CA Spring Camp Recap, Punter Aidan Daily Comes Out On Top!

The Chris Sailer Kicking California Spring Camp was one of the best that we have had in some time.  Well over 100 specialists participated in the talent filled event at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. There was a great mix of younger athletes and veteran high school and junior college players.

Here are your standout performers:

2016 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Brandon Brown – Big time JC kicking prospect. Offer Now!
Aidan Daily – Punt and overall camp champions
Jacob De Maio – Top junior college punter
Nick Giordano – Top junior college punter
Brandon Gracia – Best JC kicker in the nation
Andreas Gromoll – Top junior college kicker
Diego Marquez – Best transfer kicker in the nation
Miguel Mendez – Excellent junior college kicker
Cole Ramey – Top junior college kicker/punter
Vitor Silva – Transfer with raw talent

2017 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Logan Armstrong – Strong legged kicking prospect
Diego Cacho Sousa – Strong and accurate kicker
Dylan Carlson – Accurate and hard working kicker
Bryan Clements – Talented punting prospect
Kyle Continente – Accurate field goal kicker
Gabriel Dunkle – Accurate and hard working kicker
Trevor Elser – Athlete with potential
Asa Fuller – Strong and accurate kicker
Shane Furman – Athletic kicker that continues to develop
Joseph Gallegos – Consistent punter
Ricky Guzman – Kicker with nice potential
Lucas Havrisik – Top high school kicking prospect in CA
Peyton Henry – Talented kicking prospect
Dario Longhetto – Talented kicking prospect
Nick Loveland – Kicker with nice potential
Joshua Lyons – Kicker with nice potential
Chase McGrath – Talented kicking and punting prospect
Daniel Mojarro – Accurate and consistent kicker
Brian Papazian – Talented punting prospect
Michael Salerno – Accurate field goal kicker
Bailey Schroeder – Talented kicking prospect
Zach Saros – Accurate field goal kicker
Torre Zolferino – Accurate and consistent kicker

2018 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Corey Bell , Jesse Cortes, Collin Flintoft, Alex Hakes, Lane Kast, Jonah Lipel, Jordan McMillan, Jacob Perez, Kyle Reer, JP Rybus, Levi Weidmann, Chris Wood.

2019 Standouts (In alphabetical order):
Donald Benjamin, Brandon Petruescu, Christopher Vartanian, Gavin Wale, Micah Hertz, Cole Johnson, Nico Boschetti.

Youth Future Stars: (In alphabetical order):
Ben D’Aquila, Jacob Kafalas, Sam Stephenson.

For full rankings and more information, visit Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Atlanta, GA (March 12), Charlotte, NC (March 13), Chicago, IL (April 2), Seattle, WA (April 24), Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22). REGISTER HERE

To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer
2016 Spring Camp Poster



VEGAS XXVII – Field Goal Results

VEGAS XXVII – Field Goal Results

January 16-17, 2016

Classes of 2019/2020/2021

Place Name Score
1 Fuller, Cade 8
2 Horn, Timothy 7
3 Crosa, Griffin 6
4 Wale, Gavin 5
T5 Burgos, Bernardo 4
T5 Felkins, Alex 4
T5 Shearer, Tyler 4
T5 Sten, Carson 4
T5 Walters, Brandon 4
T10 Brooksby, Connor 3
T10 Davis, Evan 3
T10 Jaridly, Ramzee 3
T10 Johnson, Cole 3
T10 Abbes, Christopher 3
T15 Van Eekeren, Chris 2
T15 Yanni, Peter 2
T17 Hier, Keaton 1
T17 Sample, Bradley 1
T17 Whipple, Gabriel 1
T20 Ayoub, Luke 0
T20 Benedict, Jayden 0
T20 Laws, Carter (20) 0
T20 LeFevre, Michael 0
T20 Oswald, Jack 0
T20 Shuran, Ivan (21) 0

Class of 2018

Place Name Score
1 Dunn, Christopher 12
2 Ng, Derek 10
T3 DeLong, Skyler 9
T3 Fukuroda, Tyler 9
T3 Harjehausen, Jared 9
T6 Campbell, Charles 8
T6 Lipel, Jonah 8
T6 Monkman, Ryan 8
T6 Smith, Josh 8
T6 Wood, Chris 8
T11 Flintoft, Collin 7
T11 Geddes, Campbell 7
T11 Jaeger, Matthew 7
T11 Maiuolo, Alessandro 7
T11 Malsch, Hunter 7
T11 McMillan, Jordan 7
T11 Medina, Luis 7
T11 Shelbred, Perry 7
T19 Culhane, Ajay 6
T19 Freibert, Christopher 6
T19 Jones, Bryce 6
T19 Lindquist, Jonathan 6
T19 Tobias, Jacob 6
T24 Clemente, Aidan 5
T24 Favella, Eduardo 5
T24 Mosharrafa, Anthony 5
T24 Talley, Cole 5
T28 Camarda, Jake 4
T28 Magnone, Riley 4
T28 March, Jared 4
T28 Pahl, Ben 4
T28 Watkins, Matthew 4
T33 Cassidy, Drew 3
T33 Fellenzer, Eric 3
T33 Gannon, Joseph 3
T33 Holous, Jacob 3
T33 Rice, Javan 3
T33 Smith, Justin 3
39 Bell, Corey 2
40 Berman, Chase 1
T41 Brady, Con 0
T41 Fogarty, Preston 0
T41 Weires, Collin 0

Class of 2017

Place Name Score
1 Stack, Adam 14
2 Cacho-Sousa, Diego 13
T3 Roark, Jake 12
T3 Schroeder, Bailey 12
T5 Continente, Kyle 11
T5 Gutierrez, Daniel 11
T5 McLarty, Jackson 11
T5 Salerno, Michael 11
T5 Saros, Zack 11
T5 Torres, Ethan 11
T11 Armstrong, Logan 10
T11 Cimaglia, Brent 10
T11 Ewton, Michael 10
T11 Fuller, Asa 10
T11 Neuhauser, Austin 10
T11 Sentkowski, Kyle 10
T11 Stout, Jordan 10
T11 Thomson, Zachary 10
T19 Brake, Caleb 9
T19 Brungardt, Cole 9
T19 DeCozio, Tony 9
T19 Favaro, Andrew 9
T19 Gronewold, Cody 9
T19 Landgrebe, Chris 9
T19 Larsh, Collin 9
T19 Norwood, Jefferson 9
T19 Pace, Geoffrey 9
T19 Tovar, Luke 9
T29 Bailey, Jacob 8
T29 Barahona, Jonathan 8
T29 Bunnell, Liam 8
T29 Davidovicz, Justin 8
T29 Ferrer, Antonio 8
T29 Glick, Branden 8
T29 Gomer, Ryan 8
T29 Henry, Peyton 8
T29 Klucewich, Joey 8
T29 Longhetto, Dario 8
T29 Martin, Tommy 8
T29 Maruyama, Kealii 8
T29 Norton, Matthew 8
T29 Onate, Frankie 8
T29 Padilla, Tyler 8
T29 Sanchez, Steve 8
T45 Allmeyer, Austin 7
T45 Cooper, Jack 7
T45 Finegan, Evan 7
T45 Frank, Seth 7
T45 Graham, Cooper 7
T45 Hawk, Hayden 7
T45 Lane, Jake 7
T45 Leisle, Michael 7
T45 Madigan, Kevin 7
T45 Meyer, Tristan 7
T45 Minami, Evan 7
T45 Moehring, Hayden 7
T45 Parker, Skye 7
T45 Pollnow, Charles 7
T45 Reed, Hunter 7
T45 Salani, Marco 7
T45 Sampson, Parker 7
T45 Stearns, Zach 7
T45 Stonehouse, Ryan 7
T45 Tanguay, Jacob 7
T45 Whelan, Daniel 7
T45 Zetterberg, Johan 7
T45 Zolferino, Torre 7
T68 Andrade, Carter 6
T68 Bulovas, Joseph 6
T68 Demaine, Connor 6
T68 Dunkle, Gabriel 6
T68 Durocher, Adam 6
T68 Everett, Hunter 6
T68 Fitzgerald, Ryan 6
T68 Fohs, Bryson 6
T68 Grant, Josh 6
T68 Harwell, Ryan 6
T68 Mcgrath, Chase 6
T68 Paim, Tiago 6
T68 Ruiz, Brandon 6
T68 Woolley, Chandler 6
T82 Burnham, Austin 5
T82 Carmichael, Drew 5
T82 Chan, Jeffrey 5
T82 Darwiche, Karim 5
T82 Eggeman, Clay 5
T82 Gagnon, Brandon 5
T82 Havrisik, Lucas 5
T82 Hunt, Tyler 5
T82 Malhado, Leo 5
T82 Mojarro, Daniel 5
T82 Neubeck, Michael 5
T82 Pontiff, Gabe 5
T94 Bazarevitsch, Matthew 4
T94 Bowens, Trevor 4
T94 Buce, Brooks 4
T94 Carcamo, Tanner 4
T94 Delgadillo, Augustin 4
T94 Keidel, Rand 4
T94 Sears, Andrew 4
T94 Snyder, Nathan 4
T94 Usry, Alex 4
T103 Cooper, Thomas 3
T103 Ellis, Ethan 3
T103 Keasler, Hogan 3
T103 Mack, Aaron 3
T103 Mizo, Micah 3
T103 Perez, Danny 3
T109 Carlson, Dylan 2
T109 Erickson, Riley 2
T109 Papazian, Brian 2
T109 Schmid, Drew 2
113 Cybak, John 0

Class of 2016

Place Name Score
1 Riccitelli, Collin 15
2 Woznick, Alex 13
T3 Duncan, Keith 12
T3 Porter, Jared 12
T5 Fudge, Trenton 11
T5 Kujawski, Seth 11
T5 Oldroyd, Jake 11
T5 Sasaoka, Kekoa 11
T5 Souza, Mitchell 11
T5 Fierst, Luke 11
T11 Baluyut, Dylan 10
T11 Cote, David 10
T11 Silvester, Eric 10
T11 Smolar, Jared 10
T11 Alerding, Vincent 10
T11 Rodriguez, Christian 10
T11 Pierson, Crawford 10
T18 Chadwell, Caleb 9
T18 Fitschen, Jerry 9
T18 Scott, Charlie 9
T18 Sloman, Samuel 9
T18 Verity, Jake 9
T18 Brown, Dylan 9
T24 Baughman, Erik 8
T24 Blair, Matt 8
T24 DeJager, Nathan 8
T24 Hilfer, John 8
T24 Moore, Will 8
T24 Raborn, Bailey 8
T24 Stalter, Chris 8
T31 Bunce, Cole 7
T31 Clark, Jaxon 7
T31 Jones, Nick 7
T31 Noyes, Edwin 7
T31 Santos, Mauricio 7
T31 Smiley, Nick 7
T37 Boermeester, Kevin 6
T37 Culp, Connor 6
T37 Gomez, Montana 6
T37 Nichols O., William 6
T37 Scharff, Samuel 6
T37 Selsor, Mikey 6
T37 Siemieniec, Gabriel 6
T37 Tandy, Seiver 6
T37 Wengierski, John 6
T37 Wielenga, Alex 6
T37 Young, Jonn 6
T48 McGinnis, Hayden 5
T48 Rodriguez, Miguel 5
T48 Romo, Parker 5
T48 Slyter, Andre 5
T52 Gibson, Cole 4
T52 Medina, Jaime 4
T52 Hank, Andrew 4
T55 Alfaro, Martin 3
T55 Frausto, Jose 3
T57 Basco, Daryian 2
T57 Fontana, Joey 2
T57 Gilbert, Noah 2

Junior College / Transfer

Place Name Score
1 Marquez, Diego 13
T2 Brown, Brandon 10
T2 Gracia, Brandon 10
T2 Antenneza, Christian 10
T5 Boyd, Zach 9
T5 Murray, Patrick 9
T5 Plooster, Cannon 9
T8 Gromoll, Andreas 8
T8 Guerra, Tavis 8
T8 Naiditch, Dorian 8
T8 Sabourin, Cole 8
T12 Arzt, Leonard 7
T12 Blackford, Daniel 7
T14 Elizondo, Jose 5
T14 Hierlihy, Nathan 5
T16 Mendez, Miguel 4
T16 Tamburo, Riggs 4

All kickers attempted fields goals of 35, 35, 40, 40, 45, 45, 50, & 50 yards.

2 points were awarded for a dead center kick, 1 point for all other makes.  1 bonus point was awarded if the kicker made all 8 kicks.  Max points = 17.

All kicks were attempted with live snap and hold.

Conditions: 40-50 degrees. No Wind.


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 CA Fall Camp Recap, Riccitelli Dominates

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2015 Fall Camp Tour continued October 18th in Los Angeles, CA.  The combination of elite high school and junior college athletes made for a highly competitive atmosphere. Nearly 200 specialists gathered at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks to learn and compete among the best.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion:
Collin Riccitelli (2016, CA) – Collin is simply a fantastic kicker.  The longtime Chris Sailer student and EVENT ELITE Member was on fire from start to finish.  He won back to back field goal competitions by connecting on 15 consecutive field goals, including three 60+ yarders.  His kickoffs were also solid.  Collin in a great D1 prospect.  OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion:
Jake Lanski (JC, CA) – Jake stepped up in the kickoff competition.  He average 65+ yards with close to 4.0 second hang time.  He was also very strong on field goals all day.  The junior college kicker has all the tools to compete at the highest college level.

Punt Champion:
Reece Morrison (TR, TX) – Reece put together a solid performance punting the ball. When he is on his “A” game he can compete with the very best.  A great looking athlete with a D1 leg.  A top transfer that is going to make a nice addition to any college football program.

Other Elite 2016 Prospects:
Cole Bunce – Top kicking prospect in the nation
Diego Marquez – #1 available transfer kicker in the nation
Brandon Gracia – #1 available junior college kicker in the nation
Jake Koehke  – Top combo player (K/P) prospect
Andrew Rodriguez – Top combo player (K/P) prospect
Jared Porter – Top combo player (K/P) prospect
Jerry Fitschen – One of the best kickoff legs in the nation
Tavis Guerra – Top junior college kicking prospect
Codey Wuthrich – Top junior college punting prospect

Other 2016 Standouts: Kevin Boermeester, Alec Chadwick, Chris Stalter, Hayden McGinnis, James Drye, Jesse Kelly, Miguel Mendez, Zach Glaess, Martin Alfaro, Alex Wielenga, Devin Garcia, Evan Rios, Joshua Rodriguez, Michael O’Toole, Shane Jacobs, Dayton Diorio, Gavin Scully, Elias, Deeb, James Husebo, Sam Ellison

Elite 2017 Prospects:
Asa Fuller – Top kicking prospect
Diego Cacho-Souza – Top kicking prospect, developing punter
Peyton Henry – Top kicking prospect, developing punter
Daniel Whelan – Big time all around potential
Augustin Delgadillo – Top kicking prospect

Other 2017 Standouts: Brian Papazian, Clay Eggeman, Collin Sillery, Daniel Mojarro, Jack Cooper, Dylan Carlson, Liam King, Dario Longhetto, Logan Armstrong, Matt Bazarevitsch, Ryan Stonehouse, Torre Zolferino, Trevor Bowens, Clyde Hovsepian, Derek Engel, Jack Geiger, Jack Montgomery, Michael Salerno, Miguel Rodriguez, Seth Ketterer, Tiago Paim

2018 Standouts: Ajay Culhane, Campbell Geddes, Corey Bell, Jonah Lipel, Jordan Macmillan, Chris Wood, Holden Ramme, Luke Simpson, Shane Marcum

2019 Standouts: Nico Boschetti, Ramzee Jaridly, Adam Tontz, Jack Oswald, Axel Mireles, Carson Sten

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in NJ, FL, IL, TX, GA & CA.  As always the big finale will be VEGAS XXVII (January 16-17) where kickers, punters and long snappers from all over the world gather to learn & compete with the best.  #TeamSailer


Best Available Chris Sailer Kicking 2016 Kickers, Punters & Combo Prospects. OFFER NOW!!!

As we enter October 2015, we enter a crucial stage of recruiting for the Class of 2016.  Week 5 of College Football is underway.  Some specialists have excelled at the college level ,while others have failed.  College coaches will soon have to make serious decisions for the future of their programs.  They will revisit their recruiting boards and get back on the recruiting trail.  Performance, contacts and most importantly exposure will play a large role in who lands the next round of scholarship offers.  How did you perform this past summer in front of college coaches?  How is your current season going?  Have you taken unofficial visits and shown genuine interest in college programs? What is your current ranking with Chris Sailer Kicking?

Take a look at who I believe should be the next 15 Kickers, Punters & Combo Players offered full ride D1 Scholarships!

1. Mitchell Wasson (GA)
2. Kekoa Sasaoka (HI)
3. Diego Marquez (CA)
4. Brandon Gracia (CA)
5. JD Dellinger (NC)
Next Best: Eric Silvester (NY)

1. Austin Kent (NC)
2. Jet Toner (HI)
3. Marshall Long (NC)
4. Seth Kujawski (NC)
5. Kyle Thompson (CA)
Next Best: Thomas Manning (CA)

Combo Players:
1. Jared Smolar (IN)
2. Jake Verity (GA)
3. Nate Needham (IN)
4. Jaime Medina (CA)
5. Jared Porter (CA)
Next Best: Charlie Scott (CO)

*The above athletes are not currently verbally committed to any University or College.

The above athletes have proven themselves time and time again in all aspects of the game.  They are physically and mentally ready for the next level.  They are fine young men that are going to be great leaders on and off the field.  I stand behind them with 100% certainty.  College coaches…. OFFER NOW!!!

Fall Camps are set to begin this weekend in Seatlle, WA.  NC, GA, CA, NJ, FL, IL, TX to follow.  The largest exposure camp in the world, Vegas XXVII will take place January 16-17, 2016.  National Letter of Intent Day is February 3rd. Want the best instruction? Want to get ranked? Want to improve your ranking? Want to get the necessary exposure? See you soon!

Visit for more information and registration details.


GA & CA Recap! Pineiro and Marquez are Champions….

The Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour is now complete. The final 2 stops were made in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.  Over 300 athletes attended these two events.  The talent level was off the charts.  Take a look at the results.


Overall Camp Champion:
Eddy Pineiro (JC) – The Alabama commit was dominating once again in Atlanta. He has one of the strongest legs that I have ever seen.  He also competes extremely well under pressure and backs down to no situation.  On this day he connected on multiple 60+ yard field goals.  He also averaged approximately 80 yards per kickoff with 4.2 plus hang time.  His best ball was 85 yards with 4.44 second hang time.  A talent like this doesn’t come along often.

Field Goal Champion:
Santiago Arango (JC) – Santiago is an outstanding kicker.  He hits a very consistent ball off the ground and gets great height on his ball.  He hit a huge 54 yard field goal to win this competition. His kickoffs are also solid.  Santiago has the tools to be a top national junior college prospect this coming season.

Field Goal Champion:
Will Horton (2017) – Will had an amazing day performance from start to finish.  The young combo prospect showed well in all three areas of the kicking game.  He won the field goal competition by hitting consecutive field goals of 35, 42, 47, 52, 54 and 55 yards.  His kickoffs are 65 plus yards, with 4.00 plus hang time.  He also shows great punting talent.  Look for this name the next few years, he could be a great prospect.

Punt Champion:
Aidan Daily (JC) – Aidan competed at the TX, NC, GA and CA camps.  The Vegas XXVI punt champion and Event Elite Member had his best performance in Atlanta.  At one point he was able to hit 14 straight punts with over 4.4 second hang time.  He also hit many 50 plus yard punts with 5.0 second hang time.  Aidan is ready to have a breakout season at the junior college level this year.

Top Class of 2016 Prospect:
Jake Verity  – Jake is one of the top combo (K/P) prospects in the nation.  His field goals, kickoffs and punts are all equally impressive.  He has 55 plus yard range off the ground on field goals. Kickoffs are 70 plus yards with 4.1 plus second hang time.  Punts are 45 plus yards with 4.6 plus second hang time. He is consistent and can also hit the huge ball.  OFFER NOW!!!

Other Class of 2016 Standouts:  Luke Logan, Brad Wall, Caleb Grant, Christian Underwood, Daryian Basco, David Saldana, Pierce Royster, Hayden Terral, Jonathan Messina, Noah Gilbert, Phillip Shure, Samuel Sloman, Tyler Grimes, Nicholas Jones, Devin Orr, Dylan Hoglen.

Top Class of 2017 Prospect:
Tucker Day – Tucker has as much overall talent as anyone in the country.  Punting is his current major strength.  Once again he showed that he was able to hit punts 50 plus yards with 5.0 plus second hang time.  His field goals and kickoffs are also strong.  Tucker is a great athlete that will be a scholarship pick!

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Jackson McLarty, Jake Lane, Josh Edwards, Nick Rice, Brooks Buce.

Top Class of 2018 Prospect:
Jake Camarda – Jake continues to elevate his game each time that we see him.  The current #1 kicker and #1 punter in the nation in his class proved it once again.  Quote from a staff member, “Jake is in the class of 2018?  This whole day I figured he was a senior.  That’s amazing.  He is in a league of his own”.  Enough said.

Other Class of 2018 Standouts: Bryce Horton, Bryce Jones, Chad Miller, Drew Byus, Eric Hildebrand, Evan McPherson, Jarrett Mills, Micah Gilbert, Sean Henderson.

Class of 2019/2020 Future Stars: Parker Hannon, Bernardo Burgos, Hayden Hairston, Ian Kurowsky, Riley Gravett, Ethan Boyles

*Note: Top prospect in each class listed refers to the best remaining prospect that was NOT a camp champion.


Overall Camp Champion:
Diego Marquez (JC) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student continued his dominating run.  He won the kickoff competition by hitting 82 yard, 4.18 yard ball.  He won the head to head field goal finals round by connecting of field goals of 50, 52, 52, 52, 55 and 58 yards. Diego is ready for D1 football.  OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion:
Nathan Hierlihy (JC) – Nathan is a big time kicking prospect.  He won the field goal competition by hitting 8 straight field goals including 3 straight from 50 plus yards.  The final competition winning kick came from 58 yards out.  His kickoffs are also very strong.  Nathan is going to be a special college player.

Punt Champion:
Kyle Thompson (2016) – Kyle is an outstanding punting prospect.  The 6’4” athlete is punting with more confidence than ever before.  He bested many of the nations top punters in Los Angeles by consistently hitting big ball after big ball.  Kyle averages 40 plus yards with 4.8 second hang time and shows that he can easily hit 55 yard punts with 5.1 plus second hang time punts.  Kyle is ready for D1.  OFFER NOW!!!

Top Class of 2016 Prospect:
Brandon Gracia (JC) – Brandon is one of, if not the top junior college kicking prospect in America.  His field goals are outstanding off the ground.  His kickoffs are ready for D1 right now.  He also kicks with great confidence and does well under pressure.  He is ready. OFFER NOW!!!

Other Class of 2016 Standouts:  Andrew Neilson, Alex Wielenga, Cannon Plooster, Jake Lanski, Kevin Boermeester, Michael Brown, Crawford Pierson, Casey Sublette, Chris Stalter, Cooper Garcia, Daniel Ellis, Dayton Diorio, Jaime Medina, Jared Porter, Jesse Kelly, Kevin Neitzke, Matthew Amrhein, Nathan DeJaeger, Tanner Kuljian, Trenton Fudge, Zach Emerson, Aidan Daily, Corey Bojorquez, Nick Giordano, Alex Vazquez, Ford Edwards, Dylan Baluyut, Hayden McGinnis, Cody Wuthrich

Top Class of 2017 Prospect:
Peyton Henry – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking Student continues to improve each time that we see him.  Now ranked inside the Top 15 in the nation in his class, he is showing that he can hang with the very best.  He has the tools to be a top combo player. The lefty is strong, athletic and handles pressure very well.  He has a bright future.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts: Bailey Schroeder, Carter Andrade, Asa Fuller, Brian Papazian, Chase McGrath, Clyde Hovsepian, Diego Cacho-Souza, Dylan Carlson, Gabriel Dunkle, Jack Cooper, Clay Eggeman, Colin Sillery, Eli Kasiano, Jake Zimmerman, Kevin Ramsey, Liam King, Ryan Gomer, Ryan Stonehouse, Seth Frank

Top Class of 2018 Prospect:
Jonah Lipel – This young kicker continues to improve each time we see him.  He is one of the hardest workers out there and the hard work is starting to pay off.  Jonah kicks with great technique and consistency.  His strength and range is starting to really increase.  He is one to keep a close eye on these next couple of years.

Other Class of 2018 Standouts:  JP Rybus, Jordan McMillan, Corey Bell, Peter Larson

Class of 2019/2020 Future Stars: Cade Fuller, Axel Mireles

*Note: Top prospect in each class listed refers to the best remaining prospect that was NOT a camp champion.

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Schedule has been announced.  Register early before camp sell out.

For more statistics, evaluations, rankings and future camp dates visit or contact  Chris Sailer 818-209-8921 (text) or (email).




Introducing The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite”

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” have been announced.  Congratulations to these very deserving kicker/punter specialists.

Class of 2017
Cooper Graham (NC)
Kyle Sentkowski (WA)
Briggs Bourgeois (LA)
Tommy Martin (VA)

Combo Players:
Adam Stack (HI)

Class of 2016:
Vincent Alerding (IN)
Kevin Boermeester (CA)
Michael Brown (CA)
Luke Hogan (TX)
Kaden Keon (MI)
Jake Koehnke (CA)
Jackson Morris (TN)
Crawford Pierson (CA)
Collin Riccitelli (CA)

Kyle Thompson (CA)

Combo Players K/P:
Matt Blair (CA)
Kyle Corbett (NC)
Seth Kujawski (NC)
Braden Mann (TX)
Jaime Medina (CA)
Dalton Mullins (CA)
Jared Porter (CA)
Bailey Raborn (LA)
Eric Silvester (NY)
Jared Smolar (IN)
Jake Verity (GA)

Junior College
Brendon Chitura (CA)
Tavis Guerra (CA)
Nathan Hierlihy (CA)
Diego Marquez (CA)

Aidan Daily (CA)
Tommy Manning (CA)

Class of 2017 Honorable Mention: Noah Alejado, Trevor Bowens, Jeffrey Chan, Asa Fuller, Josh Grant, Peyton Henry, Chase McGrath, Billy Mitchell, Jovi Munoz, Quinn Saluan, Bailey Schroeder, Bryce Strickland

Class of 2016 Honorable Mention: Noah Ball, Dylan Brown, Noah Brunner, Tanner Dayton, Kyle Coale, Cole Bunce, Elias Deeb, Keith Duncan, Trenton Fudge, Tony Hernandez, Tanner Kuljian, Holden Lyons, Jonathan McDaid, Oren Milstein, Drew Riethman, Jake Roberts, Griffin Roehler, Gage Russell, Mikey Selsor, Gabriel Siemienec, Mitch Souza.

Junior College: James Husebo, Wes Nail, Cannon Plooster, John Westby

*Selected K/P ‘s will join the “TOP 12″ for the exclusive, invite only, “TOP 12″ and “Event Elite” summer camp June 15-17, 2015. This is the ONLY true “Invite Only” Event on a national scale.  The best of the best will be in L.A. Sessions are open to the public.

*There was no SET number chosen for the “Event Elite”.  These players all show D1 Scholarship Ability…Period.

*The “TOP 12″ chosen at Vegas XXV in Las Vegas January  were: JJ Molson (Canada), Skyler Southam (UT), Connor Culp (AZ), Jet Toner (HI), Kekoa Sasaoka (HI), Jonn Young (NC), JD Dellinger (NC), Jerry Fitschen (CA), Brandon Gracia (CA), Butch Hampton (CA), Brandon Ruiz (AZ), Charlie Scott (CO), Mitchell Wasson (GA).


Vegas XXVI Field Goal Results

Vegas XXVI (May 9-10, 2015) – Field Goal Results
Classes of 2018 & 2019
Place Name Score
1 Ng, Derek 4
T2 Favela, Eduardo 3
T2 Rusch, Anthony 3
T4 Berman, Chase 2
T4 Gentner, Trevor 2
T4 Yanni, Peter 2
T7 Bell, Corey 1
T7 Gonya, Grant 1
T9 Fuller, Cade 0
T9 Sainsbury, Nathan 0
Class of 2017
Place Name Score
1 Saluan, Quinn 11
2 Chan, Jeffrey 10
T3 Grant, Josh 8
T3 Grant, Lane 8
T3 Mitchell, Billy 8
T6 Fuller, Asa 7
T6 Martin, Thomas 7
T6 McGrath, Chase 7
T6 Mojarro, Daniel 7
T6 Papazian, Brian 7
T6 Parker, Skye 7
T6 Schroeder, Bailey 7
T6 Tovar, Luke 7
T14 Alejado, Noah 6
T14 Graham, Cooper 6
T14 Longhetto, Dario 6
T14 Padilla, Tyler 6
T14 Sentkowski, Kyle 6
T14 Stack, Adam 6
T14 Zolferino, Torre 6
T21 Bazarevitsch, Matt 5
T21 Mack, Aaron 5
T21 Munoz, Jovi 5
T21 Schmid, Andrew 5
T21 Strickland, Bryce 5
T21 Zetterberg, Johan 5
T27 Bourgeois, Briggs 4
T27 Bowens, Trevor 4
T27 Henry, Peyton 4
T27 Salani, Marco 4
T31 Anderson, Chris 3
T31 Burnham, Austin 3
T31 Pace, Geoffrey 3
T34 Nixon, Cole 2
T34 Welch, Hunter 2
36 Diaz, Forrest 1
T37 Coale, William 0
T37 Duong, Tommy 0
Class of 2016
Place Name Score
T1 Culp, Connor 15
T1 Southam, Skyler 15
3 Smolar, Jared 12
T4 Baughman, Eric 11
T4 Riccitelli, Collin 11
T4 Rodriguez, Andrew 11
T7 Ball, Noah 10
T7 Basco, Daryian 10
T7 Boermeester, Kevin 10
T7 Dayton, Tanner 10
T7 Endicott, Ethan 10
T12 Dellinger, JD 9
T12 Drye, James 9
T12 Fudge, Trenton 9
T12 Kubin, Jacob 9
T12 Kujawski, Seth 9
T12 Lyons, Holden 9
T12 Porter, Jared 9
T12 Roberts, Jake 9
T12 Roper, Joseph 9
T12 Saling, Landen 9
T12 Santos, Mauricio 9
T12 Sasaoka, Kekoa 9
T12 Stalter, Chris 9
T25 Brown, Dylan 8
T25 Brown, Michael 8
T25 Bruhn-Cherry, Nicholas 8
T25 Hernandez, Tony 8
T25 Hogan, Luke 8
T25 Pierson, Crawford 8
T25 Raborn, Bailey 8
T25 Riethman, Drew 8
T25 Siemieniec, Gabriel 8
T34 Albert, David 7
T34 Bowes, Grffin 7
T34 Corbett, Kyle 7
T34 Kenworthy, Alvin 7
T34 Koehnke, Jake 7
T34 Milstein, Oren 7
T34 Moreno, Alex 7
T34 Mullins, Dalton 7
T34 Wengierski, John 7
T43 Alerding, Vincent 6
T43 Bunce, Cole 6
T43 Coale, Kyle 6
T43 Duncan, Kieth 6
T43 Golden, Jordan 6
T43 Mann, Braden 6
T43 Roehler, Griffin 6
T43 Selsor, Mikey 6
T43 Souza, Mitch 6
T43 Young, Jonn 6
T43 Perez, Jake 6
T54 Blair, Matt 5
T54 Callan, Ryan 5
T54 Crane, Jack 5
T54 Kuljian, Tanner 5
T54 Loy, Sam 5
T54 Medina, Jaime 5
T54 Navarro, Marco 5
T54 Pawlowski, Jack 5
T54 Silvestor, Eric 5
T54 Sumpter, Tyler 5
T54 Wilkenson, Cody 5
T65 Alfaro, Martin 4
T65 Dinevski, Christian 4
T65 Levine, Jordan 4
T65 Morris, Jackson 4
T65 Rattigan, Aidan 4
T65 Romo, Parker 4
T65 Stoney, Jacob 4
T65 Brunner, Noah 3
T73 Keon, Kaden 3
T73 Noyes, Edwin 3
T73 Tarbox, Henry 3
T76 Agritelley, Ethan 2
T76 Eason, Josiah 2
T76 Han, Samuel 2
T76 Slack, Gavin 2
Class of 2015 / JC / TR
Place Name Score
T1 Chitura, Brendon 13
T2 Marquez, Diego 13
3 Strauch, Andrew 10
T4 Gracia, Brandon 9
T4 Hierlihy, Nathan 9
T6 Covey, Nick 8
T6 Guerra, Tavis 8
T8 Cantabrana, Anthony 7
T8 Erickson, Ethan 7
T8 Plooster, Cannon 7
T11 Boyd, Zach 6
T11 Terry, Kyler 6
T13 Westby, John 5
T13 Kidd, Max 5
15 Makindo, Ayo 4