Chris Sailer Kicking – Stats Leaderboard 2020 (NFL, College, Junior College & High School, Sailer Award)

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2020 Leaderboard

NFL, College, Junior College, High School & Sailer Award

Chris Sailer Kicking will update the leader board as the season goes on:
Last Update: 12/15/20

1. Chris Sailer Kicking NFL Leaderboard
*All NFL kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

2. Chris Sailer Kicking College Leaderboard (FBS)
*All 4-year college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

3. Chris Sailer Award Leaderboard
*All high school kickers/punters are eligible for the Chris Sailer Award

4. Chris Sailer Kicking High School & Junior College Leaderboard
*All high school & junior college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

NFL Kicking:
Jason Sanders (Dolphins) 30-32 FG’s (Long 56) 30-30 Extra Points
Rodrigo Blankenship (Colts) 27-30 FG’s (Long 44) 35-37 Extra Points
Tyler Bass (Bills) 25-31 FG’s (Long 58) 38-40 Extra Points
Ryan Succop (Titans) 24-26 FG’s (Long 50), 38-41 Extra Points
Justin Tucker (Ravens) 22-24 FG’s (Long 55) 39-40 Extra Points
Dustin Hopkins (Redskins) 22-29 FG’s (Long 51) 27-28 Extra Points
Nick Folk (Patriots) 21-23 FG’s (Long 51) 26-28 Extra Points
Randy Bullock (Bengals) 21-26 FG’s (Long 55) 24-25 Extra Points
Ka’imi Fairbairn (Texans) 20-24 FG’s (Long 54) 29-31 Extra Points
Cody Parkey (Browns) 17-20 FG’s (Long 46) 37-39 Extra Points
Dan Bailey (Vikings) 12-18 FG’s (Long 53) 27-31 Extra Points
Sam Sloman (Rams) 7-8 FG’s (Long 42) 18-21 Extra Points
Kai Forbath (Rams) 2-3 FG’s (Long 23) 4-5 Extra Points
Elliott Fry (Falcons) 1-1 FG’s (Long 23) 1-2 Extra Points

NFL Punting:
Corey Borjorquez (Bills) 49.8
Jake Bailey (Patriots) 48.8
Ryan Allen (Colts) 48.6
Tress Way (Redskins) 48.5
Logan Cooke (Jaguars) 47.6
Ty Long (Chargers) 47.3
Bryan Anger (Texans) 46.6
Tommy Townsend (Chiefs) 46.2
Bradley Pinion (Buccaneers) 45.6
JK Scott (Packers) 45.5
Braden Mann (Jets) 44.7
Jamie Gillan (Browns) 44.5

College Kicking (13 FG’s or more):
Jose Borregales (Miami) 18-20 FG’s (Long 57) 35-35 Extra Points
Alex Raynor (Georgia Southern) 17-24 FG’s (Long 47) 35-36 Extra Points
BT Potter (Clemson) 16-21 FG’s (Long 52) 53-54 Extra Points
Brandon Talton (Nevada) 15-17 FG’s (Long 49) 26-27 Extra Points
Nick Sciba (Wake Forest) 14-17 FG’s (Long 46) 31-31 Extra Points
Evan McPherson (Florida) 14-18 FG’s (Long 55) 46-46 Extra Points
Keith Duncan (Iowa) 14-18 FG’s (Long 48) 26-26 Extra Points
Jonathan Doehrer (Notre Dame) 14-20 FG’s (Long 48) 46-46 Extra Points
Jake Verity (East Carolina) 14-21 FG’s (Long 48) 30-31 Extra Points
Jake Oldroyd (BYU) 13-13 FG’s (Long 54) 53-55 Extra Points
Brayden Narveson (W. Kentucky) 13-14 FG’s (Long 53) 24-24 Extra Points
John Hoyland (Wyoming) 13-14 FG’s (Long 42) 16-16 Extra Points
Connor Culp (Nebraska) 13-15 FG’s (Long 49) 16-16 Extra Points
Cameron Dicker (Texas) 13-18 FG’s (Long 43) 43-44 Extra Points
Evan Legassey (Troy) 13-21 FG’s (Long 47) 34-35 Extra Points

College Punting (Top 12):
Jake Camarda (Georgia) 47.9
Austin McNamara (Texas Tech) 46.3
Ryan Wright (Tulane) 45.8
Tanner Kuljian (San Diego State) 45.4
Drue Chrisman (Ohio State) 45.2
Tucker Day (Mississippi State) 45.0
Oscar Draguicevich (Washington State) 45.2
Adam Stack (Hawaii) 43.8
Ben Kiernen (North Carolina) 43.7
Porter Wilson (Duke) 42.9
Andy Vujnovich (Wisconsin) 42.9
Charlie Mendes (Rice) 42.8

Chris Sailer Award Leaders
Teagen Lenderink (2021, TN) 20-28 FG’s (Long 54) 42-42 Extra Points
Jack Tannehill (2021, MS) 15-18 FG’s (Long 45) 40-40 Extra Points
Colby Sessums (2021, TX) 14-14 FG’s (Long 50, 50) 49-50 Extra Points
Isaiah Hankins (2021, AR) 14-15 FG’s (Long 48) 64-65 Extra Points
Andrew Lastovka (2022, OH) 14-15 FG’s (Long 47) 45-46 Extra Points
Spencer Hanna (2021, IN) 14-16 FG’s (Long 44) 44-44 Extra Points
Brooks Sturgeon (2022, GA) 14-16 FG’s (Long 44) 35-36 Extra Points
Trevor Helburg (2022, TX) 13-14 FG’s (Long 42) 45-48 Extra Points

High School / Junior College Field Goals:
20-28 Teagen Lenderink (2021, TN)
15-18 Jack Tannehill (2021, MS)
14-14 Colby Sessums (2021, TX)
14-15 Isaiah Hankins (2021, AR)
14-16 Brooks Sturgeon (2022, GA)
13-18 Conor Cummins (2021, GA)
12-16 Graham Nicholson (2021, OH)
12-17 Brock Pellegrino (2021, GA)
12-21 David Kemp (2021, FL)
11-14 Liam Shepherd (2021, IN)
11-16 Samir Atassi (2023, FL)
10-12 Joshua Click (2021, TX)
10-12 Kanoah Vinesett (2022, SC)
10-13 Nick De Las Alas (2022, TX)
10-15 Chris Maron (2021, FL)

50+ Yard Field Goals:
54 – Teagen Lenderink (2021, TN)
54 – David Kemp (2021, FL)
53 – Conor Cummins (2021, GA)
53 – Brock Pellegrino (2021, GA)
53 – Kanoah Vinesett (2022, SC)
52 – David Kemp (2021, FL)
52 – Davis Ashcroft (2023, FL)
52 – Sean Meisler (2021, FL)
51 – Charlie Weinrich (2022, KS)
50Conor Cummins (2021, GA)
50 – Colby Sessums (2021, TX)
50 – Colby Sessums (2021, TX)
50 – Brayden Beck (2021, TX)
50 – Tommy Doman (2021, MI)
50 – Oscar Ronquillo (2021, TX)
** Bold = Kicker with multiple 50+ Yard FG’s

Punting (Top 10):
50.5 – Tyler White (2023, TX)
46.0 – Tyler Perkins (2021, OH)
45.6 – Graham Nicholson (2021, OH)
44.8 – Tommy Doman (2021, MI)
43.9 – Alex Davis (2023, FL)
42.8 – Brayden Beck (2021, TX)
42.2 – Teagen Lenderink (2021, TN)
42.1 – Jack Brooks (2022, FL)
42.0 – Jack Tannehill (2021, MS)
42.0 – Korben Waldrop (2021, GA)
41.9 – Jack Tannehill (2021, MS)
41.7 – Brooks Sturgeon (2022, GA)
40.9 – Ian Hershey (2022, ID)
40.8 – Jackson Ray (2021, AZ)

*Stats are submitted personally by individual players or researched via Before any awards are given, stats will be double checked through proper resources.

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Big News, Vegas & The New TOP 12!

“Vegas” was created in 2003 as the very first national exposure event of its kind for kickers, punters and long snappers.  Just over 100 specialists attended the first camp.  Now well over 1000 specialists travel to Vegas each year.   The goal has always been to get the world’s best instruction, competition and exposure.  TOP 12 and Event Elite have been the 2 most credible exposure lists to be on in the world for specialists.  Take a look at the 12 most famous Kicker/Punter TOP 12 Members of all time. 

Dan Bailey (Cowboys) – Highest Field Goal Percentage in NFL history
Justin Tucker (Ravens) – Super Bowl Champion
Bryan Anger (Buccaneers) – Drafted in the 3rd Round of the NFL Draft
Blair Walsh (Viking) – Pro Bowl Kicker
Brad Nortman (Jaguars) – Punted in the Super Bowl last year
Bradley Pinion (49ers) – Highest drafted specialist in 2015, left college as a junior
Drew Kaser (Chargers) – Highest drafted specialist in 2016
Ryan Allen (Patriots) – Super Bowl Champion
Ryan Succop (Titans) – 8 Year NFL Veteran
Cody Parkey (Eagles) – Pro Bowl Kicker
Kai Forbath (Saints) – Lou Groza Award Winner
Matt Darr (Dolphins) – Ranked 3rd in the NFL in Punt Average last year

How it was….

TOP 12
The 12 very best kickers & punters were selected in Las Vegas each year in January.

Event Elite
Approximately 25 of the next best kickers & punters were selected in Las Vegas each May.

TOP 12 & Event Elite Camp
The TOP 12 & Event Elite trained together that summer amongst the very best.

As always, Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping continue to lead the way when it comes to innovative ideas that help young specialists get the necessary exposure to land college scholarships.  Here is our newest addition. 

How it will be from now on…

Vegas will remain Vegas as always.  Every January and May the world’s best will converge in Nevada. Instruction, competition, evaluation and national rankings. 

Vegas January
Chris Sailer will select 20 underclassmen athletes (juniors or below).  These 20 athletes will be the first to get their invitation to the TOP 12 Camp. 

*The TOP 12 Seniors will be selected per usual

Vegas May
Chris Sailer will select 20 additional underclassmen athletes (juniors or below). These could be second chance athletes that failed to qualify in January or they could be new athletes that did not attend Vegas in January.  These 20 athletes will get their invitation to the TOP 12 Camp.

*The term Event Elite will be officially retired.

Wild Card
Chris Sailer will select a maximum of 5 additional underclassmen athletes (juniors or below) at any time throughout the year.  These 5 athletes will get their invitation to attend the TOP 12 Camp. 

TOP 12 Camp
45 total kickers/punters will attend the TOP 12 Camp which will take place that summer.  This camp will be the most competitive and exposure filled camp of all time.  All players will still receive the coveted TOP 12 Camp Shirt. Take a look at what else to expect.

– testing / charting
– competitions
– interviews
– character building outings
– live social media feeds of all camp aspects

– professional 20-30 minute show will be created from all camp footage to be launched on YouTube and more!

Chris Sailer will conduct the most in depth search to identify and name the TOP 12.  The TOP 12 will be announced at the end of camp.  These 12 athletes will get exclusive TOP 12 gear created just for them (shirt, shorts, hat, sweat outfit, etc).  They will get the most exposure ever leading up to the college camps that summer where college coaches will being offering scholarships.  This will be the first true TOP 12!

This new format will begin in January of 2017.  The above information may be still be altered and/or added to based on findings in the next few months.  Get ready for greatness!  Do you have what it takes to make the TOP 12? We will find out for real in 2017.  Register today!

Sailer top 12 Camp


2016 Chris Sailer Kicking NFL Season Is Here!

Tonight the 2016 NFL Football Season begins.  This is always a very exciting time of the year.  After 16 years of running Chris Sailer Kicking, I am honored to watch 19 Kickers/Punters start this weekend that have attended Chris Sailer Kicking training and/or camps.  Many are also current Chris Sailer Kicking staff members.  We wish the following players the best in their quest to reach the Super Bowl and earn All-Pro Honors.

Kickers (in alphabetical order):

Dan Bailey
(Dallas Cowboys) – The former “TOP 12” Member enters the season as the most accurate kicker in NFL history.  He has been selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

Randy Bullock (New York Giants) – The former “Event Elite” Member is entering his 5th year in the NFL. He was drafted by the Houston Texans and has also spent time with the New York Jets.  Randy is a former Lou Groza Award Winner.

Chandler Catanzaro (Arizona Cardinals) – He enters his 3rd season as one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL.  He tied the NFL record of connecting on his first 17 field goals attempts as a rookie in 2014 (tied fellow Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker Kai Forbath).

Ka’imi Fairbairn (Houston Texans) – The former “Event Elite” Member enters the season on Injured Reserve.  He is a former Lou Groza Award Winner.

Nick Folk (New York Jets) – Chris Sailer Kicking’s very first student enters his 10th season in the NFL.  He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboy in 2007 and has been selected to play in a Pro Bowl.

Andrew Franks – (Miami Dolphins) – Andrew was an underdog to make the Miami Dolphins roster last season.  He won the job and is now entering his second season in the NFL.

Dustin Hopkins (Washington Redskins) – The former #1 Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker and 2-Time “TOP 12” Member enters his second season as the starter for the Redskins.  The Buffalo Bills draft pick is primed for his best season yet.

Ryan Succop (Tennessee Titans) – The former “TOP 12” Member enters his 8th season in the NFL.  He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as “Mr. Irrelevant” in 2009.  He has been a steady performer and looks to have another dominating season.

Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens) – The former 2-Time “TOP 12” Member is one of the most entertaining kickers in the NFL.  The Ravens used the franchise tag on him this year and secured his services for a few more years.  The Super Bowl champion is one of the best in the league.

Blair Walsh (Minnesota Vikings) – The former 2-Time “TOP 12” Member enters his 5th season in the NFL, all with the Vikings.  The 6th round draft pick was selected to play in the Pro Bowl in 2013.  Blair is one of Chris Sailer Kicking’s most popular staff members.

Punters (in alphabetical order):

Ryan Allen (New England Patriots) – The former “TOP 12” Member enters his 4th season in the NFL.  He is a former Vegas champion and 2-Time Ray Guy Award Winner.  He has won a Super Bowl enjoyed great success in the NFL.

Bryan Anger (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – The former “TOP 12” Member and #1 ranked Chris Sailer Kicking Punter in the nation is one of the NFL’s best.  He was a 3rd Round Draft Pick in 2013 Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Bryan is a fan favorite at Chris Sailer Kicking Camps.

Matt Darr (Miami Dolphins) – The former “TOP 12” Member and #1 ranked Chris Sailer Kicking Punter enters his second season with the Dolphins.  He looks to build on last years success with an even stronger 2016.

Drew Kaser (San Diego Chargers) – The former “Event Elite” Member enters the 2016 season after being drafted in the 6th round.  He is ready to dominate in San Diego.

Jeff Locke (Minnesota Vikings) – The former 2-Time “TOP 12” Member enters his fourth year in the NFL, all with the Vikings.  The UCLA standout has been excellent for Minnesota.  Jeff is one of the most popular Chris Sailer Kicking staff members.

Brad Nortman (Jacksonville Jaguars) – The former “TOP 12” Member and #1 Chris Sailer Kicking Punter in the nation enters his first year with the Jaguars.  He has spent the past 4 season with the Carolina Panthers, including last year’s Super Bowl team. The 6th round draft pick is one of the league’s best.

Bradley Pinion (San Francisco 49ers) – The former 2-Time “TOP 12” Member enters his second season with the 49ers.  He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2015 NFL Draft after declaring for the draft as a junior.

Colton Schmidt (Buffalo Bills) – The former “TOP 12” Member enters his 3rd season with the Bills.  He spent time with the 49ers and Browns prior to landing with the Bills.  He is one of the very best in the league.

Tress Way (Washington Redskins) – The former 2-Time “TOP 12” Member enters his third season with the Redskins.  He was voted the team’s special team captain.  Tress is one of the best punters in the NFL.

Also look for NFL Veterans and current Free Agents Kai Forbath, Cody ParkeyTravis Coons to land with an NFL team this year sooner than later.  Drew Basil (Ohio State) is also a kicker to be considered.

Make sure to tune in and support Chris Sailer Kicking’s best starting tonight.  It is time!  Let’s get the 2016 season started.

Blair Walsh & Jeff Locke of the Vikings in a 2016 preseason game.

Blair Walsh & Jeff Locke of the Vikings in a 2016 preseason game.