2016 WA Fall Camp Recap, Newcomer Obi Eriza Wins It!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour made its most recent stop in Seattle, WA.  This region of the nation is bringing more and more talent to the table with each camp we run here.  This was the largest turnout yet in the Northwest and the talent did not disappoint.  The results rivaled previous fall camps in IL, FL & PA.  On a beautiful day, with near perfect conditions the following athletes stood out.

Overall Camp Champion
img_2388Obi Eriza (2017) – It is rare that a first time Chris Sailer Kicking camp attendee wins it all, but Obi accomplished exactly that.  He was solid during the morning session and caught my eye as someone to watch.  He stepped up in the afternoon and won the last man standing field goal competition.  He then defeated Mark Kharchenko and Manuel Leonzo in the semi-finals and finals respectively.  He is a talented athlete with a strong leg.  Look for Obi to one day challenge at the college level.

Field Goal Champion
img_2399Manuel Leonzo (2017) – Manuel has now performed at a high level at several Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  He hits a pure ball off the ground on field goals and shows 50+ yard range.  He is also strong on kickoffs averaging 60-65 yards with 3.7+ hang time.  Manuel is an excellent talent that will star for a college football program.


Kickoff Champion / Punt Champion
img_2376Mark Kharchenko (2017) – Mark was one of the best all around talents at the camp.  He punted majority of the day and dominated the competitions.  He averages well over 40 yards with 4.3+ hang time.  A big, tall, strong athlete that has the frame and skill to be an outstanding college punter.  He also won the kickoff competition by hitting several balls into the end zone from the 35 yard line with 3.7+ hang time.  Look for Mark to contribute as a P/KO combo player at the next level.

Top 2017 Prospect
img_1390Kyle Sentkowski – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student and 2-Time “Event Elite” Member put in another solid performance.  He has 55+ yard range on field goals off the ground.  Kickoffs are strong and continue to be near the top of his class.  Kyle is also establishing himself as a legitimate college punting prospect.  Kyle is mentally strong and shows every sign of being ready for D1 football.

Next Best: Tyler Padilla – Talented combo player K/P.

Top 2018 Prospect
img_2394Conor Calvert – Conor continues to develop at a fantastic pace.  He has attended several Chris Sailer Kicking camps over the years.  He hits a smooth and accurate ball on field goals.  He won the Class of 2018 kickoff competition with a 63 yard, 3.6 yard kickoff.  He is also a capable punter.  Conor is proving that he will one day be a great college player.


Next Best: Holden Kooiker – Excellent athlete with a strong leg.

Top 2019 Prospects
Bryce Law & Tanner Shattuck – Both athletes proved worthy of this recognition.  Bryce has one of the stronger legs in his class and shows great ability as both a kicker and punter.  Tanner did very well on field goal and then stepped up to win the Class of 2019 kickoff competition.  Both are future stars.

Next Best: David Eisenkraft – Has the tools to challenge the best in his class.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Ben Cameron, Grady Eglin, Liam Carius, Nathan Morrow, Omar Dominguez, Thomas Monaghan, Beck Harper, Cody Bragg

Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Ben Pahl, Cory Davis, Lance D’Alesio, Nathen Cutler

Other Class of 2019 Standouts: Max Chandler, Chase Hallenius, Cody Redmond, Gannon Bendix, Griffin Cummings

Class of 2020 Standouts:  Jacob Hausserman, Carter Laws

Top Transfer: Danny Garcia

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