2019 Nor Cal Fall Camp Recap – Guillen Wins It!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour continued this past weekend in Northern California.  This Fall, CSK along with Rubio Long Snapping has made stops in NC, NJ, WA, Southern CA, TX, IL, AZ, GA and finally Northern CA on the road to Vegas XXXV (January 18-19, 2020). All in all 1300+ Specialists are expected to participate in the largest season circuit in the history of the company. At the end of it all, Chris Sailer Kicking will once again name the 1st 20 Kickers/Punters selected to participate in the prestigious TOP 12 Invitation Only Camp at Vegas XXXV. And for the first time ever, Chris Sailer will select 2 Kickers and 2 Punters to play in the All-American Bowl on NBC live on location at Vegas XXXV. Hang on as this is going to be an incredible ride.

Check out the results from Northern California…

Overall Camp Champion

Fabien Guillen (CA, 2020) – Fabien has arguably his best ever performance at this Chris Sailer Kicking camp. After sweeping both punt competitions, Fabien’s solid day continued in the overall camps finals. Fabien hit a 45 yard punt with 4.35 seconds of hang time to take home the “Camp Champion” title and claim his first ever full camp win. He was consistent all day on all punting fronts and showed major improvement with directional punting. A well deserved and earned camp win, expect this Top 12 punter to continue his dominance at Vegas XXXV. 

Aaron Perez with champion Fabien Guillen

Kickoff & Field Goal Champion 

Dante Jackson (CA, 2020) Dante absolutely crushed it all day with a clean sweep of all 3 kicking competitions. Dante went 8 for 8 in charting, won the last man standing competition with a 52 yarder. His Kickoffs were all 68-70 yards with a very consistent hang of 3.8 plus. Dante made a statement in Northern California and showed why he is one of the most talented kickers in his class! 

Dante Jackson & Fabien Guillen

Punt Champion 

Fabien Guillen (CA, 2020) – Fabien won both punting competitions on the day and was a model of consistency all day. Fabien got several balls 50+ with over 4.5 seconds of hang, picking up where he left off from the Los Angeles camp earlier this Fall. He was solid directionally all day and showed great control and composure in all of the technical work. Winning both punt competitions does not happen often, but it goes to show the caliber of day Fabien had. Looking forward to Vegas XXXV, Fabien should once again be in the mix to go deep into the finals!  

Junior College / Community College / Transfer Standouts: Abraham Montano, Jeremy Baker

Class of 2020 Standouts: Dante Jackson, Dylan Talkington, Fabien Guillen, Nick Hill

Class of 2021 Standouts: Brett Hom, Cooper Meyer, Dara Keane, Micah Pettit, Reese Martin, Taylor Kaufman, Tyler Edmonds

Class of 2022 Standouts: Cade Whitson, Jack Krill, Joshua Leff, Nathan Price, Nicholas Walan, Ronaldo Monroy, Shane Nelson

Class of 2023 Standouts: Charlie Haines, Michael Vaccaro

Future Stars: Antone Ellison, Mason Long

For more information including Future Camps and Chris Sailer Kicking’s National Rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

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Who will be next? See you at Vegas XXXV!


2019 CA Fall Camp Recap – Ben Falck Steps Up!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour continued this past weekend in Los Angeles, CA. This Fall CSK along with Rubio Long Snapping will make stops in NC, NJ, WA, Southern CA, TX, IL, AZ, GA and Northern CA on the road to Vegas XXXV (January 18-19, 2020). All in all 1300+ Specialists are expected to participate in the largest season circuit in the history of the company. At the end of it all, Chris Sailer Kicking will once again name the 1st 20 Kickers/Punters selected to participate in the prestigious TOP 12 Invitation Only Camp at Vegas XXXV. And for the first time ever, Chris Sailer will select 2 Kickers and 2 Punters to play in the All-American Bowl on NBC live on location at Vegas XXXV. Hang on as this is going to be an incredible ride.

Take a look at the results from CA…

2019 CA Fall Camp Kickers
2019 CA Fall Camp Punters

Overall Camp Champion
Ben Falck (JC, CA) – Ben had by far his best performance at a Chris Sailer Kicking Camp. He is big, tall, strong and athletic. On this day he won the Kickoff Competition by averaging 70 yards, with 4.0 hang time. His field goals were also excellent. Ben hits a clean ball off the ground and easily has 55+ yard range. He is also a big time punting talent. Once his consistency improves in this area… watch out. His best ball measured 55 yards, with 5.07 hang time. Ben is one of the very best Junior College Combo prospects in America. OFFER NOW!!!

Punt Champion
Brenden Segovia (2021, CA) – The Top 12 Camp Invitee and 2019 Underclassmen Invitational Punt Champion was back at it again. The lefty has as much overall talent as any 2021 prospect in the nation. He won the Punt Competition by averaging 45+ yards, with 4.5+ hang time. He also hit several balls 50+ yards, with 5.0+ hang time. Brenden is also special on kickoffs. He routinely puts the ball in the end zone with 4.0+ hang time. His field goals are impressive. Brenden is a big time talent that won’t last long. OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion
Jarrett Reeser (2021, CA) – The long time Chris Sailer Kicking had a dominant performance. Jarrett hits a big time D1 ball on field goal. He gets the ball up quick and is deadly accurate. He won the Field Goal Competition by hitting from 35, 40, 45, 50, 52 and 53 yards out. Jarrett is also strong on kickoffs. He is a great competitor that thrives under pressure. Look for Jarrett to compete with the best of the best at Vegas XXXV in January and challenge for a TOP 12 Spot.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Ben Falck, Cavan Leonardo, Nick Lawson, Matt Ganyard, Fabian Munoz, Holden Remme, Jacob Kefelas, Juan Rangel, Josh Baron, Tommy Meek, Wyatt Hawkins, Ben D’Aquilla, Dylan Talkington, Fabien Guillen, Kyle Yonker, Damian Garcia.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Brenden Segovia, Jarrett Reeser, Josh Bryan, Andre Meono, Ashton Logan, Brayden Blevins, Bryan Ryks, Christopher Salerno, Ian Hawkins, Jack McCallister, Laurence Miller, Micah Pettit, Michael DeMirjyn, Richie Brutto, Sebastian Conway-Burt, Thomas Southey, Benjamin Lancaster, Zues Rubio, Aaron Nelson, Brady Torrigiani, Christian Davin, Grant Larson, Michael Terriquez, Silas Chavez, Wade Tankersley.

Josh Bryan, #1 Kicker in America!

Class of 2022 Standouts: Aidan Petruescu, Chase Meyer, Dylan Lynch, Jack Krill, Josh Leff, Marcus Merkelbach, Barrett Nalesnik, Dylan Conness, Brendan Nailon, Brayden Bayne, Lorenzo Chavez Borrelli, Miller Combs, Nate Broidy, Nick Helton, Ramon Villela, Tate Zimmerman, Zachary May.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Diego Caal, Matthew Verdiell, Cameron Fontal, Dylan Marin, Dylan Michel, Matthew Davilla, Nathan Alexander.

Future Stars: Keaton Wasnick, Nathan Uyematsu.

For more information including Future Camps and Chris Sailer Kicking’s National Rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

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2019 Nor Cal Summer Recap – Wallace Wins It!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour made its second to last stop in Danville, CA Sunday July 28th. This summer Chris Sailer and Rubio Long Snapping will run 11 camps in the states of CA, TX, IL, SC, NJ, NC, GA and HI. Over 1000 Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers attended camps in one of the biggest summers in Chris Sailer Kicking history. The Northern California camp, ran by lead national punt coach Aaron Perez, was once again stocked with many talented kickers and punters.  Here is a recap from the camp and a look at the results…

Overall Camp Champion – Conor Wallace (2020, CA)

Conor Wallace & Aaron Perez

The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking Punter/Kicker had a solid day doing both skills.  Conor began the day punting and in the morning showed his consistency and continued improvement, hitting many punts over 40 yards and over 4.3 seconds of hang time. However, it was his field goal kicking in the afternoon competitions that got Conor to the finals. He won the charting field goal competition and defeated two excellent kickers in the camp finals round to win his first ever camp! We are very proud of this longtime CSK athlete and are very excited about what the future holds for him!

Kickoff / Field Goal Champion – Ben Falck (JC, CA)

Ben is a solid Junior College prospect from California. At 6’5 210 pounds, he is an extremely strong kicker/punter with tremendous upside! Ben won the kickoff competition in Nor Cal by hitting multiple 68 yard balls with 3.8+ average hang time.  His biggest ball of the day was 70 yards and 3.9 seconds of hang.  Ben also won the last man standing field goal competition with a 54 yard field goal, which gave him two tickets to the camp finals! Ben is going to be a top Junior College combo prospect and we look forward to his continued development!

Punting Champion – Keven Nguyen (JUCO, CA)

Keven is a junior college prospect from Santa Rosa, CA.  Keven began the morning with some field goals, but then came and joined the punting group where he quickly established his dominance! Keven crushed several balls 48+ yards with 4.7+ hang times, and his best punt of the day was 49 4.75. Keven backed up former CSK “Top 12” punter Seth Vernon last year, who is now at Portland State.  We look forward to Keven having a fantastic year at his Junior College and going to play top college football soon!

Wallace, Falck & Nguyen

Transfer / JC Standouts: Ben Falck, Keven Nguyen, Travis Benham, Zach Grabovic, Andrew Rodriguez

Class of 2020 Standouts: Archie Green, Brendan Moore, Cameron Simons, Deacon Mehler, Dylan Talkington, Jacob Wieser, Spencer Pankratz, Conor Wallace, Fabien Guillen, Peter Delis

Class of 2021 Standouts: Joel Mindek, Jorge Figueroa, Joshua Kennedy, Keaton Huff

Class of 2022 Standouts: Bronson Long, Drew Denney, Jairo Zarate, James Bass, Joseph Hollenbach, Joshua Leff, Zane Hall, Shane Nelson

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour will wrap up with our FINAL camp in Honolulu, HI (August 25).

To register for all Chris Sailer Kicking Camps, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

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Introducing the Second 20 2019 TOP 12 Camp Invitees!

Nearly 400 specialists attended Vegas XXXIV May 11-12, 2019. Talent from over 40 states and 3 countries attended the most popular camp in the world for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers. The 34rd event in Las Vegas was a tremendous success. As always the #1 goal of all recruits in attendance is to make the prestigious exposure list known as the TOP 12. Here are just a few names that are part of this exclusive fraternity… Justin Tucker, Dan Bailey, JK Scott, Bryan Anger, Ryan Allen, Ryan Succop, Kai Forbath, Tress Way, Bradley Pinion, Logan Cooke, Randy Bullock, Ka’imi Fairbairn, Cody Parkey, Dustin Hopkins, Blair Walsh, Colby Wadman. The list goes on and on.

I am proud to announce the 2nd 20 TOP 12 Camp Invitees that will attend the TOP 12 Camp (July 15-17, 2019). *in alphabetical order.

Bert Auburn (2021, TX)
Daniel Bethel (2021, TN)
Andres Borregales (2021, FL)
Noah Burnette (2020, NC)
Tanner Cragun (2020, TX)
Fabien Guillen (2020, CA)
Conor Hunt (2020, HI)
Dante Jackson (2020, CA)
David Kemp (2021, KS)
RJ Lopez (2020, CA)
Quinn Maretzki (2020, HI)
Marshall Nichols (2021, GA)
Everett Ornstein (2020, TX)
Isaac Riffle (2020, NC)
Carson Roberts (2020, TX)
Brenden Segovia (2021, CA)
Gianni Smith (2020, CA)
Evan Warren (2020, MD)
Paxton Winders (JC, CA)
Carson Zilmer (2020, AZ)

These 20 Kickers / Punters are clearly well deserving of the honor of being selected to attend the 2019 TOP 12 Camp. They should be commended on their accomplishments. I understand that many other tremendous kicking and punting specialists in attendance were also deserving and can state their case as to why they are deserving over the first 20 selected. In the end, these choices were made based on several factors and ultimately the decision of Chris Sailer.

1st Alternates (in alphabetical order)
Ben D’aquilla (2020, CA)
Tommy Day (2021, TN)
Land Gebhard (2020, MS)
Parker Hannon (2020, GA)
CeJ Jones (2020, GA)
Reed Kieny (2020, TX)
Sergio Listo (JC, OH)
Anthony Meader (2020, CA)
Brett Money (2020, NM)
Hayden Olsen (2020, GA)
Kevin Thibodeaux (2020, OH)
*Alternates will be selected if for any reason any of the 40 selected cannot attend.

*The 5 Wild Card Selections will be made in the coming weeks. Wild Cards selections are open to ANYONE deserving.

The second 20 selected will join the first 20 selected & 5 wild cards to make up the TOP 12 Camp where all 45 will compete for TOP 12 Honors!


2019 AZ Spring Camp Recap – Omar Vasquez Wins It!

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is officially underway. Over the next 2 months 1000+ participants will attend Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping camps in CA, TX, NC, GA, IL, WA, NJ, AZ & WA on the road to Vegas XXXIV (May 11-12). Instruction, competition, evaluation & national rankings will take place at each one of these camps. The ultimate goal is an invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 Camp that will take place in Los Angeles, CA on July 15-17.

The road to Vegas XXXIV continued this past week in Phoenix, AZ where the amount of solid talent seems to be growing. Take a look at some of the new names that came to compete against the returning AZ veterans…

Overall Champion – Omar Vasquez (2020, AZ)
This was Omar’s first Chris Sailer camp of his career. Omar showed great progress from the morning to the afternoon as he won the field goal charting competition with a 50 yarder. He battled in the afternoon against Nick Hill and Fabien Guillen to take the title of Camp Champ!

AZ Champion: Omar Vasquez & Carson Wiggs

Field Goal ChampionNick Hill (2020, CA)
Nick Hill continues to impress in AZ as he always seems to be in the finals of all competitions. Nick had an impressive day on both field goal and punt as he won a major field goal competition by going 7 for 7 with a long of 53 yards. Nick was also had a good day kicking off. With hard work on his punting technique, he has the strength to develop into a good college level punter as well.

Punt ChampionFabien Guillen (2020, CA)
Fabien had a great showing in AZ as he hit multiple punts over 40 yards with over 4.7 seconds of hang time. He outlasted Clay Gross in the Punt Final. Fabien is a fierce competitor who is ready to make an impact on the college level. Look for him to have a big showing at Vegas XXXIV.

Kickoff ChampionCarson Zilmer (2020, AZ)
Carson is another rising star coming out of Arizona that has big time potential. He is a big, tall, strong and athletic kicker who is hits big time kickoffs, typically deep in the end zone. With continued hard work on his technique and consistency, Carson will be ranked towards the top of his class.

Class of 2019/JC Standouts: Zachary Grabovic.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Carson Zilmer, Clay Gross Dominic Chakraborty, Dominic Persi, Fabien Guillen, Jansen Malvick, Mark Vargas, Nick Hill, Omar Vasquez, Santiago Garcia-Mendez.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Crew Peterman, Maximus Kennedy, Richie Brutto, Ryan Feinberg.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Casey Kautzman, Grady Gross.

The 2019 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour will continue in Dallas, TX (Sunday April 7), Chicago, IL (Sunday April 14), Atlanta, GA (Sunday April 28) & Vegas XXXIV in Las Vegas, NV (May 11-12, 2019).

Visit ChrisSailerKicking.com to register and for more information. To be the best, train and compete with the best! #TeamSailer

See you in Vegas, where the best of the best prove it!


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas 30 Competition Champions

Kicking – Derek Ng (2018, NV)
Punting – George Triplett (2018, WV)

*Derek & George will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2019) – Jackson Garcia (2019, AZ)
Group 2 (Class of 2018) – Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
Group 4 (Class of 2018/ 2017 / Junior College) – John Mayers (2018, TX)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)
Consistency – Cody Grace (2017, Australia)
Last Man Standing – Cody Grace (2017, Australia)
Head to Head – George Triplett (2018, WV)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:
Class of 2020: Conor Hunt (HI) & Evan Warren (MD)
Class of 2019: Tyler Shearer (TX)
Class of 2018: Cade Bader (CA) & Jonah Lipel (CA)
Class of 2017/JC: Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka (CA) & Andrew Rodriguez (CA)

Kickoff Champions:
Class of 2020: Sam Stephenson (CA)
Class of 2019: Carson Garrett (TX)
Class of 2018: Quentin Wallace (IL)
Class of 2017/JC: Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka (CA)

Punt Champions:
Class of 2020: Fabien Guillen (CA)
Class of 2019: Porter Wilson (OH)
Class of 2018: Chris Kessler (TX) & Chris Dunn (NC)
Class of 2017/Junior College: Cody Grace (Australia)

Sunday Finals Round Results

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1
Alejandro Lopez (NC) defeats Armaan Malhi (AZ)
Trevor Thompson (OH) defeats Milan Dezelich (IN)
Thomas Burks (TN) defeats Patrick Markwalter (GA)
Ethan Schroeder (CA) defeats Jake Veach (AZ)

Round 2
Jonah Lipel (CA) defeats Alejandro Lopez (NC)
Derek Ng (NV) defeats Hunter Malsch (NC)
Trevor Thompson (OH) defeats Wesley Wells (GA)
Tyler Shearer (TX) defeats Seth Harrison (NC)
Thomas Burks (TN) defeats Cade Bader (CA)
John Mayers (TX) defeats Matthew Brust (FL)
Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Ethan Schroeder (CA)
Chris Dunn (NC) defeats Charles Campbell (TN)

Round 3
Derek Ng (NV) defeats Jonah Lipel (CA)
Tyler Shearer (TX) defeats Trevor Thompson (OH)
Thomas Burks (TN) defeats John Mayers (TX)
Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Chris Dunn (NC)

Round 4
Derek Ng (NV) defeats Tyler Shearer (TX)
Clayton Stewart (TX) defeats Thomas Burks (TN)

Derek Ng (NV) defeats Clayton Stewart (TX)

FINALS ROUND Punting Results -Head to Head (12 players advanced to the FINALS)

Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2019: Charles Bein (CA), Evan Davis (NC), Ben Freehill (IL), Cade Fuller (CA), Carson Garrett (TX), Noah Grant (OH), Patrick Markwalter (GA), Jared Wheatley (NC), Porter Wilson (OH).

Class of 2018: Massimo Biscardi (PA), Gabe Boring (TN), Thomas Burks (TN), Josh Carlson (AZ), Landon Carter (TN), Drew Cassiday (OH), Ajay Culhane (CA), Cameron Dicker (TX), Chris Dunn (NC), Campbell Geddes (CA), Drew Gilbert (GA), Jake Haggard (CA), Peiyton Hilliard (WA), Lane Kast (CA), Chris Kessler (TX), Adam Krause (IL), Jace Krier (OR), Scott Lees (WA), Ryan Monkman (IL), Derek Ng (NV), Cash Peterman (AZ), Cade Pollard (TX), Juan Ramirez (AZ), Anthony Rusch (AZ), JP Rybus (CA), Nick Sciba (SC), George Triplett (WV), Jake Veach (AZ), Dylan Williams (CA), Camden Wise (VA), Chris Wood (CA), Taiten Winkel (KS), Lucas White (IN).

Class of 2017 / Junior College / Transfer: Cody Grace (Australia), Dean Smith (CA), Andrew Rodriguez (CA), Prominence Akubuo – Onwuemeka (CA), Tanner Carcama (CA), Kyle Babcock (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 12

Round of 12:
Cody Grace (Australia) defeats Adam Krause (IL) & Cash Peterman (AZ)
Patrick Markwalter (GA) defeats Chris Dunn (NC) & Massimo Biscardi (PA)
Gabe Boring (TN) defeats Andrew Rodriguez (CA) & Jake Haggard (CA)
George Triplett (WV) defeats Josh Carson (AZ) & Porter Wilson (OH)

Patrick Markwalter (GA) defeats Cody Grace (Australia)
George Triplett (WV) defeats Gabe Boring (TN)

George Triplett (WV)  defeats Patrick Markwalter (GA)