2019 CA Spring Camp Recap – Colton Theaker Wins It!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is officially underway. Over the next 2 months 1000+ participants will attend Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping camps in CA, TX, NC, GA, IL, WA, NJ, AZ & WA on the road to Vegas XXXIV (May 11-12). Instruction, competition, evaluation & national rankings will take place at each one of these camps. The ultimate goal is an invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 Camp that will take place in Los Angeles, CA on July 15-17.

The first stop was Los Angeles, CA. As always, the talent was off the charts. Take a look at the results!

CA Competition Champions: Paxton Winders, Triston Brown, Colton Theaker & Josh Bryan

Overall Camp ChampionColton Theaker (2019, CA)
The Cal Poly SLO commit and 2018 TOP 12 Selection was dominant from start to finish. He won the Kickoff competition by averaging 70+ yards with 4.0+ hang time. He was excellent on field goal. Colton has 55+ yard range and kicks with great consistency. He is also a very capable punter. Colton is a big time competitor that thrives under pressure. He is absolutely ready for the next level.

Field Goal ChampionJosh Bryan (2021, CA)
Josh was the only freshman invited to be invited to the TOP 12 Camp last year. He followed that up with another invitation to the 2019 TOP 12 Camp with a stellar performance at Vegas XXXIII. The #1 Kicker in America continued to dominate at the CA Camp. He won a major field goal competition by going 7-7 with a long of 60 yards. Josh is the real deal and deserving of D1 scholarship offers already right now!

Field Goal ChampionPaxton Winders (JC, CA)
Paxton had by far his best performance at a Chris Sailer Kicking camp at the CA Camp. He did an amazing job on field goal. He nailed 85% of his field goal on the day and has range of up to 60 yards. He won a major field goal competition by going 6-6 with a long of 57 yards. Paxton is also outstanding on kickoffs averaging 65+ yards with 3.9+ hang time. He should be a major competitor for a TOP 12 spot at Vegas XXXIV.

Punting ChampionTriston Brown (JC, CA)
Triston continued his great run of strong camp performances by dominating all punt competitions at the CA Camp. He won both punt competitions against the pure punters, then won the major competition by averaging 45+ yards with 4.5+ hang time. His best punts on the day measured 50+ yards with 5.0+ hang time. Triston already earned his invitation to the TOP 12 Camp at Vegas XXXIII. He shows no signs of slowing down. Triston is cementing himself as a D1 scholarship level punter.

The 2019 CA Spring Camp was loaded with talent!

Class of 2019 / JC / Transfer Standouts: Colton Theaker, Paxton Winders, Triston Brown, Matt Ganyard, Juan Rangel, Ethan Albertson, Brandon Petruescu, Nico Boschetti, Steve Sanchez, Haig Mekhsian, Duane Hartman.Class of 2020 Standouts: Race Mahlum, RJ Lopez, Anthony Meader, Anthony Raya, Archie Green, Ari Lebenson, Ben D’Aquila, Cameron Simons, Derek Roah, Dylan Talkington, Easton Jones, Ethan DeLisle, Fabien Guillen, Gianni Smith, Fabian Munoz-Rodriguez, Gavin Huxhold, Jack Haworth, Tommy Meek.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Josh Bryan, Jarrett Reeser, Adrian Ochoa, Andre Meono, Brayden Blevins, Ian Sepko, Jack McCallister, Jarrett North, Kai Yamasaki, Michael DeMirjyn, Richie Brutto, Thomas Southey, Santino Marz, Evan Green, Kenneth Mazariegos, Liam Weetman, Marcus Labata.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Aidan Petruescu, Dylan Conness, Joshua Leff, Lucan Clanton.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Matthew Verdiell, Grant Meadors, Diego Caal, Isaac Ochoa.

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour will continue is Charlotte, NC (Sunday March 10), Seattle, WA (Sunday March 17), Waldwick, NJ (Sunday March 24), San Francisco, CA (Sunday March 24), Phoenix, AZ (Sunday March 31), Polynesian Bowl Combine in Las Vegas, NV (Sunday March 31), Dallas, TX (Sunday April 7), Chicago, IL (Sunday April 14), Atlanta, GA (Sunday April 28) & Vegas XXXIV in Las Vegas, NV (May 11-12, 2019).

Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com to register and for more information. To be the best, train and compete with the best! #TeamSailer


2018 CA Fall Camp Recap – Corey Lewis Comes Up Big!

The road to Vegas XXXIII continued with a massive camp in Los Angeles, CA. Over 150 specialists from 10 plus states gathered to learn and compete at the highest level. The weather was absolutely perfect and the competitions were intense. Take a look at the results…

Overall Camp Champion – Corey Lewis (JC, CA)
Corey was phenomenal all day long. He is a top 5 national junior college combo prospect without a doubt. He has big time leg strength and competes with great confidence. On this day he won the kickoff competition by averaging 70+ yards, with 3.9 – 4.15 hang time. His field goals were equally impressive. Corey is also a strong punter. He is ready for the D1 level without a doubt. Offer Now!!!

Corey Lewis, CA Champion

Field Goal Champion – Cavan Leonardo (2019, OH)
Cavan was fantastic from start to finish. He won the field competition by going 8-9 with a long of 58 yards. He hit over 90% of his field goals on the day and showed fantastic range off the ground. His kickoffs were also strong. The first time Chris Sailer Kicking camper proved very quickly that he is a D1 prospect. He has the tools to compete anywhere and will be a fine addition to a college program.

Punt Champion – Ryan Sanborn (2019, CA)
The Stanford commit, TOP 12 Member, 2019 All-American Bowl Selection, Vegas Champion & TOP 12 Camp Champion added another victory to his resume. Ryan averaged 45+ yards with 4.5 second hang time on punt. He also dominated on both field goal and kickoff. Ryan is one of the most consistent all around performers we have every had. He has a bright future with Stanford.

Punt Champion – Chris Bartolic (JC, CA)
Chris had an outstanding day. He is a great looking athlete with an explosive leg. He was victorious on punt by averaging 45+ yards with 4.3+ hang time. His best balls top 50 yards with 4.6+ hang time. He is a very consistent junior college punter that has all the tools to take his game to the next level. Look for Chris to compete with the best of the best at Vegas XXXIII and turn the heads of college coaches.

Ryan Sanborn, Corey Lewis, Chris Bartolic & Cavan Leonardo

Class of 2019 Standouts: Corey Lewis, Ryan Sanborn, Cavan Leonardo, Chris Bartolic, Jaime Medina, Clay D’Amico, Colton Theaker, Chris Wood, Collin Tamas, Dean Janikowski, Everett Hayes, Enrico Hernandez, Jake Calver, Jason White, Micah Hertz, Nick Kokich, Ramzee Jaridly, Aaron Rodriguez, Tanner Carcamo, Christian Lopez, Everardo Guzman, Harrison Hobson, Jonathan Borashan, Matt Ganyard, Michael Shahidi, William Romero, Nicholas Lawson, Cameron Sharafatian, Triston Brown

Class of 2020 Standouts: Race Mahlum, Ronan Donnelly, Angelo Vescovi, Anthony Raya, Archie Green, Ben D’Aquilla, Cameron Simons, Cole Thompson, Derek Roah, Luke Holland, Miles Mena, Ryan Eggley, Santiago Garcia-Mendez, Michael McCallister, Nick Hill, Andy Kozanian, Damon Lewis, Dylan Talkington, Zeke Mata, Wyatt Hawkins

Class of 2021 Standouts: Andrew Meono, Brett Jenson, Bryan Ryks, Christopher Salerno, Micah Pettit, Richie Brutto, Sebastian Conway-Burt, Thomas Southey, Adam Babb, Adrian Ochoa, Brenden Segovia, Brett Hom, Jarrett Reeser, Ryan Smith, Ty Morrison

Class of 2022 Standouts: Aidan Petruescu, Braydn Ritchie, Ryan Sailer, Noah Perez, Shane Nelson

Future Star: Matthew Verdiell

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour will continue with stops in Dallas, TX (November 18), Atlanta, GA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 2), Chicago, IL (December 9) & Los Angeles , CA (January 13). The road all leads to Las Vegas, NV for Vegas XXXIII where the world’s best will compete for an in invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 camp. For more information on the above recruits and future camp information visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com