2018 WA Fall Camp Recap – Kyle Sentkowski Dominates!

Chris Sailer Kicking traveled to Seattle, WA for the largest camp to date in the Northwest. Nearly 60 Kickers & Punters participated in this very popular growing camp. The weather was ideal once the competitions began and the results were impressive. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion: Kyle Sentkowski (JC, CA)
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking and 3-Time TOP 12 Camp Invitee was absolutely dominant. He won the kickoff competition on this day by averaging 70+ yards with 3.8-4.10 hang time. Kyle was also fantastic on field goal. He made 85% of his kicks and once again showed range of up to 60 yards. Kyle has proven on a consistent basis that he is ready for the next level. He is going to be a great player for a college football program.

Kyle Sentkowski, OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Micah Hertz (2019, CA)
Micah put on his best performance by far at Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He has developed into a fantastic college kicking and punting prospect. On this day he won the field goal competition by going 8-8 and hitting from as deep 55 yards out. His kickoffs are solid. Micah also does a nice job punting the football. Micah has the tools to challenge at both positions at the next level.

Punt Champion: Nick Kokich (2019, WA)
Nick is another long time Chris Sailer Kicking K/P that is really starting to come into his own. He was clearly one of the most talented punters in attendance. He averaged 40+ yards with 4.4+ hang time. His best ball measured 50 yards with 4.8 hang time. Nick is also a talented kicker. I project him as a P/KO specialist at the next level. He is a fine young man that has a bright future ahead of him.

Nick Kokich, Micah Hertz, Kyle Sentkowski

Class of 2019 Standouts: Kyle Sentkowski, Micah Hertz, Nick Kokich, Alex Koga, Carter Pierce, Carter Shane, Dan Stewart, Gavin Dalziel, Jeff Nelson, Kurtis Delen, Nicholas Charles, Blake Hall, Bryce Kamrath, Daniel Garcia, Dillon Dennis, Griffin Cummins, Leo Cunningham, Logan Gilley

Class of 2020 Standouts: Ben DeVries, Colten Plieth, Daniel Yoon, Jed Michael, Joshua Villarino, Kaeo Rezentes, Nathan Gerde, Reid Little, Ryan Curran, Sam Stephenson, Arturo Ledesma, Connor Davis, Matt Torres

Class of 2021 Standouts: Cade Lujan, Francisco Castillo, James Werth, Zachary Moore, Gavin Dalziel, Jack McCallister, Nate Moore, Nathan Vani, Nik Bastian

Class of 2022 Standouts: Spencer King, Joseph Cutter, Marcus Merkelbach, Matthew Gerardo, Preston King, Ryan Beighton

Future Stars: Dilan Sadler, Alexander Wright, John Charles, Luke Scoma

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour will continue with stops in New Jersey (October 14), Seattle, WA (October 21), Los Angeles, CA (October 28), Dallas, TX (November 18), Atlanta, GA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 2), Chicago, IL (December 9) & Los Angeles , CA (January 13). The road all leads to Las Vegas, NV for Vegas XXXIII where the world’s best will compete for an in invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 camp. For more information on the above recruits and future camp information visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


2018 Chris Sailer Kicking HI Summer Camp Recap… Conor Hunt Wins It!

Chris Sailer Kicking made its final stop on the 2018 Summer Camp Tour in Oahu, HI on Sunday August 5th. All in all Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping ran 10 camps this summer and worked with over 1,000 specialists. The 5th Annual Chris Sailer Kicking Hawaii Summer Camp was once again a tremendous success. This camp has now featured talented Hawaiian Kickers and Punters such as Ka’imi Fairbairn (UCLA, Texans), Jet Toner (Stanford), Adam Stack (Oregon), Alex Trifonivitch (Hawaii), Jeffrey Chan (Syracuse), Kekoa Sasoaka (Hawaii), Tim Horn (Washington commit) & more. This year’s group of specialists is just as special. Take a look at the results.

Overall ChampionConor Hunt (2020)
Conor has had a tremendous year with Chris Sailer Kicking. He jumped onto the national scene at Vegas XXXII in May. He then had a big time showing at the Underclassmen Invitational in Los Angeles, CA last month. And followed that up by winning the overall championship in Hawaii. On this day he won the Punt Competition by averaging 40+ yards with 4.3+ hang time. He was also impressive on both field goal and kickoff. Conor stepped in most in the end by defeating Tim Horn in a head to head battle. Conor is now considered a top 5 national combo prospect in the nation.

Field Goal Champion / Kickoff ChampionTim Horn (2019)
Tim has been a mainstay at the top of the Chris Sailer Kicking rankings since his freshman season. He is a special talent that doesn’t come along often. He is currently the #2 ranked kicker in America and has already committed to the University of Washington on full scholarship. He won the Vegas XXXI Overall Kicking Championship (300+ Kickers) in January and was also selected by Chris Sailer Kicking to participate in the 2019 Polynesian Bowl All-American Game. Tim hits a major D1 ball on both field goal and kickoff. On this day he won the field goal competition by going 8-8 with a long of 55 yards. He also easily won the kickoff competition by averaging 70+ yards with 4.1+ hang time.

Conor Hunt & Tim Horn

Class of 2019 Standouts:

Tim Horn: (See Above)

Anthony Tom-Makue: Anthony is an excellent kicker. He is smooth and accurate with 50+ yard range off the ground. He is also solid on kickoff and shows punting potential. College football is in his future.

Kekoa Kuloloia: Kekoa has shown great improvement from camp to camp. He has a college level leg and shows nice future potential. With continued hard work, he will challenge at the next level.

Tyler Udarbe: Tyler is a very good high school kicking prospect. He is smooth and accurate on field goal. He also solid on kickoff. He has the tools to play in college with continued hard work.

Class of 2020 Standouts

Conor Hunt: (See Above)

Quinn Maretzki: Quinn is becoming a top national prospect in the Class of 2020. He hits an excellent ball off the ground on field goal and easily has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs are also very strong.

Kaeo Rezentes: Kaeo had a breakout performance at this camp. He kicked with great confidence and really stepped his game up. He has a bright college future with continued hard work.

Keola Downing: Keola is as solid as they come. He kicks with excellent technique and hits a very consistent ball on both field goal and kickoff. College football is in his future.

Luke Hamocon: Luke is a talented kicking prospect. He has a big leg and shows flashes of what he is capable of. He has shown steady improvement from camp to camp. I expect him to stay on this path.

Cheyden Costa: Cheyden is an excellent kicker. He hits a pure ball on field goal and has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs have also improved tremendously. His game is coming along nicely.

Liam McGehee: Liam did a great job at his first Chris Sailer Kicking camp. He is a natural with nice future potential. His field goals and kickoffs are both solid.

Class of 2021 Standouts:

Kade Yasui: Kade is a great young athlete with an explosive leg. He is still a bit newer to kicking, but the talent is there to enjoy a successful high school career and possibly beyond.

Kaulanaikaleoaukahiokala Navares: Kaulanaikaleoaukahiokala is a natural young kicker. He shows he can hit a very nice ball on both field goal and kickoff. I look forward to helping him develop his game.

Class of 2022 Standout:

Winston Freitas: Winston does a great job for his age. He is an athlete with a strong leg and natural ability. He is showing steady improvement each time we see him.

That concludes the 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour. The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Schedule has been posted and is now open for registration. Visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com for more information and to register. To be the best, train & compete with the best. #TeamSailer