2020 CA Spring Recap – Ricardo Chavez Wins It!

The 2020 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is officially underway. Over 1000 athletes will participate in camps in So. Cal, NC, GA, WA, TX, IL, Nor Cal, MA & NV. The road all leads to the most popular specialist camp in the world.. Vegas XXXVI (May 9-10).

The first stop of the tour took place in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday March 1st. Take a look at the results…

Overall Camp Champion – Ricardo Chavez (JC, CA)
Ricardo was impressive from start to finish. The 1st year JC prospect showed great promise as both a Kicker and Punter. He won the Punt competition by averaging 40+ yards, with 4.4+ hang time. Ricardo was smooth and accurate on field goal. His kickoffs are college ready. Look for Ricardo to dominate Vegas XXXVI in May. He has a bright future.

Ricardo Chavez is a Junior College Class of 2021 Prospect.

Field Goal ChampionJosh Bryan (2021, CA)
The #1 Kicker in the nation continues to prove his dominance. The 3-Time TOP 12 Camp Invitee is special. He won the field goal competition by connecting from 35, 40, 45, 48, 51, 56 and 60 yards. His kickoffs are D1 ready. Josh is also a more than capable Punter. Look for Josh to dominate the 2020 off season picking up multiple scholarship offers.

Kickoff Champion – Denis Lynch (2021, CA)
The first time Chris Sailer Kicking student made a fantastic first impression. He has a big time leg and endless potential. Denis won the kickoff competition by consistently putting the ball in the back of the endzone with 3.7+ hang time. The lefty also showed great range on field goal. I look forward to helping this excellent prospect develop his game. Denis should challenge for a TOP 12 Spot at Vegas XXXVI.

Competition Champions: Denis Lynch (KO), Ricardo Chavez (Punt) & Josh Bryan (FG)

Class of 2021 Standouts: Ricardo Chavez, Josh Bryan, Denis Lynch, Andre, Meono, Abiel Lepe, Dane Voorhees, Bryan Ryks, Gabriel Chavers, Gavin Dalziel, Ian Hawkins, Ivan Shuran, Jack McCallister, Justin Sampson, Richie Brutto, Kevin Ryan, Luke Caufield, Xander Broschetti.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Tate Zimmerman, Aidan Petruescu, Ayden Angeles, Brady Weinberg, Brayden Bayne, Evan Molina, Joey Cheek, Matthew Gerardo, Miller Combs, Thomas Rohrer, Nick Helton, Marcus Merkelbach, Lucas Clanton, Kian Afrookhteh, Joshua Leff, Jeremy Ramirez.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Grant Meadors, Diego Caal, Nathan Alexander.

Future Stars: Brodie Kemp.

Here is the full 2020 Camp Schedule…

Instruction, Competition, Evaluation & National Rankings at ALL CSK Camps!

Chris Sailer Kicking is offering additional camps for PUNTERS in 2020.

Aaron Perez is the National Director of Punting and will lead these camps!


Vegas XXXV (January 18-19, 2020) Competition Champions & Finalists

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results / All-American Bowl on NBC

Vegas XXXV Kicking & Punting Participants

National Champions

Class of 2023 – Colin Fratus (KY)
Class of 2022 – Aidan Petruescu (CA)
Class of 2021 – Jay Kartub (OR)
Class of 2020/JC/TR – Andrew Brown (NC)

Kicking Champions: Colin Fratus, Aidan Petruescu, Jay Kartub & Andrew Brown

Class of 2023 – Cooper Kirda (OH)
Class of 2022 – Tate Zimmerman (CA)
Class of 2021 – Tommy Doman (MI)
Class of 2020/JC/TR – Taylor Goettie (GA)

Taylor Goettie, Tate Zimmerman, Cooper Kirda, Tommy Doman


KICKERS – Cameron Little (OK), Joseph McFadden (TX)
PUNTERS – Tommy Doman (MI), Brenden Segovia (CA)

Chris Sailer, Erik Richards (FBU), Joseph McFadden, Cameron Little, Tommy Doman, Brenden Segovia, Steve Quinn (FBU)

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions:
Group 1 (Classes of 2023, 2022) – Joey Villa (WA)
Group 2 (Class of 2020/JC/TR) – Andrew Brown (NC)

All-American Bowl on NBC Finalists, Saturday (Class of 2021)

Kickers: Michael Hughes (WV), David Kemp (FL), Cameron Little (OK), Josh Bryan (CA), Joseph McFadden (TX), Bert Auburn (TX), Kade Hensley (TN), Caden Costa (LA), Logan Ward (OK)

Punters: Tommy Doman (MI), Brenden Segovia (CA), Marshall Nichols (GA), John McConnell (WV)

All-American Bowl on NBC Finalists!

Punt Champions (Punters Only):
Last Man Standing – Dylan Talkington (2020, CA)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:
Class of 2023: Grant Meadors (CA)
Class of 2022: Scott Swalley III (MS)
Class of 2021: Cameron Little (OK)
Class of 2020/JC/TR: Andrew Brown (NC)

Kickoff Champions:
Class of 2023: AJ Young (OH) & Caleb Thomas (WA)
Class of 2022: Ethan Moczulski (WA)
Class of 2021: David Kemp (FL)
Class of 2020/JC/TR: Chase Allen (TX)

Punt Champions:
Class of 2023: Cooper Kirda (OH)
Class of 2022: Tate Zimmerman (CA)
Class of 2021: John McConnell (WV)
Class of 2020/JC/TR: Taylor Goettie (GA)

Sunday Finals Round Results

Punting Playoff Qualifiers: (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2023: Grant Meadors, Cooper Kirda

Class of 2022: Kylan Dupre, Upton Bellenfant, Bryce McFerson, Tate Zimmerman, Brooke Honore Jr.

Class of 2021: John McConnell, Tommy Doman, Marshall Nichols, Brenden Segovia, Zane Smith, Daniel Bethel, Josh Bryan, Garrett Junk, Cameron Little, Ashton Logan, Jeff Yurk, Graham Nicholson, Trey Turk, Matthew Dennis, Jay Kartub, Teagan Lenderink

Class of 2020/JC/TR: Taylor Goettie, Dante Jackson, Kevin Nguyen, Damian Garcia, Chase Allen, Travis Benham, Fabien Guillen, Adrian Guzman, Parker Hannon, Ezra King, Cavan Leonardo, Tanner Nicklas, Dylan Talkington, John Hoyland, Michael Williams

Kicking Playoff Qualifiers:
Class of 2023: Grant Meadors, Caleb Thomas, Colin Fratus, Jackson Garrett, Palmer Williams, Cooper Kirda

Class of 2022: Scott Swalley III, Grady Gross, Ian Hershey, Riley Sullivan, Joey Vila, Zachary Yoakam, Bryce McFerson, Aidan Petruescu

Class of 2021: Cameron Little, Caleb Bonesteel, Trey Turk, Jack McCallister, Joseph McFadden, Tommy Doman, Caden Costa, Jay Kartub, Bryan Ryks, Bert Auburn, Josh Bryan, Cole Becker, Bryan Ryks, Matthew Eich, Gavin Dalziel, Jack Tannehill, Ian Hawkins, Kyler Halvorsen

Class of 2020/JC/TR: Andrew Brown, Brett Money, Gabriel Gomez, Cavan Leonardo, Brandon Petruescu, Anthony Raya, Axel Perez, Andy Prazak

All-American Bowl on NBC Finalists, Sunday (Class of 2021)

Kickers: Michael Hughes (WV), David Kemp (FL), Josh Bryan (CA), Joseph McFadden (TX), Bert Auburn (TX), Kade Hensley (TN), Caden Costa (LA), Logan Ward (OK), Cole Becker

Punters: John McConnell, Marshall Nichols, Brenden Segovia, Zane Smith, Daniel Bethel, Josh Bryan, Garrett Junk, Cameron Little, Ashton Logan, Jeff Yurk, Graham Nicholson, Trey Turk, Matthew Dennis, Jay Kartub, Teagan Lenderink