Why Vegas, Reason Number…..

Why Vegas, Reason Number…..

The Lou Groza Award was established in 1992 to recognize the top place kicker in college football each year.  In 1997, I was myself fortunate enough to be a part of the festivities.  As one of the three finalists I was invited to West Palm Beach, FL.  I witnessed first hand the professionalism surrounding the prestigious award.  I made it a goal, even then, to one day help other athletes experience what I was able to.  Fast forward six years and Vegas was created.

Vegas was created in 2003 to establish credible rating standards for high school kickers/punters. Vegas provided the ultimate exposure, which in turn created opportunity for thousands to follow.  Some of the goals/objectives that I had written down then were: exposure, national rankings, college opportunity, scholarships, Lou Groza Award winners, NFL Draftees, larger NFL contracts, etc.  Fast forward to 2016 and …… mission accomplished.  There is still a ways to go, but progress has been made each and every year thanks to Vegas.

Since 2003, six Vegas participants have gone on to win the Lou Groza Award.  Even more impressive, six of the past nine Lou Groza Award Winners were Vegas participants.  Take a look:

Dan Bailey

2007 – Thomas Weber (Arizona State)
2009 – Kai Forbath (UCLA)
2010 – Dan Bailey (Oklahoma State)
2011 – Randy Bullock (Texas A&M)
2014 – Brad Craddock (Maryland)
2015 – Ka’imi Fairbairn (UCLA)

Of course, the hard work doesn’t stop upon graduation from High School.  Chris Sailer Kicking continues to work with these and all athletes throughout college and on the NFL.  Just one more reason to attend Vegas XXIX January 14-15!  Register Here


 Ka'imi Fairbairn, 2015 Lou Groza Award Winner

Ka’imi Fairbairn, 2015 Lou Groza Award Winner


Big News, Vegas & The New TOP 12!

“Vegas” was created in 2003 as the very first national exposure event of its kind for kickers, punters and long snappers.  Just over 100 specialists attended the first camp.  Now well over 1000 specialists travel to Vegas each year.   The goal has always been to get the world’s best instruction, competition and exposure.  TOP 12 and Event Elite have been the 2 most credible exposure lists to be on in the world for specialists.  Take a look at the 12 most famous Kicker/Punter TOP 12 Members of all time. 

Dan Bailey (Cowboys) – Highest Field Goal Percentage in NFL history
Justin Tucker (Ravens) – Super Bowl Champion
Bryan Anger (Buccaneers) – Drafted in the 3rd Round of the NFL Draft
Blair Walsh (Viking) – Pro Bowl Kicker
Brad Nortman (Jaguars) – Punted in the Super Bowl last year
Bradley Pinion (49ers) – Highest drafted specialist in 2015, left college as a junior
Drew Kaser (Chargers) – Highest drafted specialist in 2016
Ryan Allen (Patriots) – Super Bowl Champion
Ryan Succop (Titans) – 8 Year NFL Veteran
Cody Parkey (Eagles) – Pro Bowl Kicker
Kai Forbath (Saints) – Lou Groza Award Winner
Matt Darr (Dolphins) – Ranked 3rd in the NFL in Punt Average last year

How it was….

TOP 12
The 12 very best kickers & punters were selected in Las Vegas each year in January.

Event Elite
Approximately 25 of the next best kickers & punters were selected in Las Vegas each May.

TOP 12 & Event Elite Camp
The TOP 12 & Event Elite trained together that summer amongst the very best.

As always, Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping continue to lead the way when it comes to innovative ideas that help young specialists get the necessary exposure to land college scholarships.  Here is our newest addition. 

How it will be from now on…

Vegas will remain Vegas as always.  Every January and May the world’s best will converge in Nevada. Instruction, competition, evaluation and national rankings. 

Vegas January
Chris Sailer will select 20 underclassmen athletes (juniors or below).  These 20 athletes will be the first to get their invitation to the TOP 12 Camp. 

*The TOP 12 Seniors will be selected per usual

Vegas May
Chris Sailer will select 20 additional underclassmen athletes (juniors or below). These could be second chance athletes that failed to qualify in January or they could be new athletes that did not attend Vegas in January.  These 20 athletes will get their invitation to the TOP 12 Camp.

*The term Event Elite will be officially retired.

Wild Card
Chris Sailer will select a maximum of 5 additional underclassmen athletes (juniors or below) at any time throughout the year.  These 5 athletes will get their invitation to attend the TOP 12 Camp. 

TOP 12 Camp
45 total kickers/punters will attend the TOP 12 Camp which will take place that summer.  This camp will be the most competitive and exposure filled camp of all time.  All players will still receive the coveted TOP 12 Camp Shirt. Take a look at what else to expect.

– testing / charting
– competitions
– interviews
– character building outings
– live social media feeds of all camp aspects

– professional 20-30 minute show will be created from all camp footage to be launched on YouTube and more!

Chris Sailer will conduct the most in depth search to identify and name the TOP 12.  The TOP 12 will be announced at the end of camp.  These 12 athletes will get exclusive TOP 12 gear created just for them (shirt, shorts, hat, sweat outfit, etc).  They will get the most exposure ever leading up to the college camps that summer where college coaches will being offering scholarships.  This will be the first true TOP 12!

This new format will begin in January of 2017.  The above information may be still be altered and/or added to based on findings in the next few months.  Get ready for greatness!  Do you have what it takes to make the TOP 12? We will find out for real in 2017.  Register today!

Sailer top 12 Camp


Class of 2016/Junior College “TOP 12” Announced

Here is your Class of 2016 “TOP 12” post Vegas XXVII.  These 12 Kickers/Punters are not necessarily ranked inside the top twelve in the nation, but they dominated Vegas and have earned the distinction.  A few names of former players that earned Senior/Junior College “TOP 12” in the past are…. Blair Walsh, Ryan Succop, Kai Forbath, Tress Way and Jeff Locke to name a few.  Congratulations to those that have joined this esteemed group.

Senior / Junior College “TOP 12” (in alphabetical order)
Matt Blair – Committed to UC Davis
David Cote – Big time talent out of Canada.  D1 scholarship worthy
Oscar Draguicevich – Committed to Incarnate Word
Brandon Gracia – #1 junior college kicker in the nation
Tavis Guerra – #1 combo junior college kicker/punter in the nation
Seth Kujawski – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Jared Porter – Committed to Air Force
Eric Silvester – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Jared Smolar – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Kyle Thompson – #1 available high school punter in the nation
Alex Woznick – A top high school kicker in the nation
Jonn Young – Committed to West Virginia



Chris Sailer Kicking – Vegas XXV

Chris Sailer Kicking – Vegas XXV

Why the change in name? Over the year’s Chris Sailer Kicking has developed the ultimate strategy to get High School & Junior College Specialists college scholarships!  How? Exposure.

I want you to think about it for 1 minute.  In 1995, 5 specialists signed D1 college scholarships. Three of them go by the names of Chad Shrout (Hawaii), Nacho Brache (CAL) and Chris Sailer (UCLA).  Do these names sound familiar? Exactly….. Chris Sailer Kicking staff members.  In 2014, 60+ specialists signed D1 College Scholarships.  If the names of those 60+ specialists sound familiar, you are right, they are.  You want to know why?  Almost every singe one of them them went through Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping!

My first student in 1999 was Nick Folk. Give Nick Folk credit for changing the recruiting process for Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers forever.  The NFL All-Pro Placekicker was a student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA.  The same school that also happens to be my alma mater.  It is also the same school that Lou Groza Award Winner and Washington Redskin Kicker Kai Forbath calls his alma mater. COINCIDENCE?  Nick was a soccer player turned kicker that is the only player that I have ever promised a scholarship to!  I said, “Nick, I will get you a scholarship!”  Hundreds of hours of work later, I was able to get one school to bite, the University of Arizona.  From those hundreds of hours of filming, phone calls, visits, even begging, the world of kicking, punting, and eventually long snapping changed forever.  Why?  The 1st Annual National Kicking Competition was born.  Why?  Because college coaches told me to run a camp where they could see all of these specialists at one place at one time.  Then and only then would they start to believe me and offer scholarships.

The success of Nick Folk and so many others that followed in his footsteps….  Plus Vegas is the reason why the number of Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers scholarships signed each and every year continues to grow!  The proof lies in the history of Chris Sailer Kicking, the birth of Vegas, and the domination of what would become Rubio Long Snapping (Introduced in 2003).  The long snapping story is another 50 page book in and of itself.  I’ll let Chris Rubio tell that story.
How did all of this happen? Exposure. How did exposure begin?  Vegas!  From the 1st Annual National Kicking Competition to the 4th Annual National Kicking Event (Name change due to the fact that college coaches couldn’t attend “Competitions” with stats anymore) to the first Event where camps could no longer be on college campuses, to the first Event where college coaches simply could no longer attend (all due to NCAA rules), Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping have found the way to continue to get our athletes the best exposure the business could offer.

“TOP 12” & “EVENT ELITE” are exposure lists that can now rival lists such as “ELITE 11”.  24 Vegas Competitions/Events later, kickers, punters and long snappers are nearly on the same page as quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs.  The goal has been accomplished.  Players wear their yellow shirts with pride.  The fact that I don’t even need to explain what a yellow shirt means proves the point that the exposure offered is second to none.

100’s of copycats have come and gone over the years.  There are 100’s of reasons to explain why.  Bottom line, Chris Sailer & Chris Rubio are the innovators. Rankings?  You called it, we were the first.  National Event of any kind, you nailed it again, we were the first.  Legitimate Long Snapping Camp? Correct, we were the first.  Social Media Presence? Correct again, we were the first. National Players of the year? You are correct yet again, we were the first.  Kicker getting a scholarship as a Sophomore?  Correct, Adam Griffith (Alabama), we were the first. Long Snapper getting a scholarship as a junior? Aha, Christian Yount (UCLA), we were the first. Long Snapper getting a scholarship offer as a 7th Grader? It happened, (Quinton Skinner, a Rubio Long Snapper since the 4th Grade), we were the first.  College coaches trust in Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping because history proves us to be correct!

After 12 Vegas Events and 12 Vegas Spring Events the time has come.  Vegas = The LARGEST Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping Camp in the WORLD. VEGAS XXV is born.  #VEGASXXV is born.  Say the word Vegas to any Kickers, Punter or Long Snapper in the world and they will know exactly what you are talking about.  10,000+ served = Only 1 word needed.

Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping will continue to be the innovator in the business.  That’s a guarantee.  Get ready for Fall 2014 and Vegas XXV.  You haven’t seen anything like what you are about to see and be a part of.  #TeamSailer #TeamRubio #VEGASXXV #ArmyBowl

Be a part of it!  See you there January 16-18, 2015

Lindale Football Stadium at Night


“TOP 12” – THE Only Exposure List for Specialists!

Chris Sailer Kicking selects 12 Kicker/Punter Specialists every January at the Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas. This is the most important exposure list in the country for specialists.

How much do college coaches trust Chris Sailer’s Evaluations?


Blair Walsh (Georgia, All-Pro Minnesota Vikings), Kai Forbath (UCLA, Lou Groza Award

Winner, Washington Redskins), Bryan Anger (CAL, 3rd Round Draft Pick Jacksonville Jaguars)…just to name a few

Bryan Anger

Bryan Anger

Present: 8 Kicker / Punters Nationwide in the Class of 2014 have committed on full scholarships as of June 13th.

7 of those come for the prestigious “TOP 12”



Gary Wunderlich – Virginia

Corbin Daly – Texas

Mike Knoll – Boston College

Freeman Jones – North Carolina

JK Scott – Alabama

Aaron Medley – Tennessee

Logan Cooke – Mississippi State

Who will be next? 

Mick Ellis? Rafael Gaglianone? Cameron Gamble? Hayden Lakacz Matt Stewart?


Hayden Lakacz

That is a great question.  We do not know the answer yet.  But we do know there is a GREAT chance it will be one of the above, a member of the “TOP 12”!

Stay Tuned!


3 Chris Sailer Kicking Alums to Play in this Weekend’s NFL Wild Card Playoff Round


This Weekends NFL Wildcard Playoff round has plenty of story lines. One to be noted is the rise of 3 Chris Sailer Kicking Alumni featured in this weekend’s games:

Kai Forbath Kicker for the Washington Redskins just wrapped up one of the finest seasons in the history of the NFL. Forbath set an NFL record for consecutive field goals to begin a career with 17 straight. Forbath and the Skins are playing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and are looking to avenge their 2007 playoff elimination by the Seahawks.

Minnesota Vikings Rookie Kicker Blair Walsh was named to the 2012 NFC Pro Bowl Team. So far this season Walsh has:

  • Tied a team record for longest field goal — 56 yards (last Sunday in Houston).
  • Put his name in the NFL record books for most 50-plus field goals in a season — nine.
  • Made three 50-plus yard field goals (50, 53, 51) on Dec. 16 against St. Louis, tying an NFL record.
  • Logged the fourth most touchbacks in the league this season (49), which is the Vikings’ franchise record.

Walsh’s NFL record of nine field goals of 50-or more yards (hit on all 9) has put him in some elite company. He passed legendary kickers Morton Anderson, who is a Hall of Fame candidate, and Lions K Jason Hanson, who likely will be when he retires.

Look for Walsh this weekend in a re-match of last weeks game vs. the Green Bay Packers, in which Walsh hit the game winning field goal!

Wrapping up the 3 Chris Sailer Kicking Alums is the Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker. Rookie Justin Tucker made 29 of 31 field goals with 48 touchbacks during the 2012 campaign.

Tucker is considered one of if not the top kickers in the AFC and to many was snubbed a Pro Bowl nod. Although, the honor went to 14 year NFL vet Phil Dawson, not bad company for a rookie kicker. Look for Tucker to be in consideration for many Pro Bowls in the future. Tucker and the Ravens will face the Indianapolis Colts this weekend!

Don’t miss these 3 star Kickers in their games this weekend! Three out of the four games this weekend will feature at least one Chris Sailer Kicking Alum!

Baltimore Raven's kicker Justin Tucker

Raven’s kicker Justin Tucker

Redskins kicker Kai Forbath

Redskins kicker Kai Forbath


Vikings kicker Blair Walsh

Vikings kicker Blair Walsh





Redskins Kicker Kai Forbath Sets NFL Record!

Chris Sailer Kicking Alum Kai Forbath continues his fantastic 2012 campaign by setting an NFL record for consecutive field goals to begin a career with 17 straight. The record was previously held by Garret Hartley of the New Orleans Saints. Forbath, kicked field goals of 45 and 42 in last Sundays win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Forbath joined the Redskins after an ineffective Billy Cundiff was released. Forbath won the job on an off day tryout where he beat out veteran kickers Olindo Mare and Josh Brown.

The Chris Sailer Alum is continuing an already outstanding kicking career in which he has already won the Lou Groza Award for the nations top kicker while at UCLA.

Look for Forbath this Sunday as he and the Redskins battle for the division crown versus their longtime rivals the Dallas Cowboys and another former CSK alum Dan Bailey!

Kai Forbath, Sav Rocca


Kai Forbath Hits Game Winner in OT to Beat Ravens!

Washington Redskins and Chris Sailer Kicking Alum Kai Forbath hit the game winning field goal in overtime Sunday to beat the AFC North Leading Baltimore Ravens. Forbath’s kick completed  a must win situation for the Redskins as they are battling for a playoff spot.

Since joining the Redskins the week leading up to their sixth game of the 2012 season, Forbath has made 14 straight field goals including a 48- and 49-yard field goals in the Ravens game. Forbath only needs two more successful makes to tie the NFL record for consecutive field goals made (16) to start a career.

A quote from Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan sums it up perfectly for the Chris Sailer Kicking Alum, “I’m glad he’s on our football team. That’s for sure, he’s made everything, and we gave him a game ball in front of the team. It doesn’t surprise me how he handles himself.”


Consistency in Coaching: Nick Folk & Kai Forbath

Consistency is the application of something necessary, for the sake of accuracy or achievement, at a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality. Ask any athlete about one of the most influential aspects of their career and chances are the answer will be directly related to consistency in coaching. This is a point I and other topanking coaches feel strongly about. As an alumnus, and the kicking and punting coach at Notre Dame High school for the past 10 years, it has been my consistency in coaching that has attributed to the success of my current and former players.

Two of my former players, who I had the privilege of coaching during high school, exemplify how natural ability and the importance of the consistency model led to them playing in the NFL.
Nick Folk and Kai Forbath. Both started with me as freshman at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA. I was able to help Nick Folk receive a scholarship to Arizona, where he went on to play in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and currently is a kicker for the New York Jets. Kai Forbath, accepted a scholarship to UCLA and now has a career with the Washington Redskins. Today, both of my former players give back by working on the Chris Sailer Kicking Staff.
Folk and Forbath exemplify two great success stories and model the importance of consistency in coaching. Remember “consistency breads excellence”.