Dylan was the most consistent performers on field goals all day long.  He enjoyed great success in the morning session and followed it by coming through under pressure during the competitions.  He was a field goal champion on this day and also won the head to head finals competition. He has a college future.

Field Goal Champion:
Riley Betcher (2016) – Riley was one of the most impressive all around prospects at the camp.  He hit a solid ball on field goals.  His kickoffs show future college potential.  And he was also one of the better punters at camp.  Most importantly, he does very well under pressure.

Kickoff Champion:
Ryan Henderson (2017) – Ryan is a talented junior that shows great future potential.  Kickoffs are his major strength.  He averaged over 60+ yards and hit many ball over 3.8 second hang time.  He showed that he can hit nice field goals at times as well.  One to keep a close eye in the coming years.

Punt Champion:
Kyle Sentkowski (2017) – The Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Member was the most talented all around specialist at the camp. His field goals are excellent, showing 50+ yard range off the ground.  His kickoffs are strong and near the top of his class.  On this day he was the punt champion.  He hit many ball over 50+ yards with 5.0+ second hang time.  The future is bright for this combo player.

Other 2016 Standouts: Alex Wielenga, Mathias Loft, Michael Leshchshyn, Tanner Ohlsen, Thomas Winfield

Other 2017 Standouts: Andrew Sears, Johan Zetterberg, Kevin Ramsey, Nathan Morrow, Tyler Padilla

2018 Standouts: Ajay Culhane, Conor Calvert, Trevor Gentner

2019 Standouts: Griffin Cummins, Tanner Shattuck

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in CA, NJ, FL, IL, and TX.  As always the big finale will be VEGAS XXVII (January 16-17) where kickers, punters and long snappers from all over the world gather to learn & compete with the best.  #TeamSailer