Chris Sailer Kicking – 2023 Week 7 College Players of the Week: Kanon Woodill (NIU) & Matthew Shipley (Hawaii) Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College KICKERS of the Week:

Week 1 – Brock Travelstead (Louisville) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 38) Extra Points: 3-3
Week 2 – Colton Boomer (UCF) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 55, 50), Extra Points: 1-1, Game Winning FG
Week 3 – Noah Rauschenberg (North Texas) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 48) Extra Points: 4-4, Game Winning FG
Week 4 – Michael Hughes (Appalachian State) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 50) Extra Points: 1-1
Week 5 – Drew Stevens (Iowa) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 53) Extra Points: 2-2
Week 6 – Noah Burnette (North Carolina) Field Goal: 4-4 (Long 36) Extra Points: 4-4
Week 7 – Kanon Woodill (NIU) Field Goal: 3-3 (Long 37) Extra Points: 2-2

Chris Sailer Kicking College PUNTERS of the Week:

Week 1 – Porter Wilson (Duke) Punt Average: 53.6, Punt Long: 70, Punts: 5
Week 2 – Bryce McFerson (Notre Dame) Punt Average: 50.7, Punt Long: 59, Punts: 6
Week 3 – Ryan Sanborn (Texas) Punt Average: 48.3, Punt Long: 56, Punts: 4
Week 4 – Caden Noonkester (North Carolina State) Punt Average: 50.0, Punt Long: 67, Punts: 8
Week 5 – Ryan Rehkow (BYU) Punt Average: 51.0, Punt Long: 66, Punts: 6
Week 6 – Logan Lupo (FAU) Punt Average: 51.8, Punt Long: 71, Punts: 4
Week 7 – Matthew Shipley (Hawaii) Punt Average: 48.3, Punt Long: 55, Punts: 3

50+ Yard Field Goals

Week 1 – John Hoyland (Wyoming) 56, Dean Jankikowski (Washington State) 55, Isaiah Hankins (Baylor) 53, Cole Becker (Utah) 51, James Turner (Michigan) 50
Week 2 – John Hoyland (Wyoming) 56, Caden Davis (Ole Miss) 56, Will Reichard (Alabama) 51, Jai Patel (Rutgers) 51, Colton Boomer (UCF) 50, Andy Borregales (Miami) 50
Week 3 – Dylan Lynch (Fresno State) 50 
Week 4 – Carter Brown (Cincinnati)54, Denis Lynch (USC) 53, Michael Hughes (Appalachian State) 50, Todd Pelino (Duke) 50
Week 5 – Michael Hughes (Appalachian State) 54, Brock Travelstead (Louisville) 53, Drew Stevens (Iowa) 53, Caleb Griffin (Illinois) 53, Cam Little (Arkansas) 52, Connor Brooksby (Utah Tech) 52, Cam Little (Arkansas) 50, Alex Raynor (Kentucky) 50
Week 6 – Cam Little (Arkansas) 56, Graham Nicholson (Miami Ohio) 52
Week 7 – Brayden Narveson (NC State) 57, Cam Little (Arkansas) 55, Chase Allen (UTSA) 53, Nathanial Vakos (Wisconsin) 52, Todd Pelino (Duke) 52

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 selected each week) 

*Chris Sailer is on the voting committee for this prestigious award

Week 1 – Brock Travelstead (Louisville)
Week 2 – Colton Boomer (UCF), Camden Lewis (Oregon), Caden David (Ole Miss)
Week 3 – Noah Rauschenberg (North Texas)
Week 4 – Michael Lantz (Georgia Southern)
Week 5 – Drew Stevens (Iowa), Will Reichard (Alabama), John Hoyland (Wyoming)
Week 6 – Brock Travelstead (Louisville)


2019 IL Fall Camp – Shirkey Dominates!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour continued this past weekend in Chicago, IL.  This Fall, CSK along with Rubio Long Snapping has made stops in NC, NJ, WA, Southern CA, TX, IL, AZ, GA and finally Northern CA on the road to Vegas XXXV (January 18-19, 2020). All in all 1300+ Specialists are expected to participate in the largest season circuit in the history of the company. At the end of it all, Chris Sailer Kicking will once again name the 1st 20 Kickers/Punters selected to participate in the prestigious TOP 12 Invitation Only Camp at Vegas XXXV. And for the first time ever, Chris Sailer will select 2 Kickers and 2 Punters to play in the All-American Bowl on NBC live on location at Vegas XXXV. Hang on as this is going to be an incredible ride.

Check out the results from IL…

Overall Camp Champion
Cameron Shirkey (2020, OH) – The TOP 12 Member once again came through with another huge performance. On this day he won the field goal competition by hitting on 7-8 with a long of 54 yards. He also averaged 65+ yards on kickoff, with 3.9+ hang time. Cameron is a gamer that excels under pressure. He continues to prove time and time again that he is ready for D1 football. OFFER NOW!!!

Cameron Shirkey is a TOP 12 Selection and sure fire scholarship pick!

Kickoff Champion 
Kanon Woodill (2021, IL) – Kanon had a fantastic first camp with Chris Sailer Kicking. He is a great athlete with a live leg. He won the kickoff competition by averaging 65+ yards with 3.85+ hang time. His best ball measured 70 yards with 4.06 hang time. Kanon was also excellent on field goal. He gets the ball up well off the ground and easily has 50+ yard range. Look for Kanon to dominate Vegas XXXV in January and challenge for a TOP 12 Spot.

Punt Champion 
Garrett Junk (2021, OH) – Garrett proved from the start that he is a big time D1 Prospect. He is a great looking athlete with an ideal D1 Punting frame. He won the punt competition by averaging 40+ yards with 4.4+ hang time. His best balls measure 50+ yards with 4.8+ hang time. Garrett has all the tools to compete with the best punters in American in the Class of 2021. He is ready to compete with the best of the best at Vegas XXXV in January and should also challenge for a TOP 12 Spot.

Punt Champion
Cade Backe (2020, IL) – Cade was strong and consistent all day long. The senior is an excellent punter that is ready for the college level. Cade averages 40+ yards with 4.25+ hang time. His has quick hands and gets the ball off efficiently. Cade is also a solid kicker. Cade is one of the top punters in the nation that is ready to step in and compete at any college level.

Champions: Garrett Junk, Cameron Shirkey, Cade Backe & Kanon Woodill

Class of 2020 Standouts: Cameron Shirkey, Jack Olsen, Cade Backe, Bryce Bedillion, Aidan Hosler, Cade Gold, Morgan Williamson, Peyton Benes.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Garrett Junk, Kanon Woodill, Teagan Lenderink, Jack McCallister, Joshua Lopes, JT Carver, AJ Rhodes, Bryce Morris, Connor Saunders, Derek Baldin, Dougie Zang, Franklin Rogers, Jackson Erminio, Luke Theeuwes, Mark Holder, Marlon Pomili, Matthew LeBlanc, Matthew Wilderson, Noah Spratt.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Kylan Dupree, Enzo Diomede, Ben Samuel, Zac Yoakam, Louie Gatlin, Aleks Maric, Jason Ahlstrand.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Lucas Moseley, Colin Fratus, Ryan Millmore, Tyler O’Connnor.

Future Stars: Britton Carver, Leo Capparelli.

For more information including Future Camps and Chris Sailer Kicking’s National Rankings, visit

See you soon at an upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking Camp!