2017 CA Spring Camp Recap, Barr-Mira Wins as a Sophomore!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour got off to a fantastic start in Los Angeles, CA this past Sunday.  Over the next 3 months Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping will train and evaluate over 1000 specialists.  This is a huge time of year in recruiting as college coaches pay close attention in the off season.  This is also a time when many other specialists are taking time off or playing other sports.  The benefits are tremendous for those that are dedicated to their craft.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Nicholas Barr-Mira (2019, CA) – Nicholas became one of the few sophomores to ever win a 1-day regional camp.  The talented player won a field goal competition by going 6-6 including several 50+ yard field goals.  He is also solid on kickoffs and shows punting potential.  He has landed inside the Top 10 nationally ranked prospects in his class after his strong performance.

Field Goal Champion

Jack Morrell (2018, CA) – Jack has been solid now at several consecutive Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  He is a great high school kicker that is competing at a very high level.  He showed off his accuracy in the pole drill and followed it up by nailing several 50 yard field goals.  Jack has the tools to take his game to the college level.

Kickoff Champion
Jonah Lipel (2018, CA) – Jonah was perhaps the most talented prospect at the entire camp.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student and recent TOP 12 camp invitee was dominant from start to finish.  He won the kickoff competition with a 70 yard, 4.20 kickoff.  His field goals are clean off the ground with elite height.  Jonah is a D1 prospect that will get the attention of many college coaches this off season.

Punt Champion
Quinton Conaway (JC, CA) – Quinton dominated the punting portion of camp for the majority of the day.  The Oklahoma native and Texas State commit has trained with Chris Sailer Kicking for over 5 years now.  He averaged over 40+ yards, with 4.4+ hang time on the day.  He also has a D1 kickoff leg.  Quinton is mature, experienced and ready for the next level.

Class of 2017/JC Top Prospects

Quinton Conaway, Dario Longhetto, Daniel Whelan, Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka, Santiago Arango, Brian Papazian, Matt Bazarevitsch, Mikey Selsor

Other 2017 Standouts
Shawn Welch, Derek Engel, Joe Gallegos, Tanner Carcama, Evan Padilla, Paul Rodriguez, Kyle Babcock, Dean Smith

Class of 2018 Top Prospects
Jonah Lipel, Ajay Culhane, Chris Wood, Cody Williams, Derek Ng, Dylan Brady, Eric Fellenzer, Evan Price, Matthew Jaeger

Other 2018 Standouts
Jack Morrell, Mark Meader, Trevor Gentner, Zachary Survillas, Spencer Corona, Prashneet Sharma, Kyler Vernon, Jaime Huerta, Jace Krier, Carson Goodwin, Caden Almer, Brennan Holt, Antonio Loera

Class of 2019 Top Prospects
Nicholas Barr-Mira, Cade Fuller, Brandon Petruescu, Gavin Wale, Cole Johnson, Dylan Orr, Ethan Schroeder, Ryan Sanborn, Jack Oswald

Other 2019 Standouts
Charles Bein, Adam Tontz, Cameron Sharafatian, Nick Miglio, Basilio Vives, Ricardo Borjon, Rafael Vargas, Nico Villamizar, Edgar Gonzalez

Class of 2020 Standouts
Peter Delis, Archie Green, Noah Carlton, Miles Mena, Matthew Donko, Kapena Kamakawiwoole, Fabien Gullen, Drew Owens

Youth MVP – Josh Bryan

The Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with stops in Charlotte, NC (March 12), Seattle, WA (March 19), Dallas, TX (March 26), Phoenix, AZ (April 9), New Jersey (April 9), Chicago, IL (April 23), Atlanta, GA (April 30), Los Angeles, CA (May 7), & Dallas, TX (May 7). The our ends with the largest exposure camp in the World…. Vegas 30 (May 13-14).  To be the best, train & compete with the best.  For more stats, rankings, future camp dates, etc. visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com #TeamSailer



CA Spring Camp Recap, Punter Aidan Daily Comes Out On Top!

The Chris Sailer Kicking California Spring Camp was one of the best that we have had in some time.  Well over 100 specialists participated in the talent filled event at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. There was a great mix of younger athletes and veteran high school and junior college players.

Here are your standout performers:

2016 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Brandon Brown – Big time JC kicking prospect. Offer Now!
Aidan Daily – Punt and overall camp champions
Jacob De Maio – Top junior college punter
Nick Giordano – Top junior college punter
Brandon Gracia – Best JC kicker in the nation
Andreas Gromoll – Top junior college kicker
Diego Marquez – Best transfer kicker in the nation
Miguel Mendez – Excellent junior college kicker
Cole Ramey – Top junior college kicker/punter
Vitor Silva – Transfer with raw talent

2017 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Logan Armstrong – Strong legged kicking prospect
Diego Cacho Sousa – Strong and accurate kicker
Dylan Carlson – Accurate and hard working kicker
Bryan Clements – Talented punting prospect
Kyle Continente – Accurate field goal kicker
Gabriel Dunkle – Accurate and hard working kicker
Trevor Elser – Athlete with potential
Asa Fuller – Strong and accurate kicker
Shane Furman – Athletic kicker that continues to develop
Joseph Gallegos – Consistent punter
Ricky Guzman – Kicker with nice potential
Lucas Havrisik – Top high school kicking prospect in CA
Peyton Henry – Talented kicking prospect
Dario Longhetto – Talented kicking prospect
Nick Loveland – Kicker with nice potential
Joshua Lyons – Kicker with nice potential
Chase McGrath – Talented kicking and punting prospect
Daniel Mojarro – Accurate and consistent kicker
Brian Papazian – Talented punting prospect
Michael Salerno – Accurate field goal kicker
Bailey Schroeder – Talented kicking prospect
Zach Saros – Accurate field goal kicker
Torre Zolferino – Accurate and consistent kicker

2018 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Corey Bell , Jesse Cortes, Collin Flintoft, Alex Hakes, Lane Kast, Jonah Lipel, Jordan McMillan, Jacob Perez, Kyle Reer, JP Rybus, Levi Weidmann, Chris Wood.

2019 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Donald Benjamin, Brandon Petruescu, Christopher Vartanian, Gavin Wale, Micah Hertz, Cole Johnson, Nico Boschetti.

Youth Future Stars: (In alphabetical order):
Ben D’Aquila, Jacob Kafalas, Sam Stephenson.

For full rankings and more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Atlanta, GA (March 12), Charlotte, NC (March 13), Chicago, IL (April 2), Seattle, WA (April 24), Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22). REGISTER HERE

To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer
2016 Spring Camp Poster