2019 WA Spring Camp Recap – Connor Davis Steps Up!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is officially underway. Over the next 2 months 1000+ participants will attend Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping camps in CA, TX, NC, GA, IL, WA, NJ, AZ & WA on the road to Vegas XXXIV (May 11-12). Instruction, competition, evaluation & national rankings will take place at each one of these camps. The ultimate goal is an invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 Camp that will take place in Los Angeles, CA on July 15-17.

Seattle, WA continues to be the fastest growing Chris Sailer Kicking Camp in America both in size and talent. Take a look at the results…

Overall ChampionConnor Davis (2020, WA)
Connor had by far his best showing to date at a at a Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He confidence and skill level grows each time we see him. He won the Kickoff Competition by averaging 60+ yards with 3.6+ hang time. He then came through big time in the finals round nailing 4-5 field goals from 47+ yards out. Connor is a great athlete that is developing into a fantastic high school kicking prospect.

Connor Davis, Kickoff Champion & Overall Champion

Field Goal Champion Kyle Sentkowski (JC, WA)
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student was once again dominant. The 2-Time TOP 12 Camp Invitee won a major field goal competition by going 7-7 with a long of 55 yards. He was excellent on kickoffs averaging 65+ yards with 3.9+ hang time. Kyle is also a very capable punter. He is beyond ready for the next level. I expect Kyle to not only start next year, but also challenge for major honors.

Field Goal Champion – Dawson Hodge (2019, Canada)
Dawson had an outstanding camp for his first Chris Sailer Kicking event. He is a great looking athlete with a live leg. He won a major field goal competition by going 6-6 with a long of 52 yards. Dawson was also strong on kickoffs. His best ball measured 70 yards with 3.5 hang time. Dawson has excellent natural ability and is just beginning his journey. He is ready for the challenge of college football.

Punt Champion – Tanner Nicklas (2020, WA)
Tanner is big, tall, strong and athletic. He has an ideal frame for a college level punter. When he connects, he hits a fantastic ball. His best ball on the day measured 45+ yards with 4.6+ hang time. His potential and upside are obvious. With continued hard work on his technique and consistency, he could be a great one. I look forward to seeing him compete with the best of the best at Vegas XXXIV.

WA Competition Champions: Tanner Nicklas, Connor Davis, Kyle Sentkowski & Dawson Hodge

Class of 2019/JC Standouts: Kyle Sentkowski, Dawson Hodge, Tristan Lewis, Asa Kempton, Griffin Cummins.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Connor Davis, Tanner Nicklas, Blake Glessner, Daniel Yoon, Garrett Craig, Jacob Hausserman, Nick Hill, Joshua Villarino, Ryan Curran, Dillon Crowell, John Hoyland, Gabe Uribe, Liam Sweeney, Luke Mehlschau, Nick Bovenkamp, Daniel Mood.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Connor Mantelli, Gavin Dalziel, Jack McCallister, Jarrett North, James Werth, Thomas Southey, Henry Osmer, Charlie Townsend, Jack White, Kealan Hawk, Michael Goforth.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Ethan Moczulski, Wyatt Redding, Soren McKee, Carson Russell, Connor Ridenour, Marcus Merkelbach, Ryan Beightol.

Soren Mckee, Wyatt Redding, Ethan Moczulski

Future Stars: Troy Petz, Van Berman, True Dickson, Max Stephenson.

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour will continue in Waldwick, NJ (Sunday March 24), San Francisco, CA (Sunday March 24), Phoenix, AZ (Sunday March 31), Polynesian Bowl Combine in Las Vegas, NV (Sunday March 31), Dallas, TX (Sunday April 7), Chicago, IL (Sunday April 14), Atlanta, GA (Sunday April 28) & Vegas XXXIV in Las Vegas, NV (May 11-12, 2019).

Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com to register and for more information. To be the best, train and compete with the best! #TeamSailer


5 Phenomenal Junior College Prospects – Vernon, Olivas, D’amico, Lewis & Sentkowski… OFFER NOW!!!

Attention college coaches, if you need a Kicker or Punter to step in and play right away… there are five Junior College Prospects that are beyond ready.  Confident, Athletic & Experienced!  Chris Sailer Kicking 100% recommends and stands behind the following 5-Star Recruits.  Trust me… OFFER NOW!!!

1. Seth Vernon

Player Profile / Ranking – Click Here

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2. Carson Olivas

Player Profile / Ranking – Click Here

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1.  Clay D’amico

Player Profile / Ranking – Click Here

Highlight Video – Click Here

2. Corey Lewis

Player Profile / Ranking – Click Here

Highlight Video – Click Here

3. Kyle Sentkowski

Player Profile / Ranking – Click Here

Highlight Video – Click Here

If you would like more information and contact information, text Chris Sailer 818-209-8921


2018 WA Fall Camp Recap – Kyle Sentkowski Dominates!

Chris Sailer Kicking traveled to Seattle, WA for the largest camp to date in the Northwest. Nearly 60 Kickers & Punters participated in this very popular growing camp. The weather was ideal once the competitions began and the results were impressive. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion: Kyle Sentkowski (JC, CA)
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking and 3-Time TOP 12 Camp Invitee was absolutely dominant. He won the kickoff competition on this day by averaging 70+ yards with 3.8-4.10 hang time. Kyle was also fantastic on field goal. He made 85% of his kicks and once again showed range of up to 60 yards. Kyle has proven on a consistent basis that he is ready for the next level. He is going to be a great player for a college football program.

Kyle Sentkowski, OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Micah Hertz (2019, CA)
Micah put on his best performance by far at Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He has developed into a fantastic college kicking and punting prospect. On this day he won the field goal competition by going 8-8 and hitting from as deep 55 yards out. His kickoffs are solid. Micah also does a nice job punting the football. Micah has the tools to challenge at both positions at the next level.

Punt Champion: Nick Kokich (2019, WA)
Nick is another long time Chris Sailer Kicking K/P that is really starting to come into his own. He was clearly one of the most talented punters in attendance. He averaged 40+ yards with 4.4+ hang time. His best ball measured 50 yards with 4.8 hang time. Nick is also a talented kicker. I project him as a P/KO specialist at the next level. He is a fine young man that has a bright future ahead of him.

Nick Kokich, Micah Hertz, Kyle Sentkowski

Class of 2019 Standouts: Kyle Sentkowski, Micah Hertz, Nick Kokich, Alex Koga, Carter Pierce, Carter Shane, Dan Stewart, Gavin Dalziel, Jeff Nelson, Kurtis Delen, Nicholas Charles, Blake Hall, Bryce Kamrath, Daniel Garcia, Dillon Dennis, Griffin Cummins, Leo Cunningham, Logan Gilley

Class of 2020 Standouts: Ben DeVries, Colten Plieth, Daniel Yoon, Jed Michael, Joshua Villarino, Kaeo Rezentes, Nathan Gerde, Reid Little, Ryan Curran, Sam Stephenson, Arturo Ledesma, Connor Davis, Matt Torres

Class of 2021 Standouts: Cade Lujan, Francisco Castillo, James Werth, Zachary Moore, Gavin Dalziel, Jack McCallister, Nate Moore, Nathan Vani, Nik Bastian

Class of 2022 Standouts: Spencer King, Joseph Cutter, Marcus Merkelbach, Matthew Gerardo, Preston King, Ryan Beighton

Future Stars: Dilan Sadler, Alexander Wright, John Charles, Luke Scoma

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour will continue with stops in New Jersey (October 14), Seattle, WA (October 21), Los Angeles, CA (October 28), Dallas, TX (November 18), Atlanta, GA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 2), Chicago, IL (December 9) & Los Angeles , CA (January 13). The road all leads to Las Vegas, NV for Vegas XXXIII where the world’s best will compete for an in invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 camp. For more information on the above recruits and future camp information visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXXI Competition Champions

Vegas XXIX – January 13-14, 2018

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results


Kicking – Tim Horn (2019, HI)

Punting – George Georgopolous (2018, SC)

*Tim & George will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2021) – Josh Bryan (2021, CA)
Group 2 (Class of 2019) – Harry Hill (2019, HI)
Group 4 (Class of 2019) – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
Group 5 (Class of 2018, Junior College & Transfers) – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)

Consistency – Jay Bramblett (2019, AL)
Last Man Standing – Justin Lomakin (2018, CA)
Head to Head – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:

Class of 2021: Carson Barefoot (MS), Andy Borregales (FL), David Kemp (KS) & Thomas Southey (CA)

Class of 2020: JJ Wadas (IN) & James Williams (GA)

Class of 2019: Tim Horn (HI)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Jaime Medina (CA) & Kyle Sentkowski (WA)

Kickoff Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA) & Bert Auburn (TX)

Class of 2020: Jacob Moraschinelli (OH)

Class of 2019: Camden Lewis (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Alex Stadthaus (TX)

Punt Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA)

Class of 2020: James Williams (GA) & Daniel Cristiani (IN)

Class of 2019: Ben Kiernan (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Carson Olivas (CA)

Sunday Finals Round Results

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1

Hoyoung Sohn (OR) defeats Brandon Dickerson (SC)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats Joey Mitchell (OH)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jack Bosman (CA)

Chris Wood (CA) defeats Camden Lewis (NC)


Round 2

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Hoyoung Sohn (OR)

Nolan McCord (GA) defeats Andre Mazur (OH)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats JJ Wadas (IN)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats James Williams (GA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)

Carson Garrett (TX) defeats Nicolas Lopez (CA)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Chris Wood (CA)

Devin Parker (IL) defeats Clay D’Amico (CA)


Round 3

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Nolan McCord (GA)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats Dean Janikowski (CA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Carson Garrett (TX)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Devin Parker (IL)


Round 4

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Jackson Garcia (AZ)



Time Horn (HI) defeats Kyle Sentkowski (WA)


FINALS ROUND Punting Results – Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)

 Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2020: Daniel Cristiani (IN), James Williams (GA), Jacob Moraschinelli (OH).

Class of 2019: Charles Bein (CA), Jack Bosman (CA), Jack Brady (FL), Jay Bramblett (AL), Hunter Benton (SC), Evan Davis (NC), Benjamin Donald (Australia), Ryan Fitzgerald (GA), Landon Fogleman (NC), Cade Fuller (CA), Noah Grant (OH), Michael Hayes (SC), Matthew Hoffman (CA), Ben Kiernan (NC), Jack Martin (AL), Austin McNamara (AZ), Bijan Nichols (TX), Kyle Ostendorp (AZ), Jack Oswald (CA), Nolan Parris (NC), Brandon Petruescu (CA), Will Reichard (AL), Ryan Sanborn (CA), Connor Sullivan (CA), Gavin Wale (NV), Brandon Walters (OH), Jared Wheatley (NC), Porter Wilson (OH), Joey Mitchell (OH).

Class of 2018: Dillon Bradeson (FL), Robert Faulkner (GA), George Georgopolous (SC), Carson King (CA), Justin Lomakin (CA), Stockton Lund (UT), Nathan McRoberts (MN), Clayton Stewart (TX), Andrew Vujnovich (WI), Taiten Winkel (KS), Blair Zapeda (TX).

Junior College / Transfer: Clay D’Amico (CA), Jaime Medina (CA), Carson Olivas (CA), Mitchell Souza (CA), Andrew Rodriguez (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16

Round of 16:

Jay Bramblett (AL) defeats Nolan Parris (NC)

George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ryan Sanborn (CA)

Jared Wheatley (NC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Carson Olivas (CA) defeats Taiten Winkel (KS)

Blair Zepeda (TX) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Porter Wilson (OH)

Jaime Medina (CA) defeats Evan Davis (NC)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Austin McNamara (AZ)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Jay Bramblett (AL)

Mitchell Souza (CA) defeats Carson Olivas (CA)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Blair Zapeda (TX)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Clayton Stewart (TX)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ben Kiernan (NC)


2017 WA Fall Camp Recap – Cunningham Comes Up Big!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2017 Fall Camp Tour made a stop in Seattle, WA on Sunday October 22nd.  The talent and competition in the Northwest continues to get better and better with each camp. Specialists from 8 states trained and competed on a beautiful day with near perfect conditions.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Leo Cunningham (2019, WA) – Leo is a solid junior kicking prospect.  He is an accurate field goal kicker with nice range.  On this day he won a major field goal competition by nailing 6-8 field goals with a long of 51.  He also came through in the head to head finals by hitting from 45 yards out.  Leo should compete very well in Las Vegas this coming January.

Field Goal Champion / Kickoff Champion
Kyle Sentkowski (JC / CA) – Kyle was by far the most dominant kicker at camp.  He was smooth and accurate on field goals all day long.  He gets great height on his ball and has 55+ yard range.  His kickoffs are strong.  He averaged 65+ yards, with 4.0+ hang time.  He was also impressive punting the football.  He is an experienced player that is going to be a great addition to a 4-year college program.

Punt Champion
Hoyoung Sohn (2018, OR) – Hoyoung is an impressive all around specialist.  He has an explosive leg and kicks with great confidence.  He has 50+ yard range on field goals.  His drives his kickoffs into the endzone.  And he is a capable punter.  On this day, he won the punt competition by staying consistent and showing he can hit a big ball at times.  Hoyoung is a strong senior prospect that has all the tools to compete at the next level.  Look for him to do very well in Las Vegas in January.

Class of 2018 Standouts: Kyle Sentkowski, Cory Davis, Daniel Garcia, Holden Kooiker, Hoyoung Sohn, Jared March, Paul Hurt

Class of 2019 Standouts: David Eisenkraft, Jack Clayville, Dillon Dennis, Blake Hall, Leo Cunningham, Griffin Cummins, Hayden Skiba, Matthew Hoffman, Max Chandler, Tanner Shattuck, Nick Kokich

Class of 2020 Standouts: Sam Stephenson, Jed Michael, Garrett Craig

Class of 2021 Standouts: Cade Lujan, Jay Kartub

The road to Vegas XXXI continues with stops in Los Angeles, CA (October 29) Dallas, TX (November 12) Charlotte, NC (November 19) Atlanta, GA (December 3) Phoenix, AZ (December 11) Massillon, OH (December 17) & Los Angeles, CA (January 6). The largest kicking, punting & long snapping camp in the World…. Vegas XXXI will take place January 12-14, 2018. Want to be a part of it? Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com for more information.

Kyle Sentkowski is a top national junior college prospect.



2017 WA Spring Camp Recap, Jace Krier Steps Up!

The road to Vegas 30 continued this past weekend in Seattle, WA. The Northwest is an area that has come on strong with talent as of late.  This day brought in athletes from all parts of WA and saw over 10 states represented.  The weather was ideal which lead to several specialists having outstanding performances.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Jace Krier (2018, OR) – Jace made his second appearance at a Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp.  He showed tremendous improvement and really stepped up during the field goal competitions.  He won both major competitions by hitting multiple consecutive 40+ yard field goals off the ground and showing range from beyond 50 yards.  Jace is a talented college prospect.

Kickoff Champion

Ajay Culhane (2018, CA) – Ajay was perhaps the most talented prospect at the camp.  The TOP 12 Camp Invitee has a D1 leg and shows college potential in all areas of his game.  On this day he dominated kickoffs by averaging over 65 yards with 4.00 hang time.  He was also impressive on field goals and showed potential punting the football.  Ajay is a D1 college prospect.

Punt Champion

Holden Kooiker (2018, WA) – Holden had a strong day both punting and kicking.  He has 50 yard range on field goals off the ground.  He shows college level potential on kickoffs.  He won the punt competition by averaging 40 yards with 4.2-4.4 hang time.  He is a talented athlete that is improving greatly each time we see him.  He has a bright future with continued hard work.

Class of 2017 MVP

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student was steady and impressive as always.  He continues to prove that he is going to be a fine college kicker/punter.  He is smooth and accurate on field goal.  His kickoffs are college ready.  He has the tools to compete as a punter.  Kyle is ready for the next level.


Top Transfer: Daniel Garcia

Top 2018 Prospects: Conor Calvert, Cory Davis, Jace Krier, Nathen Cutler, Quinn Vorboril, Scott Lees, Trevor Gentner, Holden Kooiker, Peyton Hilliard

Top 2019 Prospects: David Eisenkraft, Dillon Dennis, Griffin Cummins, Hayen Skiba, Jack Clayville, Jack Sirich, Matthew Hoffman

Top 2020 Prospects: Blake Glessner, Jacob Hausserman

Youth MVP: Matty Sailer

The Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with stops in Dallas, TX (March 26), Phoenix, AZ (April 9), New Jersey (April 9), Chicago, IL (April 23), Atlanta, GA (April 30), Los Angeles, CA (May 7), & Dallas, TX (May 7). The our ends with the largest exposure camp in the World…. Vegas 30 (May 13-14).  To be the best, train & compete with the best.  For more stats, rankings, future camp dates, etc. visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com #TeamSailer


Chris Sailer Kicking – Class of 2017/Junior College TOP 12 Announced

Announcing the Chris Sailer Kicking TOP 12 Class of 2017/Junior College Kickers/Punters selected from Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017)

Santiago Arango (CA) – Junior College Kicker

DJ Arnson (AZ) – Junior College Punter

Kane Bowen (CA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Jack Brooks (Australia) – Transfer Punter

Bryan Clements (CA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Lorran Fonseca (CA) – Junior College Kicker

Taylor Goettie (GA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Daniel Gutierrez (CA) – Class of 2017 Kicker/Punter

Dario Longhetto (CA) – Class of 2017 Kicker

Tommy Martin (VA) – Class of 2017 Punter/Kicker

Blake Mazza (TX) – Class of 2017 Kicker

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) – Class of 2017 Kicker/Punter

*Athletes selected are listed in alphabetical order by last name

TOP 12 Members were selected based on camp performance at Vegas XXIX only.  Selections were made based on performance during all phases of evaluation including drill work, charting & competitions.

Congratulations! The Chris Sailer Kicking TOP 12 Membership is the most exclusive specialist group in the World.  18 current NFL starters are members of this group.  Welcome!

Note: Seniors and or graduating Junior College Prospect will NOT be part of  TOP 12 Camp. However, their story be covered by our web series, depending on the director / producer’s vision.  There will still be 20 players selected from the Class of 2018 or younger that will participate in the TOP 12 Camp and be featured in our web series.


2016 WA Fall Camp Recap, Newcomer Obi Eriza Wins It!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour made its most recent stop in Seattle, WA.  This region of the nation is bringing more and more talent to the table with each camp we run here.  This was the largest turnout yet in the Northwest and the talent did not disappoint.  The results rivaled previous fall camps in IL, FL & PA.  On a beautiful day, with near perfect conditions the following athletes stood out.

Overall Camp Champion
img_2388Obi Eriza (2017) – It is rare that a first time Chris Sailer Kicking camp attendee wins it all, but Obi accomplished exactly that.  He was solid during the morning session and caught my eye as someone to watch.  He stepped up in the afternoon and won the last man standing field goal competition.  He then defeated Mark Kharchenko and Manuel Leonzo in the semi-finals and finals respectively.  He is a talented athlete with a strong leg.  Look for Obi to one day challenge at the college level.

Field Goal Champion
img_2399Manuel Leonzo (2017) – Manuel has now performed at a high level at several Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  He hits a pure ball off the ground on field goals and shows 50+ yard range.  He is also strong on kickoffs averaging 60-65 yards with 3.7+ hang time.  Manuel is an excellent talent that will star for a college football program.


Kickoff Champion / Punt Champion
img_2376Mark Kharchenko (2017) – Mark was one of the best all around talents at the camp.  He punted majority of the day and dominated the competitions.  He averages well over 40 yards with 4.3+ hang time.  A big, tall, strong athlete that has the frame and skill to be an outstanding college punter.  He also won the kickoff competition by hitting several balls into the end zone from the 35 yard line with 3.7+ hang time.  Look for Mark to contribute as a P/KO combo player at the next level.

Top 2017 Prospect
img_1390Kyle Sentkowski – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student and 2-Time “Event Elite” Member put in another solid performance.  He has 55+ yard range on field goals off the ground.  Kickoffs are strong and continue to be near the top of his class.  Kyle is also establishing himself as a legitimate college punting prospect.  Kyle is mentally strong and shows every sign of being ready for D1 football.

Next Best: Tyler Padilla – Talented combo player K/P.

Top 2018 Prospect
img_2394Conor Calvert – Conor continues to develop at a fantastic pace.  He has attended several Chris Sailer Kicking camps over the years.  He hits a smooth and accurate ball on field goals.  He won the Class of 2018 kickoff competition with a 63 yard, 3.6 yard kickoff.  He is also a capable punter.  Conor is proving that he will one day be a great college player.


Next Best: Holden Kooiker – Excellent athlete with a strong leg.

Top 2019 Prospects
Bryce Law & Tanner Shattuck – Both athletes proved worthy of this recognition.  Bryce has one of the stronger legs in his class and shows great ability as both a kicker and punter.  Tanner did very well on field goal and then stepped up to win the Class of 2019 kickoff competition.  Both are future stars.

Next Best: David Eisenkraft – Has the tools to challenge the best in his class.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Ben Cameron, Grady Eglin, Liam Carius, Nathan Morrow, Omar Dominguez, Thomas Monaghan, Beck Harper, Cody Bragg

Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Ben Pahl, Cory Davis, Lance D’Alesio, Nathen Cutler

Other Class of 2019 Standouts: Max Chandler, Chase Hallenius, Cody Redmond, Gannon Bendix, Griffin Cummings

Class of 2020 Standouts:  Jacob Hausserman, Carter Laws

Top Transfer: Danny Garcia

Join Chris Sailer Kicking at the following locations to be a part of it:  Los Angeles, CA (October 30), Charlotte NC (November 20), Dallas, TX (December 4), Phoenix, AZ (December 11), Atlanta, GA (December 18).  Then the big one, the Super Bowl for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers, Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017). To be the best, train and compete with the best.  For more information and complete results and player rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com


2016 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Announced

Congratulations to the 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite”.  These Kickers / Punters were selected from over 200 athletes that attended Vegas XXVIII May 21-22, 2016 in Las Vegas.  They will join the “TOP 12” that were selected from Vegas XXVII in January.  These specialists make up the very best of the best in the United States.  The “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” Invite Only Camp will take place at the IMG Academy in FL on July 18-20, 2016.  Past “Event Elite” Members include: Blair Walsh (Vikings), Justin Tucker (Ravens), Bradley Nortman (Panthers), Randy Bullock (Jets), Cody Parkey (Eagles), Ross Martin (Jets), Drew Kaser (Chargers), Ka’imi Fairbairn (Texans) and many many more!

2016 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite”

Class of 2019
Will Reichard (AL)

Class of 2018
John Brosnahan (NC)
Charles Campbell (TN)
Skyler DeLong (NC)
Christopher Dunn (NC)
Cole Talley (TX)

Briggs Bourgeois (LA)
Bryan Clements (CA)
Aidan Daily (CA)
Justin Davidovicz (NJ)
Joe Doyle (TN)
Zach Elder (TX)
Hunter Everett (OK)
Peyton Henry (CA)
Nick Horiates (TX)
Jack Geiger (CA)
Jackson Hubbard (TX)
Liam Jones (OK)
Chris Landgrebe (OH)
Jake Lane (AL)
Blake Mazza (TX)
Jake Roark (MO)
Grant Ryerse (MN)
Kyle Sentkowski (WA)
Cole Smith (OH)
Nate Snyder (OH)
Ethan Torres (VA)
Alex Usry (GA)
Austin Neuhauser (OK)
Bryce Webb (KY)

Class of 2018
Campbell Geddes (CA)
Jonah Lipel (CA)
Anthony Moshorrafa (AZ)

Class of 2017
Santiago Arango (FL)
Kane Bowen (CA)
Liam Bunnell (TX)
Diego Cacho-Sousa (CA)
Collin Larsh (WI)
Dario Longhetto (CA)
Sean McKeogh (CA)
Miguel Mendez (CA)
Brian Papazian (CA)
Drew Schmid (CA)
Ryan Stonehouse (CA)
Johan Zetterberg (CA)

“TOP 12”
Brandon Ruiz (AZ)
Joseph Bulovas (LA)
Adam Stack (HI)
Tucker Day (TN)
Josh Grant (TX)
Lucas Havrisik (CA)
Bill Rubright (GA)
Tommy Martin (VA)
Cooper Graham (NC)
Hayden Moehring (AR)
Brent Cimaglia (TN)
Brooks Buce (GA)

Brandon Gracia (CA)
David Cote (Canada)




WA Spring Camp Recap, Sentkowski Wins It!

The road to Vegas XXVIII continued this past weekend in Seattle, WA.  Previous stops included Dallas, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Atlanta and Chicago.  The talent in Seattle didn’t disappoint.  There was a great blend of youth and experienced junior/senior specialists on display.  Several attendees will be playing on Saturdays in the near future.  Take a look at the results:

Overall Camp Champion: Kyle Sentkowski (2017, WA) – The “Event Elite” Member was stellar all day.  Over the years, his consistent performances have landed him in the national spotlight.  This time he came out on top by coming through in the clutch.  He was the field goal champion and then beat out both Zach Emerson and Nino Alebegic in the head to head finals.  Kyle is an excellent D1 prospect.

Kickoff & Field Goal Champion: Zach Emerson (2016, OR) – The Oregon commit was solid the entire day.  He is a strong and consistent performer.  He won the field competition by nailing multiple 50+ yard field goals without a miss.  He dominated the kickoff competition by averaging over 70 yards with near 4.0 second hang time.  Zach is ready to compete at the D1 level.

Punt Champion: Nino Alibegic (2016, ID) – Nino is a talented all around kicker/punter.  The senior competed well in all phases of the game.  His field goals are his strongest skill.  His kickoffs show D1 potential.  On this day, he came out on top in the punt competition, where he shows a big leg.  Nino has the skills to compete with the top kickers in the nation.

Class of 2016
Zach Emerson and Nino Alibegic were the most consistent on the day.  Two other that showed very well were Andre Slyter and Connor Lovell.  Slyter, the Eastern Washington commit, has a very powerful leg and great potential.  He will be an excellent player for Eastern in the near future.  Lovell also has a strong leg and shows he can hit a big ball at times.  He too has the skills to compete at the college level.

Class of 2017
Kyle Sentkowski was the top all around performer on the day.  Tyler Padilla however gave him a run for his money.  The combo player (K/P) showed flashes of what he is capable of as both a kicker and punter.  Others to watch out for include Chandler Woolley, Lane Grant, Liam Carius, Manuel Leonzo, Cameron Anderson, Brendon Morton and Cole Brister.

Class of 2018
Although no one stood as superior in the group, the future is bright with some consistent talent in the Northwest.  Same names to look for are Conor Calvert, Cory Davis, Jake Hayes, Lance D’Alessio, Nate Cutler, and Andrew Houghton.

Class of 2019 Future Stars: Cody Redmond, Griffin Cummings, Max Chandler, and Dillon Sturm.

Top Youth Talent: Sam Tolton

For full rankings and more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22). REGISTER HERE To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer