IL Summer Camp Recap – Cote Wins It!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2015 Summer Tour is in full swing. The regional summer camps kicked off this past Thursday in Chicago, IL. Over 100 specialists from 15 plus states were in attendance to train and compete with the best. This camp has a great history, most recently landing champions Tanner Blain at San Diego State and Tyler Davis at Penn State last year. I expect similar results from this year’s talented group. Take a look at the champions and other standouts.

Camp Champion: David Cote (2016, Canada) – David is an incredible talent. He is big, strong, athletic and naturally talented. He won the charting field goal session proving his consistency and showing off his range. He came through in the head to head finals hitting consecutive field goals of 47, 52, 57 and 60 yards off the ground. His kickoffs are also tremendous. If you didn’t know the name before, you know it now. David is a D1 specialist without a doubt.

Field Goal Champion: Nate Needham (2016, IN) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student is an all around standout. He won the last man standing field goal competition by nailing 5 consecutive field goals of 35, 40, 45, 50, and 52 yards. He kicks off the ground with ease and consistency. He averages 65 plus yards on kickoffs with 3.8 – 4.1 hang time. Nate also excels punting the football. He is a D1 talent.

Kickoff Champion: Kaden Keon (2016, MI) – The Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Member has one of the strongest legs in the nation and is an incredible competitor. He won the kickoff competition by hitting 75-yard kickoffs and consistently putting up 4.0 plus second hang time. Kaden is also strong on both field goals and punts. Kaden will compete very well at the D1 level.

Punt Champion: Bryce Webb (2017, KY) – The #4 ranked punter in the nation again proved why. This is now the third consecutive regional camp that he has appeared in the finals. Bryce is a great athlete with the prototypical punter frame. He easily averages 40 plus yards and shows the ability to hit 4.8-5.1 hang time punts. He should be a top target for college coaches in next year’s recruiting class.

Other 2016 Standouts: Austin Chekaluk, Christian Dinevski, Henry Tarbox, Karl Schmidt, Ryley Guay, Seiver Tandy & Tyler Grimes.

Top 2017 Kicker: Quinn Saluan (OH) – Quinn is a very talented kicker / punter. The veteran Chris Sailer Kicking specialist is a good athlete with one of the stronger legs in his class. He hits 50 plus yard field goals off the ground. His kickoffs are solid and improving. He is also a capable punter. Quinn is a competitor that has a bright college future.

Other 2017 Standouts: Adam Durocher, Chase Bruns, Cody Gronewold, Declan Holm, Matt Hellen, Noah Donatelli.

Class of 2018/2019 Future Stars: Brandon Walters, Brayden Johnson, Eduardo Favella, Eric Hildebrand, Andy Vujnovich, Zac Adams, Jake Holous & James Turner.

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make a stop in Dublin OH for the FBU Top Gun camp (July 17-18) where we will be selecting the 2016 U.S. Army All-Americans as well at the Adidas Freshman All-Americans & FBU Class of 2020 and 2021 All-Americans. Then the summer will conclude with regional camps in Dallas, TX (July 23), Charlotte, NC (July 25), Atlanta, GA (July 26) and Los Angeles, CA (July 29).

For more statistics, evaluations, rankings and future camp dates visit or contact Chris Sailer 818-209-8921 (text) or (Email).

2015 IL Summer Camp Finalists: David Cote, Kaden Keon, Nate Needham, Bryce Webb

2015 IL Summer Camp Finalists: David Cote, Kaden Keon, Nate Needham, Bryce Webb


Vegas XXVI Field Goal Results

Vegas XXVI (May 9-10, 2015) – Field Goal Results
Classes of 2018 & 2019
Place Name Score
1 Ng, Derek 4
T2 Favela, Eduardo 3
T2 Rusch, Anthony 3
T4 Berman, Chase 2
T4 Gentner, Trevor 2
T4 Yanni, Peter 2
T7 Bell, Corey 1
T7 Gonya, Grant 1
T9 Fuller, Cade 0
T9 Sainsbury, Nathan 0
Class of 2017
Place Name Score
1 Saluan, Quinn 11
2 Chan, Jeffrey 10
T3 Grant, Josh 8
T3 Grant, Lane 8
T3 Mitchell, Billy 8
T6 Fuller, Asa 7
T6 Martin, Thomas 7
T6 McGrath, Chase 7
T6 Mojarro, Daniel 7
T6 Papazian, Brian 7
T6 Parker, Skye 7
T6 Schroeder, Bailey 7
T6 Tovar, Luke 7
T14 Alejado, Noah 6
T14 Graham, Cooper 6
T14 Longhetto, Dario 6
T14 Padilla, Tyler 6
T14 Sentkowski, Kyle 6
T14 Stack, Adam 6
T14 Zolferino, Torre 6
T21 Bazarevitsch, Matt 5
T21 Mack, Aaron 5
T21 Munoz, Jovi 5
T21 Schmid, Andrew 5
T21 Strickland, Bryce 5
T21 Zetterberg, Johan 5
T27 Bourgeois, Briggs 4
T27 Bowens, Trevor 4
T27 Henry, Peyton 4
T27 Salani, Marco 4
T31 Anderson, Chris 3
T31 Burnham, Austin 3
T31 Pace, Geoffrey 3
T34 Nixon, Cole 2
T34 Welch, Hunter 2
36 Diaz, Forrest 1
T37 Coale, William 0
T37 Duong, Tommy 0
Class of 2016
Place Name Score
T1 Culp, Connor 15
T1 Southam, Skyler 15
3 Smolar, Jared 12
T4 Baughman, Eric 11
T4 Riccitelli, Collin 11
T4 Rodriguez, Andrew 11
T7 Ball, Noah 10
T7 Basco, Daryian 10
T7 Boermeester, Kevin 10
T7 Dayton, Tanner 10
T7 Endicott, Ethan 10
T12 Dellinger, JD 9
T12 Drye, James 9
T12 Fudge, Trenton 9
T12 Kubin, Jacob 9
T12 Kujawski, Seth 9
T12 Lyons, Holden 9
T12 Porter, Jared 9
T12 Roberts, Jake 9
T12 Roper, Joseph 9
T12 Saling, Landen 9
T12 Santos, Mauricio 9
T12 Sasaoka, Kekoa 9
T12 Stalter, Chris 9
T25 Brown, Dylan 8
T25 Brown, Michael 8
T25 Bruhn-Cherry, Nicholas 8
T25 Hernandez, Tony 8
T25 Hogan, Luke 8
T25 Pierson, Crawford 8
T25 Raborn, Bailey 8
T25 Riethman, Drew 8
T25 Siemieniec, Gabriel 8
T34 Albert, David 7
T34 Bowes, Grffin 7
T34 Corbett, Kyle 7
T34 Kenworthy, Alvin 7
T34 Koehnke, Jake 7
T34 Milstein, Oren 7
T34 Moreno, Alex 7
T34 Mullins, Dalton 7
T34 Wengierski, John 7
T43 Alerding, Vincent 6
T43 Bunce, Cole 6
T43 Coale, Kyle 6
T43 Duncan, Kieth 6
T43 Golden, Jordan 6
T43 Mann, Braden 6
T43 Roehler, Griffin 6
T43 Selsor, Mikey 6
T43 Souza, Mitch 6
T43 Young, Jonn 6
T43 Perez, Jake 6
T54 Blair, Matt 5
T54 Callan, Ryan 5
T54 Crane, Jack 5
T54 Kuljian, Tanner 5
T54 Loy, Sam 5
T54 Medina, Jaime 5
T54 Navarro, Marco 5
T54 Pawlowski, Jack 5
T54 Silvestor, Eric 5
T54 Sumpter, Tyler 5
T54 Wilkenson, Cody 5
T65 Alfaro, Martin 4
T65 Dinevski, Christian 4
T65 Levine, Jordan 4
T65 Morris, Jackson 4
T65 Rattigan, Aidan 4
T65 Romo, Parker 4
T65 Stoney, Jacob 4
T65 Brunner, Noah 3
T73 Keon, Kaden 3
T73 Noyes, Edwin 3
T73 Tarbox, Henry 3
T76 Agritelley, Ethan 2
T76 Eason, Josiah 2
T76 Han, Samuel 2
T76 Slack, Gavin 2
Class of 2015 / JC / TR
Place Name Score
T1 Chitura, Brendon 13
T2 Marquez, Diego 13
3 Strauch, Andrew 10
T4 Gracia, Brandon 9
T4 Hierlihy, Nathan 9
T6 Covey, Nick 8
T6 Guerra, Tavis 8
T8 Cantabrana, Anthony 7
T8 Erickson, Ethan 7
T8 Plooster, Cannon 7
T11 Boyd, Zach 6
T11 Terry, Kyler 6
T13 Westby, John 5
T13 Kidd, Max 5
15 Makindo, Ayo 4