The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking College Camp Was Loaded With Talent!

The 2017 Chris Sailer Kicking College Camp took place in Tampa, FL on July 14-16.  The athletes arrived from all over America on Friday and checked into the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza near the airport.  Saturday began with a 3 hour training session, followed by a 2 hour film breakdown session.  Athletes and staff headed to downtown Tampa for an evening of fun and relaxation.  Sunday kicked off with another 3 hour training session before the specialists returned to the hotel to pack up and head back to their colleges.

The weekend offered a great combination of training and comradery.  This camp was absolutely loaded with talent.  Specialists from the SEC, BIG 12, PAC 12, ACC & more were in attendance.  The competition was intense from start to finish.  Take a look at the results.

Day 1: Eddy Pineiro (Kicker) & Michael Carrizosa (Punter)
Day 2: Aidan Schneider (Kicker) & Michael Carrizosa (Punter)

Eddy Pineiro (Florida) – Eddy is an incredible talent that has NFL written all over him.  Look for Eddy to follow up a tremendous freshman year with another strong sophomore campaign.

Tristan Vizcaino (Washington) – Tristan may just be the most talented all around specialist in the nation.  His ability on field goal, kickoff and punt is off the charts.

Garrett Owens (Iowa State) – Garrett is primed for a huge 2017 season.  The transfer from Oregon State has great NFL ability and he is nails mentally.

Aidan Schneider (Oregon) – Aidan has put together one of the strongest field goals percentages in the history of college football over the past 3 seasons.  Expect greatness this season.

Blanton Creque (Louisville) – Blanton is as smooth and accurate as they come.  He hits a pure ball and has excellent range.  Blanton should be in the Lou Groza Award conversation by seasons end.

Andrew Gantz (Cincinnati) – Andrew is one of the best kicker in the nation.  Very smooth kicker that dominates under pressure.  Andrew should challenge the best in 2017.

Jack Gonsoulin (LSU) – Jack is a big time talent.  He hits an NFL level ball and does well under pressure.  Look for Jack to make some noise at LSU this year.

Cole Murphy (Syracuse) – Cole continues to make big strides.  He has great ability on both field goal and kickoff.  Look for Cole to have a big season this Fall.

Cole Tracy (Assumption) – Cole has proven himself during the season (7 FG’s in one game… twice) and proved himself once again at this camp against the big name college guys.  He is simply a great kicker.

Lorran Fonseca (Nichols State) – Lorran can kick with the best of them.  He hits a big time ball on both field goal and kickoff.  Look for Lorran to dominate this coming season.

Liam Jones (Kansas), Andrew Strauch (UCLA), Jaime Medina (Sacramento State), Kevin Robledo (SMU), Jeffrey Chan (Syracuse), Zach Mays (Cornell), Diego Marquez (Miami), Cole Smith (Cincinnati), Jake Lane (Jacksonville State), Jose Perez (Incarnate Word), Parker Grothaus (Incarnate Word), Jefferson Norwood (Lenoir Rhyne).

Michael Carrizosa (San Jose State) – Michael is the real deal.  The former Ray Guy Award Finalist has the NFL in his sights.  He absolutely hammers the ball and punts with great consistency.

Shane Tripucka (Texas A&M) – Shane is a fantastic SEC punter.  He had a great 2016 and shows all the signs of building on that in 2017.  He has NFL ability.

Jacob De Maio (Weber State) – Jacob is a great punting talent.  He is big, tall and very strong.  He was excellent in 2016 and should be even better in 2017.

DJ Arnson (Northern Arizona), Taylor Cornish (Missouri Southern State).

The 2017 is a few months away.  Expect greatness from Chris Sailer Kicking specialists.  For more information visit


Chris Sailer Kicking News – 2017 College Camps

Chris Sailer of Chris Sailer Kicking and Chris Rubio of Rubio Long Snapping will NOT be running any college specialist camps during the summer of 2017.  The NCAA has passed a new rule (April 2017) that prohibits us from coaching at these camps.   The SEC, PAC-12,  BIG 12, etc. have informed us that it would be against NCAA rules to hire us, or anyone else that attempts to do what we do, as they have in the past.

Most University specialist camps will proceed as usual, but will simply be run by the college football staffs themselves.  We still encourage attendance at these camps for 2018 prospects.  However, as always we caution you as to how many you choose to attend.  We recommend 3-5 of these camps total.  It is important that you are always fresh and healthy at these camps.  Never snap on back to back days, especially with the travel involved.  Remember, word of mouth will spread very quickly among coaches.  Three to five strong performances will go a long way.  One poor performance will spread even quicker.

Rest assured, Rubio and I will be in communication with nearly every program in the nation. College coaches will know who the top Sailer and Rubio prospects are, well before the camps.  Having said that, be sure to attend camps that match your athletic and academic abilities. Best of luck and be sure to keep us posted on your experiences and performances.


Which Summer Camps Should I Attend in 2016?

Summer Camps 2016

The most common question that I have been asked so far about the summer of 2016 has been, “There are so many camps, how do I know which camps to attend and how many should I attend?”

I will do my best to give you some simple and clear tips.

What types of camps are there?

College Camps:

•    These are essentially tryouts that are run by the Universities themselves.
•    Seniors to be should attend these camps (Class of 2017)
•    Younger players may want to attend one of these simply for experience.  (Unless you are the #1 or #2 ranked specialist in the nation)
•    Be smart about how many you attend.  You should not kick back to back days as you will not show your best.
•    Register for these camps through the University by either going to their website or calling the football office.
•    Don’t expect great instruction.  Remember, these are basically tryouts.  Most eyes will be on the best of the best.
•    Camp size ranges from 75-250 Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers.

Chris Sailer Kicking Underclassmen Invitational & “TOP 12” & Event Elite: 

•    These are the ONLY 2 INVITE ONLY camps that Chris Sailer Runs.  You must be invited to attend.
•    You should 100% attend if you are invited.
•    These camps should be your #1 priority. Period.
•    Underclassmen = Juniors, Sophomores, Freshman, 8th Graders for the coming year, 7th Graders for the coming year.
•    Underclassmen is a combination of education & competition.  Parents should 100% attend as this camp is it is as much for them.
•    Underclassmen camp size approximately 75 Kickers & Punters.
•    “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” = Best of the best in the world invited based on performance in Las Vegas in either January or May.
•    “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” is open to the public for viewing.
•    Rankings will be updated based on performance. To be held at the prestigious IMG Academy Campus in FL.

Chris Sailer Kicking – 1 Day Camps in Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ & Los Angeles, CA:

•    Most popular CSK camps that provide the entire experience. (Instruction, Parent Involvement, Film Analysis, Competition, Rankings)
•    Those entering senior year should attend 1-2 of these camps this summer. (1 in your region and 1 outside your region)
•    Younger players should attend at least one of these.

FBU Camps:

•    Invite only camps run by FBU (A Chris Sailer Kicking Partner)
•    If you are invited, you should 100% attend at least 1 of these camps.
•    Expect great instruction and exposure
•    Camps run by Chris Sailer or Chris Sailer Kicking Staff (Obi Egekeze, Erik Folk, Carson Wiggs, Chris Nendick).
•    Regional camps in Austin (TX) 4/8-4/9, San Antonio (TX) 4/15-4/16,  Miami (FL) 4/15-4/16, Phoenix (AZ) 4/22-4/23, Orlando (FL) 4/22-4/23,  Lafayette (LA) 6/3-6/4, Los Angeles (CA) 6/24-6/25.
•    Top Gun camp in Rock Hill, SC on July 14-15, 2016.
•    2 Kickers, 2 Punters & 2 Long Snappers will be selected to play in the 2014 U.S. Army All-American Bowl at the Top Gun Camp.
•    Youth specialists will be selected to play in the 7th, 8th & 9th Grade FBU All-American Games! Other specialists will be invited to play in the FBU National Championships.
•    Register for these camps by calling FBU 973-366-5027
•    Rankings on are updated based on performance.

College Camp (4-Year College Specialists)

•    Open to Class of 2016 High School Graduates heading to a 4-Year University or College.
•    Open to all current Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors currently at a 4-Year University.
•    2-Day overnight camp, including hotel + airport pick up and drop off.  To be held at the prestigious IMG Academy Campus in FL.

So, of course, now you have follow up questions.

Q: My son is a senior to be, won’t his legs get tired?

A: If you want to play college football, this summer should be 100% dedicated to kicking & punting.  To answer the question….YES, they will get tired.  You have to be smart about laying out your summer schedule.  You cannot kick/punt everyday.  Your body needs rest to stay healthy and maintain the ability to perform at your highest level.  Try not to kick/punt on consecutive days.  If you have to kick/punt on consecutive days, take 2 days of rest before the next time you kick/punt.

Q: Many camps are scheduled for the same day?  And if I cannot kick/punt on consecutive days I am going to miss out on many opportunities, so what do I do?

A: It is impossible to be in 2 places at once.  So sometimes you will have to make tough choices.  A college coach can schedule you to come kick/punt for them on an alternate date.  As long as the University is putting on another camp on that day, you can go kick/punt for them.  The coach has to be willing to do this for you.  This is how you will know how bad they really want you.  Call the coach and try to schedule and alternate date.

Q: How do I prioritize which camps are most important?

A: 1. “TOP 12” & “Event Elite”, 2. Underclassmen Invitational 3. FBU Top Gun, 4. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 5. FBU Regional Camps, 6. College Camps

Q: Camp costs and the travel costs associated with these camps can be very expensive, so what do I do?

A: You will have to prioritize based on the above.  It is important to see other parts of the country if possible.  This will one day make the college decision process much easier.  Again, tough choices.

Q: I am getting a lot of “Invites” from competitors of yours?  Do I have to go to these?

A: I can write a book on this.  But to keep it simple, No.  Invites aren’t invites if they invite everyone.  Our website is used everyday to solicit.  Clever advertising doesn’t equal a quality camp.  Chris Sailer Kicking is the #1 most trusted resource for college coaches nationwide.  Actions speak louder than words.  Believe in Chris Sailer Kicking and will you not be disappointed.

Q: How do I register for a Chris Sailer Kicking Camp?


Q: How do I register for an FBU Camp?



•    Be realistic about your skill level when it comes to college camps.  Remember, these are tryouts.  Attend college camps at the level in which you are capable of playing.  This will give you college options.  Attend D1, D2, D3, NAIA, etc. camps where you have a realistic chance of playing.  Otherwise you will simply be spinning your wheels.  Be open minded in your search.
•    There is no way to figure out 100% which Universities will be offering scholarships.  Things are always changing.  Almost every University will take 1 Kicker, 1 Punter & 1 Long Snapper each year as either a scholarship or preferred walk on athlete.  So, all college camps provide opportunity.  Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out everything that happens behind the scenes.  Their is NO LIST.
•    If a college doesn’t have a kicking camp (common with lower level schools), call the coach and ask for a day that you can kick/punt for them.
•    Don’t kick at a college camp if your are not 100%.  You want to show at your absolute best.  Your performance/results/charts will be used by not only that University, but shared with others as well.  Word travels fast both in the positive and negative.
•    When you travel, take advantage of the opportunity. Visit Universities in the area.  Get a feel for the area or region of the country.  Do not be afraid to simply walk on campus and into the football office.  Tell them you are a Chris Sailer Kicking recruit and would love a tour.  Most Universities will treat you very well.

Class of 2016:
Attend in this order of importance: 1. College Camp for 4-Year College Specialists. 2. 1-Day Chris Sailer Kicking Camps

Class of 2017:
Attend in this order of importance: 1. “TOP 12” & “Event Elite”, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. (2) Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps (Different parts of the country), 4. FBU Regional Camps, 5. College Camps

Class of 2018:
Attend in this order of importance:  1.Underclassmen Invitational, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2019:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen Invitational, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2020:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen Invitational, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2021:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen Inviational, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

See you this summer!