Chris Sailer Kicking – 2022 Week 7 College Players of the Week: Tanner Brown & Travis Benham Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College KICKERS of the Week:

Week 1 – Carter Brown (Arizona State) Field Goals: 4-4 (Long 44), Extra Points: 4-4

Week 2 – Will Reichard (Alabama) Field Goals: 2-2 (Long 52) including Game Winner, Extra Points: 2-2

Week 3 – Charles Campbell (Indiana) Field Goals: 4-4 (Long 51) including Game Winner, Extra Points: 1-1

Week 4 – Peyton Henry (Washington) Field Goals: 4-4 (Long 47), Extra Points: 4-4

Week 5 – Daniel Gutierrez (UNLV) Field Goals: 3-3 (Long 50), Extra Points: 2-2

Week 6 – Christopher Dunn (NC State) Field Goals: 4-4 (Long 53), Extra Points: 1-1

Week 7 – Tanner Brown (Oklahoma State) Field Goals: 4-4 (Long 52), Extra Points: 4-4

Tanner Brown, Oklahoma State

Week 1 – Ian Hershey (Idaho State) Punt Average: 46.7, Punt Long: 65, Punts: 7

Week 2 – Ben Kiernan (North Carolina) Punt Average: 54.2, Punt Long: 70, Punts: 5

Week 3 – Clayton Stewart (Wyoming) Punt Average: 51.5, Punt Long: 66, Punts: 4

Week 4 – Joe Doyle (Memphis) Punt Average: 50.0, Punt Long: 62, Punts: 10

Week 5 – Andy Vujnovich (Wisconsin) Punt Average: 53.5, Punt Long: 58, Punts: 4

Week 6 – Jay Bramblett (LSU) Punt Average: 54.0, Punt Long: 66, Punts: 4

Week 7 – Travis Benham (San Jose State) Punt Average: 45.3, Long: 55, Punts: 9

Travis Benham, San Jose State

50+ Yard Field Goals

Week 1 – John Holland (Wyoming) 55, Mitch Jeter (South Carolina) 53, Briggs Bourgeois (Southern Miss) 53, Brandon Talton (Nevada) 50 

Week 2 – Mason Shipley (Texas State) 54, Will Reichard (Alabama) 52, Chase McGrath (Tennessee) 51

Week 3 – Charles Campbell (Indiana) 51

Week 4 – BT Potter (Clemson) 52, Drew Stevens (Iowa) 51

Week 5 – Daniel Gutierrez (UNLV) 50, Peyton Henry (Washington) 50

Week 6 – Christopher Dunn (NC State) 53, Carter Brown (Arizona State) 53, Cameron Little (Arkansas) 51, Will Reichard (Alabama) 50 

Week 7 – Nathanial Vakos (Ohio) 55, Tanner Brown (Oklahoma State) 52

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3-4 selected each week) 

*Chris Sailer is on the voting committee for this prestigious award

Week 1 – Carter Brown (Arizona State), Charles Campbell (Indiana), John Hoyland (Wyoming)

Week 2 – Bert Auburn (Texas), John Hoyland (Wyoming)

Week 3 – Charles Campbell (Indiana), Nick Barr-Mira (UCLA)

Week 4 – Peyton Henry (Washington), BT Potter (Clemson)

Week 5 – None

Week 6 – Christopher Dunn (NC State), Chase McGrath (Tennessee)

Week 7 – Nathanial Vakos (Ohio)


Chris Sailer Kicking Player Spotlight – Tanner Brown

Each Friday during the football season, Chris Sailer Kicking will be publishing a weekly Player Spotlight Blog to highlight some of our best and brightest! Week 2 features Tanner Brown. Read on to learn more about Tanner.

Tanner Brown at the TOP 12 Camp in Burback, CA back in July.

Tanner Brown


Grad Year:
December 2019

Check out my Chris Sailer Kicking Profile HERE

Top 5 Colleges:
1) University of Oklahoma
2) University of Southern California
3) Georgia
4) Alabama
5) San Diego State University

Best Game Memory:
Kicking a 50 yarder against Cerritos

Best CSK Memory:
Winning Top 12 in 2019

Short Term Goal:
Graduate with my AA degree this December and hopefully transfer to play at a big 4-year

Long Term Goal:
Be the best kicker in college and in the NFL

Something Unique we should know:
I can kick field goals with my left foot too 

In 20 words or less, why should a college recruit you:
I am a good student, I love football, I can do KO, FG, and punt, I am a great teammate.


2019 CA Summer Camp Recap – Triston Brown Commits to Washington, Then Wins Camp!

Tanner Brown, Brenden Segovia, Josh Bryan, Triston Brown
Check out the Head to Head Finals Round

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour officially kicked off this past weekend in Los Angeles, CA. This summer Chris Sailer and Rubio Long Snapping will run 11 camps in the states of CA, IL, SC, NJ, NC and GA. Over 1000 Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers will be in attendance in what is set to be one of the biggest summers in Chris Sailer Kicking history. Well over 100 specialists from 10+ states participated in Los Angeles on July 27th ready to learn from and compete with the best. Take a look at the results…

Overall Camp ChampionTriston Brown (JC)
Triston Brown has had a tremendous 2019. Last month he won the 2019 Vegas XXXIV Punting National Championship by defeating 200+ punters. On June 27th he committed to the University of Washington of full scholarship, won the 2019 CA Summer Camp and also celebrated his birthday. The Chris Sailer Kicking #1 Punter in the nation has absolutely dominated the past few camps and is beyond ready for D1 football. He easily averages 45+ yards with 4.5+ hang time. His best punts measure 55+ yards with 5.0+ hang time. Big things ahead!

Field Goal ChampionJosh Bryan (2021)
The #1 Kicker in the nation once again proved why at the CA Summer Camp. He won the field goal competition by connecting on 8 field goals with a long of 54 yards. Josh is beyond smooth and accurate off the ground. He gets the ball up quick and has 60+ yard range. His kickoffs are D1 ready right now. He averages 65+ yards with 4.0+ hang time . Josh is an incredible athlete and competitor. He is a sure fire D1 Scholarship Pick. OFFER NOW!!!! He won’t last.

Kickoff ChampionTanner Brown (JC)
Tanner was beyond impressive at only his 2nd Chris Sailer Kicking Camp. He won the kickoff competition by averaging 70 yards, with 4.0 second hang time. His best ball measured 74 yards, 4.03 hang time. Tanner is also excellent on field goal. He is pure and accurate off the ground with 60+ yard range. He is also a capable punter. Tanner is a big time athlete that kicks and punts with great confidence. He is primed to be one of the very best JC kickers in the country this upcoming season. OFFER NOW!!!

Punt ChampionBrenden Segovia (2021)
The TOP 12 Camp Invitee continues to prove that he is an elite combo prospect. Punting has become a major strength. The #3 Punter in America won the punting competition by averaging 45+ yards, with 4.4+ hang time. He also hit several punts 50+ yards, with 5.0+ hang time. The lefty is a big time D1 punting prospect. Brenden is also a fantastic kicker. He hits a great ball off the ground and has 50+ yard range. He is also strong on kickoffs. Brenden is brimming with confidence. I am excited to see what the future holds! OFFER NOW!!!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour will continue with upcoming camp in Dallas, TX (June 29), Chicago, IL (July 8), College Camp for 4-Year K/P’s in Los Angeles, CA (July 12-14), TOP 12 Camp in Los Angeles, CA (July 15-17), Underclassmen Invitational in Los Angeles, CA (July 18-19), New Jersey (July 21), Charlotte, NC (July 27), San Francisco, CA (July 28) and Atlanta, GA (July 28). Chris Sailer Kicking will also be running the FBU TOP Gun Camp in Rock Hill, SC (July 11-12). At this camp Chris Sailer will select the Adidas FBU Freshman All-Americans (Class of 2023), NBC All-American Bowl All-Americans (Class of 2020) & the Polynesian Bowl All-Americans (Class of 2020).

To register for all Chris Sailer Kicking Camps, visit

To register for FBU TOP GUN, call 973-366-5027.

To be the best, train and compete with the best! #TeamSailer

Aaron Perez and his talented group of Punters!