2016 TX Spring Camp, Freshman Will Reichard Wins It!

The 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour got off to a great start in Dallas, TX this past weekend.  Well over 100 athletes from 10 plus states were in attendance.  The camp featured long time Chris Sailer Kicking kicker and staff member Nick Folk of the New York Jets.  He gave a fantastic demonstration and stood in on all the meetings offering priceless advice.  The mixture of outstanding veterans and talented newcomers at the camp made for excellent competition.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion: Will Reichard (2019, AL)
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student came through with a breakthrough performance.  The #1 kicker in the nation in the Class of 2019 proved why in a major way.  He is the first freshman to win a regional camp in many years.  He hit multiple 50 plus yard field goals and his kickoffs were all 65 plus yards with 3.8 plus hang time.  He is an extraordinary talent.  One of the very best that I have seen at this age since Cody Parkey, now of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Field Goal Champion: Austin Neuhauser (2017, OK)
Austin put in an impressive performance in Dallas.  He was also a standout last month in Las Vegas.  Austin is proving he is a top national prospect in the Class of 2017.  He hits a pure ball off the ground and shows 55+ yard range.  His kickoffs are also competitive with the very best.  Look for Austin to gain the attention of major college coaches around the nation this off season.

Kickoff Champion: Davis Price (2016, CO)
Another long time Chris Sailer Kicking student was dominant on kickoffs all day.  He won the competition by hitting a 76 yard, 4.08 hang time kickoff.  He has really come into his own and is ready to move on to the college level.  He has the talent to compete at any level.

Punt Champion: Bernardo Palacios (2017, TX)
This was Bernardo’s first camp with us, but he stepped up when it counted the most.  He consistently hit 40 plus yard punts, with 4.4 plus yard hang time.  He is a talented athlete that shows the ability to compete with the top punters in his class.  Keep a close eye on him this spring and summer.

Other 2016 Standouts:
John Dellagarza (TX) – John is a talented punting prospect.  He has the size and skill set to compete at the D1 level.

Grant Perkins (TX) – Grant is a strong legged kicker that has excellent potential. His field goals and kickoffs both show great promise.

Other Class of 2017 Standouts:
Liam Jones (OK) – Liam is a great kicking prospect.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals.  His kickoffs are strong.  He has a bright college future.

Josh Grant (TX) – Josh is one of the best kickers in the nation.  He gets excellent height on his field goals off the ground.  His kickoffs are near the top of his class.

Blake Mazza (TX) – Blake is an excellent talent.  He hits a great ball off the ground on field goals.  His kickoffs are also a strong point.

Nick Horiates (TX) – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student had his best day yet.  He was dominant at times on both field goals and kickoffs.  Tons of talent here.

Also keep an eye on: Kevin Madigan, Eric Carrasco, Turner Davidson, Miguel Aponte, Michael Ewton, Tristan Perry.

Top 2018 Prospects:
Cole Talley (TX) – Cole has one of the strongest legs in his class.  He shows flashes of dominance on both field goals and kickoffs.  A great athlete with a bright future.

John Mayers (TX) – John had an impressive camp.  He has a big time leg and shows he can hit an excellent ball off the ground.  Kickoffs are also strong.

Also keep an eye on: Christopher Freibert, Jim Hayden, Matthew Martin, Jacob Meeks, Evan Price, Ryan Scott, Jake Smith, Hayden Nelson, Nick O’Shea.

2019 Future Stars: Alex Felkins, Neal Koskay, Josh Plaster, Luis Reyna, Austin Rychlik, Tyler Shearer, Logan Shields.

Youth Prospects: Tabor Allen, James Griffith, Preston Johnson.

For full rankings and more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Los Angeles, CA (March 6), Atlanta, GA (March 12), Charlotte, NC (March 13), Chicago, IL (April 2), Seattle, WA (April 24), Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22).

To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer

Reichard and Sailer


Chris Sailer Kicking 2016 Summer Camps


Here we go, you have seen what others say about Chris Sailer Kicking and now is the time to get involved.

Below is a very detailed list of dates, locations, and explanations of what Chris Sailer Kicking has in store for summer 2016:



Summer Kicking/Punting Camps are open to ALL levels Kickers & Punters. You do NOT have to be invited to attended any spring or summer Chris Sailer Kicking Instructional Camps. These Kicking & Punting Camps are open to 8th grade (younger with permission from Sailer) through college. The winners of each camp receive FREE admission to a Fall camp put on by Chris Sailer Kicking (travel and accommodations excluded). Please note: these camps will sell out quickly!

These camps are one day camps that offer instruction, film and classroom session, Kicking & Punting Discussion, NCSA recruiting information and Competition. Attending these camps gives you top notch instruction and the chance to be added to the Chris Sailer Kicking Player Ranking Section of the website.

Why attend? To get the best instruction and the most exposure possible in the world as a Kicker and/or Punter, to be ranked with Chris Sailer Kicking, to receive a Chris Sailer Kicking shirt, to have the chance to win FREE admission to a Chris Sailer Kicking Fall camp of your choice (travel and accommodations not included).

  • July 7, Dallas, TX
  • July 9, Chicago, IL
  • July 11, Charlotte, NC
  • July 12, Atlanta, GA
  • July 31, Los Angeles, CA

You can register for any Chris Sailer Kicking summer camp HERE


Vegas uprights

As you know, the Vegas Events are the biggest and best Kicking and Punting camps in the world. They are truly a national/international event to see how you compete against the best in the nation, and world. The May Event, or VEGAS XXVIII, is the second largest Kicking & Punting camp we run (VEGAS XXVII in January was the biggest). The main difference is the weather and there are less seniors since many have already stepped onto their college campuses for their next stage of their life.

The Vegas Events are NOT an invite only camp. They are first come, first served. Kickers & Punters ranging from 8th grade – JC are allowed to attend.

This is the SUPER BOWL for Kickers & Punters. No other kicking event comes close to the exposure offered by the National Vegas Events. Chris Sailer Kicking is, by far, the most credible recruiting source for Kickers & Punters in the country.  The “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” is the list to be on if you are seeking national exposure. From the Vegas Events, the Chris Sailer Kicking Staff will select the “TOP 12” Seniors/JC & the “TOP 12” Underclassman and “Event Elite”. Over 90% of the “TOP 12” have received full ride D1A scholarships in the past. Over 99% members of the “TOP 12” have gone on to play college football. In addition the “TOP 12” Underclassman will be invited to attend an exclusive summer camp to train and compete amongst that elite group.  The Competition Finals Round Winners (FG, Punt, and LS) will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 FULL YEAR. (Excludes transportation and hotel). The Vegas Events offer the best exposure possible for Kickers & Punters. Chris Sailer Kicking has personal relationships with over 100 D1A Universities and many more at other levels. This is your chance to get recognized on a national scale. Chris Sailer Kicking works very closely with Scout.com, Rivals.com, Espn.com, etc. and have also been featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Deadspin, etc.

  • VEGAS XXVIII Prep Camp, May 15, Dallas, TX
  • VEGAS XXVIII Prep Camp, May 15, Atlanta, GA
  • VEGAS XXVIII Prep Camp, May 15, Los Angeles, CA
  • VEGAS XXVIII, Small Group Session, May 19, Las Vegas, NV
  • VEGAS XXVIII, May 20-21

You can register for any Chris Sailer Kicking VEGAS EVENT HERE


2016 U.S. Army All-Americans

Once again, Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping will be teaming up with FBU to run the specialists portion of their camps. FBU is the world’s largest football training service and has hired us to handle their Kicking & Punting section. It is an honor and we are proud to do it again. It is a top notch organization that benefits countless athletes across the country.

Chris Sailer Kicking will be running more camps than EVER.  This year I will only be at the TOP GUN CAMP.  All other locations will have two Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Instructors in attendance (staff members that have been with me for well over 30 camps). They will follow the same format as myself and report directly to FBU and yours truly. Yes, you will get ranked on ChrisSailerKicking.com when you attend an FBU camp.

Based on what we see at the FBU TOP GUN CAMP in SC on July 14-15, we will be choosing the two Kickers and two Punters that will participate in the US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN BOWL.  Chris Sailer Kicking will also be selecting the East Bay Youth All-American for the Class of 2019 (Freshman All-American Bowl) and 2020 (8th Grade All-American Bowl) based on performances at the FBU TOP GUN CAMP in SC on July 14-15. You MUST be invited to the TOP GUN camp by performing well at one of the regional FBU camps prior to the TOP GUN Camp.

Bottom line, you will have to do well at one of the FBU camps, that our staff  is in attendance at, to pick up an invite from myself and/or one of my senior instructors.

  • April 8-9, San Antonio, TX
  • April 15-16, Austin, TX
  • April 15-16, Miami, FL
  • April 22-23, Orlando, FL
  • April 22-23, Phoenix, AZ
  • April 29-30, Orange County, CA
  • June 3-4, Lafayette, LA
  • June 24-25, Los Angeles, CA
  • July 14-15, Rock Hill, SC, TOP GUN CAMP (this is the camp where the US ARMY BOWL ALL-AMERICANS, FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICANS & 8TH GRADE ALL-AMERICANS will be selected)

Please register for FBU CAMPS by going to fbu.net, calling (973) 366-5027 or emailing cdecker@allamericangames.com


Chris Sailer Kicking will be in charge of several university led college camps across the country. These are camps that the universities put on and have us run.  You will not be ranked at these camps. You will register through THEIR site. Here is the list, so far, as more will be added once the dates are finalized…

  • June 1, University of Georgia
  • June 3, LSU
  • June 4, Alabama
  • June 5, University of Washington
  • June 6, Texas A&M
  • June 10, University of Cincinnati
  • June 11, University of Oregon
  • June 12, University of California Berkeley (CAL)
  • June 19, University of Miami
  • July 24, Army


Kai Forbath celebrating after his 50 yard game winning field goal for the Saints. (2015)

Kai Forbath celebrating after his 50 yard game winning field goal for the Saints. (2015)

You (the specialists) asked for it, you got it. They (NFL coaches) asked for it, they got it. As you know, Chris Rubio and myself have always run the biggest and best exposure camps for high school Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers.  For the second year, we are moving into the NFL realm to give the needed exposure to our college athletes.

This one day camp will be a showcase for NFL coaches. There will be little coaching (you shouldn’t need a ton if you are at this camp) as this camp will all be about exposure. NFL coaches and personnel will be on hand to personally see the Kickers & Punters in action.

In order to attend this camp, you must be out of college and be eligible for the NFL draft.

  • March 17, Las Vegas, NV

You can register for the NFL Free Agent camp HERE (spots will be limited)


This camp will be ONLY for 4 year university college Kickers & Punters AND Kickers & Punters entering into a 4 year university. 1st year JC and freshman, sophomores and juniors in high school can NOT attend this camp.

This will be a very high level camp that will be run similarly to the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE camp. Cost of the camp will include accommodations, transportation to the fields and the instruction, and meals. This camp is built for Kickers & Punters looking to dominate the college camp and get ready for the NFL.

  • July 15-17, IMG Academy, FL



This camp is open ONLY to those invited personally by Chris Sailer. You are chosen to attend this camp by performing extremely well at either the January or May National Kicking/Punting Events in Las Vegas. Do NOT sign up for this camp unless you have been formally invited by Sailer. Former “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” members includes countless college and NFL players, All-Americans, NFL Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl participants.

The “TOP 12” is chosen after the January Event (VEGAS XXVII) and the “EVENT ELITE” is chosen after the spring Event (VEGAS XXVIII). There are obviously 12 chosen for the “TOP 12” and there is no set number for the “EVENT ELITE”. Those that deserve it and are top of their class in May, get chosen…it could be one, it could be 30.

The success rate of those we have chosen have been selected in the past that go on to play college football (most on scholarship) is over 95%.

  • July 18-20, IMG Academy, FL

Invites go out after each Vegas Event.


You will almost think of this Event as a baby TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp. This two day event is a camp that Chris Sailer Kicking will be completely gearing towards the athletes and their parents/guardians. This camp is meant to not only get the athletes headed in the right direction in the beginning of their high school careers, but also their parents. It will provide information regarding nutrition, social media, recruiting, film, education and, of course, on field instruction. This event is just as much for the parents/guardians as it is the athletes!

Early exposure is necessary these days. The Chris Sailer Kicking Underclassmen Invitational is the perfect opportunity to make a name for yourself and solidify your national ranking at the perfect time. The middle of the summer is now the time college coaches build their underclassmen lists. You want to be on that list. This camp will get you there. It is also your first opportunity to prove that you are a “TOP 12” candidate in your class. The camp is set in July for a reason, college coaches asked us to do this. They want the inside track early. Don’t be surprised to see more and more underclassmen offered during the season in the near future.

There will be formal meetings/classroom sessions on individual topics such as: Training (what level is right for the underclassmen athlete, how often, proper techniques), Nutrition and Lifting (Good habits, bad habits), Social Media (Setting up and using the proper social media outlets – this has become a must), Filming (proper angles, techniques, times, set up), Education (the importance of it, standards, year by year plan)

  • July 21-22, IMG Academy, FL

Invites go out in May.


So You Didn’t Make “TOP 12”, What Now?

For the past month or so, you have been watching the “TOP 12” Kickers / Punters get chosen one by one. Each time a selection was made, one person was ecstatic while countless others felt the opposite emotions. When the final TOP 12er was chosen and a balloon was popped for many 2017, 2018 and even some 2019 Kickers / Punters. Now what?

Couple ways to look at it….

You can be upset with me for not selecting you. You can be upset with yourself for not performing when it counted. You can even find a way to blame others, but, it is ultimately on you. The only thing you can control is how hard and smart you work. Everyone in Vegas is competing for the same spots. Don’t let anybody outwork you and you will see different results.

You need to use this as motivation to make sure you perform better. This is all up to you. The choice is yours.

If you are a Kicker / Punter that strives to be the best, you want to be at that “TOP 12” camp this summer. Any single athlete that has been there (scholarship Kickers / Punters, All-Americans, NFL players) will tell you it is, by far, the best camp they have ever been to in their life. What you need to do is get back on the horse. Work smarter and harder. Your opportunity is waiting for you in Las Vegas. VEGAS XXVIII

At Vegas XXVIII, I choose the “EVENT ELITE”. The “EVENT ELITE” is the best of the best from Vegas in May. They join the “TOP 12” to form the “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” Invite Only Camp on July 18-20, 2016. There is no set number for the “EVENT ELITE”. I could choose one K/P or I can choose 30. It all depends on the talent. I don’t choose just to choose. It would make me look ignorant in the end. If I say you belong at that camp, you are one of the best in the world. This is a true invite only camp. I do NOT just hand out invites to get people to come to it. That would give me no credibility. I choose the best because they are the best. They will represent the “TOP 12”, “ EVENT ELITE” and Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the future.

Are you one of them? Time to decide. Prove to me, and the rest of the world, that you belong.

Or don’t.