Chris Sailer Kicking – Class of 2017/Junior College TOP 12 Announced

Announcing the Chris Sailer Kicking TOP 12 Class of 2017/Junior College Kickers/Punters selected from Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017)

Santiago Arango (CA) – Junior College Kicker

DJ Arnson (AZ) – Junior College Punter

Kane Bowen (CA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Jack Brooks (Australia) – Transfer Punter

Bryan Clements (CA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Lorran Fonseca (CA) – Junior College Kicker

Taylor Goettie (GA) – Class of 2017 Punter

Daniel Gutierrez (CA) – Class of 2017 Kicker/Punter

Dario Longhetto (CA) – Class of 2017 Kicker

Tommy Martin (VA) – Class of 2017 Punter/Kicker

Blake Mazza (TX) – Class of 2017 Kicker

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) – Class of 2017 Kicker/Punter

*Athletes selected are listed in alphabetical order by last name

TOP 12 Members were selected based on camp performance at Vegas XXIX only.  Selections were made based on performance during all phases of evaluation including drill work, charting & competitions.

Congratulations! The Chris Sailer Kicking TOP 12 Membership is the most exclusive specialist group in the World.  18 current NFL starters are members of this group.  Welcome!

Note: Seniors and or graduating Junior College Prospect will NOT be part of  TOP 12 Camp. However, their story be covered by our web series, depending on the director / producer’s vision.  There will still be 20 players selected from the Class of 2018 or younger that will participate in the TOP 12 Camp and be featured in our web series.


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXIX Competition Champions

Vegas XXIX – January 14-15, 2017

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results


Kicking – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)

Punting – Jake Camarda (2018, GA)

*Evan & Jake will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2019) – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
Group 2 (Class of 2018) – Matthew Brust (2018, FL) & Massimo Biscardi (2018, PA)
Group 4 (Class of 2018) – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)
Group 5 (Class of 2017, Junior College & Transfers) – Lorran Fonseca (JC, CA)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)

Consistency – Gavin Scully (JC, CA)
Last Man Standing – Matt Bazarevitsch (2017, CA)
Head to Head – Jack Brooks (TR, Australia)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:

Class of 2020: Holt Cloninger (NC) & JJ Wadas (IL)

Class of 2019: Carson Garrett (TX) & Brandon Petruescu (CA)

Class of 2018: Cody Williams (CA) & Quentin Wallace (IL)

Class of 2017/JC: Santiago Arango (CA) & Matt Hellen (IL)


Kickoff Champions:

Class of 2020: Brock Travelstead (GA)

Class of 2019: Chris Van Eekeran (IN)

Class of 2018: Evan McPherson (AL)

Class of 2017/JC: Daniel Gutierrez (CA) & Lorran Fonseca (CA)


Punt Champions:

Class of 2020: Holt Cloninger (NC) & Ethan DeLisle (UT)

Class of 2019: Chris Van Eekeran (IN) & Gavin Wale (NV)

Class of 2018: BT Potter (SC)

Class of 2017/JC: Daniel Gutierrez (CA) & Taylor Goettie (GA)


Sunday Finals Round Results


FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1

Dylan Williams (CA) defeats Anthony Mosharrafa (AZ)

Brandon Petruescu (CA) defeats Carson Garrett (TX)

Keegan Weekley (TN) defeats Ashton Garner (MS)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Daniel Gutierrez  (CA)


Round 2

Quentin Wallace (IL) defeats Dylan Williams (CA)

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats Micah Mizo (HI)

Santiago Arango (CA) defeats Brandon Petruescu (CA)

Matthew Hellen (IL) defeats Jake Smith (TX)

Cody Williams (CA) defeats Keegan Weekley (TN)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Blake Mazza (TX)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Holden Remme (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Jake Rittman (KS)


Round 3

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats defeats Quentin Wallace (IL)

Matthew Hellen (IL) defeats Santiago Arango (CA)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Keegan Weekley (TN)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Isaac Power (CO)


Round 4

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats Matthew Hellen (IL)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Matthew Brust (FL)



Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Zach Sterr (NJ)


FINALS ROUND Punting Results -Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)


Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)


Class of 2019: Gavin Wale (NV).


Class of 2018: Massimo Biscardi (PA), Dylan Brady (CA), Jake Camarda (GA), Landon Carter (TN), Drew Cassidy (OH), Chris Dunn (NC), Jake Haggard (CA), Preston Pitt (UT), Evan McPherson (AL), Anthony Mosharrafa (AZ), Bryson Porzenski (NC), BT Potter (SC), Isaac Power (CO), JP Rybus (CA), Clayton Stewart (TX), Nicholas Sciba (SC), George Triplett (WV).


Class of 2017: Matt Bazarevitsch (CA), Kane Bowen (CA), Bryan Clements (CA), Jack Geiger (CA), Taylor Goettie (GA), Daniel Gutierrez (CA), Jake Lane (AL), Tommy Martin (VA), Brian Papazian (CA), Bryce Webb (KY), Trevor Bowens (CA).


Junior College / Transfer: DJ Arnson (AZ), Cooper Garcia (CA), Gavin Scully (CA), Sean Young (FL), Jack Brooks (Australia).


Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16


Round of 16:

Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Jake Lane (AL)

Jack Geiger (CA) defeats Trevor Bowens (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Sean Young (FL)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Taylor Goettie (GA)

Bryan Clements (CA) defeats Gavin Scully (CA)

Jack Brooks (Australia) defeats Kane Bowen (CA)

DJ Arnson (AZ) defeats Massimo Biscardi (PA)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats Chris Dunn (NC)



Jack Geiger (CA) defeats Jack Geiger (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Evan McPherson (AL)

Bryan Clements (CA) defeats Jack Brooks (Australia)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats DJ Arnson (AZ)



Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Isaac Power (CO)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats DJ Arnson (AZ)



Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Tommy Martin (VA)