Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 10 College Players of the Week, Chris Dunn & Joe Schopper Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week:

Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 54), 3-3 Extra Points
Week 2: Brandon Ruiz (Arizona State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 49), 1-1 Extra Points, Game Winning Field Goal vs. Michigan State
Week 3: Cameron Dicker (Texas) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 46), 4-4 Extra Points
Week 4: Connor Assalley (Iowa State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 37) 2-2 Extra Points
Week 5: JJ Molson (UCLA) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 50) 1-1 Extra Points
Week 6: Matthew Trickett (Kent State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 49) 2-2 Extra Points
Week 7: Cole Tracy (LSU) 5-5 Field Goals (Long 39), 3-3 Extra Points
Week 8: John Barron II (San Diego State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 51) + Game Winner, 1-1 Extra Points
Week 9: Jameson Vest (Toledo) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 45), 6-6 Extra Points
Week 10: Chris Dunn (NC State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 38) 5-5 Extra Points

Chris Dunn, NC State

Week 1: Jake Bailey (Stanford) 48.8 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 63)
Week 2: Brandon Wright (Georgia State) 56.3 Yard Average on 4 Punts (Long 65)
Week 3: Tyler Newsome (Notre Dame) 59.6 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 63)
Week 4: Braden Mann (Texas A&M) 60.8 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 65)
Week 5: Drue Christman (Ohio State) 47.9 Yard Average on 9 Punts (Long 58)
Week 6: Braden Mann (Texas A&M) 59.9 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 82)
Week 7: Cody Grace (Arkansas State) 45.5 Yard Average on 7 Punts (Long 62)
Week 8: Yanni Routsas (UTSA) 47.3 Yard Average on 9 Punts (Long 58)
Week 9: Quinton Conaway (Nevada) 51.1 Yard Average on 9 Punts (68)
Week 10: Joe Schopper (Purdue) 54.3 yard Average on 3 Punts (Long 59)

Joe Schopper, Purdue


50+ Yard Field Goals:
Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU) 54, Gabriel Rui (Kansas) 54, Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M) 52, Cole Hedlund (North Texas) 51
Week 2: John Barron II (San Diego State) 52, Cole Tracy (LSU) 50, Tyler Bass (Georgia Southern) 50
Week 3: John Barron II (San Diego State) 54, Nick Madonia (Tennessee Tech) 54
Week 4: Blake Mazza (Washington State) 50, Massimo Biscardi (Coastal Carolina) 50, John Barron II (San Diego State) 50
Week 5: Justin Davidovicz (Rutgers) 52, JJ Molson (UCLA), 50
Week 6: Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia) 53, Cole Hedlund (North Texas) 52
Week 7: Jose Borregales (FIU) 53, Riley Guay (Vanderbilt) 53, Tyler Sumpter (Troy) 50
Week 8: John Barron II (San Diego State) 51
Week 9: Kyle Pfau (Louisiana Lafayette) 52
Week 10: Lucas Havrisik (Arizona (55), Jake Verity (East Carolina) 52

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 selected each week)
Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU), Chase McCrath (USC), Cole Hedlund (North Texas)
Week 2: James Sherman (Texas State)
Week 3: Cole Tracy (LSU)
Week 4: Connor Assalley (Iowa State), John Barron II (San Diego State)
Week 5: None
Week 6: Cameron Dicker (Texas)
Week 7: Cole Tracy (LSU)
Week 8: Cole Tracy (LSU), John Barron II (San Diego State)
Week 9: None
Week 10: Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia)

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!

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Two More CSK “Event Elite” Pull In Huge Offers!

Chris Sailer Kicking specialists continued a huge month of June with two more big time offers coming in for “Event Elite” Members.  Tristan Vizcaino (2014 CA) picked up an offer from Washington State and Austin McGehee picked up an offer from Purdue this week.  Both Tristan and Austin are longtime CSK students that excel at both the kicking and punting positions.

This caps off a huge month of June that saw well over a dozen specialists receive and/or commit to big time offers.  This is just the start.  Recruiting will continue to pick up in July.  Expect many many more to follow in their footsteps.  The “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” Camp as well as the Underclassmen “Invite Only” Event will pump exposure to every college coach in America.  Welcome to #TeamSailer

Austin McGehee & Chris Sailer at the 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas this past May!