Josh Plaster Wins the 2017 TX Summer Camp!

The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour is officially underway. The first stop was Dallas, TX. As always, the talent did not disappoint. Well over 100 specialists gathered at Midlothian Heritage High School on June 30 ready to learn and compete. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Josh Plaster (2019, TX) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking kicker had his best performance yet. He nailed 6 consecutive field goals, including a long of 57 yards to win it! He is also very strong on kickoff and a more than capable punter. Josh continues to improve each time we see him and is proving that he is one of the best in the nation in his class.

Field Goal Champion

Jacob Meeks (2018, TX) – Jacob was impressive once again. He was recently invited to participate in the upcoming TOP 12 camp and he proved why. He hit 7 consecutive field goals including a long of 62 to win it. His kickoffs were also solid. He has an explosive leg and great college potential. Look for Jacob to pick up college offers soon.

Kickoff Champion

Blair Zepeda (2018, TX) – Blair is a big time talent. He is a great athlete with outstanding natural ability. He won the kickoff competition with a 77 yard, 3.85 second ball. He also shows he can hit a D1 ball on field goal. Blair is a real sleeper in this class, he has all the tools to be special at the next level.


Punt Champion
Mason Johnson (2019, AR) – Mason had a stellar all around day. He competed well in all competitions and came out on top for punting. He has a big leg and great potential. He won the punt competition by averaging over 45 yards, with 4.3 second hang time. He is also a top national kicking prospect. The future is bright for Mason with continued hard work.

Top 2017 Specialist
Cade Kostroun (TX) – Cade had another strong performance. The Chris Sailer Kicking commit is a good looking athlete with a very strong leg. He shows that he can hit a big ball and his consistency continues to improve. He has the ability to be a great college punter with continued hard work.


The Class of 2018 was very deep. John Mayers had another strong performance. He looked sharp on both field goal and kickoff. Clayton Stewart was dominant in all 3 areas. He continues to prove he is a top national kicking and punting prospect. Ty French was also a force to be reckoned with. He hits a D1 ball on field goal and drives the ball deep on kickoffs.

Other 2018 Standouts: Alec Schroeder, Sebastian Escalante, Clark Schoonover, Dylan Wilmore, Emmanuel Adagbon, Grant Braught, Hayden Nelson, Jacob Rainey, Jake Smith, Joanly Martines, Jonathan Figueroa, Josh Carlson, Peiyton Hilliard, Ryan Jones, Taiten Winkel, Ty Varner.

The Class of 2019 is really starting to take shape. Bijan Nichols lead the way. He has a D1 leg and big time potential as a kicker. JK Martin is a top combo prospect. Josh McCoy is always solid. Neal Koskay is a great athlete with big upside. Tyler Shearer is one of the most consistent field goal kickers in the nation. Brian Barber is an excellent punter. Drew Chilcoat was the top newcomer at the camp. Gabriel Lozano has the tools to be special.

Other 2019 Standouts: Grant Collins, Drew Wilkie, Grant Ennis, Hunter Hulin, Jackson Kramer, Jonathan Garcia, Joshua McSoud, Joshua Vela, Justin Seay, William Powers, Zachary Scott, Tanner Olivier, Aleric Hernandez, Austin Rychlik, Jacob Barnes, Oscar Gandara, Trevor Robertson.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Andrew Espindola, Jaxon McAden, Ricardo Campos, Hayden Riggins, James Griffith, JC Smith, Tabor Allen

Future Stars: Austin Dickey, Bert Auburn, Hagen Hood, Hunter Tierney, Kaden Allen, Roberto Diaz, Alex Draguicevich, Brock Smalley, Oscar Falcon, Ty Reid.

This will be one of the biggest summers in Chris Sailer Kicking history. Up next is the FBU Top Gun Camp in Rock Hill, SC on July 7-8. This is where we will select the U.S. Army All Americans & Freshman All Americans. Then join us in Charlotte, NC (July 9), Atlanta, GA (July 11), Chicago, IL (July 13) and Los Angeles, CA (July 27). This summer will also feature our 3 prestigious invite only camps (College, TOP 12 & Underclassman Invitational) in Tampa FL (July 14-21). For more information, rankings and camp registration visit To be the best, train & compete with the best. Get ready for greatness!


2017 TX Spring Camp Recap, Stewart Shines!

The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp has officially hit the half way point with the most recent stop in Dallas, TX.  This was the largest camp to date bringing in 75+ Kickers/Punters from over 10 states.  The camp was lead by Kansas commit Liam Jones, 5-Star rated kicker Blake Mazza & top junior college punting/kicking prospect Hunter Everett.  There was also a great balance of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 veterans and newcomers.   Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Clayton Stewart (2018, TX) – Clayton is a remarkable talent.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  The combo player (K/P) continues to impress each time we see him, doing his best under pressure.  On this day he was the field goal champion by nailing over 90% of his field goals and showing range of up to 60 yards.  He also put kickoffs deep into the end zone and competed with the best during punt competitions.  Clayton has the tools to challenge for a TOP 12 spot this May in Las Vegas.  He is a D1 prospect.

Kickoff & Field Goal Champion
Liam Jones (2018, OK) – The Kansas commit, TOP 12 Member & long time Chris Sailer Kicking student was absolutely dominant.  He has proven time and time again that he is clearly one of the very best in the nation.  He is strong, smooth, consistent and dominates under pressure.  On this day he won a major field goal competition by hitting nearly every field goal attempt and showing range up to 62 yards.  He won the kickoff competition by hitting several balls through the uprights with 4.0+ hang time.  He is beyond ready to play at Kansas.

Punt Champion
Cade Kostroun (2017, TX) – Cade had an outstanding day punting the football.  He is consistent and punts for solid distance and hang time.  His footwork is college ready and his confidence continues to climb. He shows all the tools to take his game to the next level.  On this day he averaged over 40 yards, with 4.4 plus hang time.  He won several competitions against the other punters then stepped up and won again against the entire group.  He is ready for the next level.

The Best of the Class of 2017
Liam Jones, Blake Mazza, Hogan Keasler

Top 6 Class of 2018 Veterans
Hunter Everett, Chris Kessler, Cole Talley, Clayton Stewart, John Mayers, Jacob Meeks

Top 4 Class of 2018 Newcomers
Blair Zepeda, Ty French, Joshua Delgado, Matt O’Brien

Top 5 Class of 2019 Veterans
Alex Felkins, Carson Garrett, Kameron Lake, Tyler Shearer, Josh McCoy

Top 3 Class of 2019 Newcomers
Noah Grant, Caden Davis, John Aldridge

Other 2018 College Prospects
Emmanuel Adagbon, Juan Pablo Mena, Ryan Jones, Clark Schoonover, Dalton Rogers, Hayden Nelson, Jake Smith, Joanly Martinez, Jonathan Figueroa, Trevor Gentner, Grant Braught, Ian Martula, Karch Kaspar, Matt Schanfish

Other 2019 College Prospects
Austin Rychlik, Brody Patty, Josh Plaster, Cameron Baller, Jacob Barnes, Javier Castillo, Logan Shields, Tristan Heaton, Aleric Hernandez, Derek Eckenfels, Eathan Bernard, Jimmy Martin, Mason Johnson, Matt Stanton, Noah Sheets, Bijan Nichols

Class of 2020 Prospects
James Griffith, Tabor Allen, Aidan Schiefer, Brian Brogan, Conner Ford, Dalton Wolf, JC Smith, Hayden Riggins, Reed Kieny

Future Stars
Francisco Castillo, David Kemp, Connor Bryan, Alex Draguicevich, Brock Smalley

The Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with stops in Phoenix, AZ (April 9), New Jersey (April 9), Chicago, IL (April 23), Atlanta, GA (April 30), Los Angeles, CA (May 7), & Dallas, TX (May 7). The our ends with the largest exposure camp in the World…. Vegas 30 (May 13-14).  To be the best, train & compete with the best.  For more stats, rankings, future camp dates, etc. visit #TeamSailer


Meeks Steps Up Bigtime to Win In Dallas!

Chris Sailer Kicking hosted the largest camp of the fall to date, and it just might have also been the most talented, this past weekend in Dallas, TX.  Specialists from over 10 states were in attendance to learn and compete.  The camp could have been won by a dozen or so athletes, but only one could come out on top.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion:
Jacob Meeks (2018, TX) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student had his best performance ever.  He won a major field goal competition by hitting on 7-7 field goals with a long of 57.  His kickoffs were also strong.  He averaged over 65 yards with 3.7+ hang time.  Jacob is coming into his own at the right time.  He has a bright college future with continued hard work.

Field Goal Champion:
Matthew Jaeger (2018, MN) – Matthew is another longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student who is beginning to dominate camps.  He won a major field goal competition by going 8-8 and connecting on back to back 58 yard field goals.  He is smooth and accurate.  His kickoffs are also nearing the top of his class.  Matthew is gong to be a fine college player.

Kickoff Champion:
Liam Jones (2017, OK) – Liam was the most impressive all around specialist on the day.  He connected on over 90% of his field goals and dominated mentally.  He won the kickoff competition by hitting a few balls through the uprights. His best ball on the day was 75 yards with 4.13 hang time.  The Kansas commit is 100% ready for the next level.

Punt Champion:
Jack Geiger (2017, CA) – Jack was by far the best punter on the day.  The Chris Sailer Kicking Event Elite specialist dominated in all punt competitions.  He averaged 40+ yards with 4.3+ hang time.  He was consistent and also showed the ability to hit a big ball.  His best ball on the day traveled 55 yards with 4.88 hang time.  Jack is a top national punting prospect.

Top 2017 Prospects:
Josh Grant (2017, TX) – Josh continues to prove himself time and time again.  He has 55+ yard range on field goals off the ground and gets excellent height on his ball.  He also has a D1 kickoff leg.  Josh is a competitor that does very well under pressure.  He has all the tools to excel at the D1 level.  Look for Josh to be one of the next national prospects to be offered a D1 Scholarship.

Blake Mazza (2017, TX) – Blake is a tremendous kicker.  He has one of the strongest legs in his class and kicks with great accuracy.  His field goals and kickoffs are both D1 ready.  Blake is also a great competitor that does a nice job under pressure.  He is going to make a fine addition to any college football program.

Top 2018 Prospects:
Chris Kessler (2018, TX) – Chris continues to prove time and time again that he is a top national prospect in his class.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals with excellent range.  He is also strong on kickoffs.

Charles Campbell (2018, TN) – Charles is another strong contender for the top national prospect in his class.  He is a great athlete with a elite leg strength.  Charles is equally talented on field goal and kickoff.

Cole Talley (2018, TX) – Cole has perhaps the strongest leg in his class. He is an incredible athlete with endless talent.  He shows he can hit a big ball off the ground at times.  His kickoffs are elite.  With hard work, he will be a special D1 player.

Cameron Dicker (2018, TX) – Cameron is another special prospect in the class of 2018.  He has an exceptional leg and shows great overall potential.  His field goals are strong and accurate.  He is near the top of his class of kickoffs.  He also shows he is a very capable punter.

John Mayers (2018, TX) – John is a strong and accurate kicker.  He hits a pure ball on field goals off the ground and has excellent range.  His kickoffs are also near the top of his class.  John is one of the most consistent performers in his class.

Top 2019 Prospect:
Alex Felkins (2018, OK) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking is beginning to dominate his class.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  Alex hits a pure ball off the ground already with excellent range.  He is also near the top of his class on kickoffs.  And he is coming into his own as a punter.  Alex has a bright future.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Alex Schrag, Brayden Betz, Grant McCartney, Hogan Keasler, Luis Diaz, Storm Jensen, Turner Davidson, Aleksa Radovic, Cade Kostroun, Cameron Braaten, Connor Watts, Jared Meyer

Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Aidan Gale, Clark Schoonover, Dalton Staurovsky, Austin Guidry, Dylan Williams, Grant Braught, Hayden Moses, Jake Smith, Jonathan Figueroa, Karch Kaspar, Clayton Stewart, Dalton Rogers, Dylan Hendricks, Dylan Wilmore, Greg Blaser, Ian Martula, Jake Rittman, Matt Stanton

Other Class of 2019 Standouts: Austin Rychlik, Brody Patty, Cale Nation, Cameron Baller, Josh Plaster, Landry Poppen, Michael Nichols, Tristan Heaton, Tyler Shearer, Brian Barber, Cole Schroeder, Grant Collins, Javier Castillo, Kameron Lake, Matthew Heffernan, Nicolas Bernal, Oscar Gandara, Sam Younger

Very Best 2020 Specialists: James Griffith, Cohen Parent, Paker Lee, Tabor Allen

Other Class of 2020 Standouts: Aidan Schiefer, Hayden Riggins, Reed Kieny, Ricardo Campos

Class of 2021 Future Stars: Ty Reid, Brock Smalley, Ethan Spearman, Francisco Castillo, Nick Rhinehart, Oscar Falcon, Ruben Reyna

Join Chris Sailer Kicking at the following locations to be a part of it:  Phoenix, AZ (December 11), Atlanta, GA (December 18).  Then the big one, the Super Bowl for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers, Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017). To be the best, train and compete with the best.  For more information and complete results and player rankings, visit

Top 2017 Prospects: Liam Jones, Josh Grant & Blake Mazza

Top 2017 Prospects: Liam Jones, Josh Grant & Blake Mazza