5 Important Points for the Class of 2015

1.    You still have a long way to go with recruiting. Breathe, relax, take a chill pill. Bottom line, it is still early.  Less than 5% of national specialists have made their college choices.  Recruiting will go all the way through August.  Believe me.

2.    You should be attending every single Chris Sailer Kicking camp this spring that is near you (yes, VEGAS XXVI as well)….just like normal. Those that take their foot off the gas because “they are committed” end up really struggling as they enter college. Trust me, I have seen it hundreds of times. Nothing will piss off a coach more than recruiting a kid and he isn’t VERY ready when he steps on campus. (DO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD EVEN BE CONSIDERED ON MY STAFF UNTIL YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF IN COLLEGE.)

3.    In the summer, you should attend the Chris Sailer Kicking College Camp for 4-year College Kickers/Punters to see how really compare to college Kickers/Punters.  Welcome to the real world my friends. This is the time to work harder than ever and prepare for your future.  Want to play in the NFL?  It begins NOW!

4.    Your time is now.  Be a leader.  Make a real name for yourself through dedication and hard work.  Don’t be the guy that future Kickers/Punters ask “What ever happened to ________ and why didn’t he ever pan out?”

5.    Be SMART and end your high school career strong. Be nice to everyone on the way out and be ready to move on.  Your past will effect your future at some point.