2016 Chris Sailer Kicking IMG College Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking - College Camp at the IMG Academy in Florida

Chris Sailer Kicking – College Camp at the IMG Academy in Florida

Chris Sailer Kicking kicked off the week at the prestigious IMG Academy in FL with the College Camp for 4-Year College Players.  Many of the nation’s best including specialists from the SEC, PAC 12, ACC, BIG 12 Conferences and many more were in attendance to learn and compete with and from the best.  The group included a 2015 Ray Guy Award Finalist, several 2015 Lou Groza Award Semi-Finalists, several 2016 preseason Ray Guy Award Watch List Members & several 2016 Lou Groza Award preseason Watch List Members.  Take a look at the impressive results.

Field Goal Champion: Garrett Owens (Oregon State) – Garrett has been a Chris Sailer Kicking student for 7 years now.  He has had great success at Oregon State and enters his junior year as one to watch.  He has an NFL leg and outstanding long term potential.  Field goals are outstanding.  He is a competitor that kicks with huge confidence.  His kickoffs are also elite.  Expect big things.  Garrett has the tools to earn All PAC 12 honors this coming season.

Runner Up: Eddy Pineiro (Florida) – Eddy has as much potential as anyone in the nation entering the 2016 season.  He has perhaps the quickest leg that I have seen in my 16 years of coaching specialists.  Although he has never kicked in a college game, the expectations are high.  I have a strong feeling he will live up to the hype.  He has 60 plus yard field goal range (with no wind) and drills kickoffs 75 plus yards (with no wind) with ease.  He is ready!

Kickoff Champion: Tristan Vizcaino (Washington) – Talent like this does not come along often.  He has one of the strongest legs in all of college football, if not the strongest.  He also has NFL potential as both a kicker and punter.  He won the kickoff competition by nailing a 96 yard, 4.21 second hang time kickoff (moderately wind aided).  He hit several kickoffs out of the endzone with over 4.40 second plus hang time. He has huge range on field goals and gets elite height on his ball.  He also smashes punts with great consistency.  He hit several balls well over 55 yards with 5.00 second hang times.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student will be a real force in the PAC 12 this coming season.

Runner Up: Elliott Fry (South Carolina) – Elliott enters his senior year as one of the top NFL prospects in the nation.  He has had a great college career to date and looks to dominate the SEC once again.  He has worked with Chris Sailer Kicking now for 6 years and it shows in his confidence.  He has great range on field goals and gets outstanding height on his ball.  His kickoffs are elite and ready to compete at the NFL level.  Elliott should wrap up his college career this upcoming season with great success.

Punt Champion: Colby Wadman (UC Davis) – Colby has now won this competition back-to-back years.  The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student defeated several highly touted punters for the championship once again.  He has a big time leg and punts with excellent consistency.  Colby has great control of the ball and directional punts with ease.  He enters his senior year as a legitimate NFL prospect.

Runner Up: Michael Carrizosa (San Jose State) – The 2015 Ray Guy Award Finalist was within one punt of winning the event.  He was 2nd in the nation last year with a 47.5 yard punting average.  He proved once again that you can expect the same type of performance for the 2016 season.  He also smashes kickoffs.  The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student should continue to dominate the college level as he prepares for future NFL success.

Other Top Performers: Aidan Schneider (Oregon), Alex Woznick (South Carolina), Bennett Moehring (Navy), Cole Murphy (Syracuse), Jack Gonsoulin (LSU), Kyle Bambard (NC State).

Many younger, less established K/P’s attended that you will hear big things from in the future.

The week at the IMG Academy continues tomorrow with the “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” camp.  This camp will feature the very best kickers/punters at the high school/junior college level in America.  The week will conclude with Underclassmen Invitational which will feature nearly 200 specialists from the Classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

For more information visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com … To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer

Garrett Owens, Eddy Pineiro, Bennett Moehring, Elliot Fry & Jack Gonsoulin

Garrett Owens, Eddy Pineiro, Bennett Moehring, Elliot Fry & Jack Gonsoulin



GA and NC Spring Camp Recap Article. Stout and Woznick are Champions!

The 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is now in full swing.  The famous weekend trip through Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC once again did not disappoint.  The talent in this region of the country is off the charts.  Winning a competition or simply standing out is not an easy thing to do, in fact it is an incredible accomplishment.  Overall, over 200 specialists were in attendance learning from and competing with the best.  Take a look at the results.

GA Overall Champion: Jordan Stout (K/P), Class of 2017, VA
Jordan attended both camps and was equally impressive at each location.  On this day he was the field goal champion.  He came through the head to head finals round defeating Brooks Buce and Tucker Day.   Jordan is a very consistent field goal kicker.   He has a strong leg and kicks with huge confidence.  He is also near the top of his class on kickoffs and compete well as a punter also.  Jordan is a D1 talent that will impress college coaches around the nation.

GA Field Goal Champion: Brooks Buce (P/K), Class of 2017, GA
The “TOP 12” Member dominated all day in Atlanta.  He is one of the most gifted all around athletes in the nation.   He has a huge leg and shows great promise in al areas of his game.  His punting is currently his strongest skill.  He easily averages over 40 yards with great hang time.  His best balls are over 50 yards with over 5 seconds of hang time.  His kickoffs are also very strong and near the top of his class.  His field goals show promise.  He stepped up and defeated many great kickers on his day.

GA Kickoff Champion: Will Horton (K/P), Class of 2017, GA
Will has now won competitions at back to back GA camps.  He is a D1 prospect.  He has great range on field goals.  His kickoffs are outstanding.  He hit many balls over 70 yards with well over 4 second hang time.  Will is also a dependable punter.  He competes very well under pressure and does’t back down to anyone.

GA Punt Champion: Tucker Day (P), Class of 2017, TN
Tucker is one of the most talented punters that I have ever worked with.  He is a great athlete with an extremely explosive leg.  Tucker shows the ability to hit huge balls.  He is becoming more and more consistent in all aspects of his game each time we see him.  He is a no brainer scholarship pick.  Offer Now!!!

NC Overall Champion:  Alex Woznick (K), Class of 2016, SC
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student finally broke through in Charlotte.  He has won many competitions in the past, but always fell just short.  His talent is undeniable.  He stands out no matter who he competes against.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals.  On this day he won the kickoff competition.  Kickoffs are D1 ready.  He is also one of the most confident kickers in the nation.  Expect big things from Alex at the college level.

NC Field Goal Champion: Jordan Stout (K/P), Class of 2017, VA
Jordan attended both camps and was equally impressive at each location.  On this day he was the field goal champion once again.  Jordan is a very consistent field goal kicker.   He has a strong leg and kicks with huge confidence.  He is also near the top of his class on kickoffs and compete well as a punter as well.  Jordan is a D1 talent that will impress college coaches around the nation.

NC Field Goal Champion: Jonathan Doerer (K/P), Class of 2017, NC
Jonathan was easily one of the most talented players that attended camp this weekend.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student has a D1 leg without a doubt.  Hits a big time college ball off the ground.  His kickoffs were the best of the weekend.  His best ball traveled 80 yards with 4.20 hang time.  He also has the size, athleticism and leg strength to dominate the punting position.  Big time talent here.  Offer Now!!!

NC Punt Champion: Jack Pawloski (P), Class of 2016, NC
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student and Elon commit broke through with his first win.  He has really come into his own punting the football.  He is averaging over 40 yards with 4.4 plus second hang time.  He is also punting with nice consistency.  He is ready for the next level.

NC Punt Champion: Aidan Marshall (P), Class of 2017, VA
Aidan is another long time Chris Sailer Kicking student.  He has improved tremendously and should now be considered a D1 recruit.  He was one of the most consistent punters of the day out dueling many of the nations best.  Aidan is averaging over 40 yards with 4.4 plus hang time.  A fine young man that is going to make a great addition to a college team one day.

2016 Standouts: Edwin Noyes, Jake Verity, Rogier Ten Lohuis, Santiago Arango, Daryian Basco, Mitchell Wasson, Caleb Chadwell, Jonn Young, Josiah Eason, Kellan Bodenheimer, Alex Haubenreisser.

2017 Standouts: Cole Smith, James Dick, Clayton Howell, Connor Demaine, Cooper Graham, Ethan Torres, Jefferson Norwood, Matt Peterson, Nate Snyder, Noel Ruiz, Tommy Martin, Zach Stearns, Abe Elias, Chase Allbaugh, Logan Rasnick, Turner Barckhoff, Andrew Favaro, Bryant Wallace, Dawson Bundrum, Jackson McLarty, Joe Doyle, Nick Rice.

2018 Standouts: Camden Wise, Ford Williams, George Triplett, John Brosnahan, John Gliarmis, Massimo Biscardi, Nicholas Sciba, Trevor Thompson, Walker Gliarmis, Evan McPherson, Robert Brown, Skyler DeLong, Christopher Dunn, Ashton Garner, Bryce Jones, Jake Camarda.

2019 Standouts: Aaron Vardell, Cam Lewis, Kyle Romenick, Evan Davis, Jason Stricker, Nolan Parris, Bernardo Burgos.

Youth Standouts: Holt Colinger, Riley Stubbs, Brandon Dickerson, Andrew Skelly, Blaine Crook, Marshall Nichols, Brock Travelstead.

For full rankings and more information, visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Chicago, IL (April 2), Seattle, WA (April 24), Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22). REGISTER HERE
To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer


Class of 2016/Junior College “TOP 12” Announced

Here is your Class of 2016 “TOP 12” post Vegas XXVII.  These 12 Kickers/Punters are not necessarily ranked inside the top twelve in the nation, but they dominated Vegas and have earned the distinction.  A few names of former players that earned Senior/Junior College “TOP 12” in the past are…. Blair Walsh, Ryan Succop, Kai Forbath, Tress Way and Jeff Locke to name a few.  Congratulations to those that have joined this esteemed group.

Senior / Junior College “TOP 12” (in alphabetical order)
Matt Blair – Committed to UC Davis
David Cote – Big time talent out of Canada.  D1 scholarship worthy
Oscar Draguicevich – Committed to Incarnate Word
Brandon Gracia – #1 junior college kicker in the nation
Tavis Guerra – #1 combo junior college kicker/punter in the nation
Seth Kujawski – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Jared Porter – Committed to Air Force
Eric Silvester – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Jared Smolar – A top combo high kicker/punter in the nation
Kyle Thompson – #1 available high school punter in the nation
Alex Woznick – A top high school kicker in the nation
Jonn Young – Committed to West Virginia



Vegas XXVII Finals Round Results & Competition Champions

Vegas XXVII – January 16-17, 2016

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results

Kicking – Adam Stack (2017, HI)
Punting – Jonn Young (2016, NC)
*Adam & Jonn will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions
Group 1 (Classes of 2019 & 2018) – Christopher Dunn (2018, NC))
Group 2 (Class of 2017) – Brent Cimaglia (2017, TN)
Group 4 (Class of 2017) – Danny Perez (2017, IL)
Group 5 (Class of 2016, Junior College & Transfers) – Jared Smolar (2016, IN)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)
Consistency – Tucker Day (2017, TN)
Last Man Standing – Kyle Thompson (2016, CA)
Head to Head – Tucker Day (2017, TN)

FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)
Round 1
Trenton Fudge (CA) defeats Jake Oldroyd (TX)
Zack Saros (CA) defeats Mitch Souza (CA)
Kekoa Sasaoka (HI) defeats Kyle Continente (CA)
Ethan Torres (VA) defeats Michael Salerno (CA)

Round 2
Collin Riccitelli (CA) defeats Trenton Fudge (CA)
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Jared Porter (CA)
Alex Woznick (SC) defeats Zack Saros (CA)
Diego Marquez (CA) defeats Jackson McLarty (GA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Kekoa Sasaoka (HI)
Christopher Dunn (NC) defeats Keith Duncan (NC)
Ethan Torres (VA) defeats Diego Cacho-Souza (CA)
Seth Kujawski (NC) defeats Jake Roark (MO)

Round 3
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Collin Riccitelli (CA)
Alex Woznick (SC) defeats Diego Marquez (CA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Christopher Dunn (NC)
Seth Kujawksi (NC) defeats Ethan Torres (VA)

Round 4
Bailey Schroeder (CA) defeats Alex Woznick (SC)
Adam Stack (HI) defeats Seth Kujawski (NC)

Adam Stack (HI) defeats Bailey Schroeder (CA)

FINALS ROUND Punting Results -Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)
Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)

Class of 2018: Jake Camarda (GA).

Class of 2017: Carter Andrade (NV), Brooks Buce (GA), Joseph Bulovas (LA), Liam Bunnell (TX), Brent Cimaglia (TN), Tucker Day (TN), Jack Geiger (CA), Bernard Gomez (NC), Michael Leisle (FL), Bill Rubright (GA), Tristan Perry (TX), Drew Schmidt (CA), Nathan Snyder (OH), Adam Stack (HI), Daniel Whelan (CA), Bryce Webb (KY), Tommy Martin (NC), Kealii Muruyama (NV), Brandon Ruiz (AZ), Jake Lane (GA).

Class of 2016: Magill Bauerle (GA), Matt Blair (CA), Oscar Draguicevich (FL), Jerry Fitschen (CA), Seth Kujawski (NC), Jaime Medina (CA), Edwin Noyes (FL), Jared Porter (CA), Bailey Raborn (LA), Charlie Scott (CO), Eric Silvester (NY), Jared Smolar (IN), Kyle Thompson (CA), Jake Verity (GA), Jonn Young (NC), Alex Woznick (SC), Erik Baughman (TX), Jake Oldroyd (TX), Andre Slyter (WA).

Junior College / Transfer: Aidan Daily (CA), Jacob DeMaio (CA), Dayton Diorio (CA), Dominic Frescura (CA), Brandon Gracia (CA), Tavis Guerra (CA), James Husebo (CA), Wes Nail (OK), Michael O’Toole (CA), Gavin Scully (CA), Cody Wuthrich (CA), Cristian Antezana (CA).

Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 12 (based on competition)

Round of 16:
Kyle Thompson (CA) – bye
Jonn Young (NC) defeated Jared Porter (CA)
Jaime Medina (CA) – bye
Dominic Frescura (CA) defeated Bill Rubright (GA)
Tucker Day (TN) – bye
Bailey Raborn (LA) defeated Aidan Daily (CA)
Seth Kujawski (NC) – bye
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Charlie Scott (CO)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Kyle Thompson (CA)
Jaime Medina (CA) defeated Dominic Frescura (CA)
Tucker Day (TN) defeated Bailey Raborn (LA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Seth Kujawski (NC)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Jaime Medina (CA)
Adam Stack (HI) defeated Tucker Day (TN)

Jonn Young (NC) defeated Adam Stack (HI)

2016 Vegas Add


Chris Sailer Kicking – GA Fall Camp Recap, Onate Wins It!

The third stop on the 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Tour was in Atlanta, GA.  Well over 100 specialists were in attendance at the always highly anticipated 1-day camp.  As each year passes, this region of the country produces more and more college specialists.  The talent at this camp is top notch.  Winning any competition against this level of talent is definitely a huge resume builder.  Take a look at the results:

Overall Camp Champion:
Frankie Onate (2017, FL) – Frankie is a newcomer to Chris Sailer Kicking.  He is a major talent.  His field goals are excellent.  His kickoffs are near the very top of his class.  And he is also an impressive punter.  Perhaps his strongest quality is his confidence and ability to perform under pressure.  Frankie should be a top prospect in this class.

Field Goal Champion:
Alex Woznick (2016, SC) – Alex is one of the very best kickers in the nation.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking kicker continued to dominance of camps.  On this day he was the field goal champion.  He connected on over 90% of his field goals over the course of the day and showed range of 55+ yards off the ground.  He kicks with great confidence.  His kickoffs are D1 ready.  OFFER NOW!!!

Kickoff Champion:
Mitchell Wasson (2016, GA) – Mitchell is a sure fire D1 scholarship pick.  He has perhaps the strongest leg in the nation and as much potential as anyone.  He won the kickoff competition with ease by hitting several balls over 70 yards with 4.20+ hang time.  His field goals are also outstanding.  OFFER NOW!!!

Punt Champion:
Tucker Day (2017, TN) – Tucker is the real deal.  The #1 ranked punter in the nation proved why once again.  He routinely hits punts of 50+ yards with over 5.0+ second hang time.  Tucker is a great athlete with endless potential.  He is also very strong on both field goal and kickoff.  He knows how to handle pressure very well.  OFFER NOW!!!

2016 D1 Prospects:
Jackson Morris – Strong, consistent and technically sound kicker.  D1 ready.
Samuel Sloman – Dominant field goal kicker.  Kickoffs are solid.
Edwin Noyes – Developing D1 punter.  Shows potential as a kicker.
Rogier Ten Lohuis – Big, strong and talented. Could be a real sleeper.

Other 2016 Standouts: Caleb Chadwell, Daryian Basco, Logan Wheat, Noah Gilbert

2017 D1 Prospects:
Joseph Doyle – Talented combo (K/P) player.  Could dominate Vegas XXVII.
Nick Rice – Huge leg. Tons of potential.

Other 2017 Standouts – Branden Glick, Dawson Bundrum, Isaac Garcia, Karim Darwiche, Keaton Borrelli, Manny Herrera, Michael Leisle, Matt Norton

2018 D1 Prospect:
Jake Camarda – #1 kicking and punting prospect in the nation.

Other 2018 Standouts: Bryce Jones, Cade Lejune, Cole Hanna, Joseph Gannon, Luke Darby, Micah Gilbert, Wesley Wells

2019 D1 Prospect:
Will Reichard – Simply outstanding for his age.

Other 2019 Standouts: Bernardo Burgos, Jackson Barkley, Patrick Markwalter

2020 Standout: Parker Hannon

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in CA, NJ, FL, IL, and TX.  As always the big finale will be VEGAS XXVII (January 16-17) where kickers, punters and long snappers from all over the world gather to learn & compete with the best.  #TeamSailer