2018 Chris Sailer Kicking HI Summer Camp Recap… Conor Hunt Wins It!

Chris Sailer Kicking made its final stop on the 2018 Summer Camp Tour in Oahu, HI on Sunday August 5th. All in all Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping ran 10 camps this summer and worked with over 1,000 specialists. The 5th Annual Chris Sailer Kicking Hawaii Summer Camp was once again a tremendous success. This camp has now featured talented Hawaiian Kickers and Punters such as Ka’imi Fairbairn (UCLA, Texans), Jet Toner (Stanford), Adam Stack (Oregon), Alex Trifonivitch (Hawaii), Jeffrey Chan (Syracuse), Kekoa Sasoaka (Hawaii), Tim Horn (Washington commit) & more. This year’s group of specialists is just as special. Take a look at the results.

Overall ChampionConor Hunt (2020)
Conor has had a tremendous year with Chris Sailer Kicking. He jumped onto the national scene at Vegas XXXII in May. He then had a big time showing at the Underclassmen Invitational in Los Angeles, CA last month. And followed that up by winning the overall championship in Hawaii. On this day he won the Punt Competition by averaging 40+ yards with 4.3+ hang time. He was also impressive on both field goal and kickoff. Conor stepped in most in the end by defeating Tim Horn in a head to head battle. Conor is now considered a top 5 national combo prospect in the nation.

Field Goal Champion / Kickoff ChampionTim Horn (2019)
Tim has been a mainstay at the top of the Chris Sailer Kicking rankings since his freshman season. He is a special talent that doesn’t come along often. He is currently the #2 ranked kicker in America and has already committed to the University of Washington on full scholarship. He won the Vegas XXXI Overall Kicking Championship (300+ Kickers) in January and was also selected by Chris Sailer Kicking to participate in the 2019 Polynesian Bowl All-American Game. Tim hits a major D1 ball on both field goal and kickoff. On this day he won the field goal competition by going 8-8 with a long of 55 yards. He also easily won the kickoff competition by averaging 70+ yards with 4.1+ hang time.

Conor Hunt & Tim Horn

Class of 2019 Standouts:

Tim Horn: (See Above)

Anthony Tom-Makue: Anthony is an excellent kicker. He is smooth and accurate with 50+ yard range off the ground. He is also solid on kickoff and shows punting potential. College football is in his future.

Kekoa Kuloloia: Kekoa has shown great improvement from camp to camp. He has a college level leg and shows nice future potential. With continued hard work, he will challenge at the next level.

Tyler Udarbe: Tyler is a very good high school kicking prospect. He is smooth and accurate on field goal. He also solid on kickoff. He has the tools to play in college with continued hard work.

Class of 2020 Standouts

Conor Hunt: (See Above)

Quinn Maretzki: Quinn is becoming a top national prospect in the Class of 2020. He hits an excellent ball off the ground on field goal and easily has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs are also very strong.

Kaeo Rezentes: Kaeo had a breakout performance at this camp. He kicked with great confidence and really stepped his game up. He has a bright college future with continued hard work.

Keola Downing: Keola is as solid as they come. He kicks with excellent technique and hits a very consistent ball on both field goal and kickoff. College football is in his future.

Luke Hamocon: Luke is a talented kicking prospect. He has a big leg and shows flashes of what he is capable of. He has shown steady improvement from camp to camp. I expect him to stay on this path.

Cheyden Costa: Cheyden is an excellent kicker. He hits a pure ball on field goal and has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs have also improved tremendously. His game is coming along nicely.

Liam McGehee: Liam did a great job at his first Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He is a natural with nice future potential. His field goals and kickoffs are both solid.

Class of 2021 Standouts:

Kade Yasui: Kade is a great young athlete with an explosive leg. He is still a bit newer to kicking, but the talent is there to enjoy a successful high school career and possibly beyond.

Kaulanaikaleoaukahiokala Navares: Kaulanaikaleoaukahiokala is a natural young kicker. He shows he can hit a very nice ball on both field goal and kickoff. I look forward to helping him develop his game.

Class of 2022 Standout:

Winston Freitas: Winston does a great job for his age. He is an athlete with a strong leg and natural ability. He is showing steady improvement each time we see him.

That concludes the 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour. The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Schedule has been posted and is now open for registration. Visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com for more information and to register. To be the best, train & compete with the best. #TeamSailer


2019 Polynesian Bowl Selections – Chris Sailer Kicking

Chris Sailer Kicking is proud to be an official partner of the Polynesian All-American Bowl. We are very proud of our tremendous success in Hawaii over the past decade which has lead to this amazing opportunity. Ka’imi Fairbairn got a full ride scholarship to UCLA where he enjoyed a great 4 years culminating with winning the Lou Groza Award given to the nation’s top place kicker. He signed with the Houston Texans in the NFL and is now their starting kicker. Jet Toner (Stanford) and Adam Stack (Oregon) are current starters in the PAC-12 and have done great things for their respective programs as well. Many others are playing collegiate football across America. Chris Sailer Kicking runs camps in Hawaii each year and will now have a great presence at the Polynesian Bowl as well.

Over 80 Kickers and Punters competed in hopes of being selected to play in the Polynesian Bowl. Here are the results.

Polynesian Bowl Selections (Class of 2019)

Tim Horn (HI) – The #2 ranked kicker in the nation was absolutely dominant. He hits a pure ball on field goal and has 60+ yard range. The University of Washington commit also has one of the biggest legs in the America on kickoff. He averages 70+ yards with 4.0+ hang time. Tim is an outstanding athlete and competitor that should have a major impact on the Bowl Game.

Austin McNamara (AZ) – The #2 ranked punter in the nation is as talented as they come. He has the athletic frame of a prototypical NFL punter. He reminds me a lot of current Tampa Bay Buccaneers Punter Bryan Anger who is also a longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student. Austin easily averages 40+ yards with 4.5+ hang time. He also shows the ability to hit 50+ yard punts with 5.0+ hang time.

Evan Davis (NC) – The #8 ranked kicker in the nation and talented punter is impressive in all areas of his game. The Toledo commit hits a big time ball on field goal and drives the ball deep on kickoffs. He is also an excellent punter that can be used in many different varieties in the punting game. Evan is one of the best competitors out there that is going to be an outstanding D1 player.

Austin McNamara, Sailer, Tim Horn & Evan Davis

The 2019 Polynesian All-American Bowl will take place on January 19, 2019 at Aloha Stadium in HI. The game will air on CBS Sports Network.


So You Didn’t Make TOP 12, What Now?

For the past few weeks, you have been waiting anxiously to see if you were going to be selected to the TOP 12 Camp.  When the first 20 selections were announced, 20 kickers / punters were ecstatic.  Hundreds of others were upset, frustrated, angry, etc…. rightfully so.  As athletes and competitors the desire to succeed should run deep.

Couple ways to look at it….

You can be upset with me for not selecting you. You can be upset with yourself for not performing when it counted. You can even find a way to blame others, but, it is ultimately on you. The only thing you can control is how hard and smart you work. Everyone in Vegas is competing for the same spots. Don’t let anybody outwork you and you will see different results.

You need to use this as motivation to make sure you perform better. This is all up to you. The choice is yours.

If you are a Kicker / Punter that strives to be the best, you want to be at that TOP 12 camp this summer. Any single athlete that has been there (scholarship Kickers / Punters, All-Americans, NFL players) will tell you it is, by far, the best camp they have ever been to in their life. What you need to do is get back on the horse. Work smarter and harder. Your opportunity is waiting for you in Las Vegas. VEGAS XXXII

At Vegas XXXII, I will choose 20 additional TOP 12 Camp Invitees.  They will join the first 20 selected at the Invite Only TOP 12 Camp this summer.   This is a true invite only camp. I do NOT just hand out invites to get people to come to it. That would give me no credibility. I choose the best because they are the best. They will represent the TOP 12 and Chris Sailer Kicking forever.

Are you one of them? Time to decide. Prove to me, and the rest of the world, that you belong.



Who will make it in 2018?






Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXXI Competition Champions

Vegas XXIX – January 13-14, 2018

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results


Kicking – Tim Horn (2019, HI)

Punting – George Georgopolous (2018, SC)

*Tim & George will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2021) – Josh Bryan (2021, CA)
Group 2 (Class of 2019) – Harry Hill (2019, HI)
Group 4 (Class of 2019) – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
Group 5 (Class of 2018, Junior College & Transfers) – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)

Consistency – Jay Bramblett (2019, AL)
Last Man Standing – Justin Lomakin (2018, CA)
Head to Head – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:

Class of 2021: Carson Barefoot (MS), Andy Borregales (FL), David Kemp (KS) & Thomas Southey (CA)

Class of 2020: JJ Wadas (IN) & James Williams (GA)

Class of 2019: Tim Horn (HI)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Jaime Medina (CA) & Kyle Sentkowski (WA)

Kickoff Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA) & Bert Auburn (TX)

Class of 2020: Jacob Moraschinelli (OH)

Class of 2019: Camden Lewis (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Alex Stadthaus (TX)

Punt Champions:

Class of 2021: Josh Bryan (CA)

Class of 2020: James Williams (GA) & Daniel Cristiani (IN)

Class of 2019: Ben Kiernan (NC)

Class of 2018/JC/Transfer: Carson Olivas (CA)

Sunday Finals Round Results

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1

Hoyoung Sohn (OR) defeats Brandon Dickerson (SC)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats Joey Mitchell (OH)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jack Bosman (CA)

Chris Wood (CA) defeats Camden Lewis (NC)


Round 2

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Hoyoung Sohn (OR)

Nolan McCord (GA) defeats Andre Mazur (OH)

Dean Janikowski (CA) defeats JJ Wadas (IN)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats James Williams (GA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)

Carson Garrett (TX) defeats Nicolas Lopez (CA)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Chris Wood (CA)

Devin Parker (IL) defeats Clay D’Amico (CA)


Round 3

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Nolan McCord (GA)

Will Reichard (AL) defeats Dean Janikowski (CA)

Jackson Garcia (AZ) defeats Carson Garrett (TX)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Devin Parker (IL)


Round 4

Tim Horn (HI) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Kyle Sentkowski (WA) defeats Jackson Garcia (AZ)



Time Horn (HI) defeats Kyle Sentkowski (WA)


FINALS ROUND Punting Results – Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)

 Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2020: Daniel Cristiani (IN), James Williams (GA), Jacob Moraschinelli (OH).

Class of 2019: Charles Bein (CA), Jack Bosman (CA), Jack Brady (FL), Jay Bramblett (AL), Hunter Benton (SC), Evan Davis (NC), Benjamin Donald (Australia), Ryan Fitzgerald (GA), Landon Fogleman (NC), Cade Fuller (CA), Noah Grant (OH), Michael Hayes (SC), Matthew Hoffman (CA), Ben Kiernan (NC), Jack Martin (AL), Austin McNamara (AZ), Bijan Nichols (TX), Kyle Ostendorp (AZ), Jack Oswald (CA), Nolan Parris (NC), Brandon Petruescu (CA), Will Reichard (AL), Ryan Sanborn (CA), Connor Sullivan (CA), Gavin Wale (NV), Brandon Walters (OH), Jared Wheatley (NC), Porter Wilson (OH), Joey Mitchell (OH).

Class of 2018: Dillon Bradeson (FL), Robert Faulkner (GA), George Georgopolous (SC), Carson King (CA), Justin Lomakin (CA), Stockton Lund (UT), Nathan McRoberts (MN), Clayton Stewart (TX), Andrew Vujnovich (WI), Taiten Winkel (KS), Blair Zapeda (TX).

Junior College / Transfer: Clay D’Amico (CA), Jaime Medina (CA), Carson Olivas (CA), Mitchell Souza (CA), Andrew Rodriguez (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16

Round of 16:

Jay Bramblett (AL) defeats Nolan Parris (NC)

George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ryan Sanborn (CA)

Jared Wheatley (NC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Carson Olivas (CA) defeats Taiten Winkel (KS)

Blair Zepeda (TX) defeats Will Reichard (AL)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Porter Wilson (OH)

Jaime Medina (CA) defeats Evan Davis (NC)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Austin McNamara (AZ)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Jay Bramblett (AL)

Mitchell Souza (CA) defeats Carson Olivas (CA)

Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Blair Zapeda (TX)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Jaime Medina (CA)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Mitchell Souza (CA)

Ben Kiernan (NC) defeats Clayton Stewart (TX)


George Georgopolous (SC) defeats Ben Kiernan (NC)