CSK Veteran Justin Smith Wins the NC Summer Camp!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2017 Summer Camp Tour continued with a stop in Charlotte, NC on July 9th.  There was a great mix of talented veterans and newcomers hoping to step up and come out on top of the competition.  All in all, over 100 specialists from over a dozen states were in attendance ready to learn and compete with the best.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Justin Smith (2018, OH) – Coming off a strong performance at FBU Top Gun, the longtime Chris Sailer Kicking didn’t miss a beat.  He was the kickoff champion on the day with his biggest ball totaling 68 yards with 4.21 hang time.  He was also very competitive in both field goal and punt competitions.  Just is proving he is ready for the next level.

Field Goal Champions

Camden Wise (2018, VA) – The TOP 12’er proved exactly why he earned that honor earlier this year.  He won the field goal competition by hitting 6 straight field goals including a final kick of 55 yards.  He was also outstanding on kickoffs and punts.  Camden is a confident kicker that kicks and punts with great confidence.  He is going to be a fine college kicker.

Holt Cloninger (2020, NC) – Holt became one of the few 2020 specialists to win a major competition this year.  The #2 ranked kicker in the nation has a big time leg and already competes with the seniors.  On this day he won the field goal competition by hitting 5 straight field goals including a long of 53.  He was also very strong on kickoff.

Punt Champion
Hunter Braswell (2019, NC) – Hunter stepped up when it counted the most in Charlotte.  A top 2019 kicker, Hunter proved that he is also a very capable punter.  He averaged nearly 40 yards, with 4.3+ hang time.  The lefty has the ability to develop into a top national combo prospect.  Keep a close eye on this talented prospect.

Avery Fulton, Drew Gilbert, Micah Breckeridge, Michael Driscoll,  Wesley Strong, West Brownlee, Camden Wise, Hunter Baldwin, Jackson Brooks, Logan Bowers, Seth Harrison, Jimmy Chambers, Karch Kaspar, Justin Smith.

Top 2019 PROSPECTS: Jared Wheatley, Hunter Braswell, Lake Barrett, Ryan Castle, Caden Bonoffski, Camden Lewis, Joey Mitchell, Max Blitstein, Will Griggs, Evan Davis, Michael Boyle.

Top 2020 PROSPECTS: Benjamin Steele, Connor Rutledge, Graham Griffith, Jack Dunne, Luke Mickan, Grant Wood, Holt Cloninger, Quinn Castner.

Top Youth Prospects: Shane Nelson, Blake Craig.

This will be one of the biggest summers in Chris Sailer Kicking history. Up next, join us in Atlanta, GA (July 11), Chicago, IL (July 13) and Los Angeles, CA (July 27). This summer will also feature our 3 prestigious invite only camps (College, TOP 12 & Underclassman Invitational) in Tampa FL (July 14-21). For more information, rankings and camp registration visit ChrisSailerKicking.com To be the best, train & compete with the best. Get ready for greatness!


2016 NC Summer Camp Recap, DeLong Shines!

Summer is officially in full swing.  After recent stops in Dallas and Chicago, Chris Sailer Kicking touched down in Charlotte, NC on July 11th.  The talent on the field was the best yet.  Once again, over 100 specialists were in attendance ready to get after it.  Here are the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Skyler DeLong (2018) – The recently named “Event Elite” Member took care of business.  He got hot on field goals nailing 7 consecutive 50 yarders.  He also kicked off well and showed the ability to punt at the highest level.  He then defeated “Top 12” Member Tommy Martin in the final by hitting 2 straight 50 yarders.  He is a special talent.

Field Goal Champion
Camden Lewis (2019) – Camden became the youngest champion on this summer tour to date.  He is a very talented kicker that continues to improve at a great rate.  He is already kicking field goals off the ground and showing 50+ yard range.  His kickoffs are also near the top of his class. Keep a close eye on this one.

Kickoff Champion
Zach Stearns (2017) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicker was steady as usual.  He hit some big field goals on the day and came through in the kickoff competition.  He won with a 68 yard, 3.88 hang time ball.  Zach is ready for the next level.

Punt Champion
Tommy Martin (2017) – The “TOP 12” Member and Vegas XXVIII Punt Champion was dominant once again.  Tommy is smooth and consistent.  Easily hits 50 yard punts with 4.5 plus hang time.  Shows he can hit 60 yard punts with 5.0 second hang time.  Also an outstanding kicker.  Tommy is a scholarship pick without a doubt.  OFFER NOW!!!

Best 2017 Prospect (not listed above)
Aidan Marshall – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking punter was exceptional from start to finish.  He had the most consistent day of any competitor.  Aidan averaged well over 40 yards with 4.4 plus hang time.  He also hit the biggest ball of the day at 5.10 seconds.  A mature and ready athlete for the D1 level.

Best 2018 Prospect (not listed above)
John Brosnahan – The “Event Elite” Punter is the real deal.  He has all the tools to dominate the next level.  Look for John to make waves this year.  Also a strong kicker.

Best 2019 Prospect (not listed above)
Jared Wheatley – The young kicker was impressive.  He is a great athlete with a very strong leg for his age.  I believe he has a bright future with hard work.  One to keep a close eye on.

Best Chris Sailer Kicking Newcomer
Grayson Atkins (2017) – Grayson is a phenomenal kicker.  He is excellent on both field goals and kickoffs.  He has the tools to compete with the best.  Grayson will make a fine addition to a college football program.

Other 2017 Standouts: Andrew Scott, Jed Quackenbush, Nicolas Farfan, Patrick Wolff, Quinn Dunphy, Austin Snow

Other 2018 Standouts: Alejandro Lopez, Alexander Harrell, Camden Wise, Cody Creed, Jackson Brooks, Seth Harrison, Ryan Nease

2019 Future Stars: Aaron Vardell, Carson Burt, Ethan Barbee, Evan Davis, Hunter Benton, Hunter Braswell, Jaxon Youngblood, Joe Bontrager, Kyle Romenick, Landon Fogelman

Youth MVP: Parker Hannon

For more information including full player rankings and future camps, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com The full 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Schedule is now available.

Chris Sailer Kicking will next visit Atlanta, GA (7/12) and Los Angeles, CA (7/31).

Other huge camps coming up….
FBU Top Gun (July 14-15 in Rock Hill, SC) This is where we will select the U.S. Army All-Americans, 9th Grade All-Americans, 8th Grade All-Americans & 7th Grade All Americans.

4 Year College Camp (July 16-17 in Bradenton, FL at the IMG Academy)

“TOP 12” & “Event Elite” Camp (July 17-19 in Bradenton, FL at the IMG Academy) *Invite Only

Underclassmen Invitational Camp (July 20-21 in Bradenton, FL at the IMG Academy) *Invite Only

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