2019 NJ Fall Camp Recap – Silvia Wins It!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour continues this past weekend in NJ. This Fall CSK along with Rubio Long Snapping will make stops in NC, NJ, WA, Southern CA, TX, IL, AZ, GA and Northern CA on the road to Vegas XXXV (January 18-19, 2020). All in all 1300+ Specialists are expected to participate in the largest season circuit in the history of the company. At the end of it all, Chris Sailer Kicking will once again name the 1st 20 Kickers/Punters selected to participate in the prestigious TOP 12 Invitation Only Camp at Vegas XXXV. And for the first time ever, Chris Sailer will select 2 Kickers and 2 Punters to play in the All-American Bowl on NBC live on location at Vegas XXXV. Hang on as this is going to be an incredible ride.

50+ specialists representing 10+ states attended this growing camp in NJ.  Take a look at the results…

Overall Camp Champion – Luke Silvia (2020 MA)
Luke looked expolosive punting the football all day. He won the punt competition with a 55 yard ball with 4.7 hang time. He won the camp by showing his consisitency launching multiple punts over 45 yards and over 4.5 seconds of hang time. Look for him to have a strong showing at Vegas XXXV.

Luke Silvia and Obi

Field Goal Charting Champion – Bennett Abbe (2022, PA)
Bennett was by far the most improved athlete at the camp. He displayed impressive consistency and showed 50+ yard range. He has a knack for making high pressure kicks. Bennett has also improved his kickoffs showing the ability to drive kicks into the end zone.

Last Man Standing Field Goal ChampionTommy Dellaporta (2021, NY) This is the second time Tommy has won a major Field Goal competition at NJ Fall camp. He was smooth and accurate on field goal showing range of 50+ with ease. Tommy also exhibited the ability to hit his kickoffs and punts at high level.

Kick-off ChampionBrandon Peskin (2020, NY)
Brandon has big leg and was step above everyone on kickoffs. He won the Kickoff competition by consistently putting the ball deep into the end zone with excellent hang time. Brandon was also very strong at field goals and punts.

Competition Winners: Brandon Peskin, Bennett Abbe, Luke Silvia, Tommy Dellaporta

Class of 2020 Standouts: Brandon Peskin, Luke Silvia, Aidan Porter, Ben Cohen, Frank Passantino.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Tommy Dellaporta, Austin Carey, Joel Mindek, Luke Wayson, Lyrik Harvey, Taylor Manning.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Bennett Abbe, Nick Conforti, Jack Borel.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Ethan Rainha, Luke Monteyne
Future Stars: Jack Donnelly.

For more information including Future Camps and Chris Sailer Kicking’s National Rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

See you soon at an upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking camp!


2018 NJ Fall Camp Recap- Aidan Clark Pulls Out a Close One!

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour and the Road to Vegas XXXIII continued this past weekend in Holmdel, NJ. Over 50 specialists representing 6 states attended this growing camp. The conditions were ideal and the results were great! Take a look..

Overall Camp Champion – Aidan Clark (2020 CT)
Aidan had his best performance at a CSK to date. He won by showing consistency in the afternoon session making the finals in both the field goal charting competition and kick off competition.  He then came out on top in the last man standing competition.  He won the camp by showing great range from 50 plus.  On kickoffs, Aidan has the ability to drive the ball deep into the end zone. He will be someone to watch for at Vegas XXXIII.

Aidan Clark (2020, CT)

Kickoff Champion – Than Hylen (2019, PA)
Than was far and away the most talented kickoff specialist at the camp. He averaged 55+ yards per kick with 3.7-4.0 hang time. He also made strides in his ability to kick fields goals showing a smooth transition to kicking off the ground. Than is very composed and will make a fine addition to college program. Look for him to compete for the kickoff title at Vegas XXXIII.

Field Goal Charting Champion – Tommy Dellaporta (2021 NY)
Tommy was the most improved veteran Chis Sailer Kicking student at the camp.  He has made tremendous strides in his consistency and leg strength. He won a major field goal competition by going 5-5 with an impressive kick from 50 yards that had plenty of room to spare.  He only missed a few kicks the entire day. Tommy also displayed punting ability by hitting several punts 40+ yards with 4.2 plus hang time. Tommy has a very bright future ahead as a combo athlete. Look for him to have a strong showing in Vegas XXXIII.

Punt Champion – Adam Heston (2020 NJ)
Adam was a step ahead everyone punting the ball.  The ball exploded off his foot as he hit multiple punts 45+ yards with 4.6+ hang. Adam won the punt competition with a punt of 42 yards and 4.35 hang time. Adam also showed the ability to kick field goals. Look for him to dominate the punt competitions at Vegas XXXIII.

Than Hylen, Tommy Dellaporta, Aidan Clark, Adam Heston

Class of 2019 Standouts: Than Hylen, Ryan Kasper, Joseph Cavanagh, Will West

Class of 2020 Standouts: Aidan Clark, Adam Heston, Brandon Peskin, Richie Pekmezian, Spencer Mochulski, Robert Linderman, Asare Bampoe

Class of 2021 Standouts: Tommy Dellaporta, Austin Kuterka, Brock Froschauer, Damian Ramos, Dylan Hach, Luke Wayson, Spencer Ostroff, Luke Pacchia

Class of 2022 Standouts: Jai Patel, Carl Carbonaro

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour will continue with stops in New Jersey (October 14), Seattle, WA (October 21), Los Angeles, CA (October 28), Dallas, TX (November 18), Atlanta, GA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 2), Chicago, IL (December 9) & Los Angeles , CA (January 13). The road all leads to Las Vegas, NV for Vegas XXXIII where the world’s best will compete for an in invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 camp. For more information on the above recruits and future camp information visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


2017 Chris Sailer Kicking NJ Fall Camp Recap, Larry Holdcraft Wins It!

The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour is off to a fantastic start. The first camp took play Sunday, October 2nd in Newark, NJ. Specialists from over 10 states were in attendance. Overall this was the most talent we have seen at one camp on the east coast. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Larry Holdcraft (2018, NJ) Larry did a phenomenal job for his first camp with Chris Sailer Kicking. He is a naturally gifted athlete with great upside. He won a major field goal competition by going 7-7 on field goals with a long of 54. He then won the head to head finals round by hitting multiple of field goals of 50+ yards. He is smooth and accurate off the ground. Larry also does a nice job on kickoffs and shows some potential as a punter.

Field Goal Champion
Zach Hoban (2019, NJ) Zach proved that he is a top 2019 national prospect at this camp. The long time Chris Sailer Kicking has made significant strides and is kicking with huge confidence. He won the field goal competition by nailing 7 straight field goals with a long of 55 yards. He also did extremely well on kickoffs. He has an explosive leg and displays D1 ability. Look for Zach to challenge for a TOP 12 spot this coming January in Las Vegas.

Kickoff Champion
Aidan Mulreed (2018, NJ) Aidan had an impressive camp from start to finish. He is one of the most improved kickers we have seen recently in the Class of 2018. He won the kickoff competition by hitting multiple ball 70 yards with 3.80 – 4.05 hang time. He was also strong on field goals off the ground and was a finalist in the punt competition. Aidan is a confident young man that is going to do great things at the college level.

Punt Champion
Perry Shelbred (2018, NY) Perry is one of the best combo players in the country. He is a great athlete that kicks and punts with excellent technique and consistency. On this day he won the punt competition by averaging 40+ yards with 4.2+ hang time. He also showed the ability to hit 45+ yard punts with 4.5+ hang time. Perry also performed very well on both field goal and kickoff. The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student is going to make a fine addition to a college football program.

Class of 2018 Standouts: Aidan Mulreed, Joseph Tacapina, Larry Holdcraft, Perry Shelbred, West Brownlee, Zach Sterr

Class of 2019 Standouts: Sebastian Costantini, Jay LaRosa, Patrick Duffy, Ryan Devaney, Sam Hogan, Zach Hoban, Michael Boyle

Class of 2020 Standouts: Adam Heston, Asare Bampoe, Casey Farrell, Jonmichael Elliott, Nick Basile, Spencer Mochulski

Class of 2020 Standouts: Luke Wayson, Luke Pacchia, Brock Froschauer

The road to Vegas XXXI continues with stops in Seattle, WA (October 22) Los Angeles, CA (October 29) Dallas, TX (November 12) Charlotte, NC (November 19) Atlanta, GA (December 3) Phoenix, AZ (December 11) Massillon, OH (December 17) & Los Angeles, CA (January 6). The largest kicking, punting & long snapping camp in the World…. Vegas XXXI will take place January 12-14, 2018. Want to be a part of it? Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com for more information.

NJ Competition Champions: Hoban, Mulreed, Shelbred & Holdcraft


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 NJ Fall Camp Recap, Silvester Wins It!

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour made a recent stop in New Jersey. The camp featured specialists from 10 plus states hoping to be the next to earn a free invitation to Vegas XXVII.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion: Eric Silvester (2016, NY)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student was dominant all day.  He won both of the major field goal competitions against stiff competition.  Eric shows 60 yard field goal range off the ground and kicks with great consistency.  His kickoffs are D1 ready and his punting shows excellent promise.  Eric is a tremendous competitor that is ready for the next level.  OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion / Punt Champion: Tommy Martin (2017, VA)
Tommy is a big time talent.  He is a great athlete with one of the strongest legs in the nation in this class.  His field goals are smooth and accurate.  His kickoffs are a major strength, he hit a 77 yard, 4.03 kickoff at camp.  Tommy is also developing into a special punter.  Look for Tommy to compete with the best of the best in this class over the next year.  He is a D1 prospect without a doubt.

Next Best Overall Prospect: Justin Davidovicz (2017, NJ)
Justin is an excellent prospect.  He is very strong on field goals.  His kickoffs are also impressive.  Justin is a competitor that will turn the heads of college coaches. He has a bright college future.

Next Best 2016 Prospect: Troy DiBendetto
2017 Standouts: Cole Gallagher, Matthew Alswanger
2018 Standouts: Jonathan Lindquist, Aidan Clemente, Will Goldy

Chris Sailer Kicking will next visit Chicago, IL (November 22), Dallas, TX (December 13), Atlanta, GA (January 9), & Los Angeles, CA (January 9).  Then get ready for the big one, Vegas XXVII (January 16-17, 2016).  Hundreds of specialists will converge in Las Vegas to train in compete at the largest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world.  Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com for more information and to register for all camps.