2014 Chris Sailer Kicking – CA Spring Camp Recap!

The 2014 CA Winter / Spring Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping Camp Tour is underway.  The first stop was in Los Angeles, CA where the talent is always extremely deep.  When you combine the regional high school talent and CA Junior College talent, the competition is always fierce.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion
Matt Boermeester (JC, CA) – Matt was impressive start to finish on this day.  The junior college prospect dominated the field goal competitions all day.  Kickoffs were also solid.  He stepped up the most in the head to head finals where he did not miss a kick.  He connected on several 55-60 yard field goals.  Look for Matt to dominate the junior college level this upcoming season.  He’s a great D1 prospect.

Field Goal & Kickoff Champion
Matt Mengel (JC, CA) – Matt might have been the most impressive all around competitor all day.  He won 2 of the major competitions on this day and just fell short of winning the overall competition.  Matt has the ability to kick and punt at the D1 level right now.

Punt Champion
Osborn Umeh (JC, CA) – Osborn has dominated the punting competitions at Chris Sailer Kicking camps for a few years now.  Once again he stepped up when it counted the most.  He averages over 45 yards with 4.50 hang time consistently.  He also hit several balls over 50 yards with 5.0 plus hang time.

2014 Standouts
Michael Carrizosa (CA) – Michael is already enrolled at San Jose State.  The Vegas champion and “TOP 12” Member never disappoints.  He will contribute as a kicker and punter at SJSU.

Tyler Franzen (CA) – Tyler had his best day yet as a Chris Sailer Kicking student.  He was smooth and consistent all day long.  His kickoffs have also come a long way.  He’s going to be an excellent college kicker.

Other 2014 Standouts: Alex Nelson (JC, CA), Andreas Gromoll (AZ), Eddy Garcia (JC, CA), Franklyn Cervenka (JC, CA), Izzy DePlaza (JC, CA),  Jamie Sullivan (CA),  Jose Platero (JC, CA), Josh Valladarez (CA), Josiah Pola-Gates (AZ), Satchel Ziffer (JC, PA).

2015 Standouts:
Jake Ambrose – Jake is a great punting prospect.  He is strong, smooth and consistent.  He will be a top national junior college prospect this season.

Jamie Sutcliffe – Jamie is a bounce back from Utah.  He kicks with outstanding consistency and shows nice range.  Kickoffs are also very solid.  Will be a top junior college kicker this year.

Blake Cusick – Blake is a special talent.  He’s a great athlete with one of the strongest punting legs in the nation.  He is a natural.  A top 5 national prospect that will soon be on the radar of every college coach in America.

Ben Kreitenberg – Ben is simply an outstanding kicker.  He is strong, accurate and steps up when it counts the most.  Field goals and kickoffs are both solid.  He’s a fine D1 prospect.

Kevin Robledo – Kevin is one of the very best kickers in America.  He hits a great ball off the ground.  His kickoffs are also D1 ready.  Look for Kevin to make a a major impact on college coaches this summer.

Mason Weissenhofer – Mason is a talented kicker.  He is a great athlete with a strong leg.  One of the most consistent kickers in the nation.  Watch out for him this offseason.

Other 2015 Standouts: Corey Stens, Alex Galland, Brandon Hong, Coleman Olivas, Cristian Bianchi, Gage Wilson, Gavin Scully, Nick Michelli.

2016 Standouts:  Aidan Rattigan, Andrew Rodriguez, Crawford Pierson, Julio Robles.

2017 Standouts:  Matt Bazarevitsch, Bailey Schroeder.

Want to see more?  Check out the video recap of the 2014 Chris Sailer Kicking CA Spring Camp:

Chris Sailer Kicking will next travel to Charlotte, NC (March 1), Atlanta, GA (March 2), Chicago, IL (March 30), Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

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