2018 AZ Spring Camp Recap, Janikowski Wins It!

The Road to Vegas XXXII continued with a stop in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday March 25th. This camp continues to grow and bring in more talent each time we visit. There was a great balance of young specialists and older veterans looking to learn and make a name for themselves. The competitions were tight and extremely competitive. Take a look at the results.

2018 AZ Spring Camp

Overall Camp ChampionDean Janikowski (2019, CA)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker had one of his most impressive performances to date. He won the kickoff competition by averaging 65+ yards with 3.8 – 4.05 hang time. His best ball measured 77 yards with a slight wind. Dean was also a finalist in both major field goal competitions. In the end he nailed a pressure kick to win it all. He continues to prove that he is a D1 recruit.

Field Goal Competition ChampionJason White (2019, CA)
Jason came out on top of both major field goal competitions. Another long time Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker is beginning to really come into his one. He is one of the more consistent performers in the country and his strength is improving each time we see him. Jason has all the tools to take his game to the next level. Look for him to impress college coaches around the nation this summer.

Punt ChampionAustin McNamara (2019, AZ)
The TOP 12’er and long time Chris Sailer Kicking Punter dominated the field once again in the punting competition. He averages 45+ yards with 4.6+ hang time. He is also a very consistent performer. Austin currently holds a scholarship offer from the University of Arizona and should add multiple offers from major schools this spring and summer. He is D1 Scholarship Pick without a doubt.

Class of 2019 Standouts: Austin McNamara, Jason White, Dean Janikowski, Alan Kervin

Class of 2020 Standouts: Dominic Chakraborty, Archie Green, Nick Hill, Dominic Persi

Class of 2021 Standouts: Matthew Eich, Ryan Feinberg, Connor Mantelli, Jackson Ray, Alec Silver, Crew Peterman

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with camps in Chicago, IL (April 7), Atlanta, GA (April 22), Los Angeles, CA (May 6) and concludes with the big finale in Las Vegas on May 12-13, 2018. To more information and to register for future camps, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

Champions: Austin McNamara, Jason White & Dean Janikowski


2017 CA Summer Camp Recap, Medina Dominates!

The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Camp Tour hit Los Angeles, CA on Thursday July 27th. This was one of the largest regional camp to date and was loaded with talent. Specialists from over 10 states were in attendance ready to learn and compete prior to the start of a highly anticipated 2017 football season. Take a look at the results.

CA Summer Camp Champions

Overall Camp Champion:
Jaime Medina (JC, CA) – Jaime is longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student and recent bounce back from Sacramento State. He is an experienced combo player that performs with great confidence. On this day he won 2 of the 4 major competitions, coming in first for both field goal and punt. Jaime has 55+ yard range on field goal and gets tremendous height on his ball. He hits a D1 kickoff with ease. And his punting is equally as strong. He won the final competition with a 50 yard, 5.30 second punt. Jaime should be the top junior college specialist is America this coming season.

Field Goal Champion:
Jason White (2019, CA) – Jason is really starting to come into his own. After a strong performance at the recent Underclassmen Invitational in Tampa, FL, he was able to follow it up with a competition win in CA. He has a great leg and does very well under pressure. He won the competition by going 7-7 with a long of 55 yards off the ground. Jason is proving that he has the tools to take his game to the college level. Look for him to do very well this coming season.

Kickoff Champion:
Kevin Boermeester (JC, CA) – Kevin is another long time Chris Sailer Kicking student. He was strong from start to finish in all areas of the game. He took the Kickoff championship with a final kick of 71 yard with 4.03 second hang time. He was also solid on field goals and showed that he will contribute as a punter as well. Kevin has the tools to be a top junior college prospect this coming season.

Punt Champion:
Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA) – Andrew proved once again that he is one of the best in the nation. He competed very well on both field goal and kickoff. He then stepped up and won a major punt competition by punting with great consistency and showing that he can hit a big time D1 ball. He averaged over 45 yards per punt with 4.5+ hang time. Between Medina, Boermeester and Rodriguez the junior college ranks our in good hands this coming season.

Junior College Standouts: Jaime Medina, Andrew Rodriguez, Kevin Boermeester, KC Akubuo-Onwuemeka, Paul Rodriguez, Fernando Buenabad, Juan Herrera, Anton Xeros-Burgos.

Class of 2018 Standouts: Antonio Loera, Chris Wood, Dylan Williams, Holden Kooiker, Holden Remme, Jonathan Trujillo, Lane Kast, Mark Meader, Ryan Redman, Spencer Corona, Carson King, JP Rybus, Edeson Escobar, Eric Stranz, Hoyoung Sohn, Jake Amigo, Jimmy Duchesne, Kevin Ryan, Louis Hernandez, Max Casper, Nicholas Gardner, Seppi Ortman, Travis Benham, Tyler Werner, Max Meyers.

Class of 2019 Standouts: Bryce Peters, Cameron Sharafatian, Christopher Abbes, Dylan Orr, Jason White, Nick Barr-Mira, Ramzee Jaridly, Tanner Olivier, Will Powers, Gabriel Trujillo, Aaron Rodriguez, Harry Hill, Jack Austin, Kevin Aranda, Matthew Ramirez.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Anthony Meader, Ben D’Aquilla, Fabien Guillen, Noah Carlton, Sam Stephenson, Cristian Godoy, Elise Chaffin, Jake Moos, Matthew Riella, Nathan Michel.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Adam Awaida, Matthew Sailer, Jay Kartub, Trevor Morris, Tristin Walters.

Future Stars: Daniel Campuzano, Braydn Ritchie

The 2017 Summer Camp Tour has been absolutely phenomenal to date. Chris Sailer Kicking will make one final stop in Honolulu, HI on August 26th. The 2017 Fall Schedule is now up and open for registration. Chris Sailer Kicking will make stops in NJ, WA, CA, NC, GA, OH, TX and will wrap up with the largest specialist camp in the World… Vegas XXXI in January of 2018! For more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com