So You Didn’t Make “TOP 12”, What Now?

For the past month or so, you have been watching the “TOP 12” Kickers / Punters get chosen one by one. Each time a selection was made, one person was ecstatic while countless others felt the opposite emotions. When the final TOP 12er was chosen and a balloon was popped for many 2017, 2018 and even some 2019 Kickers / Punters. Now what?

Couple ways to look at it….

You can be upset with me for not selecting you. You can be upset with yourself for not performing when it counted. You can even find a way to blame others, but, it is ultimately on you. The only thing you can control is how hard and smart you work. Everyone in Vegas is competing for the same spots. Don’t let anybody outwork you and you will see different results.

You need to use this as motivation to make sure you perform better. This is all up to you. The choice is yours.

If you are a Kicker / Punter that strives to be the best, you want to be at that “TOP 12” camp this summer. Any single athlete that has been there (scholarship Kickers / Punters, All-Americans, NFL players) will tell you it is, by far, the best camp they have ever been to in their life. What you need to do is get back on the horse. Work smarter and harder. Your opportunity is waiting for you in Las Vegas. VEGAS XXVIII

At Vegas XXVIII, I choose the “EVENT ELITE”. The “EVENT ELITE” is the best of the best from Vegas in May. They join the “TOP 12” to form the “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” Invite Only Camp on July 18-20, 2016. There is no set number for the “EVENT ELITE”. I could choose one K/P or I can choose 30. It all depends on the talent. I don’t choose just to choose. It would make me look ignorant in the end. If I say you belong at that camp, you are one of the best in the world. This is a true invite only camp. I do NOT just hand out invites to get people to come to it. That would give me no credibility. I choose the best because they are the best. They will represent the “TOP 12”, “ EVENT ELITE” and Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the future.

Are you one of them? Time to decide. Prove to me, and the rest of the world, that you belong.

Or don’t.




2016 Rankings Complete Post Vegas XXVII, Rankings Explained

The Class of 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking rankings are now completely updated post Vegas XXVII.  NLOI Day (National Letter Of Intent) is coming up February 3rd.  Vegas results and rankings have already made a major impact on college recruitment.  Chris Sailer Kicking now has 40, 5-Star Rated Kickers and 22, 5-Star Rated Punters.  This is an all time record.  These rankings are ratings are 100% earned and not simply given.  Over 800 Specialists are now ranked in the class of 2016.  Things have just begun.  Some have made commitments, while the vast majority still wait to see their final college destinations.  Remember recruiting goes all the way up and through August.


Up next, Class of 2017 Rankings.  Stay Tuned….

Here is a detailed explanation of how Chris Sailer Kicking Rankings are compiled.

1. We will only rank a player that we have seen IN PERSON.  Film is great, but it does not compare to an in person evaluation.  An in person evaluation can be at a private lesson, group lesson, camp, or national event run by Chris Sailer Kicking. College camps are NOT taken into consideration. The evaluation must and will only be done by Chris Sailer (Kickers / Punters) and Chris Rubio (Long Snappers) and staff.  We do not use anyone outside of the company for evaluations.  This is the only way we can assure 100% accuracy.

2. We do not rank all players that we see.  We only rank players that we feel show the ability or potential to one day compete at the college level.  We take effort, work ethic, and attitude into consideration when determining if a player meets the above criteria.

3.  Our rankings are subjective, not objective.  We focus on our evaluation, not just stats.  Stats may be misleading.  We are the professionals at what we do.  Our rankings will take the following criteria into consideration: 1. Current Skill Level, 2. Potential Skill Level, 3. Performance Under Pressure.  We look for the following: technique, strength, leg speed, athleticism, mental toughness, competitiveness, confidence, tee sizes to name a few.

4. The ranking system is as follows.  After every camp, we evaluate each player.  They are then added to or adjusted on the PLAYER RANKINGS site of Chris Sailer

Star Rating System:
5 Stars: D1 Scholarship Player
4 1/2 Stars: D1 Talent (D1 Preferred Walk-On or possible D1 Scholarship Player)
4 Stars: D2 Talent (D2 Scholarship or Possible D1 Preferred Walk-On)
3 1/2 Stars:  D3 Talent (D3 Scholarship or Possible D2 or D1AA Preferred Walk-On)
3 Stars: D3 Talent (D3 Preferred Walk-On)

Number Ranking System:
Will list the exact number rank of the player from (#1 through #……)  #1 being the very best in the nation, and so on.

The Star Rating and the Number Ranking is an evaluation based on that day.  So, younger players usually do not receive 4 and 5 star rankings yet.  Older players earn the higher rating as they begin to show more of the criteria necessary to be considered a college prospect.  Rankings change on a daily basis.  You can always improve your rank the next time we see you.

*Understand, rankings are not complete until fall camp begins your freshman year of college.  We will see new players constantly and the rankings will constantly be updated.  You have to work to maintain or increase your ranking.  You are only as good as the last time we saw you.  We cannot predict the future.  You will see that we will now list (Student Since: – to show when we first evaluated a player & Last Evaluation: – to show the last time we evaluated that player).  These pieces of information will help both the players and college coaches better understand the accuracy of the rating and ranking.

5.  Once a player is ranked you are in our system until you begin your fall camp as a freshman in college.  You will never be dropped in the rankings.  However as we see new players or current players improve their ranking, you will slide naturally.  Again rankings are not complete until fall camp begins your freshman year of college.  That is when the rankings are as accurate as can be and are removed from the website.  You can increase your ranking by attending any future lesson, camp, or event.  A rating and ranking becomes much more accurate the more often we see a player.  We see improvement, we get to know a player mentally, and the player generally becomes much better physically and technically.  A college coach will always ask the question, “How many times have you worked with him?”  Why?  Because he wants to be sure that our evaluation is accurate and not a fluke.  He wants to be sure that we know that player mentally as well as possible before a large scholarship investment is made by the University.   Certain players are phenoms and earn 5 star rankings right off the bat.  It is just a no brainer.  But most must work hard to establish consistency and improvement over time.  Our confidence in you as a player is a BIG DEAL.  We have to know who and what it is we are recommending.

6. Once a player is ranked, we do take season stats into consideration.  Because there are so many factors out of your control at the high school level (coach, opportunities, snapper, holder, field condition, etc.) most players never get the chance to put up big numbers – this will not hurt you.  Both we and college coaches understand this.  But, if you happen to be fortunate enough to put up great stats, this can help you.  We don’t put a huge amount of stock in your season stats, but a good season can definitely help prove that you are consistent over time and that you can perform well under pressure.

7.  Vegas statistics.  Yes, they are great as they give us all something to look at.  However, they are NOT the only factor we take into consideration when updating the rankings.  They are a small piece of the puzzle (see above #’s 1-7).  Please do not just look at the stats and send us a spreadsheet as to why you should be ranked ahead of someone else.  I promise you, we do a thorough evaluation that looks at all your kicks from both Saturday and Sunday.  And we take into consideration past camp performances.  A bad statistical day isn’t going to effect the great statistical days that a player may have had in the past.  The statistics from Vegas are big for many reasons, but please remember that we look at EVERYTHING.

8.  The Kicking and Punting Rankings are completely separate.  One does not effect the other and vice versa.  However doing well in both is always a positive for college coaches.  Combo players are rare and are a hot commodity.

Chris Rubio and myself are very confident in our player evaluations.  The ranking / rating is intended to help each player find the right college fit for THEM.  If you are ranked that is a tremendous accomplishment.  You should be proud of yourself.  No matter the ranking/rating, use it as motivation to continue to improve.  Remember, you are only in High School or Junior College.  This is only the beginning.  Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  We are always here as a reference for you.  Please DO list our name and contact information in your correspondence with college coaches  and on your highlight videos.  I promise you, it is worth it.


Vegas XXVII Finals Round Results & Competition Champions

Vegas XXVII – January 16-17, 2016

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results

Kicking – Adam Stack (2017, HI)
Punting – Jonn Young (2016, NC)
*Adam & Jonn will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions
Group 1 (Classes of 2019 & 2018) – Christopher Dunn (2018, NC))
Group 2 (Class of 2017) – Brent Cimaglia (2017, TN)
Group 4 (Class of 2017) – Danny Perez (2017, IL)
Group 5 (Class of 2016, Junior College & Transfers) – Jared Smolar (2016, IN)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)
Consistency – Tucker Day (2017, TN)
Last Man Standing – Kyle Thompson (2016, CA)
Head to Head – Tucker Day (2017, TN)

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)
Round 1
Trenton Fudge (CA) defeats Jake Oldroyd (TX)
Zack Saros (CA) defeats Mitch Souza (CA)
Kekoa Sasaoka (HI) defeats Kyle Continente (CA)
Ethan Torres (VA) defeats Michael Salerno (CA)

Round 2
Collin Riccitelli (CA) defeats Trenton Fudge (CA)
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Jared Porter (CA)
Alex Woznick (SC) defeats Zack Saros (CA)
Diego Marquez (CA) defeats Jackson McLarty (GA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Kekoa Sasaoka (HI)
Christopher Dunn (NC) defeats Keith Duncan (NC)
Ethan Torres (VA) defeats Diego Cacho-Souza (CA)
Seth Kujawski (NC) defeats Jake Roark (MO)

Round 3
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Collin Riccitelli (CA)
Alex Woznick (SC) defeats Diego Marquez (CA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Christopher Dunn (NC)
Seth Kujawksi (NC) defeats Ethan Torres (VA)

Round 4
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Alex Woznick (SC)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Seth Kujawski (NC)

Adam Stack (HI) defeats Bailey Schroeder (CA)

FINALS ROUND Punting Results -Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)
Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2018: Jake Camarda (GA).

Class of 2017: Carter Andrade (NV), Brooks Buce (GA), Joseph Bulovas (LA), Liam Bunnell (TX), Brent Cimaglia (TN), Tucker Day (TN), Jack Geiger (CA), Bernard Gomez (NC), Michael Leisle (FL), Bill Rubright (GA), Tristan Perry (TX), Drew Schmidt (CA), Nathan Snyder (OH), Adam Stack (HI), Daniel Whelan (CA), Bryce Webb (KY), Tommy Martin (NC), Kealii Muruyama (NV), Brandon Ruiz (AZ), Jake Lane (GA).

Class of 2016: Magill Bauerle (GA), Matt Blair (CA), Oscar Draguicevich (FL), Jerry Fitschen (CA), Seth Kujawski (NC), Jaime Medina (CA), Edwin Noyes (FL), Jared Porter (CA), Bailey Raborn (LA), Charlie Scott (CO), Eric Silvester (NY), Jared Smolar (IN), Kyle Thompson (CA), Jake Verity (GA), Jonn Young (NC), Alex Woznick (SC), Erik Baughman (TX), Jake Oldroyd (TX), Andre Slyter (WA).

Junior College / Transfer: Aidan Daily (CA), Jacob DeMaio (CA), Dayton Diorio (CA), Dominic Frescura (CA), Brandon Gracia (CA), Tavis Guerra (CA), James Husebo (CA), Wes Nail (OK), Michael O’Toole (CA), Gavin Scully (CA), Cody Wuthrich (CA), Cristian Antezana (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 12 (based on competition)

Round of 16:
Kyle Thompson (CA) – bye
Jonn Young (NC) defeated Jared Porter (CA)
Jaime Medina (CA) – bye
Dominic Frescura (CA) defeated Bill Rubright (GA)
Tucker Day (TN) – bye
Bailey Raborn (LA) defeated Aidan Daily (CA)
Seth Kujawski (NC) – bye
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Charlie Scott (CO)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Kyle Thompson (CA)
Jaime Medina (CA) defeated Dominic Frescura (CA)
Tucker Day (TN) defeated Bailey Raborn (LA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Seth Kujawski (NC)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Jaime Medina (CA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Tucker Day (TN)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Adam Stack (HI)

2016 Vegas Add


Vegas XXVII – What You Need to Know!

Vegas XXVII is just over 1 month away.  While many specialists are taking this time of year off, those that seriously want to play in college and know what it takes are working harder than ever.  Those hard workers will be in Las Vegas January 15-17, 2016 ready to impress and gain the most valuable national exposure in the nation.  Here is some useful information for those attending and those that are still considering attending.

Event Date: January 15-17, 2016

Arrive Friday January 15th.  The earlier that you arrive, the more well rested you will be for the weekend.

The Friday Small Group Session (4:00 – 5:00) is OPTIONAL.  This session is designed to knock some rust off, get rid of jet lag legs, and gain confidence heading into Saturday.  If you can make it, I highly recommend you attend.  Text Chris Sailer 818-209-8921 to get in!

The Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping Awards Show will take place at 7:00 PM on Friday, January 15th at the JW Marriott (221 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89145).  Awards to be presented: Chris Sailer Award (presented to the National High School Placekicker of the Year), Chris Sailer Kicking All-Americans, Chris Sailer Kicking Most Improved (By Class), Chris Sailer Kicking Social Media Award, Chris Sailer Kicking Man of the Year Award, etc.  There is no cost to attend the Awards Show.  Dress is casual. All are invited.

Plan on being at camp until 6PM Sunday January 17th.  There is no way of knowing if you will make the Finals Round Sunday until you and all other participants have completed the initial round of charting Sunday morning.  Whether you make the Finals Round or not, you should plan on staying on watching the Finals Round.  Get the full experience from the camp! Note: Monday is the Martin Luther King holiday.

Location: Las Vegas Outdoor Soccer 1400 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89128
There is no bleacher seating.  Bring chairs or buy some cheap chairs if you would like to sit while you watch.

Why January? May is also known as “Contact Period” for college coaches.  This is the HOTTEST time of year for recruiting for all classes.  National Letter of Intent Day is in early February each year.  January offers maximum exposure.  Chris Rubio and myself will be handing 100′s of calls after this event.  College Scholarship will be awarded. Recruiting Boards will be set based on results and our evaluations.

Why January? Vegas XXVII gives you a chance to make the “TOP 12”.  “TOP 12” is the most important exposure list in the WORLD, period!  CLICK HERE to see the history of the “TOP 12”. You will be shocked to see how many current NFL starters are on this list.  Will you be next?

Vegas XXVII in NOT an Invite Only Camp.  This camp offers a great experience to kickers, punters, and long snappers of all levels.  Expect a wide range of talent from beginners to the best of the best from around the world in the Classes of 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, Junior Colleges and 4-Year Transfer Students.

Come prepared to enjoy your experience.  Do NOT put to much pressure on yourself.  Come with open eyes and ears.  Learn from your instructors and your peers.  Look around and take it all in.  Watch other groups.  Watch the college and pro demo.  Attend the Awards Show.  There are so many things to learn and that you can and will benefit from if you take advantage.  Leave the camp with goals and a motivation to work harder than ever!

Saturday – Instructional Day.  You will get plenty of reps.  Pace yourself.  Saturday ends with a Chris Sailer Kicking Original Last Man Standing Competition. Your group numbers will be emailed to you about a week prior to camp.

Sunday – Competition Day.  You will be charted.  You can compete in 1, 2, or all 3 skills.  This is up to you.  Your competition start time will be assigned to you at Check-In Saturday.
Those that just punt – you are automatically in Group #3 on Saturday.

Class of 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017– You may use tees up to 2″ for both Field Goal and Kickoffs.  The choice is yours.  Class of 2016, JC, and Transfers you must kick off the ground for Field Goals and use a 1″ tee for Kickoffs.

There are 2 Preparation Camps ahead for Vegas XXVII.  Time to get ready!

Los Angeles, CA – CLICK HERE

Atlanta, GA – CLICK HERE

What makes Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the business?  1st National Camp Ever for Specialists.  1st Kicking Company to ever to rank Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers on a true national scale.  Chris Sailer is the ONLY one that handles the evaluations and rankings for the Kickers and Punters.  Same holds true for Chris Rubio with the Long Snappers.  Talk to any college coach in America or any kicker or punter that has been to multiple camps and will see that Chris Sailer Kicking is the place to be for the best possible instruction and exposure.  Our advertising is word of mouth.  Come see for yourself!  See you in January!

2016 Vegas Add


2015 Chris Sailer Award Semi-Finalists Announced!

2015 Chris Sailer Award Semi-Finalists (15)
*In alphabetical order by first name

Brandon Cunningham (2016, TX)
14-15 FG’s (Long 43) 44-47 Extra Points

Brenton King (2017, GA)
15-18 FG’s (Long 50) 54-55 Extra Points

Briggs Bourgeois (2017, LA)
15-19 FG’s (Long 51) 35-36 Extra Points

Cosby Gray (2016, AL)
15-19 FG’s (Long 44) 33-33 Extra Points

Crews Holt (2016, TN)
13-17 FG’s (Long 55, 52) 62-63 Extra Points

David Cooper (2016, VA)
17-20 FG’s (Long 53, 51) 30-31 Extra Points

Grant Gonya (2018, OH)
12-12 FG’s (Long 43) 37-38 Extra Points

Jackson Smith (2016, TX)
16-21 FG’s (Long 45) 61-63 Extra Points

Jake Koehnke (2016, CA)
15-18 FG’s (Long 49) 32-32 Extra Points

Jose Borregales (2016, FL)
13-14 FG’s (Long 38) 48-51 Extra Points

Keith Duncan (2016, NC)
22-27 FG’s (Long 54, 52, 52, 50, 50) 60 – 60 Extra Points

Matt Araiza (2018, CA)
15-17 FG’s (Long 45) 50-53 Extra Points

Samuel Sloman (2016, GA)
19-21 FG’s (Long 53) 39-39 Extra Points

Skyler Southam (2016, UT)
20-26 FG’s (Long 53, 53) 33-34 Extra Points

Ricardo Terreaux (2016, AR)
14-15 (Long 43) 40-42 Extra Points

What is the Award?
The Chris Sailer Award is presented on an annual basis to the best national high school placekicker for that given season.

Who Is Eligible?
Every athlete that plays high school football at the varsity level, regardless of state, division, or age. You DO NOT have to attend a Chris Sailer Kicking camp to win this award.

How Do You Win?
Put up the best statistics for that give season. This includes: Field Goals made, Field Goal percentage, Field Goal Long, distances of all Field Goals made, Extra Points made, Extra Point percentage, game winning Field Goals made. The Chris Sailer Award selection committee will vote for the winner.

How Does the Voting Take Place?
The Chris Sailer Award Selection Committee will vote for the winner. The Committee includes: Chris Sailer, past and current NFL kickers, past and current NCAA kickers, past finalists for the Chris Sailer Award, and Sports writers and columnists.

August: A Watch List of 15 Placekickers will be announced each year before the high school football season begins. The players on the Watch List were selected based on statistics from the previous season and upcoming season expectations. The eventual winner does NOT have to be on the Watch List to win the awards.

November 30: Fifteen Semi-Finalists are announced. The Semi-Finalists will be determined by committee selection.

December 10: The Three Finalists are announced. The Finalists will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Sailer will break the tie with his vote.

January 15: The winner will be announced at the JW Marriott Hotel in Las Vegas, NV (7:00 PM). The winner will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Sailer will break the tie with his vote.

All statistics will have to be verified by your high school head coach before you can be announced as a Finalist.

Previous Winners:
2011 – Alex Ball (California), Lamar
2012 – Wyatt Schmidt (Minnesota), USC (Southern California)
2013 – Cole Hedlund (Texas), Arkansas
2014 – Tyler Bass (Georgia), Georgia Southern

Lindale Football Stadium at Night


10 Most Common Questions About VEGAS XXVII

1. How do I get invited to VEGAS XXVII? You don’t! It is OPEN TO ALL KICKERS/PUNTERS. It is not an invite only camp. It is a first come, first served Event. You REGISTER and you are in. 

2. How old do you have to be to attend VEGAS XXVII? 8th Grade, All levels of High School, Junior College, 4-Year Transfer Kickers/Punters are welcome. I will allow younger if it is pre-approved through me. 

3. Is VEGAS XXVII only for advanced Kickers/Punters? NO, it is open to all levels of Kickers/Punters. The earlier you go, the better you will be in the long run. Trust me, I have seen it countless times. Don’t be the guy who waits and then blows it because they were too nervous. Go early and get your butterflies knocked out sooner than later. 

4. Will there be small group sessions againYes! There will be a 4:00 – 5:00 small group session. This is a one hour block meant to knock off the rust, get some last minute fine-tuning in and get used to the fields, brand new footballs and myself. 

5. Is there a hotel you recommend for the Kickers/Punters and their parents? Yes, we have a group rate with the JW Marriott. It is about one mile from the fields and is superb.

6. When should we book flights? Plan on arriving on Friday (Remember, the Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping Awards Show is Friday Night at 7:00 PM at the JW Marriott) and either leaving after 9 pm on Sunday evening (camp will end at 6 pm) or Monday morning. Please note: Monday, the 18th of January is a holiday (MLK).

7. Is there a rental car company you recommend? Yes, for rental cars, follow these steps: Go to, Fill in the information as dates and times needed, In the optional area you will add L540231 and then click continue, The next screen will ask for a PIN which is RUB, Choose your car and enjoy the discount.

8. If I am playing another sport (basketball) on Friday, can I arrive on Saturday morning? Yes, but I MUST be notified as early as possible so I can put you in a later group on Saturday. 

9. Why is VEGAS XXVII important? It is a major one for the recruitment of seniors since it is right before signing day, beyond important for the underclassmen as their recruiting will just be going into high gear and your only chance to be selected to the “TOP 12” (the “TOP 12”  will be selected for the Invite Only “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” camp this summer in CA)

10. What do I get for attending VEGAS XXVII? The best on Kicking/Punting instruction in the world, a chance to meet the best Kickers/Punters in college and the NFL (they will be on hand assisting me all weekend), a Chris Sailer Kicking shirt, a PROFILE PAGE (Ranking) with Chris Sailer Kicking, a chance to make the “TOP 12” and the winner of the camp receives one year of free Chris Sailer Kicking camps (accommodations and transportation not included).

2016 Vegas Add


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 FL Recap Article, Punter Anckle Steps Up!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2015 Fall Camp Tour rolled on with a recent stop in Delray Beach, FL.  The camp was filled with talented athletes that were ready to compete.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Andrew Anckle (2016, FL) – Andrew is a talented punter that continues to improve in skill and confidence each time that we see him.  He won the punt competition by consistency hitting 40 plus yard punts with 4.4 plus second hang time.  He carried the consistent performance into the finals round and was able to outlast some excellent kickers.  Andrew a nice college prospect that will be able to compete at any level.

Field Goal Champion:
Noah Brunner (2016, KY) – Noah is a great kicking prospect.  His field goals are outstanding.  He has 55 plus yard range and gets great height off the ground.  His kickoffs are also college ready.  Noah is an experience player that does very well under pressure.  He will be a fine addition to any college football program.

Field Goal Champion:
Nolan Paussa (2016, NC) – Nolan is an excellent field goal kicker.  He is smooth and accurate off the ground.  His kickoffs are solid and show nice future college.  Nolan is a competitor that steps up under pressure.  He has the tools to take his game to the next level.

Kickoff Champion:
Edwin Noyes (2016, FL) – Edwin is an outstanding combo prospect.  He shows D1 ability as a kicker and punter.  On this day he won the kickoff competition by hitting several balls over 65 yards with close to 4 second hang time.  He also a very talented punter, a major strength.  I expect him to be a P/KO specialist at the next level.

Other 2016 Standouts:
Santiago Arango – JC Kicker that has great ability.  Field goals and kickoffs are both solid.
Samuel Scharff – Strong legged senior with natural ability.  Big upside.

Class of 2017 Standouts:
Billy Mitchell – Excellent prospect.  Has D1 ability.
Marco Salani – Strong field goal kicker.
Shane McDonough – Strong natural ability.  Nice potential.
Vladamir Rivas – Big leg that has just scratched the surface of what he is capable of.
Joey Fontana – Keeps improving each time we see him.

Best 2018 Kicker/Punter:
Jovan Rice – Jovan is a great young talent.  The future is bright.

Youth MVP:
Carter Davis – FBU Youth All-American that dominates for his age.  He is able to hit 40 yard field goals.

Chris Sailer Kicking will next visit Chicago, IL (November 22), Dallas, TX (December 13), Atlanta, GA (January 9), & Los Angeles, CA (January 9).  Then get ready for the big one, Vegas XXVII (January 16-17, 2016).  Hundreds of specialists will converge in Las Vegas to train in compete at the largest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world.  Visit for more information and to register for all camps.


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 NJ Fall Camp Recap, Silvester Wins It!

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour made a recent stop in New Jersey. The camp featured specialists from 10 plus states hoping to be the next to earn a free invitation to Vegas XXVII.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion: Eric Silvester (2016, NY)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student was dominant all day.  He won both of the major field goal competitions against stiff competition.  Eric shows 60 yard field goal range off the ground and kicks with great consistency.  His kickoffs are D1 ready and his punting shows excellent promise.  Eric is a tremendous competitor that is ready for the next level.  OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion / Punt Champion: Tommy Martin (2017, VA)
Tommy is a big time talent.  He is a great athlete with one of the strongest legs in the nation in this class.  His field goals are smooth and accurate.  His kickoffs are a major strength, he hit a 77 yard, 4.03 kickoff at camp.  Tommy is also developing into a special punter.  Look for Tommy to compete with the best of the best in this class over the next year.  He is a D1 prospect without a doubt.

Next Best Overall Prospect: Justin Davidovicz (2017, NJ)
Justin is an excellent prospect.  He is very strong on field goals.  His kickoffs are also impressive.  Justin is a competitor that will turn the heads of college coaches. He has a bright college future.

Next Best 2016 Prospect: Troy DiBendetto
2017 Standouts: Cole Gallagher, Matthew Alswanger
2018 Standouts: Jonathan Lindquist, Aidan Clemente, Will Goldy

Chris Sailer Kicking will next visit Chicago, IL (November 22), Dallas, TX (December 13), Atlanta, GA (January 9), & Los Angeles, CA (January 9).  Then get ready for the big one, Vegas XXVII (January 16-17, 2016).  Hundreds of specialists will converge in Las Vegas to train in compete at the largest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world.  Visit for more information and to register for all camps.


Chris Sailer Kicking – GA Fall Camp Recap, Onate Wins It!

The third stop on the 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Tour was in Atlanta, GA.  Well over 100 specialists were in attendance at the always highly anticipated 1-day camp.  As each year passes, this region of the country produces more and more college specialists.  The talent at this camp is top notch.  Winning any competition against this level of talent is definitely a huge resume builder.  Take a look at the results:

Overall Camp Champion:
Frankie Onate (2017, FL) – Frankie is a newcomer to Chris Sailer Kicking.  He is a major talent.  His field goals are excellent.  His kickoffs are near the very top of his class.  And he is also an impressive punter.  Perhaps his strongest quality is his confidence and ability to perform under pressure.  Frankie should be a top prospect in this class.

Field Goal Champion:
Alex Woznick (2016, SC) – Alex is one of the very best kickers in the nation.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking kicker continued to dominance of camps.  On this day he was the field goal champion.  He connected on over 90% of his field goals over the course of the day and showed range of 55+ yards off the ground.  He kicks with great confidence.  His kickoffs are D1 ready.  OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion:
Mitchell Wasson (2016, GA) – Mitchell is a sure fire D1 scholarship pick.  He has perhaps the strongest leg in the nation and as much potential as anyone.  He won the kickoff competition with ease by hitting several balls over 70 yards with 4.20+ hang time.  His field goals are also outstanding.  OFFER NOW!!!

Punt Champion:
Tucker Day (2017, TN) – Tucker is the real deal.  The #1 ranked punter in the nation proved why once again.  He routinely hits punts of 50+ yards with over 5.0+ second hang time.  Tucker is a great athlete with endless potential.  He is also very strong on both field goal and kickoff.  He knows how to handle pressure very well.  OFFER NOW!!!

2016 D1 Prospects:
Jackson Morris – Strong, consistent and technically sound kicker.  D1 ready.
Samuel Sloman – Dominant field goal kicker.  Kickoffs are solid.
Edwin Noyes – Developing D1 punter.  Shows potential as a kicker.
Rogier Ten Lohuis – Big, strong and talented. Could be a real sleeper.

Other 2016 Standouts: Caleb Chadwell, Daryian Basco, Logan Wheat, Noah Gilbert

2017 D1 Prospects:
Joseph Doyle – Talented combo (K/P) player.  Could dominate Vegas XXVII.
Nick Rice – Huge leg. Tons of potential.

Other 2017 Standouts – Branden Glick, Dawson Bundrum, Isaac Garcia, Karim Darwiche, Keaton Borrelli, Manny Herrera, Michael Leisle, Matt Norton

2018 D1 Prospect:
Jake Camarda – #1 kicking and punting prospect in the nation.

Other 2018 Standouts: Bryce Jones, Cade Lejune, Cole Hanna, Joseph Gannon, Luke Darby, Micah Gilbert, Wesley Wells

2019 D1 Prospect:
Will Reichard – Simply outstanding for his age.

Other 2019 Standouts: Bernardo Burgos, Jackson Barkley, Patrick Markwalter

2020 Standout: Parker Hannon

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in CA, NJ, FL, IL, and TX.  As always the big finale will be VEGAS XXVII (January 16-17) where kickers, punters and long snappers from all over the world gather to learn & compete with the best.  #TeamSailer