2015 Chris Sailer Kicking College Camps

2015 Chris Sailer Kicking – College Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking will be in charge of several university led college camps across the country. These are camps that the universities put on and have us run. You will register through THEIR site. Here is the list, so far, as more will be added once the dates are finalized…

•    Alabama, June 6
•    Texas A&M, June 8
•    U.S.C. (Southern Cal), June 12
•    Oregon, June 13
•    Kansas, June 14 *
•    UCLA, June 18
•    LSU, July 19

These camps are a great opportunity to get top notch instruction, visit the school, meet it’s coaches and basically have an audition for the team.

*Sailer will not be at this camp. Chris Sailer Kicking will have senior staff members, Joe Houston & Obi Egekeze, present and running the camp.

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Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 TX Spring Camp Recap

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring National Camp Tour is now in full swing.  The second stop was this past weekend in Dallas, TX…always a hotbed for exceptional specialists.  Over 100 specialists were on hand to get top notch instruction and gain the ultimate national exposure.  Who might be the next Justin Tucker, Dan Bailey or Randy Bullock?  There are many potential candidates! Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion:  Damon Foncham (2015, TX)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking punter had a tremendous day.  He punts for a great combination of distance and hang time.  His consistency and ability to punt under pressure might be his greatest strengths.  Damon has proven that he can punt at the D1 level and will be a great addition to any college football team.  If you are still in need of a 2015 Punter, offer Damon NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Butch Hampton (2016, OK)
Butch has been attending Chris Sailer Kicking camps since his freshman year.  His incredible consistency and the ability to kick in all conditions have made him a D1 Scholarship Pick.  Butch has 55 yard field goal range off the ground and hits kickoffs 70+ yards with 3.9-4.10 hang time.  He is going to make a fine player at the next level.  OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Josh King (2015, TX)
Josh had a great day in Dallas.  The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student has proven himself time and time again.  He shows great quality as both a kicker and punter.  The junior college prospect is ready to step in and play at the college level.  If you need a consistent performer that you can count on, Josh is your guy.

Kickoff Champion: Bailey Raborn (2016, LA)
Bailey is a great all around talent.  A top national combo prospect, he has developed in to scholarship pick.  He shows 55-yard field goal range off the ground.  Kickoffs are 70+ yards, with 4.0+ hang time.  Hits punts 50+ yards, with 4.5+ hang time. One of the hardest workers out there that will impress college coaches this summer.

Other Class of 2015 Standouts: Jordan White, Tyler Tulare

Class of 2016 Standouts: Alvin Kenworthy, David Albert, Hayden Ashley, Holden Lyons, John Wengierski, Landen Saling, Marco Navarro, Riley Hatthorn, Phillip Keys, Tim Skapek

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Jovi Munoz, Eric Carrasco, Forrest Diaz, Geoffrey Pace, Josh Grant, Issac Garcia, Ryan Harwell, Thomas Cooper.

Top Young Star: Jacob Meeks

Video Recap

2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Schedule


What Coaches Will Ask a Recruit

Everyone always wants to know the key questions a coach will ask their son/daughter when they are getting recruited and the truth is, it’s the basics…

  • “So, what’s up?”
  • “How is school?”
  • “How is the weather?”
  • “How are your grades?”
  • “Do you play any other sports?”
  • “Do you have a girlfriend?”
  • “Would you be interested in coming to _____________ to get your degree and play some football?”

Right now, you are thinking “this is a joke, Sailer.” No, it is not. The coach is not looking to solve the world’s problems by speaking to your kid. He is simply trying to see if your kid is someone he would like to spend the next 4-5 years with.


They just want to hear the athlete speak, make sure he/she can hold a conversation and  is someone that can operate on their own without mommy/daddy speaking for them.

So, you want to prep your kid? Just speak to them.
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Chris Sailer Kicking Traning in YOUR Area

As you know, Chris Sailer Kicking travels the country offering the best instruction and most exposure for Kickers & Punters. But, sometimes, a Kicker or Punter needs and wants more training throughout the year. Not a problem.

Chris Sailer Kicking has certified instructors, that have actually gone through Chris Sailer Kicking camps, to help around the country. These staff members not only know how to teach the Sailer way but are, more importantly, great people off the field as well. They will help each Kicker or Punter they work with get the basics, master the form and be ready to dominate the next Chris Sailer Kicking Camp.

Chris Sailer Kicking has official instructors in the following states (more to come)…

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

For more information and to get your training started immediately, please contact Chris@ChrisSailerKicking.com

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Vegas XXVI – All The Answers To Your Questions

1. How do I get invited Vegas XXVI? You don’t! It is not an invite only camp. It is a first come, first served Event. You register and you are in.  CLICK HERE

2. How old do you have to be to attend Vegas XXVI? We are now accepting the Class of 2019, all levels of High School, Junior College, and 4-Year College Transfers. Seniors (Class of 2015) should still be attending since we are still in the thick of recruiting. This is also incredible experience which will greatly benefit your chances of playing at the college level.

3. Is Vegas XXVI only for advanced Kickers / Punters? NO, it is open to all levels of Kickers / Punters. The early you go, the better you will be in the long run. Trust me, I have seen it countless times. Don’t be the guy who waits and then blows it because they were too nervous. Go early and get your butterflies knocked out sooner than later.  This camp provides benefits to players of all skill levels.

4. Will there be small group sessions this spring? Yes! There will be a 3:00 – 4:00 & 4:00 – 5:00 session. They are one hour blocks meant to knock off the rust, get some last minute fine-tuning in and get used to the fields, brand new football and myself.

5. Will there a Preparation Camp this year for Vegas XXVI? Yes, the preparation camp will be Sunday, May 3rd at Notre Dame H.S. in Sherman Oaks, CA. CLICK HERE

5. Is there a hotel you recommend for the Kickers / Punters and their parents? Yes, we have a group rate with the JW Marriott. It is about one mile from the fields and is superb. Call 877-622-3140

6. When should we book flights? Plan on arriving on Friday and either leaving after 7 pm on Sunday evening (camp will end at 5 pm) or Monday morning.

7. Is there a rental car company you recommend? Yes, for rental cars, follow these steps: Go to www.enterprise.com, Fill in the information as dates and times needed, In the optional area you will add L540231 and then click continue, The next screen will ask for a PIN which is RUB, Choose your car and enjoy the discount.

8. If I have spring ball on Friday, can I arrive on Saturday morning? Yes, but I MUST be notified as early as possible so I can put you in a later group on Saturday.

9. Why is Vegas XXVI important? It is a major one for the final recruitment of seniors (look at #2), beyond important for the underclassmen as their recruiting will just be going into high gear and your only chance to be selected to the “EVENT ELITE” (the “EVENT ELITE” will join The TOP 12 at the Invite Only “TOP 12″ and “EVENT ELITE” camp this summer in CA)

10. How many Kickers/Punters make “Event Elite”?  There is no set number.  Those that show true D1 Scholarship Level Ability will be selected.

11. Do you have to be in the Class of 2016 to make “Event Elite”? No, all classes will be evaluated in the selection process.  Many younger players and junior college players have been selected in years past.

12. What do I get for attending Vegas XXVI? The best Kicking / Punting instruction in the world, a Chris Sailer Kicking shirt, a profile page with Chris Sailer Kicking,  a chance to make the “EVENT ELITE” and the winner of the camp receives one year of free Chris Sailer Kicking camps (accommodations and transportation not included).

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Chris Sailer Kicking – CA Spring Camp Recap

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is under way.  Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping will train hundreds of specialists this spring, culminating with Vegas XXVI (May 29-30).  Training, Exposure, “Event Elite” & Scholarships all coming up!  The first stop was Los Angeles, CA (March 1) where well over 100 specialists from over 10 states gathered.  The talent was tremendous.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion: Jake Ambrose (2015, JC) – Jake was on his “A” game all day long.  The talented JUCO player consistently hit balls 45 plus yards, with 4.5 plus second hang time.  The veteran CSK Punter is ready for D1 College Football.

Field Goal & Kickoff Champion: Brandon Gracia (2016, JC) – The new “TOP 12” Member (earned in Vegas this past January) was stellar from start to finish.  Easily the top overall performer on the day, Brandon continues to impress.  He has launched himself into the national spotlight with 4 straight big time camp performances.  Look for Brandon to be a top, if not THE top, Junior College Kicker in America next season.

Field Goal Champion: Jordan Choukair (2015, CA) – The high school senior proved that he belongs amongst the best in the nation.  He is extremely consistent on field goals and shows 55-yard range.  His kickoffs and punts were also impressive.  Jordan has all the tools to compete and earn a starting position at any level of college football.

Best of the Rest: Jamie Sutcliffe (2015, JC) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking veteran was outstanding once again.  His “A” ball is as good as any 2015 recruit in the nation.  His kickoffs are also D1 ready right now.  Jamie is the top kicker in America currently unsigned.  Offer Now!!!

More Class of 2015 Standouts: Diego Marquez, Andrew Strauch, Ethan Erickson, Gavin Scully, Jose Elizondo, Gage Wilson, James Husebo, Ruben Guzman, Aidan Daily, Derek Perez.

Class of 2016 Standouts: Andrew Rodriguez, Crawford Pierson, Jared Porter, Kevin Neitzke, Kyle Coale, Matt Blair, Mitchell Souza, Nathan Hierlihy, Elias Deeb, Christopher Stalter, JD Algandar.

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Diego Cacho-Souza, Hunter Welch, Peyton Henry, Torre Zolferino, Trevor Bowens, Ethan Smith, Tanner Carcamo, Gabriel Dunkle, Clyde Hovsepian, Johan Zetterberg, Jonathan Clarizio, Daniel Mojarro, Hunter Nicholas.

Class of 2018 Players to Watch: Campbell Geddes, Corey Bell, Michael Ray, Ajay Culhane, Ramzee Jaridly (2019).

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Dallas, TX (March 15), Charlotte, NC (March 28), Atlanta, GA (March 29), Chicago, IL (April 12), Los Angeles, CA (May 3) & finally Las Vegas, NV (Vegas XXVI May 9-10).

2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Schedule


The List… Chris Sailer Kicking Class of 2015 Committed Kickers/Punters

Chris Sailer Kicking was founded in 1999.  Since then we have trained and help place thousands of high school and junior college athletes into college.  The 1st ever National Kicking & Snapping Event, now known simply as VEGAS, was established in 2003 to increase exposure and it did just that!  As you can imagine, the list started small.  With each year the list grows.  Chris Sailer Kicking continues to be the largest and most well respected kicking, punting & long snapping business in the World.

Lets start by taking a look at the most current year.  Here are your Class of 2015 Commits that have trained with CSK as of 1-30-15.

Class of 2015:
Blake Johnson – Arkansas
Tommy Townsend – Tennesee
Corey Fatony – Missouri
Joe Schopper – Purdue
Alex Kinney – Colorado
Daniel LaCamera – Texas A&M
Tanner Blain – San Diego State
Jake Bailey – Stanford
Andrew Galitz – Baylor
Mason Weissenhofer – Northwestern
Quinton Conaway – Oregon
Bennett Moehring – Navy
Jack Gonsoulin – LSU
Rodrigo Blankenship – Georgia
Andrew David – Michigan
Matt Boermeester – Southern Cal (USC)
Matt Abramo – Washington State
Matt Phillichi – Air Force
Josh Williams – SMU
Cole Fisher – Mercer
Zach Mays – Cornell
Brennan Goodsen – Valdosta State
Franklyn Cervenka – CAL
Tyler Davis – Penn State
Jameson Vest – Toledo
Matt Bonadies – Middle Tennessee State
Jon Coppens – Incarnate Word
Michael Rubino – Appalachian State
Jackson Van Sickle – Virginia Tech
Luke Carter – Wofford
Casey Eyman – Portland State
Scott Goodwill – Robert Morris
Zach Potter – Army
Mason McLean – Jacksonville State
Ryan Weese – Hawaii
Parker Davidson – New Mexico State
Shawn Davis – Georgia Tech
Blake Maimone – Oregon
Brandon Hong – Johns Hopkins
Daniel Donley – Drake
Michael Kurzydlowski – University of Chicago
JJ Jerman – East Tennessee State
Adam Nunez – TCU
Ivy Wall – Southeastern Louisiana
Joe McCullum – Lehigh
Matthew Glick – Colgate
Bryce Deeringer – Limestone College
Jonathan Weilbacher – San Diego State
Evan Rabon – Coastal Carolina
Alex Prince – Louisiana Monroe

Check out the Rubio Long Snapping List to see your 2015 Long Snapping Commits!

Long Snappers:

  • Blake Ferguson – LSU
  • Riley Lovingood – Tennessee
  • Liam McCullough – Ohio St.
  • Jake Hale – Ohio
  • Ben Makowski – Purdue
  • Garrett Wilson – Wake Forest
  • AJ Carty – Washington
  • Wesley Farnsworth – Nevada
  • Tanner Kern – Lafayette College
  • Harley Whitehouse – Missouri
  • David-Michael Carrell – Southern
  • Nick Wildberger – Houston
  • Mike Taylor – Ole Miss
  • Tyler Griffiths – NC State
  • Nick Cox – Penn St.
  • Connor Kubala – Coastal Carolina
  • Ryan Farr – Florida
  • Harrison Hoffman – Pomona Pitzer
  • Matt Foley – BYU
  • Drew McCracken – Presbyterian
  • Chaska Moon – Virginia Tech
  • Grant Merka – Mercer
  • Elias McMurry – Appalachian St.
  • Carson Vey – University of Pennsylvania
  • Joe Gallinghouse – Davidson College
  • George Madden – Arkansas
  • Tipa Galeai – TCU
  • Steven Nixon – Mercer
  • Jay Zier – St. Olaf
  • Bobby Daggett – Southern Miss
  • Hunter Colonna – Gardner Webb
  • Sam Walkingstick – Oklahoma St.
  • Michael Pifer – Navy
  • Jordan Laube – Bryant
  • Harrison Goebel – NAU
  • Jack Moore – University of Toronto
  • Kyle Varnell – Kennesaw St.
  • Grant Gluhaich – Cal Berkeley
  • Wyatt Leath – Henderson St.
  • Austin Spence – Clemson




Vegas XXV Finals Round Results & Competition Champions

Vegas XXV – Camp Champions / Finals Round Results
Field Goal – Brandon Ruiz (2017 AZ)
Punt – Alex Kinney (SR CO)
*Brandon & Alex will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!
Saturday Competition Champions
Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions
Group 1 (Class of 2019, 2018 & 2017) – Nick Horiates (2017 TX)
Group 2 (Class of 2016) – Thomas Cook (2016 NC)
Group 4 (Class of 2016 & 2015) – Ethan Baer (2015 UT)
Group 5 (Class of 2015 & JC & Transfers) – Tavis Guerra (JC CA)
Punt Champion (Punters Only)
Consistency – Kyle Thompson (2016 CA)
Last Man Standing (Class of 2015, JC & Transfers – Thomas Manning (JC CA)
Last Man Standing (Class of 2018, 2017 & 2016) – Elias Deeb (2016 CA)
Head to Head – Blake Maimone (2015 CA)
FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head
Round 1
Chris Stalter – BYE
Quinton Conaway defeats Ethan Erickson
Brandon Ruiz defeats Alex Barbir
Jamie Medina defeats Seth Kujawski
Griffin Roehler defeats Hunter Welch
Alex Kinney defeats Blanton Creque
Blake Cusick defeats Kevin Robledo
Brad Wall defeats Jamie Sutcliffe
Spencer Pettit defeats Collin Riccitelli
Brandon Gracia defeats Ryan Rodriguez
Ethan Agritelley defeats Ben Kreitenberg
Drew Riethman defeats Jacob Stoney
Round 2
Chris Stalter defeats Quinton Conaway
Brandon Ruiz defeats Jamie Medina
Alex Kinney defeats Griffin Roehler
Blake Cusick defeats Brad Wall
Brandon Gracia defeats Spencer Pettit
Ethan Agritelley defeats Drew Riethman
Round 3
Chris Stalter defeats Blake Cusick
Brandon Ruiz defeats Brandon Gracia
Ethan Agritelley defeats Alex Kinney
Brandon Ruiz defeats Chris Stalter & Ethan Agritelley
FINALS ROUND Punting Results
Qualifiers (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)
Class of 2017: Liam Bunnell, Josh Edwards & Bryce Webb
Class of 2016: Elias Deeb, Seth Kujawski, JJ Molson, Justin Read, Andrew Rodriguez,
Gage Russell, Charlie Scott, Jared Smolar, Skyler Southam, Kyle Thompson & Jet Toner
Class of 2015: Matt Barber, Blake Cusick, Ethan Erickson, Zach Fedeller, Tyler Flathau,
Alex Galland, Austin Gowin, Greg Hutchins, Alex Kinney, Blake Maimone, Gavin Scully
Alex Trifonovitch, Mason Weissenhofer, Brandon Hong
Junior College / Transfers: Jake Ambrose, Corey Bojorquez, Aidan Daly, Casey Eyman,
Anthony Foggio, Ruben Guzman, Erik Harris, Dylan Klumph, Tommy Manning
Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16. Here are the results
Round of 16:
Dylan Klumph – Bye
Elias Deeb defeats Alex Trifonovitch
Blake Cusick defeats Bryce Webb
JJ Molson defeats Tommy Manning
Alex Galland defeats Brandon Hong
Blake Maimone defeats Jet Toner
Alex Kinney defeats Mason Weissenhoffer
Ruben Guzman defeats Casey Eyman
Alex Kinney defeats Elias Deeb
JJ Molson defeats Ruben Guzman
Alex Galland defeats Blake Cusick
Blake Maimone defeats Dylan Klumph
Alex Kinney defeats JJ Molson
Blake Maimone defeats Alex Galland
Alex Kinney defeats Blake Maimone


Vegas XXV Initial Round Field Goal Results

VEGAS XXV – Initial Round Field Goal Results
Class of 2018 /2019
Place Name Score
1 Brown, Robert 9
2 Simpson, Luke 6
T3 Power, Isaac 5
T3 Reichard, Willl (19) 5
5 Ahn, Phillip 4
T6 Berman, Chase 3
T6 Sanborn, Ryan (19) 3
T8 Bell, Corey 2
T8 Lipel, Jonah 2
T10 Calvert, Connor 1
T10 Fukuroda, Tyler 1
T10 Johnson, Cole (19) 1
T13 Jaridly, Ramzee (19) 0
T13 March, Jared 0
T13 Whipple, Gabriel (19) 0
Class of 2017
Place Name Score
1 Ruiz, Brandon 11
T2 Carrasco, Eric 10
T2 Sentkowski, Kyle 10
T2 Stack, Adam 10
T2 Welch, Hunter 10
T6 Moehring, Hayden 9
T6 Papazian, Brian 9
T6 Swartz, Jacob 9
9 Poinsette, Joel 8
T10 Andrade, Carter 7
T10 Bowens, Trevor 7
T10 Moreton, Connor 7
T10 Padilla, Tyler 7
T14 Brake, Caleb 6
T14 Bunnell, Liam 6
T14 Doerer, Jonathan 6
T14 Hellen, Matt 6
T14 Kukahiko, Kalani 6
T14 Pace, Geoffrey 6
T14 Ryerse, Grant 6
T14 Zetterberg, Johan 6
T22 Bulovas, Joseph 5
T22 Carlson, Dylan 5
T22 Chan, Jeffrey 5
T22 Fuller, Asa 5
T22 Graham, Cooper 5
T22 Harwell, Ryan 5
T22 Horiates, Nick 5
T22 Johnson, Chandler 5
T22 Munoz, Javi 5
T22 Salani, Marco 5
T22 Zolferino, Torre 5
T33 Cacho-Sousa, Diego 4
T33 Carius, Liam 4
T33 Coale, William 4
T33 Cooper, Jack 4
T33 Edwards, Josh 4
T33 Grant, Josh 4
T33 Henry, Peyton 4
T33 Keefer, Brandon 4
T33 Leisle, Michael 4
T33 McGrath, Chase 4
T33 Meyer, Tristan 4
T33 Pontiff, Gabe 4
T33 Saros, Zack 4
T33 Schroeder, Bailey 4
T33 Strickland, Bryce 4
T48 Bazarevitsch, Matt 3
T48 Fitzgerald, Ryan 3
T48 Galbo, Jake 3
T48 Howell, Clayton 3
T48 Nixon, Cole 3
T48 Siegel, Chase 3
T54 Hawk, Hayden 2
T54 McCartney, Grant 2
T54 Stearns, Zach 2
Class of 2016
Place Name Score
1 Stalter, Christopher 15
T2 Barbir, Alex 12
T2 Riccitelli, Collin 12
T2 Wall, Brad 12
T5 Medina, Jamie 11
T5 Roehler, Griffin 11
T5 Stoney, Jacob 11
T8 Agritelley, Ethan 10
T8 Kujawski, Seth 10
T8 Noyes, Edwin 10
T8 Riethman, Drew 10
T8 Sasaoka, Kekoa 10
T8 Siemieniec, Gabriel 10
T8 Southam, Skyler 10
T8 Wasson, Mitchell 10
T16 Alerding, Vincent 9
T16 Blair, Matt 9
T16 Culp, Connor 9
T16 Esposito, Parker 9
T16 Hadfield, Braden 9
T16 Hampton, Butch 9
T16 Kubin, Jacob 9
T16 Kuljian, Tanner 9
T16 Molson, JJ 9
T16 Roberts, Jake 9
T16 Scott, Charlie 9
T16 Thompson, Mateo 9
T28 Cook, Thomas 8
T28 Dorn, Jimmy 8
T28 Farlow, Brady 8
T28 Glaess, Zach 8
T28 Holt, Crews 8
T28 Logan, Luke 8
T28 Lyons, Holden 8
T28 Moreno, Alex 8
T28 Morris, Jackson 8
T28 Patterson, Blake 8
T28 Pierson, Crawford 8
T39 Albert, David 7
T39 Boermeester, Kevin 7
T39 Coale, Kyle 7
T39 Dellinger, JD 7
T39 Gardner, Gavin 7
T39 Gomez, Montana 7
T39 Keon, Kaden 7
T39 Mullins, Dalton 7
T39 Pawloski, Jack 7
T39 Price, Davis 7
T39 Rattigan, Aidan 7
T39 Smolar, Jared 7
T39 Wengierski, John 7
T52 Corbett, Kyle 6
T52 Fitschen, Jerry 6
T52 Fudge, Trenton 6
T52 Harvill, Nolan 6
T52 Hutchinson, Sean 6
T52 Kenworthy, Alvin 6
T52 Kiser, Harrison 6
T52 Kuhne, Caleb 6
T52 McDaid, Jonathan 6
T52 Porter, Jared 6
T52 Quintero, Ricardo 6
T52 Raborn, Bailey 6
T52 Santos, Mauricio 6
T52 Stewart, Christian 6
T52 Tarbox, Henry 6
T52 Young, Jonn 6
T68 Ball, Noah 5
T68 Brown, Michael 5
T68 Milstein, Oren 5
T68 Selsor, Mikey 5
T68 Toner, Jet 5
T68 Wilkinson, Cody 5
T74 Atkeson, Henry 4
T74 Callan, Ryan 4
T74 De Jager, Nathan 4
T74 Guay, Ryley 4
T74 Lorenz, Colby 4
T74 Loy, Sam 4
T74 McKeague, Justin Patrick 4
T74 Neitzke, Kevin 4
T74 Nichols, William 4
T74 Olesniewicz, Jacob 4
T74 Rodriguez, Andrew 4
T74 Romo, Parker 4
T74 Schramm, Christopher 4
T87 Amrhein, Matthew 3
T87 Assalley, Connor 3
T87 Brunner, Noah 3
T87 Burton, Josh 3
T87 Claphan, Sterling 3
T87 Clark, Jaxon 3
T87 Grimes, Tyler 3
T87 Kanthack, Tristan 3
T87 Souza, Mitchell 3
T87 Swenson, Jared 3
T87 Wielenga, Alex 3
T98 Alfaro, Martin 2
T98 Garber, Brady 2
T98 Jones, Scott 2
T98 Musso, Nathan 2
102 Lewis, Cord 1
T103 Basco, Daryian 0
T103 Navarro, Marco 0
Class of 2015
Place Name Score
1 Kreitenberg, Ben 14
T2 Creque, Blanton 13
T2 Kinney, Alex 13
T2 Robledo, Kevin 13
5 Conaway, Quinton 12
T6 Coffey, Nathan 10
T6 Cusick, Blake 10
T6 Erickson, Ethan 10
T6 Pettit, Spencer 10
T6 Rodriguez, Ryan 10
T11 Baer, Ethan 9
T11 Chadwick, Alec 9
T11 Gogol, Joey 9
T11 Keenan, McLane 9
T11 LeCorre, Patrick 9
T11 Marrone, Nick 9
T11 Ramming, James 9
T11 Simpson, Zach 9
T11 Soslow, Jack 9
T11 Walter, Adam 9
T21 Fisher, Cory 8
T21 Howard, Logan 8
T21 Norblom, Lucas 8
T24 Fenleson, Sam 7
T24 Gerarden, Robbie Jo 7
T24 Katona, Abraham 7
T24 Redford, Thomas 7
T24 Scully, Gavin 7
T29 Bass, Tyler 6
T29 Boham, Joshua 6
T29 Boyd, Ryan 6
T29 Castro, Sal 6
T29 Kaufman, Sean 6
T29 Kiser, Travis 6
T29 Schafer, Brett 6
T29 Terry, Kyler 6
T29 Thomas, Greg 6
T29 Tulare, Tyler 6
T29 Watkins, Vincent 6
T40 Brewer, Colin 5
T40 Clampitt, Chase 5
T40 Clevenger, Wyatt 5
T40 Hutchins, Greg 5
T40 Johnson, Aedan 5
T40 LaManque, Adam 5
T46 Barber, Matt 4
T46 Biggerstaff, Mason 4
T46 Perez, Rafael 4
T46 Ramey, Cole 4
T46 Strauch, Andrew 4
T51 Elizondo, Jose 3
T51 Gomez, Chile 3
T51 Mercado, Isaac 3
T51 Tamburo, Riggs 3
T55 Perez, Jacob 2
T55 Eisendrath, Ryan 2
T55 Rabine, Chris 2
Junior College / Transfer
Place Name Score
1 Gracia, Brandon 12
2 Sutcliffe, Jamie 11
T3 Eyman, Casey 9
T3 Kreitz, Eric 9
T5 Harris, Erik 8
T5 Houston, JD 8
T7 Garcia, Eddie 7
T7 Guerra, Tavis 7
T7 King, Josh 7
T7 Lindenman, Blayke 7
T7 Marquez, Diego 7
T7 Perez, Derek 7
14 Murray, Patrick 6
T15 Boyd, Zachary 5
T15 Diorio, Dayton 5
T15 Miranda, Jesus 5
T15 Quinn, Christopher 5
T15 Sotoodeh, Rustin 5
T20 Hierlihy, Nathan 4
T20 Pena, Vincente 4
22 McLaughlin, Cayden 3
23 Burns, Benjamin 2