Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 12 College Players of the Week, Tyler Davis and Tanner Blain Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week:

Weed 12: Tyler Davis (Penn State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 40) 3-3 Extra Points
Week 11: Gary Wunderlich (Mississippi) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 39) 2-2 Extra Points, Game Winning 39 Yard Field Goal to beat Texas A&M.
Week 10: Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 49) 1-1 Extra Points, Game Winning 25 Yard Field Goal to beat Kentucky.
Week 9: Aidan Schneider (Oregon) 4-5 Field Goals (Long 37) 6-6 Extra Points
Week 8: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) 4-5 Field Goals (Long 51) 2-2 Extra Points, Game Winning 51 Yard Field Goal to beat Mississippi State.
Week 7: Andrew Endicott (Wisconsin) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 46) 2-2 Extra Points
Week 6: Josh Williams (SMU) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 44), 4-4 Extra Points
Week 5: Tyler Davis (Penn State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 40), 2-2 Extra Points
Week 4: Andrew DiRocco (Tulane) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 48), 3-3 Extra Points
Week 3: Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M) 5-5 Field Goals (Long 46), 2-2 Extra Points
Week 2: Jonathan Barnes (Louisiana Tech) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 47), 6-6 Extra Points
Week 1: Rafael Gaglianone (Wisconsin) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 48), 1-1 Extra Points, Game Winning 48 Yard Field Goal to upset LSU.

Week 12: Tanner Blain (San Diego State) 48.2 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 60)
Week 11: J.K. Scott (Alabama) 51.3 Yard Punt Average on 3 Punts (Long 62)
Week 10: Corey Bojorquez (New Mexico) 52.8 Yard Punt Average on 4 Punts (Long 66)
Week 9: Corey Fatony (Missouri) 46.0 Yard Punt Average on 9 Punts (Long 60)
Week 8: Jake Bailey (Stanford) 50.6 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 61)
Week 7: Sean Wale (Boise State) 52.5 Yard Punt Average on 4 Punts (Long 58)
Week 6: J.K. Scott (Alabama) 51.5 Yard Punt Average on 4 Punts (Long 63)
Week 5: Michael Carrizosa (San Jose St) 55.5 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 64)
Week 4: Dylan Klumph (CAL) – 49.6 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 60)
Week 3: Michael Carrizosa (San Jose St) – 50.2 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 58)
Week 2: Logan Cooke (Mississippi St) – 49.5 Yard Punt Average on 4 Punts (Long 68)
Week 1: Shane Tripucka (Texas A&M) – 47.3 Yard Punt Average on 7 Punts (Long 59)

50+Yard Field Goals:
Week 12: Jason Sanders (New Mexico) 51
Week 11: Eddy Pineiro (Florida) 54, Kenny Allen (Michigan)
Week 10: Conrad Ukropina (Stanford) 52
Week 9: Michael Geiger (Michigan State) 52
Week 8: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) 51
Week 7: Eddy Pineiro (Florida) 53, Cole Murphy (Syracuse) 51
Week 6: Jonathan Barnes (Louisana Tech) 54, John Barron II (San Diego State) 50
Week 5: Davis Price (Colorado) 54
Week 4: None
Week 3: None
Week 2: Eddy Pineiro (Florida) 54
Week 1: Elliott Fry (South Carolina) 55, Conrad Ukropina (Stanford) 50

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 Chosen Each Week):
Week 12: Not yet announced
Week 11: Gary Wunderlich (Mississippi), John Barron II (San Diego State)
Week 10: Gary Wunderlich (Mississippi)
Week 9: Not yet announced
Week 8: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky), Matt Anderson (CAL)
Week 7: None
Week 6: None
Week 5: Tyler Davis (Penn State), Rhett Almond (BYU)
Week 4: Andrew DiRocco (Tulane)
Week 3: Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M)
Week 2: Parker Davidson (New Mexico State)
Week 1: Rafael Gaglianone (Wisconsin), Ty Cummings (Houston)

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!

Check out former Chris Sailer Kicking Kickers that have won the Lou Groza Award!

Blain & Davis as Co-Champs at the 2014 IL Summer Camp

Blain & Davis as Co-Champs at the 2014 IL Summer Camp


Chris Sailer Kicking Punter Tanner Blain Commits to San Diego State

Congratulations to Chris Sailer Kicking 5-Star Punter Tanner Blain who committed to San Diego State University this morning.  He was offered a full scholarship last night and felt this was the perfect fit.  Tanner is a junior college punter from El Camino JC.  He works daily with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member Joe Houston.  He had several stellar camps with Chris Sailer Kicking this past summer and fall and recently earned a 5-Star Rating and moved into the 10 nationally ranked punters.  Tanner and SDSU was a natural fit.

Tanner will join fellow Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker Donny Hageman at SDSU this coming semester and compete during spring ball.  Donny (Kicker) and Tanner (Punter) should make a powerful team next fall for SDSU.

“Chris, thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family both on and off the field. This wouldn’t have been possible without you and Joe Houston.  My dream is becoming a reality thanks to you”. – Tanner Blain



Chris Sailer Kicking – 2014 CA Fall Camp Recap

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2014 Fall/Winter Camp Tour is underway!  The tour will include over 1000 specialists with stops in CA, IL, NC, GA, TX and NV.   The first stop was in Los Angeles, CA.  Over 150 specialists from over 10 states were in attendance to get top notch instruction and compete for the ultimate national exposure.  Take a look at the results:

Overall Camp Champion: Brandon Gracia (JC CA) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking had an outstanding day.  He competed head to head with the best of the best and stepped up when it counted the most.  He won the kickoff competition on this day and hit a 55 yard field goal to win the camp.

Field Goal Champion: Jake Roberts (2016 CA) – Jake was one of the top field goal kickers all day long.  The lefty is smooth and extremely accurate.  He is proving that he is a top national prospect and should be in the hunt for “TOP 12” this January in Las Vegas.

Punt Champion: Erik Harris (JC CA) – Erik is a solid Kicker / Punter combo prospect.  He is a great athlete with tremendous leg strength.  Field goals, kickoffs and punts all show D1 promise.  Look for Erik to turn the heads of college coaches around the nation.

Class of 2015 Standouts: Zach Mays, Jamie Sutcliffe, Tanner Blain, Blake Maimone, Dylan Klumph, Jonathan Weilbacher, Aaron Ball, Alex Galland, Andrew Strauch, Ben Kreitenberg, Brady McGetrick, Brandon Hong, Eddie Garcia, Ethan Erickson, Gage Wilson, Mark Salazar, Nathan Coffey, Nick Marrone, Daniel Rodriguez, Jake Koehnke

Class of 2016 Standouts: Andrew Rodriguez, Kevin Boermeester, Kevin Neitzke, Matt Blair, Mikey Selsor, Mitchell Souza, Trenton Fudge, Jacob Olesniewicz, Jared Porter

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Daniel Gutierrez, Diego Cacho-Sousa, Trevor Bowens, Brian Papazian, Chase McGrath, Matt Bazarevitsch, Torre Zolferino

Class of 2018 Future Stars: Campbell Geddes, Corey Bell, Jonah Lipel, JP Rybus, Connor McCabe

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Chicago, IL (November 9), Charlotte, NC (November 22), Atlanta, GA (November 23), Dallas, TX (December 7), and Los Angeles, CA (January 11).  Then get ready for the biggest Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping camp in the world, Vegas XXV (January 17-18, 2015).

Visit for more rankings, statistics and camp information.

Lindale Football Stadium at Night


Chris Sailer Kicking – IL Summer Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping will instruct and evaluate more specialists this summer than ever before.  Over 1700 participants will become part of #TeamSailer & #TeamRubio.  The most recent stop was Chicago, IL on July 13.  This camp featured over 100 High School / Junior College Specialists  & over 20 4-Year College Specialists.  Fantastic weather and an outstanding atmosphere lead to a successful day.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champions:
Kicker – Tyler Davis (2015, IL)
Punter – Tanner Blain (2015 JC, CA)

4-Year College Standouts:
Michael Geiger (Michigan State Kicker)
Dillon Kidd (Iowa Punter)
Andrew Gantz (Cincinnati Kicker)
Ron Coluzzi (Cenral Michigan Kicker)
Sam Geraci (Cincinnati Punter)
Joey Cejudo (Youngstown State Kicker/Punter)
Joe Davidson (Bowling Green Punter)
Nick Fields (Bowling Green Punter)
Peter Picerelli (Tulane Punter)

Top Overall Prospect:
Mason Weissenhofer (2015, IL) – Mason is an outstanding kicker.  He has one of the strongest legs in the nation.  He shows great promise as both a kicker and punter.  He is a scholarship pick that will have great success a the college level.

Class of 2015 Standouts: Max Kidd, Dean Siapkaris, Joe McCollom, Michael Kurzydlowski, Nick Kotsiantos, Kyle Gambla, Zack Pollack.

Class of 2016 Standouts: Nate Needham, Connor Assallay, Jacob Kubin, Jared Smolar, Kaden Keon, Ryley Guay, Noah Brunner, William Breen, Justin Knauff, Riley Heavey, Jong Son.

Class of 2017 Standouts: Jacob Swartz, Josh Edwards, Chase Bruns

The next stop will be Dallas, TX on July 15, followed by Charlotte, NC (July 26), Atlanta, GA (July 27) and Los Angeles, CA (July 30).  For more information, rankings, evaluations, etc., visit

Michael Geiger, #1 Chris Sailer Kicking Kicker in the nation (Class of 2013), was a Freshman All-American in 2013 at Michigan State after going 14-15 on field goals as a true freshman.  IMG_5015Michael is a strong candidate to win the Lou Groza Award in 2014!  He is also a near a lock as a Chris Sailer Kicking Pre-Season All-American Choice!