It’s Almost Spring & You’re a 2017 Kicker/Punter, Now What?

This is easily one of the top questions I get from senior Kickers/Punters and/or their parents. Here are the answers:

  1. You should definitely be at Chris Sailer Kicking Camp to stay sharp, focused, continue to learn how to handle pressure and show absolute dominance.
  2. If you are uncommitted, read THIS and THIS and get yourself ready for VEGAS 30 for a final push at exposure.
  3. If you are committed, you need to push yourself even harder. Dominate every camp. Commit yourself to not being stagnant.

All seniors and their parents need to remember, while you still have some time left in high school, colleges and their football programs aren’t stopping to wait for you. They have several Kickers & Punters on their roster and they already hate you for even thinking you will attempt to take their jobs come the summer time. (Fast forward a few years and think about how you will feel being on the other side)

I have done this many times and  have seen countless senior Kickers & Punters coast through their senior year only to find a nice spot on the bench come fall. Coaches call me continuously asking how the Kickers & Punters that they recruited are doing. Needless to say, they are not happy when I tell them “Oh, I haven’t seen him since VEGAS XXIX”!

The senior Kickers & Punters that keep working and attending camps are the ones that start.  It’s like clockwork.

Never rest and never stop improving seniors. See you soon!

To be the best, train & compete with the best!



  1. Joe Gallegos says

    How can I get the attention from Northern Arizona, I’m very interested in walking on at that program and want to get their attention