Vegas XXVI – What You Need to Know!

Vegas XXVI in Las Vegas, NV is less than a month away.  While many specialists are taking this time of year off, those that seriously want to play in college and know what it takes are working harder than ever.  Those hard workers will be in Las Vegas May 9-10, 2015 ready to impress and gain the most valuable national exposure in the nation.  Here is some useful information for those attending and those that are still considering attending.

•    Event Date: May 9-10, 2015
•    Arrive Friday May 8th.  The earlier that you arrive, the more well rested you will be for the weekend.
•    Plan on being at camp until 4PM Sunday May 10th.  There is no way of knowing if you will make the Finals Round Sunday until you and all other participants have completed the initial round of charting Sunday morning.  Whether you make the Finals Round or not, you should plan on staying on watching the Finals Round.  Get the full experience from the camp!
•    Friday Small Group Sessions (3:00 – 4:00 & 4:00 – 5:00) are OPTIONAL.  These were designed to knock some rust off, get rid of jet lag legs, and gain confidence heading into Saturday.  If you can make it, I highly recommend you attend. CLICK HERE
•    Location: Las Vegas Outdoor Soccer 1400 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89128
•    There is no bleacher seating.  Bring chairs or buy some cheap chairs if you would like to sit while you watch.
•    Why May? May is also known as “Evaluation Period” for college coaches.  This is a very HOT time for recruiting for all classes.  May offers maximum exposure.  Chris Rubio and myself will be handing 100′s of calls after this event.  Recruiting Boards will be set based on results and our evaluations.  Want to be offered a scholarship at those college camps this summer?  Attending this camp is how they will know about you!
•    Vegas XXVI gives you a chance to make the “Event Elite”.  There is NO set number of specialists that will be selected.  The number selected is based on the number of participants that can compete at that VERY HIGHEST LEVEL.  Usually 20-25 are selected to join the “TOP 12″ at the most prestigious Invite Only Camp in the world.  CLICK HERE
•    Think you are good enough to make the “Event Elite” – CLICK HERE to see who you are competing with and to get a little history about the “TOP 12″ & “Event Elite”
•    It is no surprise that from Vegas XXV in January that the “TOP 12” are already getting major attention and full scholarship offers.  Who will be next?
•    The Spring Event in NOT an Invite Only Camp.  This camp offers a great experience to kickers, punters, and long snappers of all levels.  Expect a wide range of talent from beginners to the best of the best from around the world in the Classes of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, Junior Colleges and 4-Year Transfer Students.  The best of the best, The “Event Elite”, selected from the Spring Event will be invited to attend the “TOP 12″ and “Event Elite” Camp in June.
•    Come prepared to enjoy your experience.  Do NOT put to much pressure on yourself.  Come with open eyes and ears.  Learn from your instructors and your peers.  Look around and take it all in.  Watch other groups.  Watch the college and pro demo.  Attend the Meetings.  There are so many things to learn and that you can and will benefit from if you take advantage.  Leave the camp with goals and a motivation to work harder than ever!
•    Saturday – Instructional Day.  You will get plenty of reps.  Pace yourself.  Saturday ends with a Chris Sailer Kicking Original Last Man Standing Competition. Your group numbers will be emailed to you about a week prior to camp.
•    Sunday – Competition Day.  You will be charted.  You can compete in 1, 2, or all 3 skills.  This is up to you.  Your competition start time will be assigned to you at Check-In Saturday.
•    Those that just punt – you are automatically in Group #2 on Saturday.
•    Class of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 – You may use tees up to 2″ for both Field Goal and Kickoffs.  The choice is yours.  Class of 2015, JC, and Transfers you must kick off the ground for Field Goals and use a 1″ tee for Kickoffs.
•    Saturday Meetings are the the Group Rate Hotel – JW Marriott.  I highly advise that participants and their parents attend.  Get there early and enjoy.
•    What makes Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the business?  1st National Camp Ever for Specialists.  1st Kicking Company to ever to rank Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers on a true national scale.  Chris Sailer is physically at EVERY camp associated with Chris Sailer Kicking.  Chris Sailer is the ONLY one that handles the evaluations and rankings for the Kickers and Punters.  Same holds true for Chris Rubio with the Long Snappers.  Talk to any college coach in America or any kicker or punter that has been to multiple camps and will see that Chris Sailer Kicking is the place to be for the best possible instruction and exposure.  Our advertising is word of mouth.  Come see for yourself!  See you in May!

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Vegas XXV Finals Round Results & Competition Champions

Vegas XXV – Camp Champions / Finals Round Results
Field Goal – Brandon Ruiz (2017 AZ)
Punt – Alex Kinney (SR CO)
*Brandon & Alex will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!
Saturday Competition Champions
Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions
Group 1 (Class of 2019, 2018 & 2017) – Nick Horiates (2017 TX)
Group 2 (Class of 2016) – Thomas Cook (2016 NC)
Group 4 (Class of 2016 & 2015) – Ethan Baer (2015 UT)
Group 5 (Class of 2015 & JC & Transfers) – Tavis Guerra (JC CA)
Punt Champion (Punters Only)
Consistency – Kyle Thompson (2016 CA)
Last Man Standing (Class of 2015, JC & Transfers – Thomas Manning (JC CA)
Last Man Standing (Class of 2018, 2017 & 2016) – Elias Deeb (2016 CA)
Head to Head – Blake Maimone (2015 CA)
FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head
Round 1
Chris Stalter – BYE
Quinton Conaway defeats Ethan Erickson
Brandon Ruiz defeats Alex Barbir
Jamie Medina defeats Seth Kujawski
Griffin Roehler defeats Hunter Welch
Alex Kinney defeats Blanton Creque
Blake Cusick defeats Kevin Robledo
Brad Wall defeats Jamie Sutcliffe
Spencer Pettit defeats Collin Riccitelli
Brandon Gracia defeats Ryan Rodriguez
Ethan Agritelley defeats Ben Kreitenberg
Drew Riethman defeats Jacob Stoney
Round 2
Chris Stalter defeats Quinton Conaway
Brandon Ruiz defeats Jamie Medina
Alex Kinney defeats Griffin Roehler
Blake Cusick defeats Brad Wall
Brandon Gracia defeats Spencer Pettit
Ethan Agritelley defeats Drew Riethman
Round 3
Chris Stalter defeats Blake Cusick
Brandon Ruiz defeats Brandon Gracia
Ethan Agritelley defeats Alex Kinney
Brandon Ruiz defeats Chris Stalter & Ethan Agritelley
FINALS ROUND Punting Results
Qualifiers (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)
Class of 2017: Liam Bunnell, Josh Edwards & Bryce Webb
Class of 2016: Elias Deeb, Seth Kujawski, JJ Molson, Justin Read, Andrew Rodriguez,
Gage Russell, Charlie Scott, Jared Smolar, Skyler Southam, Kyle Thompson & Jet Toner
Class of 2015: Matt Barber, Blake Cusick, Ethan Erickson, Zach Fedeller, Tyler Flathau,
Alex Galland, Austin Gowin, Greg Hutchins, Alex Kinney, Blake Maimone, Gavin Scully
Alex Trifonovitch, Mason Weissenhofer, Brandon Hong
Junior College / Transfers: Jake Ambrose, Corey Bojorquez, Aidan Daly, Casey Eyman,
Anthony Foggio, Ruben Guzman, Erik Harris, Dylan Klumph, Tommy Manning
Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16. Here are the results
Round of 16:
Dylan Klumph – Bye
Elias Deeb defeats Alex Trifonovitch
Blake Cusick defeats Bryce Webb
JJ Molson defeats Tommy Manning
Alex Galland defeats Brandon Hong
Blake Maimone defeats Jet Toner
Alex Kinney defeats Mason Weissenhoffer
Ruben Guzman defeats Casey Eyman
Alex Kinney defeats Elias Deeb
JJ Molson defeats Ruben Guzman
Alex Galland defeats Blake Cusick
Blake Maimone defeats Dylan Klumph
Alex Kinney defeats JJ Molson
Blake Maimone defeats Alex Galland
Alex Kinney defeats Blake Maimone


Chris Sailer Kicking – Vegas XXV

Chris Sailer Kicking – Vegas XXV

Why the change in name? Over the year’s Chris Sailer Kicking has developed the ultimate strategy to get High School & Junior College Specialists college scholarships!  How? Exposure.

I want you to think about it for 1 minute.  In 1995, 5 specialists signed D1 college scholarships. Three of them go by the names of Chad Shrout (Hawaii), Nacho Brache (CAL) and Chris Sailer (UCLA).  Do these names sound familiar? Exactly….. Chris Sailer Kicking staff members.  In 2014, 60+ specialists signed D1 College Scholarships.  If the names of those 60+ specialists sound familiar, you are right, they are.  You want to know why?  Almost every singe one of them them went through Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping!

My first student in 1999 was Nick Folk. Give Nick Folk credit for changing the recruiting process for Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers forever.  The NFL All-Pro Placekicker was a student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA.  The same school that also happens to be my alma mater.  It is also the same school that Lou Groza Award Winner and Washington Redskin Kicker Kai Forbath calls his alma mater. COINCIDENCE?  Nick was a soccer player turned kicker that is the only player that I have ever promised a scholarship to!  I said, “Nick, I will get you a scholarship!”  Hundreds of hours of work later, I was able to get one school to bite, the University of Arizona.  From those hundreds of hours of filming, phone calls, visits, even begging, the world of kicking, punting, and eventually long snapping changed forever.  Why?  The 1st Annual National Kicking Competition was born.  Why?  Because college coaches told me to run a camp where they could see all of these specialists at one place at one time.  Then and only then would they start to believe me and offer scholarships.

The success of Nick Folk and so many others that followed in his footsteps….  Plus Vegas is the reason why the number of Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers scholarships signed each and every year continues to grow!  The proof lies in the history of Chris Sailer Kicking, the birth of Vegas, and the domination of what would become Rubio Long Snapping (Introduced in 2003).  The long snapping story is another 50 page book in and of itself.  I’ll let Chris Rubio tell that story.
How did all of this happen? Exposure. How did exposure begin?  Vegas!  From the 1st Annual National Kicking Competition to the 4th Annual National Kicking Event (Name change due to the fact that college coaches couldn’t attend “Competitions” with stats anymore) to the first Event where camps could no longer be on college campuses, to the first Event where college coaches simply could no longer attend (all due to NCAA rules), Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping have found the way to continue to get our athletes the best exposure the business could offer.

“TOP 12” & “EVENT ELITE” are exposure lists that can now rival lists such as “ELITE 11”.  24 Vegas Competitions/Events later, kickers, punters and long snappers are nearly on the same page as quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs.  The goal has been accomplished.  Players wear their yellow shirts with pride.  The fact that I don’t even need to explain what a yellow shirt means proves the point that the exposure offered is second to none.

100’s of copycats have come and gone over the years.  There are 100’s of reasons to explain why.  Bottom line, Chris Sailer & Chris Rubio are the innovators. Rankings?  You called it, we were the first.  National Event of any kind, you nailed it again, we were the first.  Legitimate Long Snapping Camp? Correct, we were the first.  Social Media Presence? Correct again, we were the first. National Players of the year? You are correct yet again, we were the first.  Kicker getting a scholarship as a Sophomore?  Correct, Adam Griffith (Alabama), we were the first. Long Snapper getting a scholarship as a junior? Aha, Christian Yount (UCLA), we were the first. Long Snapper getting a scholarship offer as a 7th Grader? It happened, (Quinton Skinner, a Rubio Long Snapper since the 4th Grade), we were the first.  College coaches trust in Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping because history proves us to be correct!

After 12 Vegas Events and 12 Vegas Spring Events the time has come.  Vegas = The LARGEST Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping Camp in the WORLD. VEGAS XXV is born.  #VEGASXXV is born.  Say the word Vegas to any Kickers, Punter or Long Snapper in the world and they will know exactly what you are talking about.  10,000+ served = Only 1 word needed.

Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping will continue to be the innovator in the business.  That’s a guarantee.  Get ready for Fall 2014 and Vegas XXV.  You haven’t seen anything like what you are about to see and be a part of.  #TeamSailer #TeamRubio #VEGASXXV #ArmyBowl

Be a part of it!  See you there January 16-18, 2015

Lindale Football Stadium at Night


10 Most Common Questions About VEGAS XXV

1. How do I get invited to VEGAS XXV? You don’t! It is OPEN TO ALL KICKERS/PUNTERS. It is not an invite only camp. It is a first come, first served Event. You REGISTER and you are in. 

2. How old do you have to be to attend VEGAS XXV? All levels of High School through second year of Junior College. 4-Year Transfer Kickers/Punters also welcome. I will allow younger if it is pre-approved through me. 

3. Is VEGAS XXV only for advanced Kickers/Punters? NO, it is open to all levels of Kickers/Punters. The earlier you go, the better you will be in the long run. Trust me, I have seen it countless times. Don’t be the guy who waits and then blows it because they were too nervous. Go early and get your butterflies knocked out sooner than later. 

4. Will there be small group sessions againYes! There will be a 3-4 PM and a 4-5 PM small group session. They are one hour blocks meant to knock off the rust, get some last minute fine-tuning in and get used to the fields, brand new footballs and myself. 

5. Is there a hotel you recommend for the Kickers/Punters and their parents? Yes, we have a group rate with the JW Marriott. It is about one mile from the fields and is superb.

6. When should we book flights? Plan on arriving on Friday and either leaving after 9 pm on Sunday evening (camp will end at 7 pm) or Monday morning. Please note: Monday, the 19th of January is a holiday (MLK).

7. Is there a rental car company you recommend? Yes, for rental cars, follow these steps: Go to, Fill in the information as dates and times needed, In the optional area you will add L540231 and then click continue, The next screen will ask for a PIN which is RUB, Choose your car and enjoy the discount.

8. If I am playing another sport (basketball) on Friday, can I arrive on Saturday morning? Yes, but I MUST be notified as early as possible so I can put you in a later group on Saturday. 

9. Why is VEGAS XXV important? It is a major one for the recruitment of seniors since it is right before signing day, beyond important for the underclassmen as their recruiting will just be going into high gear and your only chance to be selected to the “TOP 12” (the “TOP 12”  will be selected for the Invite Only “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” camp this summer in CA)

10. What do I get for attending VEGAS XXV? The best on Kicking/Punting instruction in the world, a chance to meet the best Kickers/Punters in college and the NFL (they will be on hand assisting me all weekend), a Chris Sailer Kicking shirt, a PROFILE PAGE (Ranking) with Chris Sailer Kicking, a chance to make the “TOP 12” and the winner of the camp receives one year of free Chris Sailer Kicking camps (accommodations and transportation not included).

Lindale Football Stadium at Night




Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Punter Alex Kinney Commits to Colorado!

Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Punter / Kicker Alex Kinney has officially committed to the University of Colorado.  The #3 Punter in the nation & #22 Kicker in the nation made his decision last night.  The offer and commitment is well deserved!  The University of Colorado is getting one of very best, if not the best.

We met Alex in January at the 12th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas.  He did a great job and landed in the Top 25 both as a punter and kicker.  He showed huge potential.  He then came back to Las Vegas in May for the 12th Annual National Spring Event where he absolutely exploded on the scene.  He kicked very well, but punting is where he really excelled.  He won the Class of 2015 Punt Competition and landed at #3 in the nation.  He also made “Event Elite” and was invited to the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp in June where the best of the best gather and compete.

Alex had another great performance at the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” Camp.  The 40 best specialists in the world gathered in Los Angeles to compete.  Kinney once again came out on top of the punting competition, beating the likes of Tommy Townsend (Tennessee commit), Blake Johnson (Duke, Oregon State & Colorado offers), & Corey Fatony (Missouri commit) to name a few.  Once the news got out,  it was no surprise that Colorado came in with the offer.

Alex is a special athlete.  Look for him to have an outstanding career at Colorado in the Pac-12.  A bright future awaits.


Chris Sailer Kicking – May & June Recap!

Chris Sailer Kicking had perhaps the busiest two months in the history of the business during the months of May & June 2014.  During that time we traveled the country and trained and evaluated nearly 2,000 specialists.  There have been scholarships offered, college commitments made & huge ranking changes.  Take a look at the highlights.

May 2-3 – FBU San Diego
High School MVP’s: Brandon Hong (2015), Andrew Rodriguez (2016) & Brandon Heicklin (2015)
Youth MVP: Ryan Sanborn (2019)

May 4 – Las Vegas Spring Event Prep Camp
Camp Champion – Matt Boermeester (JC 2015)

May 10-11 – 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Las Vegas, NV

Overall Champions:
Kicker – Laszlo Toser (2015 TN)
Punter – Matt Mengel (2014 JC CA)

Saturday Competition Winners
Group 1 Field Goal Last Man Standing (FR & SO): Keith Duncan (2016 NC)
Group 2 Field Goal Last Man Standing (JR): Nick Hart (GA)
Group 4 Field Goal Last Man Standing (2014/JC/TR): Cody Thornton (TR CA)

Group 3 Punters Only Champions
Competition 1: Osborn Umeh (JC CA)
Competition 2: Tommy Townsend (2015 FL)
Competition 3: Michael Fitzgerald (TR Australia)

Sunday Initial Round Competition Winners (By Class)
Field Goal
2017: Billy Mitchell (FL)
2016: Skyler Southam (UT)
2015: Blake Cusick (CA)
2014/JC/TR: Cody Thornton (CA)

2017: Cooper Graham (NC)
2016: Bailey Raborn (LA)
2015: Matt Abramo (CA) & Cole Austin (TX)
2014/JC/TR: Cody Thornton (CA)

2017: Christian Van Sickle (NC)
2016: Jet Toner (HI)
2015: Alex Kinney (CO)
2014/JC/TR: Osborn Umeh (CA) & Matt Mengel (CA)

“EVENT ELITE” Announced:
Class of 2016
Skyler Southam (UT)
Butch Hampton (OK)

Jet Toner (HI)
Kyle Thompson (CA)

Class of 2015:
Matt Abramo (CA)
Cole Austin (TX)
Trey Blasingame (GA)
Blanton Creque (KY)
Connor Crow (TX)
JJ Molson (Canada)
Coleman Olivas (CA)
Spencer Pettit (WA)
Matthew Phillichi (WA)
Kevin Robledo (CA)
Laszlo Toser (TN)
Mason Weissenhofer (IL)
Josh Williams (TX)

Zach Charme (ID)
Tommy Townsend (FL)
Alex Trifonovitch (HI)
Gage Wilson (NV)

Combo Players K/P:
Luke Carter (SC)
Blake Cusick (CA)
Brandon Hong (CA)
Gregory Hutchins (Canada)
Alex Kinney (CO)
Mason McLean (AL)
Evan Rabon (SC)
Ryan Rodriguez (TX)
Jackson Van Sickle (NC)

Junior College
Matt Boermeester (CA)
Franklyn Cervenka (CA)
Jamie Sutcliffe (CA)

Jake Ambrose (CA)
Thomas Manning (CA)

Combo Players K/P:
Casey Eyman (CA)

Class of 2017 Honorable Mention: Brandon Ruiz, Billy Mitchell.

Class of 2016 Honorable Mention: Dominic Maggio, Bailey Raborn, Kekoa Sasaoka, Jonn Young, Matt Blair, Josh Burton, Keith Duncan, Seth Kujawski, Bryce Lugviel, Andrew Rodriguez.

Class of 2015 Honorable Mention: Cristian Bianchi, Shawn Davis, Hayes Foster, Logan Howard, Nick Marrone, Adam Walter, Steven Sawicki, Ben Utter.

Junior College Honorable Mention: Francisco Condado, Tyler Franzen, Eddie Garcia, JD Houston

May 2-3 – FBU Seattle
High School MVP’s: Spencer Pettit (2015) & Kyle Sentkowski (2017)

May 30-31 – FBU Los Angeles
High School MVP’s: Kevin Robledo (2015) & Blake Johnson (2015)
Youth MVP: Campbell Geddes (2018)

June 7-17 – College Camps at Alabama, Texas A&M, USC, Oregon & UCLA

June 18-20 – “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” Invite Only Camp
Field Goal Champion: Blanton Creque (2015)
Punt Champion: Alex Kinney (2015)
Kickoff Champion: Connor Crow (2015)
Top 5 High School Kicking Performers: Jack Gonsoulin, Bennett Moehring, Kevin Robledo, Spencer Pettit & Connor Crow
Top 5 High School Punting Performers: Alex Kinney, Blake Johnson, Tommy Townsend, Joe Schopper & Corey Fatony
Top 2 Junior College Performers: Matt Boermeester & Jamie Sutcliffe
Top 2 Junior College Performers: Jake Ambrose & Tommy Manning

June 20-21 – Underclassmen Event Invite Only Camp
Overall High School Champion: Butch Hampton (2016)
Overall Youth Champion: Will Reichard (2019)
Field Goal Champions: Butch Hampton & Jonn Young & Will Reichard (Youth)
Punt Champions: Jet Toner & Jared Smolar & JP Rybus (Youth)
Kickoff Champions: Jerry Fitschen & Adam Stack

Chris Sailer Kicking has seen many college scholarship offers and commitments as well.  Take a look:

Commitments: Matt Boermeester (USC), Andrew Galitz (Miami), Andrew David (Michigan), Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M), Corey Fatony (Missouri), Jameson Vest (Toledo), Jake Bailey (Stanford), Tommy Townsend (Tennessee), Ivy Wall (UAB), Skyler Southam (BYU)

Offers: Blake Johnson (Oregon State, Colorado, Duke), Matt Abramo (Washington State, Air Force), Alex Kinney (Colorado), Rodrigo Blankenship (UAB), Ben Kreitenberg (Air Force) + many Ivy League Offers!

Many More To Come! Stay Tuned.

Upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking Camps:
July 11-12 – FBU Dublin, OH
July 13 – Chicago, IL
July 15 – Dallas, TX
July 18-19 – FBU TOP GUN Dublin, OH
July 20 – LSU College Camp
July 26 – Charlotte, NC
July 27 – Atlanta, GA
July 30 – Los Angeles, CA

So much yet to be determined.  Visit for more information, rankings & registration
2014 CSK Camp Schedule


2014 Chris Sailer Kicking – CA Spring Camp Recap!

The 2014 CA Winter / Spring Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping Camp Tour is underway.  The first stop was in Los Angeles, CA where the talent is always extremely deep.  When you combine the regional high school talent and CA Junior College talent, the competition is always fierce.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion
Matt Boermeester (JC, CA) – Matt was impressive start to finish on this day.  The junior college prospect dominated the field goal competitions all day.  Kickoffs were also solid.  He stepped up the most in the head to head finals where he did not miss a kick.  He connected on several 55-60 yard field goals.  Look for Matt to dominate the junior college level this upcoming season.  He’s a great D1 prospect.

Field Goal & Kickoff Champion
Matt Mengel (JC, CA) – Matt might have been the most impressive all around competitor all day.  He won 2 of the major competitions on this day and just fell short of winning the overall competition.  Matt has the ability to kick and punt at the D1 level right now.

Punt Champion
Osborn Umeh (JC, CA) – Osborn has dominated the punting competitions at Chris Sailer Kicking camps for a few years now.  Once again he stepped up when it counted the most.  He averages over 45 yards with 4.50 hang time consistently.  He also hit several balls over 50 yards with 5.0 plus hang time.

2014 Standouts
Michael Carrizosa (CA) – Michael is already enrolled at San Jose State.  The Vegas champion and “TOP 12” Member never disappoints.  He will contribute as a kicker and punter at SJSU.

Tyler Franzen (CA) – Tyler had his best day yet as a Chris Sailer Kicking student.  He was smooth and consistent all day long.  His kickoffs have also come a long way.  He’s going to be an excellent college kicker.

Other 2014 Standouts: Alex Nelson (JC, CA), Andreas Gromoll (AZ), Eddy Garcia (JC, CA), Franklyn Cervenka (JC, CA), Izzy DePlaza (JC, CA),  Jamie Sullivan (CA),  Jose Platero (JC, CA), Josh Valladarez (CA), Josiah Pola-Gates (AZ), Satchel Ziffer (JC, PA).

2015 Standouts:
Jake Ambrose – Jake is a great punting prospect.  He is strong, smooth and consistent.  He will be a top national junior college prospect this season.

Jamie Sutcliffe – Jamie is a bounce back from Utah.  He kicks with outstanding consistency and shows nice range.  Kickoffs are also very solid.  Will be a top junior college kicker this year.

Blake Cusick – Blake is a special talent.  He’s a great athlete with one of the strongest punting legs in the nation.  He is a natural.  A top 5 national prospect that will soon be on the radar of every college coach in America.

Ben Kreitenberg – Ben is simply an outstanding kicker.  He is strong, accurate and steps up when it counts the most.  Field goals and kickoffs are both solid.  He’s a fine D1 prospect.

Kevin Robledo – Kevin is one of the very best kickers in America.  He hits a great ball off the ground.  His kickoffs are also D1 ready.  Look for Kevin to make a a major impact on college coaches this summer.

Mason Weissenhofer – Mason is a talented kicker.  He is a great athlete with a strong leg.  One of the most consistent kickers in the nation.  Watch out for him this offseason.

Other 2015 Standouts: Corey Stens, Alex Galland, Brandon Hong, Coleman Olivas, Cristian Bianchi, Gage Wilson, Gavin Scully, Nick Michelli.

2016 Standouts:  Aidan Rattigan, Andrew Rodriguez, Crawford Pierson, Julio Robles.

2017 Standouts:  Matt Bazarevitsch, Bailey Schroeder.

Want to see more?  Check out the video recap of the 2014 Chris Sailer Kicking CA Spring Camp:

Chris Sailer Kicking will next travel to Charlotte, NC (March 1), Atlanta, GA (March 2), Chicago, IL (March 30), Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

For more rankings, evaluations & future camp dates visit or email

Chris Sailer Kicking is an official partner of FBU, the U.S. Army All-America Bowl, and East Bay All-America Games.  The Road to the U.S. All-America Bowl & East Bay All-American Games begins now.

Chris Sailer Kicking at FBU Camps: Central Florida (April 4-5), Dallas, TX (April 25-26), San Diego, CA (May 2-3), Seattle, WA (May 16-17), Los Angeles, CA (May 30-31), Central Ohio (July 11-12).  Email to inquire about an invitation to these prestigious camps.


Announcing the Chris Sailer Kicking 2013 “Event Elite”

11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event –
May 4-5, 2013






Class of 2015
Jameson Vest (GA)
Ben Kreitenberg (CA)
Quinton Conaway (OK)

Blake Johnson (CA)

Class of 2014/JC/TR
Lucas Alfonso (CA)
John Duvic (IL)
Jesse Kelly (CA)
Dallas Kepler (GA)
Hunter Morrow (TX)
Cole Murphy (CA)
Kyle Pfau (TX)
Michael Santamaria (GA)
James Sherman (AL)
Kenny Smart (CA)
David Smith (Canada)
Alex Spence (SC)
Chandler Stafford (TN)
Zach Standish (OR)
Cole Tracy (CA)
Troy Waites (MS)
Ty Wilson (TX)
Jake Lanski (CA)

Marc Nolan (GA)
Luke Nelson (IL)
Jake Ambrose (CA)
Brett Beighton (CA)
Alex Boy (CA)
Hector Dominguez (CA)
Dylan Seibert (OK)

Combo Players:
Austin McGehee (AR)
Tyler Newsome (GA)
Yanni Routsas (TX)
Tristan Vizcaino (CA)
Parker Flynn (AZ)
Donny Hageman (CA)

Class of 2015: Cristian Bianchi (CA), Zach Charme (ID), Cole Ramey (CA), Jackson VanSickle (NC), and Blanton Creque (KY)

Class of 2014/JC/TR: Christopher Birozes (GA), Michael Farkas (IN), Jackson Koonce (CA),  Alex Vega (CA), Erik Pederson (WA), Nathan Criswell (IA), Josh King (TX)

*Selected K/P will join the “TOP 12” for the exclusive, invite only, “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” summer camp June 21-23, 2013.

Sailer : Rubio


11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Champions & Competition Winners

Field Goal – Alex Spence (2014 SC)
Punt – Adrian LaMothe (2013 Mexico)
*Alex & Adrian will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!
Saturday Competition Champions
Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions
Group 1 (Class of 2016 & 2015) – Andrew Galitz (2015 TX),
Coleman Olivas (2015 CA) & Jack O’Brien (2015 CA)
Group 3 (Class of 2014) – John Divic (2014 IL)
Group 4 (Class of 2014 & 2013/JC/TR) – Diego Gonzalez (TR Mexico)
Punt Champion (Punters Only)
Consistency – Adrian LaMothe (2013 Mexico)
Last Man Standing – Manuel Meza (JC CA)
Head to Head – Dylan Seibert (TR OK)
FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results
Place Name Score
1 Alex Spence (2014 SC) 14
2 Jonathan Tatum (2014 LA) 13
T3 Donnie Mann (TR MN) 11
T3 Erik Pederson (2014 WA) 11
T5 James Sherman (2014 AL) 10
T5 Blanton Creque (2015 KY) 10
T5 Calvin Goodman (2015 CA) 10
T5 Carter Tani (2014 AZ) 10
T5 Jordan Dascalo (2013 CA) 10
T10 Kenny Smart (2014 CA) 9
T10 Kyle Pfau (2014 TX) 9
T10 John Duvic (2014 IL) 9
T13 Rafael Gaglianone (2014 TN) 8
T13 Kris Gudmundsson (JC CA) 8
15 Dallas Kepler (2014 GA) 7
T16 Austin Roan (2014 TX) 6
T16 Zach Standish (2014 OR) 6
T18 Palmer Ward (2014 KY) 5
T18 Cody Mills (2014 MS) 5
T18 Parker Flynn (TR AZ) 5
T18 Jameson Vest (2015 GA) 5
22 Ty Wilson (2014 TX) 4
FINALS ROUND Punting Results
Qualifiers (selected by CSK Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)
Derek Arnson, Jackson Koonce, Tyler Newsome, Christopher Birozes,
Tristan Vizcaino, Aidan Dailey, Michael Farkas, Bailey Landwehr,
Hector Dominguez, Manuel Meza, Alex Spence, Henry Woodrow, Ian Boozer,
Alex Boy, Kane Cooper, Nathan Criswell, Donny Hageman, Luke Kenney,
Mike Knoll, Marc Nolan, Adrian Lamothe, Clark Livingston, Blake Johnson,
Jordan Dascalo, Luke Nelson, Brett Beighton, Dylan Seibert, Parker Flynn,
Jake Ambrose, Diego Gonzales, Kris Gudmundsson, Simon Laryea
Austin McGehee, Matt Stewart, Eddie Garcia.
Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 20.
Here are the results:
Round of 20:
Black Johson def. Manuel Meza
Jordan Dascalo def. Clark Livingston,
Diego Gonzalez def. Austin McGehee
Christoper Birozes def. Matt Stewart
Adrian LaMothe def. Donny Hageman
Mike Knoll def. Hector Dominguez
Brett Beighton def. Kris Gudmundsson
Marc Nolan def. Luke Nelson
Dylan Seibert def. Jake Ambrose
Parker Flynn def. Luke Kenney
Round of 10:
Dylan Seibert def. Blake Johnson
Christopher Birozes def. Jordan Dascalo
Mike Knoll def. Diego Gonzalez
Adrian LaMothe def. Marc Nolan
Brett Beighton def. Parker Flynn
Round of 5 (2 to advance):
Dylan Seibert & Adrian LaMothe Advance.
Mike Knoll, Christopher Birozes & Brett Beighton Eliminated.
Adrian LaMothe def. Dylan Seibert.

Sailer : Rubio


11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Initial Round Punt Results

Class of 2017 / 2016
Place Name Dist HT Best 1 Ball
1 Kanthack, Tristan 29.5 3.63 31 / 4.03
T2 Blair, Matt 27.1 3.71 41 / 4.27
T2 Selsor, Mikey 29.4 3.4 30 / 3.7
4 Johnson, Chandler 27.9 3.56 38 / 3.89
T5 Ball, Noah 28.6 3.16 34 / 3.41
T5 Loy, Sam 28.9 3.05 30 / 3.37
7 Rattigan, Aidan 19.1 3.47 25 / 3.53
8 Whitney, Mark 24.1 2.99 23 / 3.62
9 Tine, Vincent 21 2.4 29 / 3.25
Class of 2015
Place Name Dist HT Best 1 Ball
T1 Ramey, Cole 37 4.04 49 / 4.53
T1 Kreitenberg, Ben 37.4 3.84 43 / 4.42
3 Hong, Brandon 37 3.77 46 / 4.32
4 Johnson, Blake 37.8 3.71 46 / 4.16
5 Wilson, Gage 35.6 3.66 41 / 4.37
6 Viles, Brady 33.1 3.77 46 / 3.9
7 Gebbing, Alex 32.9 3.77 33 / 3.81
T8 Beasley, Luke 30.9 3.82 37 / 4.35
T8 VanSickle, Jackson 33.9 3.57 41 / 4.16
T8 Ruiz, Blake 34.5 3.56 40 / 4.12
T11 Young, Jacob 28.6 4.2 40 / 4.47
T11 Coffey, Nathan 33 3.66 44 / 4
13 Charme, Zach 35.3 3.46 39 / 3.65
T14 Conaway, Quinton 26.9 4.19 29 / 4.4
T14 Abramo, Matt 29.8 3.78 30 / 4.51
T16 Vest, Jameson 28 3.83 37 / 4.13
T16 Galitz, Andrew 34 3.44 43 / 3.94
18 Coppens, Jon 31.1 3.57 44 / 4.12
19 Chisick, Alex 31 3.55 33 / 3.81
20 Creque, Blanton 33.4 3.07 40 / 3.31
21 LaManque, Adam 22 3.73 28 / 4.12
T22 O’Brien, Jack 31.3 3.26 35 / 3.44
T22 Valerio, Sebastian 32.1 3.08 36 / 3.44
24 Rodriguez, Ryan 29.3 3.53 39 / 3.81
25 Nottingham, Bailey 30 3.38 32 / 3.7
T26 Anderson, Troy 25 3.46 33 / 3.5
T26 Soto, Mark 29.4 3.28 40 / 3.65
28 Bianchi, Cristian 30.4 3.04 30 / 3.81
29 Coe, Cameron 24.3 3.41 30 / 3.53
Class of 2014
Place Name Dist HT Best
1 Knoll, Mike 43.5 4.17 52 / 4.5
2 Stewart, Matt 45.8 3.9 48 / 4.83
T3 Nolan, Marc 39 4.3 42 / 4.87
T3 Koonce, Jackson 46 3.85 50 / 4
T5 Newsome, Tyler 39.8 4.03 45 / 4.68
T5 McGehee, Austin 40.4 3.93 42 / 4.54
7 Ward, Palmer 39.3 3.97 55 / 4.32
8 Farkas, Michael 41 3.78 45 / 4.28
9 Duvic, John 39.8 3.82 48 / 4.56
10 Smart, Kenny 43.6 3.71 52 / 4.21
11 Birozes, Christopher 37.1 3.88 43 / 4.62
12 Spence, Alex 38 3.78 49 / 4.3
13 Kelly, Jesse 38.6 3.74 52 / 4.41
14 Woodrow, Henry 34.5 4.08 38 / 4.56
T15 Vizcaino, Tristan 33.7 4.17 38 / 4.51
T15 Daily, Aidan 40.4 3.64 50 / 4.07
T17 Sublette, Casey 33 4.04 37 / 4.24
T17 Ferrer, Paolo 36.8 3.75 43 / 4.24
19 Routsas, Yanni 38.3 3.66 49 / 4.09
20 Alfonso, Lucas 35.4 3.77 41 / 4.25
21 Kepler, Dallas 31 4.1 34 / 4.41
T22 Landwehr, Bailey 34.8 3.76 39 / 4.17
T22 Gaglianone, Rafael 35.1 3.74 42 / 4.49
T22 McAndrews, Marc 39.3 3.52 45 / 4.09
T22 Mills, Cody 40.6 3.48 51 / 3.84
26 Laryea, Simon 37.3 3.63 49 / 4.18
27 Barrow, Landon 31.9 3.89 40 / 4.5
T28 Piccione, Eric 32 3.84 39 / 4.47
T28 Pfau, Kyle 36.9 3.59 41 / 4.04
30 Royster, Pierce 38.4 3.51 53 / 3.82
31 Ellis, Mick 30.8 3.89 40 / 4.43
32 Roan, Austin 35.9 3.62 37 / 4.3
33 Graf, Ryan 31.8 3.81 32 / 4.25
T34 Strader, Tim 35.3 3.59 40 / 4.31
T34 Waites, Troy 36.8 3.53 42 / 4.35
T34 Long, Trenton 39.3 3.2 49 / 3.75
T37 Tatum, Jonathan 35.1 3.59 45 / 4.12
T37 Tracy, Cole 36.6 3.55 40 / 4.37
T39 Chapman, Logan 30.4 3.79 38 / 4.21
T39 Standish, Zach 32.4 3.72 40 / 4.26
T39 Raborn, Gunnar 37.5 3.44 38 / 4.25
T39 Nickles, Gregory 37.9 3.4 50 / 3.88
43 Vega, Alex 34.4 3.59 48 / 3.77
T44 Arnson, Derek 34.3 3.59 41 / 3.67
T44 Christenson, Danny 36.4 3.49 39 / 3.97
T46 Bonilla, Tymony 26.1 3.74 40 / 4.38
T46 Sherman, James 30.1 3.68 36 / 3.65
48 Duncan, Tyler 29 3.71 38 / 4.03
T49 Adams, Tyler 29.6 3.66 30 / 3.97
T49 Morrow, Hunter 32.8 3.51 32 / 4.31
51 Hoffman, Dallas 34.8 3.2 41 / 3.51
52 Boyd, Zachary 25.8 3.7 30 / 4.06
53 Murray, Patrick 33.4 3.39 43 / 3.77
54 Lekacz, Hayden 34.4 2.87 35 / 3.19
55 Irwin, Corey 32.1 3.34 42 / 3.79
56 Nakata, Austin 29.4 3.5 36 / 3.63
T57 Widmark, Bryce 30.1 3.3 35 / 4.07
T57 Wilson, Ty 31.9 2.81 31 / 3.50
59 Pedersen, Erik 28.8 3.2 36 / 3.52
60 Covey, Nick 14.8 3.25 23 / 3.69
61 Franzen, Tyler 31 3.16 40 / 3.59
62 McDonald, Charles 26.3 2.7 37 / 2.97
Class of 2013 / JC / TR
Place Name Dist HT Best 1 Ball
1 Flynn, Parker 48.9 4.3 53 / 4.87
2 Dominguez, Hector 46.9 4.21 53 / 4.56
3 Nelson, Luke 46.1 4.29 60 / 4.35
4 Ambrose, Jake 43.9 4.21 55 / 4.59
5 Seibert, Dylan 46.4 4.06 60 / 4.53
T6 Gudmundsson, Kris 41.6 4.2 51 / 4.63
T6 Boy, Alex 48.9 3.81 58 / 4.43
8 LaMothe, Adrian 41.1 4.09 50 / 4.5
9 Criswell, Nathan 43.1 3.87 48 / 4.53
10 Dascalo, Jordan 34.6 4.4 49 / 4.97
T11 Meza, Manuel 40.8 3.91 50 / 4.35
T11 Gonzalez, Diego 47.4 3.63 56 / 4.2
T13 Kenney, Luke 35.9 4.15 40 / 4.65
T13 Garcia, Eddie 39.5 4 43 / 4.47
15 King, Josh 43 3.75 59 / 4.22
T16 Beighton, Brett 39.9 3.84 57 / 4.6
T16 Boozer, Ian 40.5 3.8 56 / 4.5
T16 Hageman, Donny 42 3.65 48 / 4.59
19 Camargo, Chavo 34.9 3.92 44 / 4.03
20 Hoerberg, Marcus 40.3 3.7 52 / 4.52
21 Flynn, Reese 31.1 3.87 38 / 4.31
T22 Livingston, Clark 38.8 3.76 43 / 4.42
T22 Lanski, Jake 41 3.46 56 / 3.81
T24 Marquez, Diego 17.1 3.8 25 / 4.51
T24 Cooper, Kane 39.3 3.54 42 / 4.06
26 Mann, Donnie 34 3.48 35 / 4.03
Each Punter punted 8 ball from a live snap. 
All punts were charted for distance and hang time. 
No punts were dropped. 
All Punters punted in the same direction with
the same CSK Nike Balls.
Place = Place of finish in your class with distance and
hang time given equal value.
Dist = Distance average rounded to the tenth.
HT = Hang Time Average rounded to the hundredth.
Best 1 Ball = The Best overall
ONE ball hits of the 8 punts taken. 

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