Joseph Bulovas Dominates Texas Fall Camp!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour concluded with a huge camp in Dallas, TX on Sunday, December 13th.  Nearly 200 specialists from all over the nation attended to compete and prepare for the upcoming Vegas Event in January.  There was a great mix of young and upcoming talent such as Cael Lundin, Brody Patty and Brian Barber to seasoned veterans like Bailey Raborn (LSU Commit), Butch Hampton (Western Michigan Commit) and Luke Hogan (Brown Offer).  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion: Joseph Bulovas (2017, LA) – Joseph is a longtime Chris Sailer Kicking studenty that absolutely stepped up on this day.  He won the kickoff competition as well as a major field goal competition.  He is a tremendous athlete with one of the strongest legs in the nation in his class.  He shows easy 55+ yard range off the ground on field goals.  He put many kickoffs through the uprights.  Joseph is a great competitor that does his best under pressure.  He is a sure fire scholarship pick.  Offer Now!!!

Field Goal Champion: Cole Gibson (2016, VA) – Cole has an impressive camp from start to finish.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  He hits an excellent college level ball off the ground on field goals.  His kickoffs are also ready for the D1 level.  Look for Cole to turn heads as we head into Vegas XXVII.  He is a D1 kicker without a doubt.

Punt Champion – Oscar Draguicevich (2016, TX) – Oscar had an excellent day punting.  He is a good athlete that punts with nice consistency.  Oscar punts for outstanding hang time and distance.  He averaged over 40 yards per punt, with 4.4 plus hang time.  He also shows the ability to hit a big ball.  He has a bright college future.

Top 2016 Prospects: Bailey Raborn, Butch Hampton, Jake Oldroyd, Luke Hogan, Blake Patterson, Alvin Kenworthy, Grant Perkins, John Hilfer, Will Moore, Caleb Chadwell, Colby Lorenz, Daniel Esparza, Gavin Capehart, John Wengierski, Nolan Harvill, Edwin Noyes.

Top 2017 Prospects: Josh Grant, Jovi Munoz, Briggs Bourgeois, Forrest Diaz, Gabe Pontiff, Geoffrey Pace, Grant McCartney, Johan Zetterberg, Karim Darwiche, Kevin Madigan, Luis Reyes, Marco Salani, Michael Ewton, Nick Horiates, Peyton Henry, Ryan Harwell, Tony Decozio, Seth Green, Tristan Perry, Taylor Cornish, Liam Bunnell.

Top 2018 Prospects: Cole Talley, Chris Kessler, Austin Guidry, Kaeden Roberts, Karch Kaspar, Grant Braught, Hayden Nelson, Jim Hayden, Jacob Meeks, Jake Smith, Savana Melton.

Top 2019 Prospects: Alex Felkins, Brian Barber, Brody Patty, Kyle Gifford, Wesley McHugh, Austin Rychlik.

2020 Future Star: Victor Garza.

2022 Future Star: Cael Lundin – Named FBU Youth All-American post event by Chris Sailer.

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour is now complete.  The world is now preparing for Vegas XXVII.  Hundreds of specialists will converge in Las Vegas to train and compete at the largest kicking, punting and long snapping camp in the world on January 15-17, 2016.  In preparation there will be 2 camps on January 9th (Los Angeles, CA & Atlanta, GA).  Visit for more information and to register for all camps.

Joseph Bulovas should challenge for a "TOP 12" Spot this coming January in Las Vegas!

Joseph Bulovas should challenge for a “TOP 12” Spot this coming January in Las Vegas!


TX Summer Camp Recap – Ewton Comes Out On Top!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour rolled on with a stop in Dallas, TX on July 23.  Always a hot bed for talent, specialists once again did not disappoint at this very popular camp.  Well over 100 athletes representing over a dozen states and 2 countries were in attendance.  Instruction, recruiting seminars, competition and evaluation were once again the name of the game.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion:
Michael Ewton (2017, TX) – Michael stepped up big time.  He is one of the best pure field goal kickers in the Class of 2017.  He rarely misses and showed range well beyond 50 yards.  Michael hits a true ball off the ground.  His kickoffs are also solid and show promise.  A great competitor that will stay near the top of this class the next few years.

Field Goal Champion:
Joe Brookhart (2016, CO) – Joe is a gifted kicker / punter.  He is a great looking athlete with a strong leg.  He has nice natural talent.  Joe hit a 60-yard field goal to win this competition.  His kickoffs are also college ready.  Plus he shows talent and potential as a punter.  He has the tools to be a great college player.

Kickoff Champion:
Bailey Raborn (2016, LA) – Bailey is one of the very best, if not the best combo player in the nation.  The UCLA commit is a special talent.  On this day he hit a 87 yard kickoff with 4.00 hang time.  He also hit another kickoff off the upright from the 35 yard line.  His field goals are strong.  And his best skill just might be his punting.  The versatile athlete will be a great player for the Bruins.

Punt Champion:
John Delagarza (2016, TX) – John is a great talent.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  He has the ideal frame for a D1-Punter.  He easily hits 45 yard punts with over 4.5 second hang time.  He shows that he can hit 60 yard punts with 4.9 second hang time.  His potential us fantastic.  As he becomes more consistent, the sky is the limit.  Could be a huge sleeper in this class.

Top Class of 2016 Prospect:
Blake Patterson (TX) – This lefty has big time potential.  He has 55 plus yard range on field goals.  He shows that he can hit kickoffs 75 yards with 4.15 hang time.  And he has the ability to develop into a punter as well.  Blake is a D1 prospect without a doubt.

Other Class of 2016 Standouts: Aidan Daily, Cole Moos, Gabriel Rui, Alex Webb, Colby Lorenz, Landen Saling, Ryan Travis, Reece Morrison, Phillip Keys, Hayden Ashley, Caleb Chadwell, Zach Bryant.

Top Class of 2017 Prospect:
Hayden Moehring (AR) – Hayden is quickly vaulting himself into the national spotlight.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student had a huge day.  The now 5-Star rated kicker hits a big ball off the ground.  Field goals are outstanding.  Kickoffs are in the top 5 in the country in this class.  He hit several balls over 75 yards with 4.0 second hang time.  Hayden is a future star at the college level.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Kevin Madigan, Josh Grant, Austin Neuhauser, Eric Carrasco, Gabe Pontiff, Geoffrey Pace, Liam Denholm, Luis Diaz, Luis Reyes, Robert Blue.

Top Class of 2018 Prospect:
Cole Talley (TX) – Cole can potentially be the #1 ranked kicker in this class for years to come.  A great athlete with an incredible leg.  He nearly beat out all the seniors on kickoffs.  His best ball was 73 yards with 4.15 second hang time. Also has outstanding range on field goals. With hard work, he could be special.

Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Connor Sweeney, Jacob Meeks

Top Class of 2019 Prospect:
Will Reichard (AL) – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student is starting to come into his own.  He has always had great form and kicked with excellent consistency, but now the power is there as well.  He hit field goals from 50, 52 and 54 yards.  His kickoffs were also outstanding for his age.  He is a great competitor who does very well under pressure.  Look for Will to be a top kicker in this class for years to come.

Other Class of 2019 Standouts: Brian Barber, Alex Felkins, Josh Plaster, Luke Ayoub, Tyler Shearer

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make a stops in Charlotte, NC (July 25), Atlanta, GA (July 26) and Los Angeles, CA (July 29).
For more statistics, evaluations, rankings and future camp dates visit or contact Chris Sailer 818-209-8921 (text) or (Email).

Bailey Raborn, UCLA commit, #1 Combo Prospect in the nation.

Bailey Raborn, UCLA commit, #1 Combo Prospect in the nation.