2018 CA Spring Camp Recap – Seth Vernon Wins It!

The road to Vegas XXXII has officially begun. The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour started in Los Angeles, CA on March 4. Well over 100 specialists representing over 10 states were in attendance at Notre Dame High School. The talent was off the charts. This camp was a great indication of how fierce the competition to make TOP 12 in Las Vegas is going to be in May. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Seth Vernon (JC, CA) – Seth is an incredibly talented athlete. The 6’5”, 215 pound punter showed incredible potential from start to finish. He shows the ability to hit a big time D1 punt and became more and more consistent as the day went along. He won the camp by nailing 9 of out of 10 punts 40+ yards with 4.4 plus hang time in the finals round. He hit several balls 50+ yards with 5.0 plus hang time. Seth should be the #1 junior college punting prospect in the nation in the Class of 2019.

Field Goal Champions
Ronan Donnelly (2020, CA) – Ronan had an outstanding all around day. He was smooth and accurate on field goals and got great height on his ball off the ground. He also showed that he can hit a D1 level kickoff. His best ball measured 68 yards with 4.08 hang time. Ronan has proven that he is a top national kicking prospect in the Class of 2020. Big things are ahead for this young athlete.

Harry Hill (2019, HI) – Harry was one of the very best kickers in attendance once again. He recently won a major field goal competition in Las Vegas and followed that up with another one in CA. He hits a pure ball and is one of the most consistent performers in the nation. Harry is also strong on kickoffs. Look for Harry to dominate Vegas XXXII in May and should challenge for a TOP 12 spot.

Kickoff Champion
Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA) – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker/Punter was solid as usual. He won the kickoff competition by hitting 4 kickoffs 65+ yards with 3.8 – 4.1 hang time. He was also one of the best field goal kickers and did a nice job punting the ball. He is a top junior college prospect that is eligible to transfer now and still has 4 years to play 3. He is going to make a fine addition to any college football program.

Class of 2018/JC Top Prospects
Seth Vernon, Andrew Rodriguez, Clay D’Amico, Carson Olivas, Jared Porter, Con Brady, Andros Pedroza, Dominic Cea

Class of 2019 Top Prospects
Harry Hill, Brandon Petruescu, Cade Fuller, Carson Sten, Dean Janikowski, Dylan Orr, Jack Oswald, Charles Bein, Justin Huff, Nick Kokich, Nico Villamizar, Colton Theaker, Enrico Hernandez, Jack Bosman, Jacob Lang, Nicholas Neate, Ramiro Hernandez

Class of 2020 Top Prospects
Ronan Donnelly, Anthony Raya, Archie Green, Fabien Guillen, Nick Hill, Miles, Mena, Keola Downing, Luke Holland, Nate Miskella, Otis Cain, Rourke Rieman, Santiago Garcia-Mendez

Class of 2021 Future Stars
Adam Awaida, Alec Silver, Carson Irvin, Matthew Sailer, Ian Sepko, Jarrett North, Julius Juang, Michael Pernisco, Nick Tawney, Sebastian Conway-Burt, Seth Ponce

Youth Standouts: Jaden Espadas, Ryan Sailer

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with camps in Charlotte, NC (March 11), Seattle, WA (March 18), New Jersey (March 25), Phoenix, AZ (March 25), Chicago, IL (April 7), Atlanta, GA (April 22), Los Angeles, CA (May 6) and concludes with the big finale in Las Vegas on May 12-13, 2018. To more information and to register for future camps, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

Take a look at the incredible Finals Round Footage:


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXXI Competition Champions

Vegas XXIX – January 13-14, 2018

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results


Kicking – Tim Horn (2019, HI)

Punting – George Georgopolous (2018, SC)

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Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2021) – Josh Bryan (2021, CA)
Group 2 (Class of 2019) – Harry Hill (2019, HI)
Group 4 (Class of 2019) – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
Group 5 (Class of 2018, Junior College & Transfers) – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)

Consistency – Jay Bramblett (2019, AL)
Last Man Standing – Justin Lomakin (2018, CA)
Head to Head – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:

Class of 2021: Carson Barefoot (MS), Andy Borregales (FL), David Kemp (KS) & Thomas Southey (CA)

Class of 2020: JJ Wadas (IN) & James Williams (GA)

Class of 2019: Tim Horn (HI)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Jaime Medina (CA) & Kyle Sentkowski (WA)

Kickoff Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA) & Bert Auburn (TX)

Class of 2020: Jacob Moraschinelli (OH)

Class of 2019: Camden Lewis (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Alex Stadthaus (TX)

Punt Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA)

Class of 2020: James Williams (GA) & Daniel Cristiani (IN)

Class of 2019: Ben Kiernan (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Carson Olivas (CA)

Sunday Finals Round Results

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1

Hoyoung Sohn (OR) defeats Brandon Dickerson (SC)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats Joey Mitchell (OH)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jack Bosman (CA)

Chris Wood (CA) defeats Camden Lewis (NC)


Round 2

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Hoyoung Sohn (OR)

Nolan McCord (GA) defeats Andre Mazur (OH)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats JJ Wadas (IN)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats James Williams (GA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)

Carson Garrett (TX) defeats Nicolas Lopez (CA)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Chris Wood (CA)

Devin Parker (IL) defeats Clay D’Amico (CA)


Round 3

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Nolan McCord (GA)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats Dean Janikowski (CA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Carson Garrett (TX)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Devin Parker (IL)


Round 4

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Jackson Garcia (AZ)



Time Horn (HI) defeats Kyle Sentkowski (WA)


FINALS ROUND Punting Results – Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)

 Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2020: Daniel Cristiani (IN), James Williams (GA), Jacob Moraschinelli (OH).

Class of 2019: Charles Bein (CA), Jack Bosman (CA), Jack Brady (FL), Jay Bramblett (AL), Hunter Benton (SC), Evan Davis (NC), Benjamin Donald (Australia), Ryan Fitzgerald (GA), Landon Fogleman (NC), Cade Fuller (CA), Noah Grant (OH), Michael Hayes (SC), Matthew Hoffman (CA), Ben Kiernan (NC), Jack Martin (AL), Austin McNamara (AZ), Bijan Nichols (TX), Kyle Ostendorp (AZ), Jack Oswald (CA), Nolan Parris (NC), Brandon Petruescu (CA), Will Reichard (AL), Ryan Sanborn (CA), Connor Sullivan (CA), Gavin Wale (NV), Brandon Walters (OH), Jared Wheatley (NC), Porter Wilson (OH), Joey Mitchell (OH).

Class of 2018: Dillon Bradeson (FL), Robert Faulkner (GA), George Georgopolous (SC), Carson King (CA), Justin Lomakin (CA), Stockton Lund (UT), Nathan McRoberts (MN), Clayton Stewart (TX), Andrew Vujnovich (WI), Taiten Winkel (KS), Blair Zapeda (TX).

Junior College / Transfer: Clay D’Amico (CA), Jaime Medina (CA), Carson Olivas (CA), Mitchell Souza (CA), Andrew Rodriguez (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16

Round of 16:

Jay Bramblett (AL) defeats Nolan Parris (NC)

George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ryan Sanborn (CA)

Jared Wheatley (NC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Carson Olivas (CA) defeats Taiten Winkel (KS)

Blair Zepeda (TX) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Porter Wilson (OH)

Jaime Medina (CA) defeats Evan Davis (NC)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Austin McNamara (AZ)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Jay Bramblett (AL)

Mitchell Souza (CA) defeats Carson Olivas (CA)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Blair Zapeda (TX)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Clayton Stewart (TX)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ben Kiernan (NC)